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Cuban Salsa: Setenta (70) con Alarde . Posted on December 29, 2018 by Jesper Tverskov Leave a comment. Setenta con Alarde is sometimes just called Setenta. Some instructors prefer to use it as the very first figure they teach because it is slightly easier than the real Setenta. The Alarde can be done to Lead or to Follow. Since Setenta is three counts of eight and Setenta con Alarde only two Salsa casino Dificultad Media. En este nivel de difultad se trabaja el manejo de la pareja, la coordinación, el control corporal y aumenta el nivel de las figura. la coordinación, la memoria y el ritmo.. Siéntala,Media,Enchufa jumping,Enchufa a lo moderno,Coca-Cola (enchufa ó dame),70 – 70 y siéntala,71,72,Pepsi – Cola,7Up,Babosa,Juanjo,Dame con alarde,Combinación,Reloj,Guayabita Las figuras de salsa en rueda casino no están homologadas ni estandarizadas. Es imposible hacer una lista completa porque son casi infinitas. La rueda estilo Miami es la más bailada, aunque se le suelen añadir figuras propias de la cultura salsera española, y otras importadas por bailarines cubanos o de otros países. La lista más completa que he visto en internet la podéis ver en "http The Rueda de Casino is a Cuban group dance. It is danced on lively, up-beat, salsa music. Basically, everybody dances as a couple. The couples stand in a circle. During the dance there is a constant changing of partners, which makes it a vivid and joyful spectacle. The Rueda can be danced with a minimum of two couples. However, three or more couples is advisable. The beauty of the moves can 1 History 1.1 Origin of the salsa steps 2 Basic Movements 2.1 Rhythm 2.2 Salsa styling 3 Salsa Styles 3.1 New York and Puerto Rico 3.2 Cuban / Casino (Cuba and Miami) 3.2.1 Rueda 3.2.2 Salsa Filipina (Ronda Manila) 3.3 Cumbia (Central and South America) 3.4 Cali 3.5 Los Angeles 4 See also 5 References 6 External links The history of "Salsa" dance is peppered with hearsay and contradiction Setenta, meaning “70” in Spanish, is most likely the first real move you learn in Cuban Salsa.For that reason it is considered beginners level, but you could just as well call it intermediate. It really is one of the signature moves of Cuban Salsa, likely to be called in any Rueda de Casino, and very many Leads even at advanced level use it in almost every dance. History of Salsa Music & Dance. Dance like no one is watching! Following information was compiled from various sources on the Internet Following categories are covered below: 1. Salsa Music and Dance Around the World (New York, Los Angeles, Cuba, Colombia, West Africa) 2. The History of Salsa and Timba 3. Cuban Casino style Salsa dancing 4 Salsa Casino partner dancing and Salsa Suelta for all intermediate dancers. Latest tunes from Cuba. For everyone who wants to improve her/his dancing skills and learn new techniques, styles and moves. Learn to lead and follow, apply moves and techniques to the music and improve dancing with your partner. No partner required, Age 16+. Torniquete (Salsa Casino) - Pegale un cacho Dame una la prima (rueda de casino fi... flay triple-los tres SOMBRERO Métele el dedo 70 Sesenta y nueve 69 pelota una, dos, tres (rueda... Enchufla con reulin Yogurt, Salsa Casino Prima con toda la familia (S... Evelyn - Salsa Video - Kezdő... El Dos - YouTube Una para arriba Dame Y No Le Having worked at Salsa Casino 70 Pa Ti various casino operators over the years I wanted to start my own porrtal to help others find the best places to play. Rizk. Captain Cooks casino. PartyCasino: Get Salsa Casino 70 Pa Ti 120 free spins on Starburst . Make a deposit of £10 or more as a new PartyCasino player to receive 120 free spins on Starburst, thanks to an exclusive bonus! -InterCasino

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