Casinos are on their way to Norfolk, Portsmouth. Here's ...

Darrel Deeg (June 10, 1937 - March 21, 2020)

June 10, 1937 - March 21, 2020
May 26, 1938 - March 30, 2020
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Jellyroll & Tech N9ne 2020 Tour Date cities announced

Jelly Roll and Tech N9NE tour - which show are you coming to see us at ??????
April 2nd- Springfield MO @ The Shrine
April 3rd- Ft Smith AR @ Temple Live
April 4th- Dallas TX @ Gas Monkey Live
April 5th- Austin TX @ EMO’s
April 7th- Albuquerque NM @ SunshineTheater
April 8th- Flagstaff AZ @ The Orpheum
April 9th- Tucson AZ @ The Rialto Theater
April 10th- Tempe AZ @ Marquee Theater
April 11th- San Diego CA @ House of Blues
April 12th- Las Vegas NV @ House Of Blues
April 13th- Los Angeles CA @ Belasco
April 14th- Santa Cruz CA @ The Catalyst
April 15th- Berkeley CA @ Cornerstone
April 16th- Sacremento CA @ Ace of Spades
April 17th- Chico CA @ The Senator Theater
April 18th- Ashland Oregon- Ashland Armory
April 19th- Bend OR @ Midtown Music Hall
April 20th- Stateline NV @ Montbleu Casino
April 22nd- Eugene OR @ McDonald Theater
April 23rd- Portland OR @ Roseland Theater
April 24th- Seattle WA @ Showbox SoDo
April 25th- Tacoma WA @ Temple Theater
April 26th- Spokane WA @ Knitting Factory
April 28th- Missoula MT @ The Wilma
April 29th- Bozeman MT
April 30th- Boise ID @ The Knitting Factory
May 1st- Salt Lake City UT @ The Complex
May 2nd- Grand Junction CO @ Mesa Theater
May 3rd- Cheyenne WY @ Archer
May 5th- Sioux Falls SD @ The District
May 6th- Des Moines IA @ Woolys
May 7th- St Paul MN @ Myth
May 8th- Milwaukee WI @ The Rave
May 9th- Joliet IL @ The Forge
May 10th- Indianapolis IN @ Egyptian Room
May 11th- Cleveland OH @ The Agora
May 12th- Cincinnati OH @ Bogarts
May 13th- Columbus OH @ Express Live
May 14th- Detroit MI @ The Fillmore
May 15th- Grand Rapids MI @ 20 Monroe Live
May 16th- Lexington KY @ Manchester Music
May 17th- Pittsburg PA @ Stage AE
May 18th- Buffalo NY @ Town Ballroom
May 20th- Rochester NY @ Mainstreet Armory
May 21st- Clifton Park NY @ Upstate Concert
May 22nd- Worcester MA @ Palladium
May 24th- Norfolk VA @ The Norva
May 26th- Knoxville TN @ Gate 19
May 27th- Sauget IL @ Pops
May 29th- Denver CO @ The Fillmore
May 30th- Denver CO @ The Fillmore
May 31st- Witcha KS @ Cotillion
June 2nd- Chattanooga TN @ The Signal
June 3rd- Atlanta GA @ The Masquerade
June 4th- Memphis TN- Minglewood Hall
June 6th- Kansas City MO - @ Kansas City Live
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WWE Network Updates: 12/03/2018

The following shows have been added to the WWE Network today:

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Me [35/F] with my 3 kids [8, 10, 14 M] are falling apart as a family.

I am a single mother. The time line is ugly, quick view of the very ugly situation goes from my normal (ish) marriage, Afghanistan, PTSD (on his part), divorce, poverty, me working two jobs and now my lack of control over my anger issues.
I married young, we had three sons together. There is a long back story to the relationship and marriage itself, but that's not the concern today.
Problem came in 2008. My husband returned from 15 months tour in Afghanistan. I loved him so much and played the Betty Crocker roll so well while he was gone. Every Monday at the post office to send a care package. Took the boys to the YMCA for activities. Did not drink one drop of alcohol (important later) I also saved from his earnings $25,000.
Now when he returned the situation wasn't ideal. I knew his ETS was to be about 1-3 months after he returned so we had both agreed for me to find a home for us in our hometown. Once he returned he would be out of the Army very soon and it would be silly for me to spend 15 months on post when I could start building our live here instead.
So our children and me lived 800 miles away. But the day he returned we were there. We met him in the hanger and stayed in a very nice hotel with him for that week. We agreed we had made it 15 months, what was one more. Our oldest was in school and it would be fine for us to return to Ohio. He was in North Carolina. I'd drive down with the boys every other week and he'd drive up to us the alternates. Great. My life was great. My husband had survived combat and I was ready for our family to be whole again.
Except, no. He ended up cheating and getting another soldier pregnant.
If that's not bad enough, the $25,000 I had saved for us to buy a home disappeared within a week.... I could see the bank account almost in real time. He blew it all at a casino in Norfolk Virgina. Down to $400.
I lost my mind. I could not, would not understand or emotionally accept or deal with any of this. On the surface I could scream, yell, do what ever, but I never let it touch my feelings.
I know myself too well. I'm crazy when I let my feelings into the mix. So I compartmentalized the issues as business and never once dealt with any emotions or feelings or what ever.
Fast forward, the girl lost the baby, I kicked him out and divorced him, he moved in with a girl, got her pregnant and married her.
Now the real problem has nothing to do with me, or him in real terms, but I'm sure those issues are underlying.
I've been drinking every night for years. I am functioning, working two jobs and taking care of my kids the very best I can. My ex was diagnosed PTSD so child support isn't at thing he has to pay. $0 income plus disabled equals off the hook 100%.
But now I'm so stressed and angry all of the time and while I don't drink until the kids are in bed each night, I still lose my temper with them quickly. I should note my ex husband and his wife just bought a $250,000 home while I'm with the three boys in a small two bedroom apartment. And when I get mad or upset or they complain I keep thinking (selfishly and it kills me) that his home and his VA check would be better at taking care of the boys than what my drunken angry ass is doing.
But I don't want that. I want to find a way to work as much as I need and still be kind and patient and compassionate towards my kids all of the time. I know teenagers can be a handful but I don't think the fights should be how they are with us. I love them with every drop of my soul but my emotions are out of control lately and I'm just always stressed which leads to a short fuse which leads to fighting and arguing with children who do not deserve that at all.
I want to be a better mother, a better person, but right now the depression is bad that I can't do anything as far as make and keep DR appointments or sort out my feelings. I have been diagnosed BPD along with depression, anxiety and ADHD. I don't even like being alive any more.
And honestly I'm scared I don't even have feelings any more. I'm just so numb to the whole "work, clean, feed kids, homework, bath kids, pay some bills, pray the others can wait, curse the fact that the asshole is doing better than me, drunk a case of beer, pass out."
I know I'm not okay and my biggest fear is I will never be. I'm just so lost.
tl;dr: I love my kids more than anything but am not sure I'm mentally healthy enough to continue being their primary care giver / custodial parent.
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Which city will be the next to get their first NFL team?

Roger Goodell is always talking about growing revenues and sometimes expanding the league. It seems likely that Los Angeles will eventually get a team again, but what about cities that have never had an NFL team? What city will be the next to host their first home team?
City: San Antonio, TX Population: 1,382,951 Other Pro/Major College Teams: San Antonio Spurs (NBA) Pros: Located in football-crazy Texas, San Antonio is by far the biggest city outside of Los Angeles to not have an NFL team. San Antonio is growing rapidly. And while a San Antonio team would be the third Texas NFL team, the geography works- they're more than 2.5 hours from Houston and 4 hours from Dallas. But what's most attractive is that it would be easy to plug in an NFL team without much investment, due to the construction of the 65,000 seat (up to 72,000) Alamodome in the early 90's. It hosts the annual Alamo Bowl and other events such as CFL and college games. At 65,000, it would be the 6th smallest stadium, tied with Ford Field and just a little more than the University of Phoenix Stadium. Expanded to 72,000, it lands between Atlanta's Georgia Dome and Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium. It would be newer than 9 currently in-use NFL stadiums. As the NFL seeks to internationalize itself, having a team this close to the Mexican border may also prove to be an attractive prospect to draw in Mexican audiences. Cons: The Cowboys and Texans may not want to share their Texas pie with another major franchise, even one far away from most of them. And while large, San Antonio is not a high-profile city. While the Spurs are popular, there isn't much in the way of major sports to know if a team would succeed in the town, and if they could pull enough dollars from Texans, Cowboys, and Longhorn fans. Likelihood: This seems to be the most likely place. An untapped population, international reach, and a ready-made stadium could make this a highly attractive spot for an owner looking to make a move with minimal investment (i.e. not having to build a new stadium, or get a local government to build one).
City: San Jose, CA Population: 982,765 Other Pro/Major College Teams: Sharks (NHL) Pros: San Jose is hip place in the heart of Silicon Valley, with beautiful weather and a lot of money. Cons: The 49ers just moved their stadium to Santa Clara, just bordering San Jose. If anything, they are more San Jose than San Francisco. With the Raiders in nearby Oakland, it would concentrate a lot of NFL firepower in one small footprint. Likelihood: Very low. The league would likelu not allow a team there with the 49ers on their doorstep. While a market can support two teams if large enough (Jets/Giants, 49ers/Raiders) adding a third would be too deletrious to those in place.
City: Columbus, OH Population: 809,798 Other Pro/Major College Teams: Blue Jackets (NHL), Ohio State Buckeyes (NCAA) Pros: Ohio is up there with Texas with states that take their football seriously. Columbus is the largest city and capital in Ohio, and is already the home of very avid football fans for the Buckeyes. I'm not sure of the politics would make this possible, but if OSU allowed the Columbus NFL team to use Ohio Stadium, it would be the second largest (only behind Cowboys Stadium) with a max attendance of 102,329. Cons: It would be the third NFL team in Ohio, next to the Bengals and Browns. Both of those teams have been historically not great, and along with the continued poor showing of the Blue Jackets and difficulty of succeeding in the NFL may make Ohio sports teams weary. Likelihood: Unlikely. The Buckeyes own Columbus, and the other two owners in Ohio (and nearby Pittsburgh) would probably not want to share their turf with a new team. Unlike Texas, this is an area that has been under some economic hardship and may be difficult to justify another team in the state.
City: Austin, TX Population: 842,592 Other Pro/Major College Teams: University of Texas Longhorns (NCAA) Pros: Like with San Antonio, Texas is enthusiastic about football. Still located a good distance from the current NFL teams in Texas, Austin is a city in the midst of large economic expansion. The University of Texas contributes to a fun, weird atmosphere that would make Austin an attractive destination for visiting fans to come into town. If like Columbus the NFL team was able to lease Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium, it would again be the #2 stadium in the NFL wth 100,119. Cons: Like Columbus and their Buckeyes, Austin bleeds burnt orange. UT football is a big deal there, and an NFL team would probably be in competition for these dollars. While there is large support from Texas faithful and the very large student body at UT, it's not clear that there would be the same level of support for an NFL team right there. Asking for 200,000 football tickets to be sold most weekends in the Fall is a daunting prospect for a town of less than a million people. Likelihood: Unlikely. Austin doesn't seem like a city that has much drive to need an NFL team, as their sporting fixes are more than made up by a typically-competitive UT team plus the nearby Cowboys and Texans.
City: Portland, OR Population: 603,106 Other Pro/Major College Teams: Timbers (MLS), Trail Blazers (NBA) Pros: Portland is a growing city that doesn't have a competitive football team nearby. Seattle is 2.5 hours, and the two recently-competitive football teams, Oregon State Beavers and the Oregon Ducks, are 1 to 2 hours away. Portland is larger than many NFL cities and is very underserved by pro sports in general, and Oregon fans have shown a lot of support for their NCAA teams. A sporting culture, including a ready-made partnership with Oregon-based Nike, might make Portland a place to put on the radar if the NFL seeks to expand. Portland and Seattle can continue their rivalry on the gridiron, instead of arguing whose Pride Parade is gayer. Cons: There would have to be a new stadium built, and locals are probably going to put up a fight against any public financing or use of eminent domain to secure a desirable city location. This would mean a stadium probably built out in the suburbs, which can have mixed results. I asked some relatives of mine what they thought about local support, and they were decidedly mixed, thinking that Portland thinks itself too much of itself to allow something as base as professional football to succeed. Likelihood: Not the least but not the most. While there's no real muscle pushing a team to Portland, and Portlandia has biased me to think that locals will protest something as base as football, it might actually be a good place for the NFL to consider expansion to.
City: Toronto, ON Population: 2,615,060 Other Pro/Major College Teams: Blue Jays (MLB), Argonauts (CFL), Raptors (NBA), Maple Leafs (NHL), Toronto FC (MLS) Pros: The Bills already play one game a year in Rogers Centre (though it will always be SkyDome to me) and there are a lot of Canadian fans of NFL football. While the Toronto series has been a debacle for the Bills (usually meaning the opposition has as many fans there as the Bills, giving them effectively one less home game a year), a dedicated NFL team may fare better. With local support, Toronto has the sports culture, population, stadium, and most importantly money (check out Maple Leafs ticket prices!) to support an NFL team. Whether the local support would actually catch is another story. Toronto would also become the third-largest city with an NFL team, coming in just under Chicago's 2.7 million. Cons: For American football, Rogers Centre only seats 54,000. That makes it the third smallest stadium in the NFL, above just Chicago and Minnesota. Crowd noise at the Bills games has been lackluster to say the least, but then again, so have the Bills. They would also be in direct competition with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. While the NFL definitely has larger marketing and name power, the Argos do enjoy healthy local support and are one of the oldest sports franchises in the world. Ex-con players might create headaches for visiting teams at the border. Free agents might also be hesitant to make Toronto home, given that it's (really) cold and Canadian taxes are much higher. Likelihood: Very. Goodell wants to make the game international, and Toronto is the prime target. Buffalo seems the most likely team to move there, but it's far from guaranteed. Don't be surprised if Jacksonville sneaks in on this one.
City: Las Vegas, NV Population: 596,424 Other Pro/Major College Teams: None Pros: A completely underserved sports market along with a fairly high population. It probably wouldn't be hard to find a casino magnate with money to burn that could finance an expansion team in the desert. Cons: It's hot. The gambling and party culture might make it a hotbed of player misbehavior, as there's quite a difference between a rookie signing their first million-dollar contract in northern Wisconsin versus a 5-minute drive from The Strip. A new stadium would need to be built, and without any major sports teams nearby, it's difficult to know if an NFL team would be viable. The NFL might also balk at the image of a Vegas team, as inevitably there would be accusations of fixing and bribery for gambling reasons. Likelihood: Unlikely. The NFL is just too risk-averse to invest that kind of money into a place like Vegas.
City: Virginia Beach, VA Population: 449,628 Other Pro/Major College Teams: None Pros: Virginia Beach is one of those invisible large metro areas. Taking in the bordering cities of Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Hampton, the greater area has a metro population of 616,805 just in those towns. Expanding to the larger area and it gets pretty big. It's a wealthy area with a major port and some great tourist areas nearby. It fills a void between the Baltimore/Washington tail of Megalopolis before the Carolina fans pick up. While there is no stadium, there is plenty of room for one, and lots of waterfront that could potentially be converted to a beautiful stadium location. And while the Sacramento Kings deal didn't work out, it showed that local government and ownership groups may be willing to bring a team to this area. Cons: Not a high-profile place. An NBA team, especially one like the Kings, is significantly cheaper than an NFL franchise. The team would have to build a stadium. Likelihood: Could be a dark horse. Virginia has a surprising lack of sports teams, and is even underserved by major college sports. UVa is rarely much more than middling, and sometimes-competitive Virginia Tech is all the way at the western end of the state in Blacksburg. While they probably won't be much of a target for a team looking to move, if the NFL chooses to expand, expect VA Beach to be under consideration.
City: Birmingham, AL Population: 212,038 Other Pro/Major College Teams: None Pros: The southeastern United States is strangely lacking in professional football teams. While the dominant SEC dominates the local sports fans attention, it seems like fertile ground in which to plant an NFL franchise. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama, and doesn't have a local team in the city. Cons: It is on the smaller side of NFL cities, and it's not a sure thing that the dyed-in-the-wool Alabama football fans will change their spending from the Tigers and the Crimson Tide enough to really allow the team to take root. Likelihood: Very low.
City: London, England Population: 8,308,369 Other Pro/Major College Teams: Like, half the Premier league and a bunch of rugby, cricket, and at least one NFL game a year. Pros: The NFL has been playing games in London for a few years, and fan support has been steady. Wembley Stadium seats over 86,000 for American football. While many Brits seem to find our American game incomprehensible (but somehow find a way to figure out Cricket), there is some fan support for the game. Goodell has publicly expressed an interest in getting a team to London sooner than later, so there is definite management support. Cons: Imagine the 49ers travelling to the London teams, and you're talking about a 20-some-odd hour flight. American free agents will probably often be very hesitant to go to England. The London team's travel times to ANY games, even those "close" games on the US east coast would be a huge disadvantage. Their body clocks would also be completely thrown off, and jet-lag would become a factor. Likelihood: Very, but I believe it will be short-lived. The logistics and other factors of having a European-based team in an American league is just awful, and I think over time that would bear itself out.
City: Omaha, NE Population: 421,570 Other Pro/Major College Teams: None Pros: Omaha is a growing city, and Nebraska's economy is one of the strongest in the nation. While the state of Nebraska lives and dies by their Huskers (located at the University of Nebraska an hour away in Lincoln) Omaha's distinct lack of any major college or pro sports seems to be odd. The Huskers manage to scrape up enough people to fill their 90,000 capacity stadium in a city half the size of Omaha every week, so I think Omaha could very well support a team. The midwest is underserved with pro ball, forcing most Nebraskans to split between the Rams, Chiefs, or Broncos. I work with a few people from Omaha, and they tell me there's too much residual hate of the University of Texas for Cowboys fandom to take root. Omaha has a burgeoning music and art scene, and probably wouldn't be a detriment to free agents. Cons: No ready made stadium, and a lack of too much of a metro area. Knowing how absolutely religiously dedicated Nebraskans can be to their Cornhuskers, I'm not convinced an NFL team can really gain traction. This might be pure college ball territory. Likelihood: Not bad. I think Omaha would be a good location, and could be a great place for an expansion team.
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"Set it Off" tour with H.E.R and Metro Boomin

Presale May 32, General public on sale June 2
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 241 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 80.1 Bannon Was Right About Treason - His Own - YouTube
    • It's day 80 January 8 2018 part 1 the world will hold its breath over the next week until the 15th
    • On the 15th, the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General--this is Horowitz--will announce the initial findings of a review
    • And in that review will be certain key things that the FBI and the DOJ have done over the last year, that are quite questionable
    • The OIG been given additional powers under the section 80 to go and get evidence
    • They don't have to ask for it first anymore, they can go and get evidence
    • This was a provision brought in to Sic the dogs on Trump, and it's actually turning around back on the original conspirators
    • The key items are Comey's exonerating statement before interviewing 16 witnesses, plus the target of the investigation
    • McCabe not just McCabe for the $700,000 bribe, but all the other things that McCabe has done in terms of shutting down the investigation
    • We forgot all about Peter Kazik, but if you go back to the early days of my with Podesta to transfer information about things that are going on (whoops sorry about that)
    • And then of course you've got the the leaks--Comey leaking information of the New York Times which
    • Again, for the purposes of political assassination is not so good
    • Now the thing they left off here which I think is the most important thing in American history--it'll be the only time in American history where a Federal agency has ever used a false court proceeding--a false warrant--a completely false warrant--to try to overthrow an election
    • Not only influence an election, which would but have been in the summer, but then to try to overthrow the results of an election
    • This would be the first and only time in American history that's ever happened
    • But I'm afraid: if this integrity of our election system is not restored, people will never believe in another American election again
    • I believe it's that important
    • Kallstrom the ex deputy assistant to the FBI said that this was thirty watergate's
    • I think this is the whole ball of wax
    • It's a hundred watergates
    • It's either elections work and factions and secret agents and different folks like Brennan meeting in London and bringing over spies so the FBI can use these to do wiretaps to get FISAs
    • ...Is that really gonna be the legacy of the 2016 election?
    • Can you really leave it at that?
    • Or will people not ever believe in elections
    • Again, you have to restore the faith and confidence in the American people with a review that basically calls out this peepee FISA
    • And says this was the an attempt both during the election and after the election to overthrow the election
    • And you have to look at the conversations and publicize the conversations between Peter Strzook, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr at DOJ, Nelly Ohr at Fusion GPS, and Andrew McCabe an FBI, also Preistap I'm going to put Preistap and McGarity in here
    • And then Glenn Simpson and then fresh as well the other key people at Fusion GPS
    • All this stuff needs to come forward the bank transactions the 70 documents that we just got for bank transactions need to be published
    • Again, they inspecting bodies of Nunez...can look at the information, but they may not have the complete total scope of who those organizations are
    • They need to publicize those as well as the AG excuse me the IG needs to publish all the text messages
    • Now you can do it a hundred a day or something like that
    • But it has to be done quickly and it has to be done in a public mechanism
    • I believe this week I believe if these text messages should be made available as soon as possible in a trove
    • To allow the public to look at them
    • Because if they really are not going to be produced until January 11 that only gives four days and two of those days being weekend days for the IG to then summarize and analyze and then write a report
    • It's gonna be very difficult without the help of the public and crowdsourcing the public involved in this process
    • So democracy literally hangs in the balance
    • Public confidence hangs in the balance
    • Treason maybe have occurred here
    • Again, the old mo of accuse someone of treason if you commit treason
    • Accuse the president son of treason if you commit treason
    • If you're investing money for for Navy drug runners
    • No that's not how it works
    • This is truly treason and democracy truly hangs in the balance
  • Day 80.2 Mr Rosenstein, Tear Down This Drug Ring. - YouTube
    • It's Day 80 and this is part 2
    • And here is an article from Zero Hedge that I believe came out Friday, talking about this V curve
    • The V curve here very sharp V curve--this is life expectancy
    • And these are millennial deaths
    • Millennials rose to 63 the declining life expectancy and then it took a sharp turn down
    • And now it's gone steadily up since 1984
    • This is the crack cocaine epoch epidemic happens right here in Los Angeles, starting in Los Angeles moving to New York Washington the
    • So forth crack cocaine epidemic and then zooming up there were
    • So many deaths here in the last year that the numbers for 2017 had to be revised upward, on almost an exponential scale now, because of the second half deaths were so much greater than the first half's deaths
    • So anything I say here will be an under-estimate in terms of the number of people that have died
    • Now interestingly enough Rod Rosenstein--I'm not sure if he's making an exit to Florida setting up in Florida right now to get out to Epstein's island should the should the Marshal Service be alerted
    • But he made a key made a speech in West Palm Beach talking about overdose deaths yesterday I believe
    • And he talked about how the opioid crisis and the number of deaths had risen from 8,000 in 1990, sort of near the bottom of that curve, to 64,000 last year
    • Well I asked the question then: why did you quash an eight year investigation into a 200 million dollar a month drug ring in your backyard
    • I realized Bethesda, Maryland is not exactly Virginia but you can get there with one four dollar subway ride
    • So I mean and it literally is in the shadow of Washington DC, where this where this drug ring occurred
    • And the people that are involved--their names--the Awans --that it was the car dealership in Falls Church Virginia that was the key Hezbollah money-laundering car dealership
    • The key money laundering mosque
    • These people are currently under arrest, yet the Department of Justice will not let me use the US Marshal Service to serve them
    • So that I can step in if the US attorney Mirando won't take an action on this
    • This is an eight year investigation that the Obama administration I have to admit looked the other way in order to get the Iran deal
    • July 2015--just think of Bastille day July 2015 was when this was quashed
    • This was quashed because they signed the deal on the 14th
    • So in that first week or second week you have Mr. Stzrok sending a message and also a couple of months before this you have several other Strzoks coming to the White House, talking about the Coast Guard, talking about the Navy, talking about different operational issues I'm sure
    • But then him writing a message saying top secret information
    • Top secret the highest level, top secret information has been received by foreign governments
    • And that government, you're going to find out when this is all over we see the text messages that government was Iran
    • Mr. Rosenstein, tear down this drug ring
    • Mr. Rosensein tear down this drug ring
    • Stop giving speeches
    • And start taking action
  • Day 80.3 Should Pakistani ISI 111 Run Our Pain Clinics? - YouTube
    • It's day eighty and this is part three
    • And this is a follow-up to the Zero Hedge story that I did this morning about this very unusual, very anomalous dip in life expectancy for Millennials to be soaring up now
    • Makes no sense more Millennials are taking trains less than driving, less highway miles driven, the look other diseases...are dropping
    • It's obviously overdoses that are skyrocketing that are causing this
    • I just wanted to say that I put out different things about Awan-Contra, and about how we know a drug ring--a car theft drug for weapons ring is going on in Virginia
    • I talked about Rod Rosenstein saying Rod Rosenstein tear down this drug ring
    • But I wanted to also say that way back on day 161 and even before then when I was in Fort Wayne doing the triple murder of the Somali trio that I think that was a kill team in in in Fort Wayne but I'm not sure
    • They were all killed in kind of a summary execution manner as as the same way that sorry I have killed the three in Boston
    • So there was some signatures there that were similar, but these retail pain clinics, I was saying hey there's some quackery going on here with medical degrees
    • These people are actually targeting and prescribing way too much pain medication in some cases watered-down pain medication in other cases and in third cases we actually had doctors giving cancer and deliberately killing people
    • Now is this to kill the kids
    • So that when the older folks die off that--you move your insurgents in there?
    • This was the plan for Gulen
    • The Gulen plan for Central Asia was exactly this plan
    • Graham Fuller wrote it
    • And the guy who runs, Muzzafar Awan, I don't know if people remember me talking about Muzzafar Awan
    • He's the key mouthpiece for Gulen he runs all these pain clinics in Detroit and the different places I went in Detroit
    • Then we went to Canada and I did the same thing in Canada to Toronto and we went to Montreal and did the same thing and then showed how that came down into New York around the 2008-2009 timeframe
    • This infiltration of PAC ISI 111
    • There was also a fake diploma scheme back in Long Island and in a couple years ago, that was well actually that was just about one year ago now, where a hundred and forty million dollar fake diploma scheme
    • And I did a special this was with I think Jason and I way back two hundred and some days ago
    • Now about this guy who has named Dr. Asim Hassan
    • This is way before the--the popular press picked this up
    • But I said hey this guy is a quack
    • And I basically set it on can look at Hassim Hasan
    • And you can see that he is a first of all involved in petroleum and then also involved in medical schools that remind you a lot of the Rockefeller situation
    • And the idea being that pharmaceuticals are a far better use of petroleum then--gasoline...well that doesn't make you a very good doctor
    • Because you know how to move oil on shipping containers that doesn't make you a very good doctor
    • Right now this Hassem Hassan is involved in a very large a florid and sixty million dollar or billion dollars corruption scheme
    • Not billion dollars the RS there and I'm not I can't remember what the Pakistani unit of currency is at the moment but
    • Huge scheme that he's involved in
    • And as you can see he's been no stranger
    • Here he is he's a minister of oil and natural resources
    • But then he also runs a chain of hospitals
    • Who does this remind you of?
    • This reminds me of Javed
    • Of course he's a part of the Pakistani Army
    • This is the Pakistani Army's way
    • They say hey we've got this drug business we're gonna get the oil first we're gonna manage the ratlines of the oil on the pipeline
    • We're gonna bring in we're gonna run the child trafficking now because we've got the Army or the UN peacekeeping forces to run that
    • And hey we're gonna start setting up medical schools
    • We're gonna start printing fake medical degrees
    • We know how to do that at PAK ISI
    • And this is just trouble now the thing that really bothers me about this guy is he's now been taken off the X the exit list excuse me
    • He's now been taken off the exit list so he can travel again
    • So I'm worried is this guy coming back to the United States to give out medical degrees here?
    • It's just not a good situation when you have oil men giving out medical licensure licenses
    • And this could be I'm not saying that PAK ISI 111 is targeting certain American individuals, because their families were involved in Afghanistan war, but it is a very dangerous situation when you start bringing in people, and start printing them fake degrees, allow this soft targeting
    • Again, Graham Fuller if it wasn't Graham Fuller's plan that was executed by Gulen right in Central Asia that then was brought to the United States, and we have the Gulen mouthpiece here, which is Muzzafar Awan running these pain clinics in Michigan in Canada in New York
    • Now all over the country a very very dangerous situation
  • Day 80.4 Where Are Matt Apuzzo's Children? - YouTube
    • It's day 80 part four
    • And since the beginning of the series I've talked about smears and reprisals and I've said this started 20 years ago with Andy McCabe and Hillary Clinton
    • And go all the way back to David Petraeus in PDD 62 presidential decision directive 62
    • It's going to all lead back to Fort Bragg
    • We'll do that in a different we'll do that in a different session
    • But what I wanted to talk about here was: here are two FBI agents in this article by John Solomon of the Hill, that are basically monitoring the media for the election, and exacting reprisals against people that are not writing stories like they want
    • One of the people they start asking about his children is Matt Apuzzo A P U Z Z O
    • Pulitzer Prize winner
    • Starts talking about his children going after his children
    • And then other ones talking about how to leak Wall Street Journal articles...that are favorable to different people inside the FBI to try to engage or start investigations
    • So this is very much almost like what a Russian Secret Service would do
    • Now I wanted to go back and just show that if you were protecting a drug business, and I know people just can't imagine that there would be people in the Counterintelligence 8 unit of FBI doing that, but these types of reprisals are what you get when you are protecting a drug business
    • And I will again, go back to 300 days ago, 305 days ago, where this this happened
    • And I'll show you
    • {{ G plays clip }}
    • The other piece is if all we have to do to make sure the drop is honor the request of Erdogan to extradite Gulen and the whole network falls apart
    • This is where the money's coming from
    • This is the forty billion dollars in Malaysia of the two billion dollars that Hillary has stashed in Malaysia from the drug profits
    • That goes away
    • If the new District Attorney of New York this guy's in prison right now in New York [REZA ZARRAB] in New York right now
    • All they have to do is start going for the kingpins that money
    • G: and they went after Flynn because he was getting in the way of their plans for Turkey that the Pakistan to Turkey drug run
    • And this Muzzafar Awan is the mouthpiece for Gulen here in the United States
    • This is where the money is this the person here wrote the plan to use drugs for targeting is Graham Fuller
    • They did use suboxone and other other opiates to basically target
    • Now you could also say {{ mob idiom 90 }} [MOLYBDENUM 99 / MOLY99 ] or you could use its some of the other things that are used in the VA system for imaging
    • This is what my son's involved in in terms of being a doctor using imaging products
    • If you those were irradiated those could be causing cancer
    • So what I'm saying here is you don't you don't want the FBI in a position in defending their drug business
    • If for a small group of insiders to have access to groups that have a revenge motive
    • {{ CLIP }}
    • But just honoring the extradite requests knocks out the gluon spy network in the u.s.
    • G: So my question would be here if we know Gulen's stashing the money, if we know Gulen's running the drug Network, why wouldn't we extradite him?
    • If the FBI wasn't working with him, why wouldn't the FBI extradite him
    • And again, why would the FBI be bringing in these groups to exact reprisal against Americans if they weren't involved in the drug business
    • {{ CLIP }}
    • I know they're radicalized well their own facebook says so
    • How do I know they're actually doing hacking other than their stepmother?
    • well here's Dennis Kucinich wondering, "how did I get hacked in my Congressional office?"
    • This global information grid--and this isn't my this is department DISA This is Department of Information Systems agency put this out, I didn't put this out
    • They have satellites planes all the stuff in the US
    • And we have taught we're bringing in people from Pakistan and we're teaching them how to have this eye of God
    • and they're hacking people like Dennis Kucinich
    • G: and that was said three hundred and five days ago
    • The exact agency that was being hacked
    • It was DISA, it was DISA and Springfield, Virginia three hundred and five days ago, I said that
    • {{ CLIP }} How do I know they're hacking the servers?
    • Well we know that, because it's they there's all these crime reports and twenty Congressional burglaries
    • Where is this server now people ask?
    • Well that server went along with of them to Pakistan
    • And who got him visas?
    • Well he went to Omar their brother went to the White House with and met with an immigration lawyer to get them visas
    • G: And the part I had wrong about that was Trump has informed me that they've destroyed the servers they took the removable hard drives
    • But that's basically the same thing
    • Servers are cheap
    • The value is in the removable hard drives that were in the backpack or every day that
    • {{CLIP}} and they got diplomatic visas, so they're gone--that's where that information is
    • We still only have the one picture of the Awan brother Imran
    • And still nothing on investigation of the burglaries nothing for beyond
    • G: and none of these reports have come out yet but they are going to come out that's the key
    • The conspirators have to know that these reports are going to come out
    • All the beatings, all the retainers unlawful detainers, all the police reports of the burglaries...all the visas, all the tickets, all this is going to come out
    • It's better to retreat and release this information now, because as these texts come out, this is a lens which to view these texts
    • Just look at the damage done by five hundred additional texts today in targeting Matt Apuzzo
    • It's not going to be good for the rest of the FBI
    • The FBI really should carve themselves away from this
    • And say this was a few bad apples inside the Counterintelligence division
    • And it was created from this PDD 62, working with the CIA, working with the irregular warfare center in Kennedy, irregular warfare center at Fort Bragg
    • This was a bad idea, that we would take these techniques used to target people, bringing in outside groups to target individuals that we don't like
    • This was a bad idea
  • Day 81.1 Trump's Press Conference Defused Don Jr. Indictment - YouTube
    • This is Day 80.5 and it's been a long day but somebody said--you didn't get the exact day right on the Donald Trump jr. thing as far as his indictment
    • I never said arrests I don't think and I would I'm still sticking by it
    • If Trump had not reacted strongly to that on Twitter and also having a press conference, I do believe the plan is still to indict Donald Trump jr.
    • And possibly also Jared--if not Jared first and
    • Again, we saw this with Mike Flynn
    • Now I'm not saying you're gonna arrest him on the street
    • It's gonna be like Mike Flynn they're gonna bring him in and read him the riot act...and try to Humaliate him in front of the court
    • I still believe this is the plan
    • The whole plan of the Bannon spy ring was to soften up these this Trump family
    • The Trump family has kind of this great image
    • And I think what you've seen in this information campaign was put Bannon in there, have Bannon grab all this information, do a lot of well
    • Now I'm not saying Bannon was involved in the wiretap, but you mix it all together, and it looks like a stunning indictment of the Trump family
    • And one of the things you have to had to do with Don Jr was make him look like a traitor, before you arrested him
    • Same thing with Flynn
    • The mistake they made with Flynn is they didn't make Flynn look like a traitor before they arrested him
    • And so there was a huge strong reaction to Flynn's indictment
    • So I think this plan was hey we need to take Donald Trump jr. down, and call him a traitor
    • Steve Bannon did not back off that comment did not
    • He said it was about Paul Manafort
    • No he didn't he said it was about Donald Trump jr. in that meeting
    • He tried to change his story
    • But they were trying to take Flynn Trump down to Flynn's level, because they made that mistake the last time
    • And that's exactly why the information campaign and the quote
    • Now do I believe Steve Bannon got a three or four million dollar advance?
    • Do I think Kwok the X Chinese spy the now the billionaire--I wonder how he made its billions laundering money in his casino and Macau
    • But do I think he took two or three or four million or five million dollars to say to do that?
    • Yes I do
    • I do believe
    • I don't believe Bannon was involved with wiretaps
    • But I do believe Bannon out of a job: here's five million dollars Steve: will you say Donald Trump jr. is a traitor? is treasonous?
    • You could not back off that comment
    • I'm just trying to say the reason why they did that is to take Donald Trump jr. down
    • So they didn't have the backlash that they had when they put a 33-year veteran
    • Every every parent who ever had a son to wear the uniform of the United States saw that as a slap in the face
    • That you he lied about something that had was inconsequential
    • And yet you put him in front of a judge and you threatened him with five years in prison, if not more
    • You disgraced him
    • And they had to have ban and take Trump jr. down before indicted him
    • That was what I was going on the pattern I was going on I still think that is the plan
    • And I'll go into why I think that's the plan
    • Look at the reprisal
    • So look at the last one I did about Matt Apuzzo going after his children
    • They're not only trying to find him to to alter what he's saying, but looking for his children in these latest text messages
    • Only the first couple of hundred we've read and already were going after reporters' children
    • Again, McCabe is the one who puts the baby finder
    • He's the one who puts the baby finder
    • And he puts the Russian FSB agent and sets up a meeting on June ninth
    • I had that four hundred fifty days ago guys--I
    • Who knew that it was editor McCabe four hundred fifty days ago and then set that meeting up?
    • Who's been talking about the Russia dossier for over 250 days?
    • Who's the one who stood at them set in front of 1700 Connecticut and said that was the plan
    • That was still the media--still the media hasn't covered who Akhmetshin is and who bets on this guy Veselnitskay is
    • One's a Russian baby-finder, the others an FSB agent!
    • I mean Veselnitskya is a baby finder and Akhmetshin is an FSB agent
    • And they work for a guy named Katsyv who is the drug runner in Russia is uranium and drug runner in Russia
    • Still this hasn't come out
    • So anyway I still think I'm ahead of them and I haven't I haven't--I've made mistakes before, but those were want not ones that I made
    • Those were ones predictions I made 200 to 250 days ahead of the media
    • And I think the strong reaction by Trump to break in the Camp David Accords
    • The idea was I believe for Pence to keep Trump--busy keep Trump down
    • So that they could get a get a narrative going
    • And Trump broke the narrative
    • You could see how pissed off Pence was that Trump broke the narrative and had this impromptu press conference
    • I think if he hadn't had this press conference, Donald Trump jr. would have been arrested this Monday, when court was back in session
    • That is my honest opinion okay--
    • When they tried this 25th amendment it was going to be a one two.
    • It was going to be a one - situation and it just got all broken up by this Camp David meeting
    • Trump was upfront, said "yes I'm willing to talk--etc", but there was no collusion no collusion no collusion
    • And he got that out and he also got his scathing response out to Bannon before that narrative took hold
    • So I think those are the those are the keys
    • I had to write a quick response of just--there's some youtubers that come here to try to see--what day I got wrong--you know
    • I was I said he was gonna get arrested on Monday
    • He didn't get arrested til two weeks later or indicted--etc
    • But I went back and counted all the things I actually got right
    • McCabe 450 days ago Gulen on 400 days ago they wants 300 days ago tagger 250 DISA 200 days ago the car theft ring 200 days ago actually was more than that OPM hack I've got all the OPM hacks right with Huma in the Awans
    • I got the DNC hacks right I got the money money and data moving from DNC and the NGP van up to Washington DC with Huma I got that right over 200 days ago
    • I got the DHS hack right
    • I got the Fort Belvoir hack I didn't even write that one down correct with the Awans
    • So a Fusion GPS I commented on that earlier
    • So again, if I miss it by one day or two days or even a week it's usually because I'm ahead of the curve
    • That's better to tell Trump ahead of the curve so that he can get out in front of it
    • I'm not saying he had the news conference because of me
    • But it's better to be the guy saying hey I think Britain is subject to attack here on June 1st and I think we should have our air defenses ready
    • Rather than saying it after you are speaking German in London
    • {{ 911: George you've gotta learn to ignore the haters. They are inept failsoldiers who troll on laptops from fort meade who have wasted their lives undermining the same citizens they purport to protect while enabling fentanyl to kill americans. I know you respect them but I think they are worthless cuck trash people hit men for the state with nothing better to give to the world but suffering and death. You have to ignore them. }}
  • Day 81.2 Omar Awan Is Abid Awan? Do You Know Peter Strzok? - YouTube
    • It's day eighty one and Part two and there is a couple of interesting records here for a guy named Omar Awan
    • As you have recalled I've wondered out loud in the past if Omar Awan is Abid Awan
    • And I was actually in Luke's office I want to say Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller about two hundred and thirty days two hundred forty days ago
    • And we were talking about this and I said I had said to him I think Omar's involved
    • And he said no I don't think he is
    • But then later in the same conversation I believe Luke told me that a Omar uses the name Abid
    • That's when I said to Luke are you sure--this guy is not your source, because--and I understand people may be protecting their sources
    • But it's really important right now, while these people are going Devin Nunes is going through these text messages of McCabe and McCabe's associates, that they have to realize the link to the Awans
    • If you don't understand the link to the Awans, and the whole spy ring in Congress, you lose the whole game
    • And I'll explain what I mean by that
    • So here's Omar Awan
    • Did you ever change your name to Omar Rehman R E H M A N (it should be)
    • Well here's why I say that
    • You look at anomalies like here is Omar living in San Diego
    • He's working for the US House of Representatives, right
    • He's working for the US House of representatives
    • But he's working in San Diego
    • This is a red flag now this is where the Strzok are working there's two sets of Strzok no pun intended
    • There are two sets of Strzok coming in from San Diego the remember Peter Strzok his son lives in San Diego and his daughter-in-law live in San Diego
    • I believe also his father--he has two other relatives that have come in from San Diego, visiting the White House, in the Situation Room in the Coast Guard Situation Room--that is an anomaly
    • Most people don't go to the situation of the Coast Guard at 9:30 at night from San Diego
    • So I'm just saying Omar Awan has got a hit here with San Diego
    • Now let's look a little bit more at Omar's associates
    • Well who works for Omar
    • Well there's a guy by the name of Carter Page works for him
    • And then he knows this other guy Omar Rehman and he's in these transportation companies chaudhary transportation pro logistics
    • Again, all these logistics companies
    • Again, if you hadn't studied the case, you didn't know about Imran Awan, you wouldn't know about Rehmon
    • And there's a kind of Raymond turned around and swizzled to Mehars infinity logistics he had another logistics company
    • Now these are not related a be a TB be a tea I don't know financial
    • But he's in financial companies he's the president he's a CEO is these the same person
    • Is Omar Awan the same person as Raymond and is that Abid Awan
    • Again, if Luke knows that Omar Awan and Abid Awan the same person, he has to tell me right now because that's gonna help a lot
    • Now here it is here's the people in the conspiracy against Trump
    • Carter Page working for the chief of staff which is Sue Foy working for Omar Awan in San Diego
    • Again, another hit in San Diego
    • You have to come clean with this stuff
    • Did you ever work for Sue Foy we need to look up Sue Foy, see if she ever worked in San Diego
    • Why do you have somebody working in San Diego
    • Why there's got to be a reason for that
    • Is that the adjunct or the legislative affairs person for the Coast Guard?
    • Well that's fine if it is but we should know that connection to San Diego right
    • Now and why are they we having these 930 meetings at night in San Diego with the Coast Guard?--What's the what's the deal
    • Now who is Omar's father?
    • Is that Mustafa Awan is that Mustafa one or is that not Mustafa one?
    • well here's some location records of Omar Khurshid Awan born in March 1st 1982
    • Again, arranged most people have a birth date they don't have a birth month okay
    • So it's a little odd, but anyway is that Omar Khurshid Awan is that the one who works in Congress or not?
    • That's a key question
    • And we'll just keep working our way up is this where they lived on nine-to-five University Boulevard in Silver Spring where I was
    • And I stood I think I stood out in front of that building
    • Didn't Mustafa Awan have a DEA controlled practitioners license for schedule two narcotics, three narcotica, IV narcotics and V narcotics?
    • Simple question: did he ever hold a medical degree to have those licenses
    • here's where I I'm gonna say right
    • Now Pizza is drugs and Domino's is arms
    • I know people don't want to hear that
    • But pizza is drugs and Domino's as arms
    • I've been saying that since day one in this series and here
    • So here's Omar Khurshid Awan in Silver Spring Maryland
    • Omar have you ever lived there?
    • Abid have you ever lived there
    • Here's potentially his brother or a relative Farook Awan where you remember Farook Awan from the scandal at the district of DC in the IT department
    • Fake names fake loans fake billing all the same things we've got in the current Awan scandal Farook Awan
    • And he no he happens to know Mustafa one interesting lives in Woodbridge
    • Woodbridge is another city that we've had in our our thing okay
    • Now let's go with Associates
    • Mustafa one do--Malik Arif?
    • Are you in any way have you ever used that as an alias, for instance?
    • Mustafa Awan, have you ever used Malik Arif as an alias? A key question okay
    • So there's different records that come in
    • And then we find this Malik Arif, again, with a hit on Manitoba
    • Again, if you've done the network analysis, you've seen how many people lived on that Manitoba address, including Imran, it starts clicking
    • Malik Artif are Aretha should be a RI f have you ever lived in Lorton on Hawkshead Boulevard a couple doors down from Imran Awan
    • That's another hit---these things are hits they're things that would point you in the direction to say these are important names important entities
    • Have you ever worked for Papa John's and then bought a six hundred thousand dollar home delivering pizza {{ LOL }}
    • That's something we need to know iss that the home that you bought Lynette that's another home that was involved with Hina Alvi is the next question Arif okay
    • So these are all matching up and getting a lot of hits here
    • And then here he goes he's working for another Bailey pizza, and he buys a million dollar home is
    • This seems to be a kind of repeating pattern okay
    • So I'll just leave it there
    • I'll also just remind rod Rosen's team that his wife's name is Lisa Barsoomian
    • And that she's Bill Clinton's lawyer
    • And she's also the shot blocker for the FBI and the CIA in all their cases and DOJ
    • And if he thinks that's a conflict of interest, I would like to know
    • And finally this--Fox is reporting that there are only allowed to see notes that Devin Nunes is only seeing notes from these documents of DOJ and FBI and Fusion GPS
    • I would really suggest to do an entity analysis on Imran, Omar, Malik, Abid, especially Omar, and Kristen, and Devon the sons and daughter and law of Peter Strzok and the father Peter, and the other two names that go to the White House
    • And really focus in on the San Diego
    • And then also South Carolina, Charleston South Carolina
    • And focus on those two key ports
    • The one being the huge West Coast port the other being Corpus Christi, being the port in the middle of the country
    • And the third port being especially important which I think is going to be the Charleston Harbor
    • Then of course of course our favorite, which is the Navy Yard
    • And Norfolk I guess I'll add in Norfolk
  • Day 82.3. Seven Strzok of Iranian Uranium Luck - YouTube
    • It's day 81 part 3
    • So the case has turned to Omar Awan--the one that the Task Force talked to at the front door of Imran's property at 6314 Springfield
    • Why Omar Awan? Why the Strzoks?
    • Why are they so tightly tied together well the Strzok
    • Again, if you're just looking for Peter Strzok--if you're over it there at Longworth--over there going through the emails for Peter Strzok
    • You might not know about these meetings that occurred at the White House between Kristen Strzok, Devon Strzok, Kristen and Devon Strzok a meeting 9:30 meeting at the White House emergency meeting in the Situation Room
    • Not normal
    • You should be looking for those text messages what's happening here is there bread crumbing the John Solomon's...away from the San Diego
    • Stay away from San Diego for some reason
    • Go toward these reporters that we know here in Washington DC, like Matt Apuzzo
    • I'm not saying Matt Apuzzo is involved in anything I'm just saying that they keep trying to move this toward New York Times reporters and Wall Street Journal reporters, rather than towards San Diego, where all these Strzok are
    • If the Strzok were in DC I would go I would go to DC Strzoks, but they are San Diego Strzoks
    • You also have Patricia and Adam Strzok for only a hundred Strzok families in the US there's just a lot of Strzok in San Diego
    • Now who is the counterpart to Peter Strzok Lisa Page
    • Lisa Pages think is the counter person who works for Omar Awan here at the House of Representatives
    • First of all the fact that Omar one works here at the House of Representatives yet works in San Diego is something that would be interesting to find out why that is
    • But then sue FOIAs Sue Foy is chief of staff--he's making also $150,000 a year
    • And Carter Page works for him
    • Now you probably heard about Carter page in the Russian conspiracy
    • This sounds again, almost like the conspirators are the accusers
    • Again, conspirators of the accusers
    • Maybe who knows but Carter Page worked for Omar Awan really that's something
    • Again, say lots of lots of stuff in San Diego
    • The fact one's a doctor and the other is a navy supply is also interesting the fact that they're meeting with the Navy weapons supply person which is Eugene Mok M O K is also interesting
    • So there's just a lot of stuff here with--some people say Oh George don't you see it the Strzok are the people that are doing the drug ratline
    • And then Eugene is doing the the weapons ratline
    • And they had some kind of thing over the Hillary server which was doing both--don't you get it?
    • Well I don't necessarily get it but I want to see those emails and texts between Peter the father right and a daughter Kristen and the son-in-law or the son Devon
    • And why is Eugene Mok being summoned to the White House
    • >>>CONT
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Part 32: Cliff Notes, "Awan Brotherhood / Hillary's Hackers"

George Webb
The following are best-effort transcriptions of the George Webb Video Series. The series is a daily, ongoing open source investigation of HRC with researchers in #HRCRatline on twitter and facebook and trello.
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  • [Day 184 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 - YouTube]
    • This may be a little bit of a think piece. I'm going to call it my self-concept piece, my ethos piece
    • But understanding who a person thinks they are, a lot of times explains their actions. Both in the past and helps create their future action. Past is prologue as Shakespeare said.
    • Does Mr. McCabe think he's a henchman just sitting in his dungeon waiting for the next order from Hillary for who to hack and who to harass? No I'm sure he thinks of himself very differently as well as Imran Awan and Tahir Javed--same way. And really history kind of unlocks this.
    • We talked about Sheik Zayed if you go back in the history of the United Arab Emirates, before they became Emirates, they were all Sheikdoms, they were sort of bedouin tribes.
    • As you come around the Strait of Hormuz, kind of like the horn of Africa there's this very vulnerable point where there's a bottleneck and it's very vulnerable to attack.
    • The British used to call that the "Pirate Coast". These Sheiks and Sheikdoms all took their shot 7 or 8 of them took their shot at British shipping, until the British finally decided to have a treaty with them and recognize them, and then Saudi Arabia eventually, these Sheiks gave some oil fields to Saudi Arabia to be recognized and that's how we got the UAE.
    • But Zayed, if you look around the palace even today you'll see a lot of harkening back to these days of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, only it was set on water, sort of Pirates of the Carribean for Arabs, and it's still very much permeates the thinking of the UAE with zero footprint, with Timber Sycamore funding all those things, it's still very much an organization like that.
    • And they fund drug operations over in PK.
    • Now what threw me a little bit is my misunderstanding of Imran Awan's self-concept: I thought he was more of a PK National, and if you know the history of PK being part of the British Empire, they were this victim of the British East India Company all the subjegation, the killing, the debilitating the population through drugs.
    • So the PK see their role now--as new gangster--is to reverse the British East India Companies' history in PK, and also now with the war being almost 16 yrs old now, they see it as a way to do reverse-war or reverse-jihad.
    • They see this as turnabout.
    • Any kind of reprisal against the families of US military, any types of reprisals against their children whether it be through pain clinics, through excessive radiation through cancer therapy, whether it be through denying them services through the VA--all these things need to be subtly-done and they're all fair game because their all just turnabout
    • I thought Imran Awan, the Awan brothers were in this group; now I very much think they think much more like a UAE person. I'm somehow ordained by God to do this, I'm part of a royal family, they are this class of hackers has really been trying to dissociate themselves from Ibrahim as more of a gangster.
    • They are thinking of themselves more of the Queens Men, sort of like Sir Francis Drakes galavanting around the world for their kith and kingdom. So Imran Awan is an especially dangerous person because he's going to be the one who enables the Tom Glocers and the other folks investing money and running operations on not just disrupting but killing for money.
    • So this is not just reprisal, this is more of this, pirates of the Carribean type mentality, which is "rape, pillage and plunder", the top Fleischaker words--this service capital, rich/poor capital, that kind of attitude. Which is--if I can kill you in the night for money, then that's good intelligence. Or that's not any kind of poor ethos...{{ ? }}
    • You see that over and over again with Imran's behavior--here's he's imprisoning his stepmother, he's taking all of her inheritance, he's threatening kidnapping, he's threatening killing. He's not doing that because he's trying to reverse the sins of the British empire. He's doing that because he thinks he's a modern day Sir Francis Drake with an Islamic scarf.
    • So I think it's important to understand that, because when you bring those kinds of folks into the US House of Representive on the most sensitive committees working for up to 80 democrats, but 31 now still in the senate. When you still today with all this preponderance of evidence you still employs this Imran Awan, so again having access to the Dyncorp backbone. The Dyncorp backbone is 30 different federal agencies--giving that person who has DWS' password to her Ipad, access to all that information is a dangerous precedent and a dangerous practice.
    • Awan recap.
    • We still don't know: Imran Iwan might have access to the Emerging Threats Subcommittee [even] today, not just in the past.
    • McCabe recap--{{ McCabe's obstruction of justice and keeping this information from the public (citizen investigators) is going to make McCabe ultimately culpable, accountable, responsible for any harm or injury to US Military Servicepeople and their families as a result of any soft-jihad reprisal activities by the Imran Awans of the world for 16 yrs of occupying Afganistan }}
  • [Day 184 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • I think i'm going to start featuring a comment a day, because some of the comments that I get on my channel are so incredible, and they will just help advance everyone's understanding of the situation and much more refined, precise of an understanding of what we're talking about.
    • While CNN is worrying about giving Trump a grade for the first 100 days and these really vacuous, meaningless, titles to different articles, it just seems like this paper-thin, almost wet cardboard type journalism.
    • And I want to go in exactly the opposite direction to really get about a fact-based, precise understanding of the truth.
    • This is written by a person who was on a cardiac team since the early 80s, they obviously know what they are talking about. They've been involved in transplant programs and so forth. I just want to read a little bit of it.
    • "And all large transplant programs at major teaching hospitals there are ways to donate money to a transplant money as a grant, anonymous donation or pay for someone's transplant, and the money can be hidden, untraceable, anonymous or from whatever charity of choice."
    • So this is a way of basically making it impossible and opaque to see a pay-for-play type situation in a transplant situation.
    • This is the situation I'm talking about where Middle Eastern Sheiks--right from the beginning in the 80s--were doing this, for this kind of everlasting eternal life.
    • It's a repeating thing I've been talking about at the UAE over the last couple of days.
    • "This really started picking up" she goes on, "in the late 1979s and all throughout the 80s and 90s. Transplant funding has become very creative from unknown or anonymous sources" List of hospitals where this is done
    • I really want to say at this point I think I focused on the big offenders. Obviously haven't listed them all, but I've been measured and conservative in the length of time I've talked about these programs in existence and the number of programs, but really focused on the main offenders. I don't want to go at all these universities, but by focused research, really tying down the connections to UAE to like the Cleveland Clinic or Univ of Chicago is a way to make progress. You only need a few to show the pattern
    • << The video contains all the text, George is just reading it off >>
    • I want to move to a Youtube LIVE type situation but right now I'm being banned by youtube.
    • My subs are being held at 25k, and you're supposed to only need 10k subs to do youtube live, but for some reason they've disabled the live function.
    • I really want to get into this kind of thing: understanding the facts and citations, etc
    • You're going to find that the Tom Glocers of the world, and the favor-peddling at like the Cleveland Clinic is going to be very easy to prove--there's going to be this profusion of evidence--and you're also going to find a trail of bodies when people get in the way of that.
    • This is the direction I want to move toward, not only just in the area of organ harvesting, but to a lesser degree with the child trafficking, but really get down to individual operations: if the Awan Brothers are conducting an operation get down to what happened, the whole beginning beginning, planning, information gathering stages, execution and coverup stages.
    • I want to take this kind of open autopsy approach to all parts of the ratline.
  • [Day 184 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 3 - YouTube]
    • OK Day 184 this is part 3. This is kind of a sad one. As you know, I went to Cleveland.
    • I went to the funeral for Mr. Godwin and I went to the vigils and so forth and talked to a lot of the people in the killing of this car dealership's couple.
    • As most people know, they were divorced but had gotten back together again. This was in my hometown, just down the street from I knew a lot of people, I was able to go to a lot of different places and talk to a lot of folks. Cafes, barbershops, other places.
    • I had been very vehement in my denials that there was any involvement in any kind of illicit activity, but now through various contacts, I do think Mike (Kuznik) may have accepted payments for the hospital for folks who badly needed transplants and so forth, esp. kidneys. I think he loved Trina so much and wanted her back so badly he made maybe a couple of choices that were not good.
    • So I'm done covering this story. It is obviously a targetting killing. It is obviously involved the clinic and the police are obviously going in a different direction trying to make this look like a simple car robbery, car dealership robbery which it is not. As their own reporting shows they were targetting.
    • They removed all the records, which is something that normally a car dealer woudln't do because it basically ties you to the crime.
    • They removed all the surveillance video which I can understand.
    • But removing all the records, scrubbing all the records on the PCs: normal burglars would not remove paper records. Again it just ties you directly to the scene of the crime.
    • The removal of the two cars doesn't make any sense. Again, creating audit trails directly to your cars, unless the scenario I said was in play which I said was 2 different couples posing as car-buyers.
    • I believe they killed Mike first, and then they had Trina call her son at 730 and I think she was killed shortly thereafter.
    • I think she had already witnessed her ex-husband's murder at that time, unfortunately.
    • This is again the Mahmood situation: You bring in an operative, you hire 2 or 4 in this case MS13 or Somalis or whatever gang you want to source. Then you do the crime--this is Mahmood doing the crime in Richmond, VA, killing the car dealer that was taking payments for organs down in Richmond, and then killing the killers to cover the crime. I think you're going to find that 4 of the Long Island killings are going to be the same situation --they're going to be the people that were involved in killing Marissa Gilbert's mother.
    • Sad one but it kind of completes the story though. We'll move on to more happy things.
  • [Day 184 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4 - YouTube]
    • I tried youtube livestream just a couple of minutes ago but it wasn't too easy, so I think maybe we're gonna go to periscope.
    • But I have a great internet connection here at Ft. Wayne so I don't know what happened to livestream.
    • Somebody did ask a question about "fruit of the poisonous tree", and the Joe Arpaio case, so I thought I'd answer with a video
    • For those who don't know: "Fruit of the poisonous tree" is if you find something during an investigation that incriminating to someone, but that's not what you were looking for. It's kind of like this fruit that you gained illegally, therefore it cannot be used to prosecute someone else. That's what Joe Arpaio is saying, 'hey you can't prosecute me with something that was intended in an investigation for somebody else"
    • But what it brought up is this case of Dennis Montgomery.
    • For those who don't know Montgomery was a CIA contractor. Basically what they were trying to do between Brennan frm the CIA and Clapper from the NSA and NGA...they were trying to Geolocate data.
    • I don't hink this story has broken yet about this geolocation.
    • The key with all these phone calls that they gave this contractor Clapper and Brennan was to geolocate them, because you could then put 2 people in the same place, you could figure out drug deals or terrorist deals; or if you were targetting political enemies, you could figure out who went to what meeting, and then you could plant nasty things on their computers, and say they were child porn people or whatever.
    • So reporter Cheryl Atkinson accused Brennan and Clapper of doing exactly that--putting stuff on her computer to discredit her for a news story
    • Unfortunately like all these--what I call the Dyncorp Descending Staircase--they all start out as really great ideas, but then they rapidly go into the bouches the descent into Dante's Inferno.
    • If you're not familiar with the case, they gave Dennis Montgomery 600M emails. They tried to geolocate them.
    • I thought that this NGA story was going to bust with the Devin Nunes stuff, because Devin Nunes--the two whistleblowers that gave me information on the white house grounds about 2 weeks ago, I believe were NGA folks--I think they were Springfield VA, Leesburg road NGA folks and they were going to bust the story.
    • This would have been every bit as big as Snowden was to the NSA, these two individuals would have been to the NGA.
    • There was a supercomputer they had called "the hammer". Clapper has background in the NGA, he was in Vietnam as an airforce general trying to figure out the footprints of the enemy--a longstanding ambition of the Pentagon and CIA, NGA, etc.
    • Of course it's very effective if you have domestic surveillance / harassment program because it allows you to control your assets that you're using to harass or surveil.
    • Bottom line: I'm not a legal expert so I don't know the answer to 'the fruit of the poisonous tree'
    • But I do think it brings up a great new revelation that's about to occur, I think this is going to go back to Andrew McCabe again.
    • Because the guy who is actually ordering it up, he's not the technical expert that gathering it, but he's the guy on the street that's using it against Hillary's enemies, Hillary's friends' enemies, and Hillary's friends' business competitors and it keeps going downhill from there to car dealerships.
    • I still think the story is going to break I think the Devin Nunes thing the more they push it the more they push back. I think there's a wedge now between Brennan and McCabe. I don't think Brennan is going to go down easily.
    • So I think McCAbe is going to have to come clean any moment.
    • Dennis Montgomery was discredited. I think they had 20 people go to the casino and simultaneously ask for chips--he had to declare bankrupcy, it ruined him.
    • I think he's still alive.
  • [Day 184.6. Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 5 - YouTube] -- PART 5
    • I put together a schematic here to explain the ratlines that I found between NY and DC
    • In green I have money moving--I'll drill down on that. This is the money side of the equation that's separated from the people side of the equation
    • YOu can't put out a sign saying 'drug dealer here' so you have these front organizations
    • In red you have the enforcement side of this--you do have to have enforcement because it is illegal activity: you just can't go to the police and say, 'we provided drugs for this person, they didn't pay for them would you go collect?"
    • The top here you're going to have a charity--Arkansas was the Arkansas finance authority, or a mosque, or a church, where large amounts of money aren't questioned. Like the Vatican, 1B a day. AK finance authority in Bill and Hillary Clinton's time was more around 100M/month. Obviously the drug business has grown since then but little Mena, Ak airport produced 100M a month.
    • The next level is kind of a mortgage company, a kind of 'bundler', 400-500k coming and going isn't a big deal
    • As i mentioned before, at more of the retailer level--the McDonalds level--you've got car dealers, and 50-60k up to 100k isn't usually questioned.
    • This allows you to bring people into the country.
    • If you don't have your ratline established through the mortgage company, you can start people out with jobs there quickly.
    • In a car dealership you can start them out as limo drivers, they can drive the cars not being sold as cabs as ubers or limos
    • The reason you want to get the limos though, you don't want cabs forever, these are really your retail sales channels. When you party your gonna want to have drugs, girls, potentially children. You want all these things to be marketted. You really want to grow this, upscale this to limos.
    • This is the people movement side of things.
    • Then of course here (under limos) are going to be your victims. These are going to be your girls you're going to be bringing from NY ((Shannon Gilbert))
    • If there's a problem, you'll bring in enforcement; if the mother puts up a stink you bring in enforcement on that person.
    • Again if you're trying to compromise government executives, bank officials, politicians, generals, you want to get into the child trafficking as quickly as possible because the films here of this kind of activity are much more valuable than more adults..
    • Finally, if you can, get into the pain clinic business which is some of the businesses we found--this is looking into the Awan's 12 houses and the businesses around the Awans, the 12 car dealerships and mortgage companies they created-- 22 companies in all
    • You really want to get this repeat pain clinic business--it's the gift that keeps giving ((junkie1, Junkie2))
    • The parties over here, the revenue stream is a bit unpredictable; the pain clinic is much more predictable
    • Occassionally things go wrong. For instance at the mosque in VA, the cardealer put up stink. What do you do? Call up Mahmood; your enforcer, Mahmood goes down to the Salvadorean embassy and get MS13 kids: kill the killers--what MS13 doesn't realize is that the story doesn't end up well, they don't want a lot of loose ends, so the 4 MS13 end up in a ditch--the films I did out there were MS13 and that was Mahmood
    • Mahmood had a house out in Manassas.
    • I don't actually have the kids, the kids after they killed the Richmond car dealer, they went back to Manassas I believe they went back to Mahmood's house. I'm not law enforcement I don't have a search warrant so I can't go looking for evidence of that.
  • [Day 184.6 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 6 - YouTube]
    • We got a lot of good stuff coming tomorrow.
    • Our new secret service director so maybe some of the harassment stuff may stop.
    • Jason Chaffetz talked about that
    • So maybe the Bush-Cheney era of reprisal thing is over--who knows? {{ doubtful George, it's not a neocon thing, it's a CIA secrecy culture thing }}
    • I'm in Ft. Wayne, I went to High School here. I'm in my hometown and so forth
    • I met a street musician, his name is Thomas Quinn.
    • I like to support him. Interesting story: 20 yrs ago, he was playing in a club--a woman fell in love with him, he fell in love this this woman. And they had a little fling, and she lost that lovin' feeling, and he kept it... and it caused this kind of psychotic break.
    • So it reminded me of this James Taylor Fire and Rain type of situation, so he ends up going to New Orleans and playing as a street musician for 8 years living only on a cheap guitar
    • And I just thought: we have all these stories just right under our feet all the time--really beautiful people that really want to to great things
    • And I know this series talks about all the bad stuff a lot: all the organ harvesting and the elites, crime, sex trafficking, child trafficking and the drugs
    • I just wanted to have just one moment where I was just able to recognize that people 99 out of 100 are just really great people and they have great art and tings to share all that love and kisses stuff. I just wanted to say that.
    • So I gave him 30-40 bucks and he said I'm gonna have a nice meal, new strings for my 12 string, you know, it's good.
  • [Day 185.1 Hillary Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 - YouTube]
    • Today's big news there's really 2 items -- Patrick Howley (PatrickHowleyDC) he used to be at Breitbart but he's now running a website called "Big League Politics"--we talked this morning, we're going to collaborate. He's seen the Awan Brothers a few of these episodes. I'd like to shout this out to him in support of his work
    • Couple of things happened today. He covered a story about Dennis Montgomery
    • Dennis Montgomery had the 900M phone calls, he had the 600 hard drives, and was working on a surveillance system for Brennan from the CIA--he wasn't CIA then-- and Clapper. Clapper figures prominently into this surveillance system not just for phone calls but for satellites and other things.
    • The other news item is that Andrew McCabe's good friend Tim Clancy has left Secret Service, and now there's a new SS Director A-l-l-e-s {{ as in california uber alles? let's hope not }}
    • Going to briefly remind folks about Michael Ruppert--interesting thing that MR said--and this all plays together into an air, land and sea surveillance system for deplorables--MR said, 'hey Dick Cheny is using the SS and these revenge groups Catholics in Action, Christians in Action, the Laura Silsby group along with the SS--the SS is training these groups to attack people like Mike Ruppert and Gary Webb
    • Dyncorp does this training, it's called D&D: Diffuse and Disrupt eventually causing suicide and death. Michael Ruppert's suicide was certainly caused by disruption and diffusion.
    • It's also called 'the program', if you are at the NSA or NGA I think it's going to be called the program. Gary Webb's suicide was a little different--2 bullets oddly enough. Here I have personal reporting where Gary said he was certain he had this life disruption going on. You probably remember the Secret Service has recently had this spate of troubles with intruders both in the Obama administration and the Trump administration. And there's even conspiracy theories because the intruder was--at least the last one Tran was in the white house grounds for 16 minutes trying all the door--in the same day or the day before, a picture of Ivanka's baby was published by the SS, there was a fear of kind of a Limberg baby where the intruder was actually invited in. It's hard to believe that somebody could be on those grounds for 16 minutes undetected and mace the baby..he was carrying 2 cans of mace. A lot of conpsiracy theories they were trying to 'limberg baby Trump's grandson' in order to get him to be more compliant as a president. Don't know how all that worked out.
    • I certainly don't subscribe to that theory, but then at the same day a SS agent in Brooklyn, she lost her laptop with detailed plans of Trump tower, evacuation plans of Trump tower and other information about where people would be, schedules--all the things you need to set up an assassination. So if you can believe that or give any weight to those theories, then you or I are certainly expendable.
    • One of the interesting things MR talked about were these prowler teams. Prowler teams are these groups that go out at night, with incapacitating gas, they can go into hotel rooms without anybody noticing.
    • Basically the idea was 'we'll foil an assassination plot before it begins', the CIA has had this capability for a long time.
    • That program unfortunately, got turned into a different direction with Hillary and also with Dick Cheney as more of an attack on political opponents.
    • Cheney set the bar, and the Hillary upped the ante, in terms of using these prowler teams to harass and do this kind of D&D.
    • Also training groups like this (catholics in action) to do that kind of with gas masks, military hardware, police cadet programs
    • We don't know if any of that is true.
    • Carol Leone did a story on prowler teams--she's a Pulitzer prize winning journalist with the Washington Post. And that's really the last article that's been done.
    • Dana Priest--another Pulitzer Prize winner from Washington Post--did an article on Top Secret America and 7000 of these private organizations trained in these tactics, currently under the terrorism banner--DHS terror program.
    • If you are getting paid for harassing people, and the whole group is being paid and your family members are being paid 7x24 it's a good business and you start dreaming up enemies you never had when it's that profitable.
    • Here is Dennis Montgomery he had 600M emails, 900M phone calls for metadata, on 47 hard drives--this is probably going to come out because a federal judge has released this information in a trial in Az about Judge Arpaio
    • Cheney 12333 Executive order to do this phone intercept
    • I still believe that the two whistleblowers for Devin Nunes when he had his meeting on the white house grounds were NGA people. I'll get to how the Awans figure into this.
    • James Clapper was at NGA, he is at their hall of fame. He really is a genius for the way he was able to bring geospatial information together with phone call information emails, all this metadata along with this ground surveillance--using the revenge teams--again I'm saying those orgs have been infiltrated, not that everyone in it is involved in it
    • The gladio original eastern europe program and gladio b program with Gulen. This is just GLadio C. This started in 1998, and really Hillary ran this from the beginning.
    • Here are all the FBI whistleblowers, (Special Agents) that have talked about various parts of this program:
    • Gilbert Graham
    • Sibel Edmonds
    • Mike German
    • Fred Whitehurst
    • Colleen Rowley
    • John Roberts
    • Jane Turner
    • Robert Wright
    • Like I said the NSA and NGA know this as "The Program"
    • This is just an extension of the Sy Hersh article, which is the CIA operation against Antiwar [activists].
    • This is the veterans program now. Just targetting veterans who talk about atrocities and so forth that are being murdered. And that's the 22 veterans a day that are being murdered.
    • Again this started out with Hillary 1998 against impeachment folks, but it has turned into this program for targetting political enemies of the democrats--even enemies of the political donors. That's how you get to 150k
    • Way back when this program started out with Brennan and Clapper back in 2003 there was only 150k being targetted, but with all these phone calls and emails, I believe the number now, the terrorism watchlist is about 3M, they say 2M but I believe it's higher
    • Again it's with the rapid expansion of these private security companies
    • And it'll be like ACE security and they'll be hired through people like G4S or other bundlers.
    • Why do I believe the Awans are involved in this?
    • People have talked about Maxine Watters and Obama's database, and that's yet another attempt to try to hide behind Obama and race.
    • It's really just a massive program in Bluffdale, Utah storing all this information. But then you have to maintain a target list of people and you need to have operatives. Again if these are US operatives, it's discoverable, but if you have a group from outside the US you can operate on these people. I believe the Awans are involved, I believe this has been going on for quite some time, targetting individuals in the US
    • Here is the information--they have all the information through the fusion centers to run this program, I believe the Awans are running this program
    • I'll go into later breaking down how all these houses in the VA area and all the companies they created couldn't have been created by just one person. I'll just start with one.
    • Just this one residence had 6 companies, 3 were mortgage companies for money laundering
    • Sam Toqueer - 17 tickets this person never really existed - no license, no registration
    • These are classic cutout organizations to run a CIA type campaign -- this goes back to the Sy Hersh type campaign
    • Hawkshead location had all the folks coming in from other countries to train in the Global Information Grid, to train on LCC communications which is a front company for Techmahindra a spy org from India and PK
    • I'll go later into how this is a kind of a Gladio B
    • This is a program for the 22 vets a day, to attack veterans and their families.
  • [Day 185.2 Hillary'Hillarys, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • Thanks to all the great contributers.
    • {{ If a contributer is reading this, please put me 911bodysnatchers / negutron in touch with the research team. I want to contribute also but don't know where to go. I went to FB briefly and the group there was not extant--I've been blackballed from FB as they've silently deleted my accounts and are able to apparently identify me by parallelism with twittereddit/youtube handle; I go to the presentation--first of all it nearly always crashes my computer--and there's only old activity in terms of comments--where is everyone? Sometimes I feel like this is a ruse because the idea of 'open investigation' has had many people like myself in youtube comments puzzled because there was no access on Trello and attempts to be invited to trello have been ignored. This is not just my experience but that of several others I see in the comments. Has this become a closed investigation? }}
    • Someone said "I know James Clapper and he is no genius"
    • Reminded me of that Lloyd Benson Dan Quayle dig
    • Bouchard wrote a thing called "Network-centric warfare". The idea was the fog of war, you lose track of your men the moment the battle starts. And his idea was give everybody's instrument that could talk to each other. That's where the internet-of-things was born
    • Even if you lose half of your army you still have telemetry on all your resources--that's going to come in handy on managing your ratlines as well, in PK and all over the world really; including going after deplorables in the US
    • I thought Clapper wrote a paper, it's classified so I don't know for sure, but I thought he wrote network-centric surveillance and it was about targetting ratlines
    • Bouchard wrote network centric surveillance and so he's even smarter than I thought he was. I thought Clapper was the genius behind that.
    • This is what I call link analysis. Where you just link 2 addresses.
    • Marine--Awan equipment recap
    • If you are McCabe and you put them in a vault, then anybody at the FBI in counterterrorism can do the right thing any day and then get that to a newspaper reporter
    • Sampson Toqueer Winfield --so it sounds like a fake name from the beginning.
    • Sammy Toqueer Winfield who started 6 different companies at that location 6314 Thomas Drive gets 17 traffic tickets
    • That could be because there are contractors coming in and Imran says just take this license and give it to them
    • Then I started thinking about how close Thomas Drive was to 7500 GEOINT Drive, the East NGA center. This is a very slow DC beltway traffic, gettng a ticket there is not very good
    • It's much more likely to get a ticket if you're running a longer ratline with more open highway where you can run those mercedes and bmws that Imran used to sell over at C.I.A dealership over in Falls Church. It's just a working theory
    • I dont' think Sammy is a real person. But someone said that Toqueer name is an actual Indian (sur)name, I'm not ruling that either.
    • If you look at a longer map, the lorton home and springfield home are almost equidistant to the NGA.
    • Here is where DISA is at 5111 Leesburg Pike. I believe they are taking the NGA information and moving it to DISA. The reason why is DISA's word gets desseminated to DHS.
    • If you managing a ratline in the US you're going to need to get it to DISA you can't just have it at the NGA.
    • NGA is a military operation. Ft. Belvoir. So you need to get it to a civilian agency.
    • In analyzing Sammy's tickets, I think you're going to see a lot of action between these two (nga and disa). This is falls church, the money goes towards falls church.
    • {{ What I believe George is saying is that the PK spies are being used as "public government" or "civilian agency spies" to ferry information from the military to the US Gov, because apparently there is no mechanism for them to 'share' this information like they should }}
    • There's another school of thought whcih says "no it's a much longer ratline." This is woodbridge where the Salvadoran Consulate is. {{George discusses his deathwish in interviewing Awan=-hoping to convince him to turn himself in }}
    • Between Woodbridge and Falls Church is going to be where Sammy's tickets will be
    • If you take the long view and say well MS13 is down here in Fredericksburg, aren't they the ones running from Norfolk and then dropping off to Mahmood in Woodbridge (consulate) and then from there Mahmood distributes...he has the perfect cover.
    • The other theory is Manassas which is where Mahmood lives which is used as a safe house (and distribution center?)
    • My theory is Omar is the superbrains behind the whole outfit. He's the the interface to the White House--interface to other folks, kind of a grand man of this plan. And the guy who is this chauffeur in this is Imran, he's running out to Manassas, running out to Fredericksburg, to Norfolk (maybe) to pickup these guys as they come in. Who knows
    • The tickets will have the answer
    • I'm really interested in the geolocation of these 17 tickets and mapping them [to correlate to the ratlines]
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Bryson Tiller "Set it Off" Tour with H.E.R. & Metro Boomin

Looks like a nice show. Presale tomorrow, on sale Friday
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Any experience with Buses to Atlantic City?

So I'm going to be getting dropped off in AC for the WSOPC at Harrahs and am trying to figure out how I'm going to be getting back home (Hampton Roads, VA). My first thought was to rent a car. I know theres a Hertz in the Harrahs Casino. I also know renting a car to go one way out of state can be expensive sometimes. I haven't called for a price yet. Then someone suggested the buses that run. I'm never taken the bus and don't know much about them. I think one runs every Saturday from the Norfolk area. I guess my question is does anyone know if I can buy a one way ticket? Are they going to care if I bring a huge suitcase on with me? I'm assuming not but I know these buses are mostly for day trips so I can't imagine people bring luggage with them. Would I be able to buy a ticket the day of or do I need it a few days in advance? Thanks for any insight.
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Don't miss Al Stewart on tour this year! [From]

Don't miss Al Stewart on tour this year!
What follows is a list of shows scheduled so far in 2015.
1/16 - Infinity Music Hall - Norfolk, CT 1/17 - Mayo Performing Arts Center - Morristown, NJ 2/6 - McCabe's Guitar Shop - Santa Monica, CA 2/7 - McCabe's Guitar Shop - Santa Monica, CA 2/13 - The Kent Stage - Kent, OH * 2/14 - Fairfield Community Arts Center - Fairfield, OH * 2/28 - Boomtown Casino - Verdi, NV * 3/20 - Buffalo State Performing Arts Center - Buffalo, NY 3/21 - New Hope Winery - New Hope, PA 3/22 - New Hope Winery- New Hope, PA 3/24 - Jazziz Nightlife - Boca Raton, FL * 3/25 - Jazziz Nightlife - Boca Raton, FL * 3/27 - Mars Theatre - Springfield, GA * 3/28 - Jabez Hardin Theater - Evans, GA * 3/29 - Eddie's Attic - Decatur, GA * 4/11 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA *
(Shows marked with * are with guitarist Dave Nachmanoff.)
Then there is the tour of Ireland and the UK,with guitarists Dave Nachmanoff and Tim Renwick including two shows at the Royal Albert Hall with a full band, led by musical director Peter White.
4/28 - Vicar Street - Dublin, IE ** 4/29 - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - Glasgow, Scotland ** 5/1 - Bridgewater Hall - Manchester ,UK ** 5/2 - York Barbican - York, UK ** 5/3 - The Sage - Gateshead, UK ** 5/5 - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall - Liverpool, UK** 5/7 - Colston Hall - Bristol, UK ** 5/9 - Princess Theatre -Torquay, UK** 5/10 - St. David's Hall - Cardiff, UK** 5/11 - Congress Theatre - Eastbourne, UK** 5/13 - Town Hall - Leeds, UK * 5/14 - GLive - Guildford, UK * 5/16 - Royal Albert Hall - London, UK FULL BAND 5/17 - Cliffs Pavilion - Southend, UK ** 5/20 - Warwick Arts Centre - Coventry, UK ** 5/21 - Corn Exchange- Cambridge, UK ** 5/22 - Royal Albert Hall - London, UK FULL BAND
(Shows marked with ** include both Nachmanoff and Renwick.)
Al returns to western Washington:
6/21 - Historic Everett Theater - Everett, WA *
Just announced, a rare performance in Nebraska:
8/22 - Tassel Performing Arts Center in Holdrege, NE *
"Elvis at the Wheel"
Check out the music video for Al's song "Elvis at the Wheel":
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New roads, parks and casino included in Norfolk's early Harbor Park plans Pamunkey chief says Norfolk casino is needed to help tribe Hampton council goes Norfolk Resort Casino Public Hearing - December 16, 2019; Granby High School Downtown Norfolk - YouTube Virginia considering to build a casino in Norfolk - YouTube #Norfolk #Virginia Casino and Anti-Black Racism by The # ... Amanda and Adriana dancing Casino at Mambo Room in Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA » Weather Closings ... Portsmouth voters passed the city’s casino measure by a nearly 2-1 vote. It was one of four cities in the Commonwealth that approved casino measures in their ... 1; 2; The impressive place of Norfolk is positioned in the state of Virginia (United States ). Composed of 245000 inhabitants, it is classed as a big town. Norfolk does not actually own its very own casino but there is no reason to be concerned, you can always just head to Berlin Ocean Downs Casino which is pretty close by. As well as looking after the gambling tables, the croupiers are also ... Casinos Around Norfolk Va, dolphins slot bonus, online casino play with 1500 free, custom poker chips. Betchan. Gamble Responsibly 5 /5. Read our full review. 40x. Gamble Responsibly Read our full review. Fast Payouts; Over 400 Casino Games; 24/7 Live Support; 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. 100%. Visit casino Winning Room Casino - Welcome Bonus BALLY ... He noted that the casino could be a way for Norfolk to bounce back financially. Also, funds from the casino will flow into Virginia’s Problem Gaming Treatment and Support Fund. “Money from the casinos across the state will go to that fund to make sure that those who may have that as an issue, that can be addressed,” Smith said. Jobs coming. The new casino looks to hire 2,500 employees ... Casino in norfolk va - Most trustworthy and safe gambling website and start earning some easy money. Take your chance and earn some easy cash with this betting casino. Experience a new thrilling quality gambling entertainment in a safe, enjoyable and fair environment. "The Norfolk Resort and Casino is projected to be a $500 million economic development project, generating nearly 2,500 jobs. The annual tax revenues to the City of Norfolk from this commercial casino will be used to address flooding and sea-level rise, support our schools and make our neighborhoods safer.” Courtney Doyle Norfolk City Councilwoman - Ward 2 “I made the decision to support ... NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Organizers are gambling on a list minute push to slow down the casino project in downtown Norfolk. A group of Norfolk residents and city councilwoman Andria McClellan have ... Resort Casino After a long process to find the perfect spot for this transformational project, the City and the Pamunkey Indian Tribe identified the banks of the Elizabeth River in the heart of Norfolk. This 13.4-acre location on the waterfront is the right spot at the right time for this exciting project. Millions in new revenue ... The Norfolk casino requires voter approval in the Nov. 3, 2020 election for construction ... Read more First VA Casino Bill Passes Senate Committee January 21, 2019 - The Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology take the first major step towards legalization of casino gambling in Virginia by passing Senate Bill 1126.... Read more Proposed Casino Plan for Portsmouth January 14, 2019 ... The Norfolk, Va. city council approved a $700 million Pamunkey Indian Tribe casino plan. (Image: Cox) Earlier this month, the tribe reached an agreement with the city to pay approximately $10 ...

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New roads, parks and casino included in Norfolk's early Harbor Park plans ‘s Jackie Glass and Jasmine Anderson (@PamunkeyWoman34) visits the show to discuss the proposed Norfolk Casino, the hist... Pamunkey Indian Tribe intends to bring resort casino to Norfolk - Duration: 2:10. WAVY TV 10 468 views. 2:10. Clean and Pan Fry Whole Bluegill (Like the good ol' days!) - Duration: 18:00. Cooking ... While casinos popped up in neighboring Maryland and D.C., they have been illegal in Virginia. But now the state is considering building them in five locations. HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) -- The Hampton City Council has given the go-ahead for a new gambling operation that is the closest thing to a casino that Hampton Roads ... Norfolk, VA & Naval Station Harbor Tour - Duration: 6:47. MattWilsonVideos Recommended for you. 6:47 . Tidal flooding impacts roads in Va. Beach - Duration: 2:52. WAVY TV 10 899 views. 2:52. What ... View from a higher perspective. Downtown Norfolk Waterfront area. High you are - What's so not Norfolk Resort Casino Public Hearing - December 16, 2019; Granby High School ... City Of Change - Norfolk, Virginia 1950's & 60's - Duration: 20:51. NorfolkTV Recommended for you. 20:51 . Work ... Amanda and Adriana dancing Casino at Mambo Room in Norfolk, VA DC Casineros. Loading... Unsubscribe from DC Casineros? ... Amanda and Adrian Casino Dance demo - review moves from Caída position ...