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My experience with poker in Macau (Long Post)

It was a completely spontaneous thing. I was in China on a 2-week trip to visit some relatives and had just arrived in HongKong when I realized Macau wasn't too far away and I had nothing planned for the next couple of days. A 2-hour bus ride later, I set foot in Macau for the first time in my life.
The first thing that struck me was just the sheer number of casinos and the ease of access to them. Shuttle buses were everywhere (mostly free!) and taxis were quite abundant as well (started at 19HKD for the first bit, + 2HKD every 100m I think). I quickly made my way into a couple of the casinos in hopes of hopping into some Holdem. A few attempts later and it became apparent that Holdem was not a popular game in Macau at all and only a few casinos offered it (Venetian, Wynn Macau, and possibly some others). The lowest stakes offered were 50/100HKD (about 6.5/13USD), with the lowest rake being 5% capped at 200HKD. These stakes were a bit higher than the 1/3 and 2/5 I was used to and I didn't have that much cash on me, but I wasn't about to come all this way and not play poker, so I got some help withdrawing money from an ATM at the Wynn and walked in with 20K HKD hoping to not bust 2 bullets in what was likely to be a deep game (25K buyin cap).
Some sidenotes before getting into the main action:
1/ The casinos were all really nice: very well designed, good service (people opening doors and greeting you), air-conditioned.
2/ Some potentially mafia-associated people would approach you on the casino floor quietly asking you if you needed HKD, but a brief shake of the head or ignoring them sent them on their way.
3/ Women would occasionally approach you on the casino floor asking you if you needed 'service'.
4/ No railing the tables if you weren't playing, and also no phones at the tables (you had to stand up to use a phone).
5/ No 1K chips were allowed to play at the poker table (not sure if for all the casinos or just the Wynn Macau). Had to use 100, 500, 5K, and 10K chips, with the dealers giving you 5 and 25 chips as change occasionally.
6/ Mandarin, Cantonese, or English were the only languages permitted at the tables.
7/ Good selection of beverage and food (drinks were free).
8/ No tipping! I tipped an extra 10 at the end of a session and got flashed a funny glance by a dealer. One of the regulars made a joke about me donating to Mr. Steve Wynn.
9/ Tables were all 10-handed.
1/ Battle with a Reg: Preflop Edition
18K effective. Good reg HJ opens for 300. I 3bet As4s to 1100 from the BTN. HJ makes it 2700. I 5bet to 5700. HJ tank folds.
2/ Funny Business with My Favourite Hand: Part 1
10K effective. I open from the HJ with JhTh to 300. SB weaker reg calls, BB folds. I cbet 400 on 9h7h5s. SB checkraises to 1300. I tank 3bet to 3300, hoping to fold out some pair or pair+sd type hands. He calls. Turn comes an As. He checks and I jam. He quickly folds.
3/ Funny Business with My Favourite Hand: Part 2
13K effective. I open (same orbit!) from UTG with JhTh to 300. Only a rec UTG+1 calls. Flop comes 5s5h5c. I cbet 200 and get snap called. Turn is the 9h. I lead for 800 and get called again. River comes the 2c. I overbet 5K and get a tank fold.
4/ No Fear
20K effective. Folds to me and I open 5s6s on the BTN. SB rec and BB good reg both call. Flop comes Ks8h9d. SB donks 300, BB calls. I make it 1500 and to my surprise, both call (slightly concerned about BB slowplaying a set but SB is FOS at this point). Turn is an inconsequential 3d, bringing a bdfd. I make it 2700, the rec calls rather quickly and the reg folds to my delight. The river brings the Js and the rec checks after a couple seconds. The best hand he can have here is a straight, but calling turn with a naked QT is unlikely even for this player, so with him holding so many 76, T7, JT, and possibly just Kx, I went for blood and went for a pot-sized 10K bet. My bluff gets through and after consoling the agonizing rec that I indeed had a set, I raked in my chips.
Poker in Macau is rather tough, and casinos don't seem super interested in promoting it, with a number of rooms being shut down over the past years. It might have been soft before, but not anymore. I assumed that sitting at the lowest stakes offered the games would be much softer than they were, but though there were still some weaker players, games were significantly tougher than the games I play in Vancouver, which aren't that soft compared to other places in the world. There were barely open limps except from one or two weaker recs, and for the most part, even the weaker regs were sizing and range aware. 3bets were also quite common and I suspect 4bet-bluffing was a thing among a number of regs as well. The overall vibe was more serious and competitive. I sat at 3 different tables over the course of 2 days, and the table composition was usually the same: ~3-4 tight weaker regs, ~1-2 good regs, ~2-3 recs, ~1-2 tight passive OMC, and me. It was an experience I'm definitely glad I had, but to maximize hourly, I'd for sure play elsewhere.
In total, I played 10 hours, and was up +22600 HKD.
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Travelling SEAsia - my massive review. Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand (Shenzhen, Macau). Motorbike & vegan travel tips

Mammoth post incoming..... I read a lot of posts in this thread and others to help me prepare for my first time backpacking in South East Asia, used mostly reddit and youtube to collect information and in return to all the helpful people who advised me, I want to add a bit to the info out there. This was our first time backpacking in Asia but we have both travelled a decent amount, apologies to those seasoned backpackers who might eye roll at the obvious things I point out! And how long this post is! few linked included where possible.
I travelled with my boyfriend (both in our mid 20s) for 7 weeks from Nov 2019 to Jan 2020 covering 4 countries; Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. We travelled as a couple, not really looking for the typical hostel/partying experience. I had spots/cities we wanted to stop in picked out more so I could check that our return flight back gave us enough time (bf had job to come back for). For those interest I travelled with 40l backpack (Osprey ladies size I recommend for small gals). and 15l day back and boyfriend had 65l backpack. I really reccommend getting up to date on vaccines and/or visiting somewhere like Nomad travel (UK major cities only) for additional shots. We also bought a medical kit from them which came in very handy and I would buy THIS one (works out cheaper than making your own).
Our original plan was to buy a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh and then use that as our main mode of transport to bike across Cambodia and then finally go to Bangkok, so there's a section about bikes at the end.
I am plant based / have a pretty strong dairy intolerance, so I'll add a section about travelling as a 'vegan' as I found it more difficult to get concrete advice on that before I left.
We are from UK so our budget/prices we evaluated against £ GBP
Hong Kong - this was the most built up and relatively similar experience to our lives at home and eased us pretty gently into travel. I would compare Hong Kong to a metropolitan place like London. We stayed in the Wan Chai district and would recommend the are for first timers. Not as expensive as the Central District and gives more local flavour with the street markets which you are likely to explore or pass through on the way to the MTR. Stay on Hong Kong Island over the peninsula as a lot of activities are there and though it is more compact you get a good sense of what HK is really like.
Prices - cost of restaurants was about the same as home - £8-10+ for a meal. Transport - incredibly cheap, routes often less than £1 or 50p Lots of 7/11 and Circle K with reasonable prices for snacks or eating in
Things we did: - Victoria Peak - there are some views more 'within' the city if you take the giant escalator up and walk a bit further as opposed to going straight to the top - Mong Kok area and surrounding markets - Hong Kong museum - quite dated and nothing on history of recent years but it is free - Hong Kong Peninsula night time view of HK island (symphony of lights show) - Temple Street night market - Dragon's Back - this was easy to get to via bus and a nice welcome break from the city. An easy hike. - Ching Chung Koon, Tao temple - really beautiful temple with turtles, easy trip by bus to visit
Shenzhen - We went to Shenzhen as we wanted to see what China was like and had some intrigue about it being a Special Economic Zone. My advice to absolutely everyone, unless you know of something on the other side you want to see, is do not go.
We read that it was free to enter but you would have to get a short stay visa stamp. We ended up stuck in immigration after getting off the MTR for about 2 hours, first you must go and get a photo and a visa put in your passport which includes filling our a form and being asked a few questions about your stay, then you go downstairs and fill our a landing card, get fingerprinted and then pass through to Shenzhen. There isn't a clear explanation as to where these different rooms are to get the whole process done and you're at the mercy of how busy the waiting rooms are for how quick you get out, no visas would be ready and then they would surge in 10 being ready for collection at once.
Shenzhen was a very homogenous city, we couldn't find any historical sites or areas designed for non Chinese to engage with the local fare, though bare in mind Shenzhen is absolutely huge and we were short on time after arriving later. Tube system is cheap and in English and we used cash to pay. When we tried to use bank cards to take out more money I had no luck with Mastercard, Visa and Visa credit card at more than one ATM. The best part of the trip was a small antique shop in the train terminal with genuine trinkets, pottery etc. The guy was quite fair with our haggling too.
Macau - Again we visited this as another special zone outside of HK. Again unfortunately I don't recommend going. To us, Macau was missing all the parts of the Vegas strip that would make a high concentration of casinos together worthwhile; no smoking indoors, no open carry on alcohol on the streets, no street vendors or anything to create an interesting people-watching street, not helped by how spread out all the casinos were from one another. We visited the Venetian which brought us away from the casinos on the ferry side of Macau, so that might have made a difference. The Venetian at Macau had the same feeling as The Trafford Centre if UK readers are familiar with it. If you have been there you'll have your own opinion about it and use that to inform going to Macau.
Hong Kong Protests - Before leaving for HK I'd been keeping up with the protest news. Though by November the 'peak' of protests seemed to have passed a lot in UK news there were still plenty of reports of violent clashes daily. From digging around online I felt that it was still safe to go but just to be mindful of large groups of people collecting or the university area. Whilst we were in HK we didn't see anything that alarmed us or made us feel unsafe. While I don't think the media outlets were incorrectly reporting protest clashes, the actual volume of them appears to be exaggerated (but that's how news makes money, right..). We saw graffiti at most MTR stations and some bus stations that had english text posters and print outs explaining the situation that were even updated overnight to new developments like Trump's treaty. One mall we tried to go to adjacent to some university buildings was closed and the MTR next to it was all smashed up but other than graffiti we felt very safe when wandering round the city both day and night. I would say the university area probably needs the most caution, but if the MTR is stopping there again then there has probably been improvement.
Vietnam - We flew into Ho Chi Minh city, stayed for about 3 days. I'm curious to return to Vietnam in the North of the country, while the South was very interesting to see I was more than ready to move on after about 8 days. Didn't really get a good feeling out of HCMC; extremely loud, sticky, busy place. The best thing we did was go to the War Remnants Museum, things like the old post office were interesting but they don't really take up much of your day. A phone sim for 2 weeks with unlimited data was easy to get and cost less than £10 I think.
HCMC is a good place to take advantage of cheap taxis and cheap food. We could get a good meal and a soft drink/smoothie for £2.50/£3, grab taxi was about £1 anywhere and £1.50 in a grab car, Circle K essentials like a sewing kit were about £2.
Would recommend the Grab app for getting around - though it wasn't my favourite place we visited, I was really able to appreciate the pace and culture of the city zipping through little side streets on the back of the bike from District 1 down to other places in Chinatown area.
There are plenty of markets to visit, but when you've seen the stuff at one the others aren't really much different and people didn't really want to haggle with us.
We did a Mekong Delta day trip, though I'm not always a big fan of a guided tour this was fun and worth going on. Have a look on a site like Klook and pick something that sounds interesting and in budget - we visited temples, honey farm, coconut farm, held some snakes, traditional boat on Mekong and lunch for about £18 each for everything.
Nha Trang - we visited here as somewhere in South Vietnam by the sea before heading westways for the rest of the trip. It was a much calmer and quieter city than HCMC but I'm not sure I would visit again, very windy in November. An unbelievable amount of Russians here, more built up and developed than I was anticipating too. Long Son Pagoda and Ba Ho waterfalls were good to visit, though Ba Ho seemed to be having a very big touristy development built on it which was a weird contrast to the very difficult to climb and almost untouched waterfalls. We biked to Bai Dai beach - just make sure to take the first turn down to the beach before you hit the strip of resorts being built because it goes on forever and they won't let you through for access to the sand. Beautiful views on the way down but can see the whole area and Vietnam in general being swallowed up by package resort tourism which is a shame.
Cambodia - This ended up being my favourite country of the visit. Though there's not really pavements or waste management or sewage and you can't drink the water etc, but there was little rampant tourism, people were kind, the weather was great and we saw some beautiful places. Phone sim will cost you about $5 and you can only top up limited data about $5 for 8GB.
Prices - Cambodia has 2 currency system with USD and riel though most of the time you're using USD (4,000 r = $1). I felt like because of USD prices were rounded up a bit more so it was still cheap, but more expensive than Vietnam. Eating out probably about $5-7 or more if you're not holding back. There aren't many chain stores in Cambodia so you're at the mercy of individual places for a good selection of snacks and then hopefully not grossly inflated prices especially on Western imports ($2.50+ for pringles?). I did find that pharmacies were cheap. Make sure you haggle with tuk tuks or use PassApp, but that app needs some work so it's often easier to take one that's in the street. In PP/SKampot getting around we paid no more than $3. In SR to go to the airport $7.
We took a bus to Phnom Penh from HCMC which made the border crossing quite easy. We had e-visa already printed out etc but it didn't seem to make our waiting time any shorter but saved us having to fill out any forms at border control.
Phnom Penh - felt a lot nicer than HCMC as soon as we got there really. Still hot and dirty and hassled like hell for tuk tuks but I felt more kindness from Cambodians. Compared to HCMC this was a whole lot quieter and more relaxed. Not every building has a formal address so if you're not staying at a hotel (airbnb) bear in mind you might need more visual instructions to find your stay.
We stayed near the Royal Palace and the area round there, though more for expats was chilled out and there were local markets, not far to walk to temples and sites etc. There are a few hotels in this area with pools if you need to cool off. The one we tried we just took the lift up to the roof no problem, but I had messaged another nearby that said it was for residents only.
Siem Reap - though this city is pretty much here for Angkor Wat tourism I enjoyed being here not just to see the temples. We stayed at THIS airbnb which was very reasonable and probably one of our favourite stays. No pool but there were a few places nearby that were happy to let us use theirs, we just bought drinks and food. There are a few temples in the city near the city where you can see fruit bats all in the trees. The river here is nice, big market, lots of cats.
Angkor Wat: we bought a 3 day pass and went on a sunrise tour one morning and then did our own thing on the other days. Doing the tour means you get up and in for sunrise at the right time and it's good to get some history about the places you're seeing. Angkor Wat temple itself wasn't the most interesting to me and there are hundreds if not thousands of people there in the morning that makes it a lot less enjoyable. We also visited:
Ta Phrom - temple from Tomb Raider Angkor Thom city gates Bayon Temple - this was a cool 2 storey temple that is merged with depictions of Hinduism and Buddhism Preah Khan
You can hire a tuk tuk driver for a day around $15 mark or you can hire electric bikes in SR centre and take those around (tourists not allowed to ride motorbikes in temple complex) $5 for 24hrs. Just make sure to give your electric bike a good charge beforehand as the battery doesn't always read right. There is a restaurant in the complex you can swap your battery at - the whole temple area is an extremely large place, you can be 15mins drive in between spots so plan carefully.
Koh Rong Island - we took a flight from SR down to Sihanoukville to then get the ferry across to Koh Rong. Our flight ended up being delayed by 12 hours (welcome to Cambodia) so we had to stay a night in Sihanoukville and go across the following day. Travelling from Sihanouk airport to Sihanouk we had to wear bandanas over our faces to stop breathing in the dust, even though only one window in the car was cracked, it's hella dirty. If you are travelling from the airport to town I highly discourage taking a tuk tuk or rickshaw; the roads are not well surfaced in a more extreme manner than what I saw in PP and SR, there are a lot of freight trucks which will need to be over or undertaken in order for the journey to not take hours. Taxis are unfortunately the most expensive here and the journey cost $20.
Sihanoukville - I'm told recent infiltration and development of Sihanouk by the Chinese has completely transformed the city in the last 2/3 years at an incredible rate with no care for the local Khmer population. It was possibly the worst place I've ever visited. Dusty and dirty on another level, open building sites and construction absolutely everywhere. Very young looking boy in a digger pulling up the pavement less than 5ft from a busy restaurant. I had to climb up a 3ft pile of loose rubble to get to an ATM because the whole side of the road had been obliterated.
If you are waiting for the ferry on Beach Road and you need an ATM but they're all broken like they were when I was there in December, there is an ATM on the actual pier. I was stressing about taking money out for Koh Rong as I heard there was no way to get cash on the island but when I was there I saw a few places that offered cash out (but I didn't try them).
I reccommend reading THIS reddit thread and the LINKED article by a Chinese blogger about Sihanouk.
I read THIS travelfish article about Koh Rong which was very helpful too. I had an impression from the article that the island is quite under developed, which in some ways was definitely true, however it was easy to do what we wanted and we didn't struggle for places to eat etc. We stayed on the main pier (though really this is still a small strip of restaurants and shops, no resorts) and spent most of our time on White Sand Beach. Koh Rong could not be any more different than Sihanouk and it was a great place to spend Christmas and unwind. We didn't do much other than swim and lie on the beach and it was great! There were boat tours to take but a lot seemed to end with 'free drink and party' and we weren't interested in that. Prices on the island were the same as PP/SR. The only things that were a lot more expensive were activities - someone had a jetski you could rent for $100.. and there was some tree top zip line you could do for about $20.
We visited 4k beach next door which was a lot more remote, beautiful as well but only one option to eat. We came past Coconut Beach when we left on the speedboat and that looked to a bit less than the main pier but still stocked with a good few options. Overall the food we had on Koh Rong was some of the best!
Kampot - A small town/city on the river. Very chilled with a nice central part of town with good places to eat. There are hardly any big hotels or buildings over 3 stories - it felt like a more real Khmer place than somewhere like Siem Reap. From Kampot you can visit Bokor Mountain, Kep, salt fields, a lot of natural escapes. Unfortunately we both got very sudden aggressive gastro-bug or food poisoning so we spent 5 days pretty much inside doing nothing (was going to happen at some point). Kampot was a quiet place and we were able to recover well here though.
Kampot to Koh Chang - From Kampot we travelled to Koh Chang, Thailand. I'd seen some speculation online that it wasn't possible to do this trip in one day, but having done it I can say yes it is but it is a long day. Almost every bus trip we took on our adventure meant that we lost all of the day (no motorways in Viet/Cambodia) however the quality of transport means it can take even longer. Vietnam was good with sleeper or semi sleeper buses, however in Cambodia our 6.5 hour trip from Kampot to the Thai border at Trat was 16 people in a 12 seater minibus plus a baby.. so bear in mind long distance trips in Cambodia can be testing! From Trat border we got a minibus to the bus station, then a songalew/thai taxi to the ferry and then a minibus took us to our hotel on the other side [12 hour trip].
Thailand - Much more infastructure and felt more modern than Cambodia and Vietnam, but I couldn't really get a vibe for the place and felt like a lot had been lost to the prevalent tourism. I would maybe visit again but staying away from coastal areas - if felt like the Spain of South East Asia.
Prices could be a little more on top of Cambodian prices but you could find cheap places to eat. About £5 for a meal. Taxis cost about £3 through Grab. 7/11 and Family Mart very cheap snacks for pennies.
Bangkok - as this was our last stop we didn't travel to many temples or big spots outside the city because money haha... we stayed away from the expat areas, the Museum of Art & Culture had a cool free exhibition, the malls Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon are worth visiting for the food halls and just to see. Where we stayed had a pool so we took it pretty easy. Went to Chatachuk but too much tourist and sweat..
We bought a bike in HCMC via facebook marketplace - I would suggest if you know anyone Viet to get them to help you get the true price because as a tourist you're probably seeing an inflated price tag. If not that it might be possible to get one from another backpacker, but then you may be at the mercy of any damages or issues with the bike they're not aware of as they aren't familiar with bikes.
We took our bike (Honda Cub c 50) to Nha Trang with us stowed in our sleeper bus - we visited a few bus trip/tourist places and one was happy to do it for us. I think for 2 people and the bike was about £23 one way, so not bad at all. You'll have to empty the fuel before it goes in the bus so just remember that at the other end you might have to give your bike a min to run the fuel through it again. We sold it in Nha Trang because it wasn't quite powerful enough to get us around with any bags (i was not in charge of buying bike haha...). Bikes are more than easy to rent in every country we went to for probably £5 a day max. We had a bike in Koh Chang but I know in Thailand there are more rules about tourist rental so I would swerve riding on the mainland. The most hectic place we rode was HCMC so I would just suggest avoiding that if you can, even if you ride in your home country.
We sold our bike in Nha Trang via facebook marketplace. We took a loss but it was more about cutting our dead weight before the rest of our trip so to speak. If you really want to ride a lot in SEAsia, Cambodia has no restrictions on tourists having bikes up to 125cc if you want to play the legal legal route (not that I saw any police in Cambodia over 3 weeks!). A bike is also a responsibility and if you're wanting to feel completely free while travelling it might not be right to buy one. Do thorough research! I travelled with a full face helmet and I was grateful for it on windy rides and hectic places likes HCMC. If you're not planning on riding a lot then this is definitely not essential but finding a full face helmet, that fits, that isn't too bootleg to break on you might be some things to consider (bare in mind I was planning on doing long rides when planning this trip initially).
Veganism / plant based / special diets: As mentioned I have strong intolerance to all dairy products and am generally vegan; I still eat eggs maybe once a week and might have fish and chips a few times a year.
With the exception to intolerances and allergies I think the best approach to eating in South East Asia or travelling in general is be willing to be flexible. I only like to eat plant based, but I'm happy to eat eggs and at a push will eat fish or chicken. This is obviously not what I want to do for every meal but consider that you might be getting places late at night, options that are clearly described in English as not containing your allergens may only have meat in them etc.
When I travelled to Japan and also for all these countries, I wrote 'I cannot eat dairy etc' in English on Google translate and then screenshotted the response in the desired language if I needed to show someone to confirm ingredients. For Japan I looked up pre made examples as I know the kanji can sometimes not translate directly, but here I just had the google translate page as a back up.
Hong Kong - a lot of English spoken here and a lot of specifically vegan places however they are more expensive. At 7/11 they sell the 'Kind' granola bars which are vegan and yummy! and I also ate the ready made egg and rice sushi balls. Some ingredients were listed in English but I don't remember finding any other easy go-to's. At bakeries, of which there are a lot, almost everything appears to be cream filled, buttered, flaky pastry. I found I could eat walnut and raisin breads without any noticeable issues, but I didn't have an ingredients list to check.
Vietnam - in HCMC I was very lucky to be staying down the road from a fully vegan restaurant that had ice cream, vegan banh mi, smoothies etc (Healthy World in District 1, there is another somewhere else in the city). Tofu was on menus and on an English menu in a Viet place I could safely pick something veggie. Asking for a dish to be 'chay' means veggie and that works too. Because everything is so cheap, it seemed to be easy enough to eat here. Desserts were limited with the exception of a vegan shop.
They do have Oreos, in general for all these countries, I hope you like Oreos because they're the only dessert option most place !
Cambodia - Sometimes easy and sometimes not. Tofu did appear on menus, I would recommend trying Tofu Lok Lak as a veggie Khmer dish (it will probably come with a fried egg) and I was able to ask for curries just veggie or with tofu. I ate mostly eggs and toast of some kind for breakfast because that was a filling option. Every city I was in there was at least one vegan cafe or restaurant that was not too much more ££ than a normal meal so I knew at least I could get myself something nice and safely vegan every other day while keeping a budget. I was concerned about Koh Rong being a remote island that I would struggle to eat but this was one of the best places! There is a purely veggie/vegan restaurant on the main pier, as well as other restaurants offering vegan pizza, veggie pad thai, tofu curries etc. I also found a second kind of chocolate biscuit that wasn't an Oreo here!
Koh Chang/Thailand - though we were back to having access to 7/11 the options seemed more limited and Thailand was my least favourite place to eat. In 7/11 I did find a few different kinds of Almond milk (& oreos!) but ingredients were rarely in English. Some options at the food halls were inari sushi, Subway (hash browns) and a few other (but more pricey) dedicated vegan restaurants in the central district.
You deserve a medal if you made it this far - any questions please ask me, thanks :-)
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Macao's casino industry losing $100 million a day in unprecedented coronavirus shutdown. So why are they OK with that?

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"This is a historical moment because this is the first time the entire casino industry has closed its doors for more than 24 hours," said Carlos Lobo, a local attorney who previously worked for the Macao Gaming Commission.
The Macao government announced it would close casinos for two weeks after a hotel worker was infected.
Speculation abounds in Macao that the souring relationship between Washington and Beijing over the trade war could cost the U.S. operators, who collectively employ about half the city's casino workers.
The special arrangement, which was first introduced in Hong Kong in 1997 and then Macao two years later when Portugal relinquished authority, ensures the city of 600,000 maintains some autonomy from China such as separate legal and financial systems.
A security guard blocks the entrance to the Venetian Macao's gaming floor to comply with the territory's 15-day shutdown of casinos to stop the spread of the new strain of coronavirus.
Jane Ng reluctantly took a job minding slot machines at the Hong Kong-owned City of Dreams casino four years ago after realizing she couldn't afford to retire comfortably as the cost of living kept climbing in Macao.
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Coronavirus Shuts Macau, the World’s Gambling Capital

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Officials in the Chinese city of Macau on Tuesday asked its 41 casinos to close for half a month as they rush to stop the coronavirus outbreak afflicting China and the region.
The authorities said 10 people in Macau have been sickened by the pneumonialike illness, among them a hotel employee at Galaxy Casino, one of the city's busiest gambling establishments.
In more recent years, the biggest American casino operators like Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands Corporation have come to rely on their towering outposts in Macau.
Wynn Resorts, until recently run by casino mogul Steve Wynn, owns three properties in Macau.
The shift coincided with Lunar New Year, the most lucrative time for Macau casinos, and the city has already seen visits drop by 80 percent, according to Fitch Ratings.
Mr. Lobo, the consultant, who has lived in Macau for 25 years and has worked for the Macau government and the Venetian, visited some of the biggest casinos in Macau on Monday.
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“红色赌王”欠上亿美元,说明了中国的问题 by 不给就Song on 2015-02-28

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.shao dongmingYouTube Shao Dongming is the CEO of Chinese property development company Dongding Investment, and he's one of richest men in Shanghai. 邵东明是中国一家地产开发公司东鼎投资的董事长,也是上海滩上最富有的人之一。

Unfortunately his luck has run out.不幸的是,他的好运到头了。译文来源:龙腾网 HTTP://WWW.LTAAA.COMShao is being investigated for corruption in the country's ongoing, far-reaching anti-corruption campaign. Specifically, the government is looking into the $160 million worth of gambling debts he's racked up in Macau. According to reports, Shao refused to pay these debts when his creditors tried to call them in, and he reportedly even threatened representatives of his creditors with bodily harm. 中国正刮起一场大范围的反腐风暴,邵东明正因腐败问题受到调查。政府特别关注他在澳门欠下的1.6亿美元赌债。据报道,债主打电话给邵东明催款时,他不但拒不还钱,还威胁要修理债主的代理人。His story is a reflection of a new China. 邵的故事反映出中国的新环境。Two years ago, this probably wouldn't have been a problem, but with a national anti-corruption campaign afoot in China — in which President Xi Jinping vowed to go after lowly "flies" and powerful "tigers" — and Macau's casino industry going through a massive slowdown, there is no longer any tolerance for the red king's excesses. 2年前,这可能不会成为问题,但是随着中国反腐运动愈演愈烈——*河蟹*誓要将"苍蝇"和"老虎"一起打——澳门的赌博业受到很大影响,不会再容忍红色赌王的大额欠债。

MacaoKin Cheun/AP People walk across a road in front of the Venetian Macao casino resorts. 澳门,人们走过威尼斯赌场门前。There's also little tolerance for his pride. A report from China's NDTV noted that Shao bragged that "anyone creating trouble for him would end up in jail." He has close ties to the mayor of Shanghai, and he has held high-level positions within the Communist Party. 他的傲慢也不被见容。中国NDTV的一份报道称邵东林吹嘘"谁找我麻烦,我让他进监狱。"邵与上海市长关系密切,在党的队伍中占据高位。No matter. He's still going to get a "string ent inspection," according to the Party.但是不管怎样,他都将受到"严肃调查"。It's about more than Shao 不仅仅是邵Now, the fact that Shao's being targeted for corruption is not the only way his case reflects Xi's new China. His investigation may spell more trouble for the country's slowing housing market and show that an already dire situation in Macau isn't getting any better.邵被调查不仅仅是反映了习领导下的中国新环境,对邵的调查也许会给中国已然放缓的房地产市场雪上加霜,同时澳门的悲惨处境也不会变好。Overall, Shao's business has seen better days. Chinese housing is facing its roughest patch since 2011. New home prices fell 5.1% in January from the same time the year before. In December that figure was 4.3%.邵的企业曾经辉煌过。中国的房地产业现在正面临自2011年来最严峻的形势。1月份一手房的价格同比下跌了5.1%。而12月份同比跌幅是4.3%。Last month, massive property development company Kaisa defaulted , and now $2 billion worth of its assets are frozen. Naturally, having a billionaire property developer under investigation won't help matters. 上个月,大型开发商凯撒股份违约,现在其20亿美元的资产被冻结。显然,一个房地产界的亿万富翁被调查只会使情况更糟。As for Macau, the fact that Shao's debts are being called in at all is a sign of weakness, especially for the island's high roller segment. Coming off of the worst year since it opened to western casino operators, analysts think that the global gambling hub will continue to slow. Foot traffic is up slightly among retail gamblers, but it's not nearly enough to make up for the loss of high rollers, who've been scared off by Xi's corruption crack down.而对于澳门来说,邵被催偿赌债这件事说明了澳门的衰落,特别是大赌场。自从澳门开放给西方赌场以来,这是最糟糕的一年,分析师认为澳门会继续走下坡路。小赌场的客流量稍有上升,但是远不够弥补大赌场的客流减少,大赌客都被*河蟹*的反腐给吓跑了。Moreover, one would think Chinese New Year would be a boon for Macau, but it hasn't been.更糟的是,一般认为春节能给澳门带来一波火爆生意,但是也没有。"Based on checks through February 22, we believe Chinese New Year (CNY) revenue trends have been soft to date. Our checks suggest that revenue trends in both the VIP and mass segments have been soft. Notably, there were a number of mass tables empty on the third and fourth days of CNY," wrote Wells Fargo analyst Cameron McKnight in a recent note. "Continue to expect -35% to - 45% growth for February.""根据2月22号的支票,相信农历新年的收入会比较疲弱。大户和散客的收入都不高。特别是在春节长假的第三、四天,散客桌空了很多。"Wells Fargo 的分析师 Cameron McKnight称,"预计2月份收入会减少35-45%。"What's more, reports indicate that the Chinese government is looking to cap the number of visitors to Macau — period. That means the end of the islands massive boom, and the beginning of what McKnight calls a "new normal."并且,有报道称,中国政府将限制访问澳门的人数。这意味着澳门的大繁荣到头了,取而代之的是McKnight所说的"新常态"。Oh and there's this: "our analysis shows a 95% correlation between Chinese home price growth and VIP volume growth," McKnight wrote in a note.哦还有:"我们的分析发现,中国房价增长和大户业务量增长有95%的相关性。"McKnight在他的文章中说。So if the ship starts to go down, it all goes down together.所以如果船要沉了,那就是全体下沉。
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Tartar - this video - Thoughts Please
This essay accompanies Marcia Ramalh’s video for Age of Disclosure’s YouTube channel
Video by Arjan Hartman
The video presents 400 images with the High Technology of Great Tartary, stolen by the Invaders and still in operation worldwide.
Full text from "Tartary Empire - Aether" video
“Aether is the material supposed to fill the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. In mythology, it was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived, analogous to the air breathed by mortals”. (From Wikipedia)
“Aether”, the “5th element”, means the water that connects everything electromagnetically.
The pseudoscience calls Aether as “dark energy” and “dark matter”.
I Intro
All cities located at strategic points on Earth along rivers, seas, lakes and oceans were Star Fortress and had electromagnetic energy extracted from the ether.
The energy was captured through towers and obelisks and stored in the red and white striped power stations of the High Civilization called Tartary. They always had a fountain with water near them.
This civilization was destroyed in the 19-20 century through floods, energy weapons (DEW) and scheduled mass exterminations and the Earth was suddenly deserted by billions of people. All the architecture and technology of this superior civilization was stolen and passed into the hands of Parasites who created the current ignorant civilization.
This is the story of how a visit to the Berlin Zoo led to the discovery that its magical atmosphere is inherited from the star fortress that housed the city and how all world architecture to this date is designed to extract electromagnetic energy from the ether.
II Berlin Zoo
On the cloudy afternoon of May 27, 2018, Janey Benson visited the Berlin Zoological Garden and realized that there was something different in the air.
"The animals in this zoo are the happiest I have ever seen. I thought it was because they got more oxygen because Berlin is covered by trees, plants and flowers and all the trees are numbered and counted. But then I saw the spires were like those we see in mosques and like pre mudflood photos and I imagined that this was what you were talking about. Is it atmospheric energy? It is in that building that giraffes currently live. If it generated energy I do not know, but I am a witness of the extraordinary happiness that was there”.
"There is something in Berlin that is wonderful and I want to go back there. I want to breathe that air again”.
This is the testimony of the American Janey Benson, who may be associated with the recent past of the Tartar Arian (Tartary) civilization, inherited from the legendary Atlanteans (Titans).
In this civilization, architecture had the function of extracting properties of waves and resonances from the electromagnetic field, to harmonize, heal, prolong life and increase the stature of men, plants and animals.
When the Earth's energy grid was destroyed by the barbarians who came from the "Terra Incognita" (the self called "gods" of Olympus), the density crushed the Titans and threw them into the hell of Tartarus - the name given by “scholars” to the burning Tartary.
And the knowledge and history of the Tartar Aryan civilization was burned out and erased of the memory of many.
III Victory Column
The Berlin zoo visited by Janey gathers the most expressive collection of animal and vegetable species from around the world. There are 1,380 species, 20,200 animals and an Aquarium, surrounded by 35 hectares of vegetation.
The Zoo is within the Tiergarten park, situated opposite the Reichstag dome and has in its center the Victory Column, in granite studded with bronze ornaments. Large domes, towers and columns are always associated with ether energy production.
This is the top of the coil inside the Reichstag dome, protected by mirrors. The tip of the coil seems to have been made with the purest copper and is in the hall below the mirrored part. Its shape copy the top of the old power plants of the East. But this is little to explain the happiness that reigns in the park and throughout the city.
There is a more powerful reason. Berlin was one of the gigantic Star Fortress of the ancient and highly technological civilization of Tartary. This 1688 engraving shows that Berlin was a huge and mighty Star Fortress.
This kind of fortress was not built by normal men. It would require thousands of highly skilled men. And there were such strongholds all over the earth. In addition, the fortress "communicated" with each other to create the worldwide energy grid.
When the invaders who came from Terra Incognita destroyed the perfect electromagnetic grid and created cataclysms, the civilization of Tartary was annihilated and its defensive structures wrecked or were melted and petrified.
Star Fortress provided security, health and harmony for its inhabitants.
It is possible that some of the old magic is still present in the atmosphere of Berlin as in these postcards of 1896 and 1899 ?
At the Berlin zoo, visitors and animals are also given the benefit of the magic sound of the bells.
In the park there is a rare carillon installed at 42 meters high which houses 68 bells of 48 tons and is the fourth in the world in number of bells. Concerts in the park with the historic carillon take place every Sunday at 3 p.m., from May to September. The vibration of bronze, associated with the ethereal electromagnetic current, has a high harmonizing and healing power.
IV Hohenzollern
The carillon history dates back to the first kings of Prussia, Frederick I and II, of the Hohenzollern dynasty.
Wikipedia claims that the German zoo was "opened" in 1844 but on this date Germany did not exist and much less had central government. There was only one confederation with 22 small monarchies and 17 other states that spoke German.
The Tiergarten park and its palace belonged to the Tartary civilization. With the defeat of Tartary and the creation of Germany, the palace was demolished and the Reichstag was erected by the will of the character "Bismarck".
It is likely that Tartaria has designated Berlin Tiergarten to save almost extinct species, in a world that slowly came out of total chaos and sudden climate change. Janey Benson's observation of the numbered trees in Berlin Tiergarten park fits into this hypothesis.
Tiergarten may have been a magnificent Noah's Ark endowed with atmospheric energy, where all species were classified to be saved.
The building surrounded by eight minarets which Janey photographed in the Tiergarten and to which she ascribes the secret of such happiness, continues to secretly store atmospheric energy produced by Victory Column, associated with the Reichstag dome.
And what happens today in the central park of Berlin for the benefit of humans and animals, was carried out in the past throughout the world from the beginning of our Real History.
V Iron and Copper
The high civilization Tartar Aryan extracted electromagnetic energy from the ether through star fortress complexes with power stations, domes, towers, minarets, bridges and obelisks and used the very high thermal and electrical conductivity of copper.
From 7,000 years ago to the 1900s, Tartarian people mined Keweenaw copper at Michigan, US, to provide raw material for domes and coils throughout the world. Its fusion with tin created the bronze that allowed primitive Europe to enter into the modernity that had existed for a long time in territories of Tartary.
From the half of the 1900s, the ”Gray Men" would sent their agents to exterminate Tartarians in "New India" (North America), take their land and minerals and slaughter them and their livestock to feed the newly created industries of Chicago and transport the meat on the roads which would pave the way for the takeover of new territories and create distances that would encourage the oil industry, the use of the automobile and the need for currency expansion and creation of a financial system. But this is another story.
Copper has been mined since the beginning of human history. Venetians ("Phoenicians") mined copper in New World (America) and Cornwall. Copper ingots used in the Middle East and Europe complex were mined and molted in facilities in the Americas.
According to American Indian oral tradition, copper was mined by “red haired white-skinned ‘marine men’ who came from across the sea”. And mines of Almaden in Spain, Huancavelica in Peru and New Almaden in California, provided the mercury.
Wikipedia: “The earliest substantiated and dated evidence of metalworking in the Americas was the processing of copper in Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan. Copper was hammered until brittle then heated so it could be worked some more. This technology is dated to about 4000-5000 BCE. Ancient civilisations knew of seven metals: Iron, Tin, Lead, Copper, Mercury, Silver and Gold.
In the past, “alchemists developed sophisticated, powerful techniques to separate and purify metals” (Wikipedia)
Copper and tin was used extensively, even in helmets, to power plasma (DEW) weapons and to obtain wireless communication.
And iron foundries were the backbone of the world industry until they disappeared in the Great Catastrophe.
VI Coils
The electromagnetic energy was extracted and stored in toroid coils at the power plant summits, covered with copper, positioned below the towers.
When rotating inside coils, magnetic fields create electrical charges in a mercury vortex. Hindu energetic complexes exhibit this function at the top of their structures. “In a coil of multiple turns of wire, the magnetic field of the turns adds in the center of the coil, creating a strong field”, says Wikipedia.
"Coils" can still be seen at the top of the power supply centers in India. Manufactured History and the Invented Religions call these energy factories as ”temples."
Prambanan complex in Indonesia had originally 240 estações de energia in a concentric mandala layout
Power plants have metal hoops where the "toroidal coil" works. Perhaps the "mass dumper" of the Taipei Tower accumulates this function. Modern towers are already built with the domes themselves and they are positioned below the pole that stands up to contact with the ether. A lookout can distract visitors' attention on the tower's true architectural significance.
This metal sphere represents the favorite geometric object of the fictional character “Tesla”, reports Wikipedia. And so it is displayed in a museum in Belgrade with the ashes of the pseudo-inventor. The dark eminences that created the Tesla myth as well as a long list of many other, see themselves as very intelligent and with a great sense of humor. And they appreciate leaving some clues of their frauds in the most unforeseen places.
The star fortress in Haiti, Taj Mahal, Hagia Sofia, Pantheon or Tower of Jewels were production plants and distribution of atmospheric energy, as well as thousands of “cathedrals”, “temples” and palaces around the world.
The original pyramids of Egypt and other places may have played an even more important role in electromagnetic energy production and for this they were the first to be neutralized.
Ancient pyramids and star fortress were so strong and powerful that many needed to be submerged like the Buhen fortress in Egypt, currently at the bottom of Nassar Lake, in one of the largest floods ever made in the world (1958). Next to it was an old copper factory and a city with 100 thousand inhabitants.
Pyramid-shaped power stations were called "tombs of pharaohs" and covered by sand, water, ice or vegetation such as the pyramids of the Faroe Islands, Antarctica, Bosnia, Russia and China.
VII Skyscrapers
But this is the past. Today the atmospheric energy is extracted by skyscrapers like the Petronas, Taipei, Burj Khalifa, by towers on top of hills, roofs of buildings or through ”Radio and TV broadcast towers" such as Ostankino Tower, Oriental Pearl, Jin Mao, Shanghai or Tianjin. And this energy is no longer free or clean, besides being expensive.
Skyscrapers are modern power plants and work in conjunction with metal structures of bridges whose iron is in contact with water and has spheres that may contain minicoils and mercury in the upper part.
The Empire State and the Manhattan Bridge were built by the Tartarians long before 1900. Just like the Tour Eiffel. By 1953, at least, the Invading Parasites had built nothing in cities around the world. Just destroyed. All buildings erected until the 1950’s belong to the Tartary civilization. It was only from the 1960’s that poor and ugly buildings-crates of the new civilization would begin to be erected.
Photographs that purport to show the construction of the Empire State Building are false and are nothing more than photomontages overlapping high quality glass negatives with photos of some wood boards and false workers in the foreground.
Skyscrapers are modern powerhouses. When Tartarian plans to erect the Empire State Building began to be drawn, the goal was to capture enough energy to illuminate Lake Ontario, Vermont, Buffalo, Albany, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. This objective is registered on the aluminum plate in the hall of the building built by the Tartary civilization.
In the Chrysler building, Wikipedia expressly points out to 16 points on the 24th floor, which it calls "pineapples", where the mercury would be stored.
Buildings built by Tartary around the world continue to draw atmospheric energy to the invaders until today.
Invaders copied old technology, such as this recent Las Vegas building whose dome produces power to 4,000 apartments and to a fountain with dancing waters, synchronized with lights and music.
Tartary's power plants and buildings were built in granite and geopolymer concrete because they become more resistant with the passage of time and has the superconducting quartz crystal in its composition.
Here are some power station domes working associated with obelisks, minarets and pinnacles in granite and geopolymeric concrete, with columns and ornaments in iron, for extraction of electromagnetic energy.
Electromagnetism produces gigantic invisible "waves" of energy. Transmitting towers receive and emit the electric field to considerable distances.
To transmit wireless electricity as in the past, to more and more extensive regions and with more users, the towers are getting higher.
Towers like these can extract atmospheric energy to feed entire countries.
It is possible that one of the reasons for the WTC's demolition in 9/11 was the need to expand energy extraction technology.
Everyone remembers the huge antenna needle on top of one of the towers being sprayed into the air. WTC towers were obsolete and so they fell to the ground. The demolition dust caused 70,000 cases of cancer. Insurers paid $ 4.55 billion for the old towers' pulverization. The new antenna looks much more powerful.
“An electromagnetic coil is an electrical conductor such as a wire in the shape of a coil, spiral or helix. Either an electric current is passed through the wire of the coil to generate a magnetic field, or conversely an external time-varying magnetic field through the interior of the coil generates an EMF (voltage) in the conductor”. (Wikipedia)
VIII Energy worldwide
All over the world the technology of energy extraction through the atmosphere still works perfectly in castles, buildings, palaces, greenhouses, lighthouses, kiosks, fountains, “mosques”, fortresses, towers, bridges and “cathedrals” that kept the old technological apparatus intact.
This apparatus includes elaborate roof grids and small window-like openings, metal ornaments in the corners of buildings, pointed antennae with ornaments or balls with mercury, metals embedded in masonry and geopolymer concrete, jars containing mercury, cornices, spires, roofs with copper ornaments and structural foundations in iron, among others.
This apparatus is also present in the current skyscrapers.
IX The Architecture to extract energy
The world architecture for electromagnetic energy extraction derives entirely from the High Civilization Tartar Arian. It is characterized by the use of arch openings, columns, domes and towers. In addition to details such as rose windows and muqarnas, symbols of the vibration of electromagnetic energy, which acts on molecules and changes the behavior of cells.
Formerly these waves could act in healing, levitation and transport, besides provoking feelings like harmony and euphoria. This energy can now being used in another way.
The architecture of the Tartary undergoes slight modifications and influences according to the local characteristics of climate, culture and material resources but maintains the basic principles throughout the world.
The Fake History called the Tartary architecture as ”Moorish revival” or “Mauresque” and “Islamic”. And also “Colonial”, “Medieval”, “Neoclassical”, “Baroque”, “Romanesque”, “Gothic”, “Beaux Arts”, “Eclectic”, “Tudor”, “Renaissance”, “Palladian”, “Richardsonian Romanesque”, “Chicago School” or “Victorian”. And labeled them as fashionable styles, to hide the old and true function of its columns, arched openings, pinnacles, rose windows, naves ornamented with iron columns, towers, and domes.
In addition to having cut the ends of the pinnacles in the photographs or add crosses that did not exist before.
X War
After the defeat of the Tartary, all the ancient buildings "destroyed by wars" were miraculously "rebuilt" from the years "1870s" by nonexistent architects whose portraits are a pastiche.
Fantasies like "was destroyed by fire in 1895 and rebuilt in 1901" are written to hide the advanced and superior technology present in the constructions of Tartary long before the 9th century.
Some wars, bombings, or great fires of the past may be historical falsehoods, repeated in 3 different layers like 1776, 1812 and 1870s. In Dresden, for example, there would have been a battle in 1813, revolts that damaged the city in 1848 and 1863, and severe bombing in February 1945. According to Official History, 90% of the city center was destroyed. But this is not entirely true. The main buildings of the old citadel were spared.
There was a selective bombing that targeted residential dwellings as well as factories and military facilities. Dresden was a huge Star Fortress and capital of the Free State of Saxony, which did not obey to the “Pope” and to the new emperors.
The region had been entirely colonized by Slavs and housed over 600,000 war refugees whom the Invaders had an interest in exterminating. Dresden was an important economic center, with 127 factories and military facilities that could house 20,000 people.
The city's skyline continues exactly as it was in the 1800s and probably still draws energy from the ether. But the ancient inhabitants were gone to give place to the invaders.
This building in Dresden, for example, is a huge Tartarian power station, transformed into a mosque by Gray Men acting on behalf of Invading Parasites. Even so, it still retains the red and white colors of Tartary that designated the main function of these structures.
Tartary knew that his enemy was ruthless and terrible and for this they protected their cities throughout the world with immense Star Fortress and great walls. But it was defeated by energy weapons (DEW) and waves of 300 meters of glacial waters that swept the continents and submerged the fortresses.
The enemy was stronger and could have simply destroyed the entire Earth. But he only wanted to exterminate billions of humans to take ownership of his lands, technology, fortunes, and palaces.
The architecture of Tartary used the red color of bricks and clear stripes, to designate power stations and associated structures. Like the station of St Pancras in London, which belonged to the civilization of Tartary and by it was built.
In some regions they could also be striped in black, green or brown. And have a bronze griffin on the roof, the animal symbol of Tartary.
In Cairo, this power station was built in 876, according to Wikipedia. It is the largest and oldest in Egypt, in its original form.
All Tartary power stations, small and large, had pipe organs to harmonize and heal the population through sound waves, what is now known as "cymatics". For this reason, they immediately passed into the hands of the Invaders Parasites after the defeat of Tartary. And so the Presbyterian, Catholic, Anglican, synagogue, mosque temples and churches were born.
"Gods" of Olympus who invaded Earth and falsified History, transformed the powerful energy stations of Tartary into mausoleums, "tombs", monasteries, cloisters, abbeys, synagogues and churches of religions invented in the 20th century. And royal palaces in mosques. Or destroyed them.
The enemy also interrupted the astronomical clocks of Tartary because they used the geocentric model to represent the solar system. In the Tartarian astronomical clocks, the earth was at the center of the solar system. These clocks were complex calculating machines. They used terms like "computus" and to operate them sophisticated mathematical knowledge was required.The invaders invented the heliocentric model and the Copernicus character, among many others, to be able to recreate the history of humanity and erase traces of their recent crimes and destruction of the great civilization of Tartary.
Throughout the world, invading forces that defeated Tartaria appropriated their palaces and red power stations and turned it into universities, museums, theaters, banks, prefectures, chambers of commerce, stock exchange, churches, high school, courts, banks, post offices, libraries, opera theaters, biomedical research institutes, casinos and tourist attraction, as well as cathedrals, synagogues and churches.
And they continue to paint the structures that extract energy from the ether with the same colors as Tartary.
This was the main power station in the whole Europe, located in Budapest, Hungary.
And this is the main power station of Antwerp, Belgium. They were transformed into synagoges by the forces that destroyed Tartary.
And keep destroying.
XII Tartary was the whole world
Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas were part of a single High Civilization and had the architecture focused on the extraction of electromagnetic energy.
Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ross Empire or Great Tartary. Many names for the civilization present both in the throne room of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow and in the Library of Congress in Washington.
Tartary was the whole world. And continues to be. And the technology of electromagnetic energy extraction is the same to 7000 years.
This is attested by the Gothic towers, Hindu and Chinese “pagodas” of the 11th century, the African clay “mosque”, the "Presbyterian Church" in Buffalo (NY), the pinnacle studded with metal staples of the 11th century complex of Zamora, the Kantojiu nine spires or the Lingxiao roofs design whose drawings are perfectly reproduced in the contemporary Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai.
However, this energy is not always as beneficial as the Tiergarten park in Berlin.
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25 Best Places to Visit in Europe

Although it is the world’s second-smallest continent, Europe welcomes more than half of all the tourists worldwide.
7 of the ten most visited countries in the world are European nations
. It’s easy to see why a well-preserved cultural heritage, productive history safety and efficient infrastructure makes visiting Europe a breeze. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Europe.


As the former seat of the Hapsburg Empire Vienna is awash with impressive imperial buildings and palaces which so comprehensively convey the wealth and power of its previous monarchs. Now the capital of Austria the city is a delight to get lost in. Nicknamed “the City of Music” the names of its famous residents roll off the tongue with Mozart Beethoven and Schubert among those who once graced its streets.


You have to marvel at the determination of prehistoric man when you look at Stonehenge. Construction started about 3000 BC on what was initially burial grounds. Huge monoliths weighing 25 tons dragged One hundred fifty miles to the site a few hundred years later. It’s not known precisely how many humungous rocks were moved to a field near Amesbury, but there are 13 standing today. It’s also not known why Stonehenge was built, but many believe this significant English landmark is associated with ancient astrology.


Egypt may have its pyramids, but Italy and Switzerland have a nature-made pyramid of their own Matterhorn. At 14,692 feet high, this famous mountain is one of the highest in Europe. The mountain has four faces, each equally rugged. The legendary mountain has been popular with climbers since the first ascent in 1865 during the summer 150 people a day try to climb it. Couch potatoes may be just as happy to stay below and gaze in awe at the summit playing hide and seek with the clouds.

Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are so pretty officials turned them into a national park. Located in central Croatia Plitvice Lakes consists of 16 lakes that attract more than a million visitors a year. Lush forests surround the lakes and connected by waterfalls cascading down from one lake to another. The lakes are dividing into two sections lower and upper because of the difference in elevation. The best way to see the lakes is walking on the route you might even see some wildlife.


Budapest was already an established city when the Hungarians took over in the ninth century. Today Budapest is the country’s capital and largest city. In between these two events, Budapest was ruled by the Mongols and Ottomans among others. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe Budapest is home to the Museum of Fine Arts with its collection of more than 100,000 works. Be sure to visit the centrally located Old Town with its many museum’s churches palaces and Parliament building.


The Portuguese capital of Lisbon lies on the Tagus River along the Atlantic coast. It is this location that encouraged explorers to sail far and wide around the world in the15th 16th and 17th centuries. One of the things you’ll want to see is Belem Tower a 16th-century fortress on the Tagus’ north bank if you’re looking for excellent views of old Lisbon head to Saint George Castle that was built on a hilltop by the Moors.


You probably don’t know too many people who’ve been to Iceland. But it may be worth a trip there to visit the spectacular Gullfoss waterfalls. Located in southern Iceland Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s top tourist attractions. At times it almost appears glacier-like appropriate perhaps since a glacier feeds it. The waterfalls begin just after the Ölfusá River makes a perpendicular turn and then cascades down a three-step staircase into a canyon that is 115 feet deep.


Athens, a city that’s been inhabited since the fifth century BC, gave the world the concept of democracy and is the birthplace of Western civilisation. Many of the city’s significant landmarks can found in the old town particularly around the Acropolis. The list includes the temple of Zeus the Theatre of Dionysus where Sophocles works were performed and the Parthenon which sits atop the Acropolis.

Bay of Kotor

When you’re hungry for breathtaking scenery feast your eyes on Kotor Bay in southwestern Montenegro. This bay off the Adriatic is just downright picturesque hemmed in by mountains with quaint villages sandwiched between the cliffs and the beautiful blue water. Several well-preserved medieval towns ring the bay. People make pilgrimages here not only to take in the scenery but also to visit the many Orthodox, and Christian churches spread among the villages.


For nearly 900 years Moscow has been the capital of Russia. As such, this old city has plenty to offer visitors. Let’s start with the 15th century Red Square since many of the city’s key attractions surround it. A top landmark is the Kremlin a former fortress that houses museums and the president of the Russian federation. Lenin’s Tomb sits in the middle of the square while the iconic onion-domed St.Basil’s Cathedral now a museum is on one side.


Venice is for romantics who love gliding through the Grand Canal with a gondolier singing Italian love songs. This is, after all the city that sent Marco Polo off on his journey to China. Start your exploration of Venice at San Marco Square, the city’s most famous square. Here you’ll find the Doge’s Palace the seat of Venetian government and St. Mark’s Basilica the main church in Venice with stunning views from the tower. Venice also is famous for its bridges across the canals.

Monte Carlo

If you’re into glitz and glamour, look no further than Monte Carlo the major city in the tiny principality of Monaco. Monaco has always for these qualities, which reached new heights when its prince made Grace Kelly his princess. Sitting on the shores of the Mediterranean Monte Carlo is known for fast car races and its elite casino. Take a walk along the harbour to see yachts that belong to the rich and famous.


The Alhambra is one of the great wonders of Spain. It’s a gorgeous palace-fortress complex that can found in Granada in southern Spain’s Andalusia province. This imposing complex started as a small fortress in the late ninth century though it was built on the ruins of a former Roman fort. Taken over by Christian rulers, it is the site where Columbus got the go-ahead to discover the New World. The blending of architectural styles over the centuries is stunning. You’ll find great art and grand gardens throughout.


If it weren’t for Florence, the Renaissance might not have happened. Florence is generally credit with bringing Europe out of the dark ages with great artists like Michelangelo. You can see their works at the Uffizi gallery or the Academia that displays the original David. Eat a gelato while strolling the Ponte Vecchio that bridges the Arno River. Ogle the over-the-top riches of the Medici family at the Pitti Palace.Marvel at the new engineering that created the magnificent Duomo.


English history buffs will have a field day in London. This city on the Thames is chock full of palaces from Buckingham Palace to Hampton Court Palace. More a prison than a castle the Tower of London is home to the crowns jewels. And from Knightsbridge – don’t forget to visit the magnificent food halls at Harrods to Carnaby Street the shopping is fantastic. You can get around London quickly and efficiently by riding the famous Tube.

Neuschwanstein Castle

“Fairy tale castle” is a phrase that aptly describes Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps. These 19th century Romanesque Revival castles look like it just stepped out of a fairy tale some say Neuschwanstein inspired the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The castle was built as a retreat for King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Who viewed it as a romanticisation of the Middle Ages The castle was built of brick then covered in rock including the white limestone that is visible from afar.


Amsterdam is a pleasant city marked with meandering canals lined with tall narrow row houses. It is the city where Anne Frank kept her famous diary, so visiting the house where she wrote that. Also is a city of great art beginning with the Rijksmuseum home to great European masterpieces Rembrandt’s house and the more modern van Gogh museum. Take a break from sightseeing to tour and sample Holland’s beer at the Heineken Brewery.


Prague, with a long history of war and destruction, is considered one of the best places to visit in Europe. Despite the devastation caused by World War II Prague has a charming Old Town that is worth more than a few hours of your time. Prague has many pedestrian zones which making walking a delight as you wander by Prague Castle through the Jewish Quarter and over the Charles Bridge. Wenceslas Square situated in the New Town hums with a vibrant nightlife and entertainment air.


Istanbul may be on the outer fringes of Europe but well worth a visit when you’re travelling abroad. Turkey’s biggest city is a fascinating place filled with a rich history, colourful markets and mosques. Top attractions include the Bosporus that separates Europe and Asia. The ecumenical Hagia Sophia that’s been a Greek Orthodox Christian basilica then an imperial mosque and now a museum and the 15th century Topkapi Palace also a museum today. Get in a little shopping at the Grand Bazaar that’s been in operation since 1461.


When the summer heat of Europe gets you down head to Norway with its pretty cool scenery. Geirangerfjord is a 9.3-mile long fjord with crystal blue waters fed by picturesque cascading waterfalls. Take a sightseeing trip on a car ferry through the fjord passing villages on the shores. Look out for the Seven Sisters and Suitor waterfalls so named because legend says he’s trying to court the sisters. Also, look for Bridal Veil – when the light is right, it seems like a thin veil covering the rocks.


Founded by the Romans Barcelona today is a bustling city on the Mediterranean Sea. As the capital of Catalonia, it is a powerhouse in the region. It is perhaps best known for the unusual buildings designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. These landmark structures include La Sagrada Familia a church that’s been under construction since 1892. You could build your entire visit around his buildings. But then you’d miss out on other Barcelona delights such as La Rambla a famous pedestrian street in the central part of the city.


As European cities go Dubrovnik isn’t huge but don’t let its size deter you. This little jewel with less than 43,000 people is one of the most visited cities in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik transports visitors back to a time when the fortified town was a significant maritime power commanding the third-largest navy in the Mediterranean. As you wander the streets, you’ll likely come across sculptures of St. Viaho the city’s patron saint whose life is celebrating every February.


When it’s time to sit back and relax take yourself to Santorini an island in the Aegean. Top travel magazines consider this a prime destination once there you can’t help but agree. The island has picture-postcard villages an active volcano and stunning sunsets. Be sure to visit Fira, a town perched atop a cliff. You’ll also want to sample wines such as the dessert wine Vincent as well as the product that is made sweeter and tastier because of the volcanic ash soil it grows in.


Songs laud Paris in the springtime but any time of year is an excellent time to visit this riveting city on the River Seine. It’s a city loaded to the brim with history culture great food and high fashion. The iconic Eiffel Tower is one landmark you won’t want to miss. The Louvre houses one of the most significant art collections in the world. Its great churches include Sacred Heart and Notre Dame. When it comes to opulence, there’s Versailles with its famed Hall of Mirrors.


The ancient Romans established outposts as far away as Great Britain. They didn’t ignore their home city; however when it came to building great monuments. One must-see landmark is the Colosseum an arena that could hold up to 80,000 people for gladiator contests. One of the biggest draws is a tiny country inside the city The Vatican City, with its impressive St. Peter’s Basilica with art provided by Michelangelo. Maybe you’ll get a glimpse of the pope at his Wednesday audiences.
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Bright prospects for Sands China (1928.HK)

Gaming operator Sands China indicated today that it recorded some US$1.06 billion in profits in the first half of this year, reporting a 9% year-on-year increase.
Sands China (1928.HK), the owner and operator of integrated resorts, retail malls and casinos, is planning to renovate and rebrand the 1,200-room Holiday Inn at Sands Cotai Central in Macau as The Londoner, a higher-end 600-suite hotel, in line with brands like The Venetian and The Parisian. This will be central to a larger expansion plan costing over USD 2 billion. The new development features a replica of the Big Ben.
Analysts view this positively. The upgrade is important as some Sands properties are aging. Sands have also been more successful with city-branded properties. The upgrade will also draw in a more premium segment of the market, attracting higher-end gamblers and thus enhancing gaming revenues. Sands China has profit margins above industry averages and is in good shape to fund the project.
[Special Delivery]: Could This Conglomerate Offer You A Good Opportunity
Sands believe the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and the expected increase in traffic will contribute positively to the business.
Casinos are becoming a more competitive business in the region, with countries including Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Cambodia all seeking to gain market share.
Nevertheless, Sands recognise such threats, which is why they have been serious in the non-gaming businesses. The same cannot be said about some of its competitors. To provide some context, over a quarter of Sands’ global revenue is from non-gaming sources, including retail property, hotels, conferences and exhibitions. With Sands, investors can expect to be dealt a good hand.

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Higher visitor numbers push up casino shares
NagaCorp Ltd (HK:3918) is Set to Keep Growing
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[Sell][US] Back Again! Prices cut! All NYX BOGO 50% off! Tons of Colourpop, Bite, ABH, Kat Von D, wet n wild and so much more! Make me offers! Motivated to sell!

Hello Everyone!
So the Nitty Gritty Details first as always:
Sale Set Up
Don’t like my prices? Make me an offer
Going to go by timestamps for dibs, and will use the typical NIL system that most sales use. Please don’t ghost me, I really do not mind if you change your mind. And if you cannot commit to an item within 2 hours I will move to the next person- unless we have arrangements made via PM holding time wise.
Shipping Starts at $3 and goes up by weight- depending how heavy or how much you buy we can probably come up with a bundle price for you. And I will try and get the shipping as cheap as possible- even if I have to send stuff separately or get creative lol.
Going to be shipping within the USA, but I have done a few Canada sales, and one to the Netherlands- so if you are International and really don’t mind the $$$ shipping let me know we can work something out. You would be responsible for any and all customs issues that arrive if they were to occur- so you are agreeing to that as well when you purchase internationally from me. Can also insure the package on request- you cover that too.
I take payments through Paypal only please. I prefer Friends and Family Payments, but if you would like Goods and Services Protection, then you would just cover the fees. Please pay promptly so I can package up and get your goodies to you as fast as I can (unless we have agreed to other arrangements in PMs such as holding times and such)
Mods: Verification is tagged in sets of items- like I will tag the first thing out of a list of what the photo contains. Let me know if there are any no no’s in my post and I will fix it promptly.
ON TO THE GOODIES small wishlist on bottom
2/4 New
*¼ of Stratia Liquid Gold Left here Great to Try- I was thinking $5 *Wet n Wild Rose in the Air 10 pan palette (cheap dupe for ABH Ren) BN x2 $10 each *Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser BN x3 $12 each *Bite Beauty Double ended Lipstick in Opal/Jam BN $12 *Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lipstick in Juniper BN $10 *Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Cocoa BN $12
1/14 NEW
*ABH Eyeshadow Single Pan in China Rose BN $8
*ABH Eyeshadow Single Pan in Fresh Peach BN $8
*ABH Liquid Lipstick in Vamp BN $12
*ABH Liquid Lipstick in Catnip BN $12 each
*ABH Lip Gloss in Venom BN $12
*Colourpop Take Me Home eyeshadow palette BN $12
*Sonia Kashuk Large Powder Brush BN $16
*Sonia Kashuk Contour Brush BN $14
*Diorshow DS Mascara BN $5
*Purity 3 in 1 Cleanser DS $8
*Colourpop SSS in Cosmic Charge BN $5
*LA Colors LE Eyestruck Smokey Palette BN $8
*LA Colors LE Eyestruck Naked Palette BN $8
1/7 NEW
*ABH Liquid Lipstick in Soft Lilac BN- $12
*ABH Liquid Lipstick in Milkshake BN -$12
*ABH Eyeshadow Single Pan in Truffle BNIB- $8
*BH Cosmetics 10 pan Blush Palette BN $12
*Chilly Penguin Cooling Eye Pads open BN $2
*Que Bella Glitter Peel Off & 2 in 1 Scrub Wash off Mask BN $2
*Real Techniques Limited Edition Mini Medium Sculpting Brush BN $6
*Real Techniques Bold Metals One Sweep Oval Shadow Brush BN $8
*The Masque Bar Penguin Purifying Sheet Mask x9 - $2.50 each
*The Masque Bar Reindeer Calming Sheet Mask x3 - $2.50 each
*The Masque Bar Narwhal Clarifying Sheet Mask -$2.50
*wet n wild New Formula Eyeshadow Quad in Petalette BN $6
*wet n wild New Formula Eyeshadow 10 pan Palette in Not a Basic Peach- BN 1 left- $10
12/31 NEW
side note I forgot a lot of the names on a lot of the drugstore things- I can get shade names if interested in a certain product
bh Cosmetics
*Pride and Prejudice and Zombies LE Palette RIS other person used a few times and so did I $10 closed
*Pressed Single in Double Date BN $4
Etude House
*Any Cushion Refill in Vanilla BN $10
*Any Cushion Cushion Foundation in (?) Petal (have me double check shade) BN $14
Japonesque Brushes All BN
*Cut Crease- $8
Wonder Pencil in Deep BN x2 $2 each *Real Techniques**
*Limited Edition Travel Size Mini Expert Pro Brush with Full Size Head BN x2 $8 each
*Sculpting Sponge BN $8
Too Faced
*DS Chocolate Soleil in medium/deep open Possibly swatched, more than likely not. $4
TZ Cosmetics
*Aurora Borealis Highlighting Palette may have been swatched $15 closed
Wet n Wild
*Limited Edition Geometric Highlighter BN $4
*NYX Brush Cleanser BN $8
*Ecotools Brush Cleanser BN X2 $6
Hollywood Beauty Sweater Saver BN $6 *Drugstore Makeup**
*LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Blues (don’t remember name) Used 2-3x $2
*LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Neons BN Sealed $3
*LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Nudes/Bronze BN Sealed $3
*LA Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Purples BN Sealed $3
*CoverGirl True Naked Jewels Eyeshadow Palette used 1-2x $4 Brush not included
*Covergirl Total Eye Look Palette in Blues (forgot name) BN Sealed $3
*Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Gilded Envy BN $3
Nonie Colour Prevails Eye Shimmer Powder in Purple and in Silver both BN *Discontinued $6 each
*Coastal Scents Revealed Smokey Eye Sampler $1 or FWP BN
*ELF Baked Trio Eyeshadow in Purples (man these names are hard to remember) BN Not Sealed $3
*Elf Eye Smudge Brush FWP or $1
*Revlon Photoready Eye Art in Peach Colors BN Sealed $3
*Walgreens x DC comic collab Catwoman Eyeshadow Palette closed BN $5
*JCat Baked Eyeshadow in Creme Brulee BN $5
*Rimmel London x Kate Moss Lipstick in 110 (I believe it is a matte lip) BN $3
12/24 NEW
*ABH Eyeshadow Single in 10k BN x2 -$8 each
*ABH Eyeshadow Single in Gem BN -$8
*ABH Metallic Eyeliner in Liquid Silver BN - $14
BITE Beauty
*Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Spice BN - $12
*Lip Pencil in 038 BN - $10
City Color
*Eyeshadow Single in All Eyes on Me BN - $4
*Tsum TsumAnna & Elsa HYALURONIC ACID Sheet Mask- x4 $2.50 each
*Tsum Tsum Winnie the Pooh & Piglet Honey Sheet Mask- x4 $2.50 each
Marc Jacobs
*Enamored Nail Polish in 116 shocking BN - $8
Real Techniques
*Bold Metals Blush Brush 300 BN x2- $10 each
*DS Always On Gel Eyeliner in Fishnet BN - $8
*DS Juicy Couture Roller Ball Charm usage shown - $3
*Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy perfume BN- 2007 version Hard to Find Bottle Style- $25
*Britney Spears Curious perfume- usage line shown by arrow in picture - $8
*Hilary Duff With Love perfume- usage shown- $15
*Disney A Princess Wish perfume- sprayed 1-4 times Discontinued $12
*GAP Love Shack body spray- Discontinued- usage shown- $7
*Bath and Body Works Signature Vanillas: Coconut body spray- Discontinued Scent- usage shown- $12
*Got2B Kinkier Curl Mousse should be 70-80% full I will double check if interested (price will be adjusted if less) $5
*Tresemme Keratin Smooth Serum usage shown- $3
*Got2B Oil-licious Calm and Shine Styling Oil Discontinued- usage shown $5
*Got2B Smooth Operator Smoothing Luxury Mousse usage line $4
*Travel Size Big Sexy Hair Spritz and Stay BN - $3
*Travel Size Pantene Sheer Volume Foam BN $3
*Juice Beauty Luminous Lip Crayon in: 12 Malibu -BN $6
*Ipsy December Bag - BN $6
*Green Italy Towel BN -$2 each
*Lottie London Nail Polish in Riot! BN -$3
*Nail Inc Floral Decals nail polish- used 2-4 times- $2
*Kiss Gradation Polishes Kit BN - $3
*DS First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser BN -$6
*DS Avene A - Oxitive BN $8
*DS Korres Rose Facial Sleeping Mask - $7
*Mini Liquid Lips Matte2: all BN $3.50 each
*Times Square
*Love Bug
*Creeper x2
*Bad Habit
*Mini Liquid Satin Lips: all BN $3.50 each
*Mess Around
*Magic Wand
*Ultra Matte Lips FS
*Beeper- Swatched 1x $4
LE GWP Only Take Five x2- BN $6
*Ultra Glossy Lips
All LE - all BN $5 each
*Wishes x2
*Bash (old formula)
*RSVP x2
*Bash (new formula & box- color differr) - BN $5
*MISC Colourpop Lips
*Lippie Stix- LE GWP Only- Fab Five- BN $6
*Lippie Pencil in: Oversized - Swatched 1x $3
*Ultra Satin in Calypso- BNIB $6
Coloured Raine
*Matte Lip Paint in: Sugar x4 - BN $5 each
*Matte Lip Paint in: Soul x2- BN $5 each
*Matte Lip Paint in: Marshmallow x2- BN $5 each
Dose of Colors
*DOC in: Cotton Candy x2-BN $6
*DOC in: Attitude- BN $6
*ELF x Disney Collab Ariel Lip Stain in:Pink Petal- swatched 1x - $1
*ELF x Disney Collab Ariel Lip Super Gloss in: Sunrise - BN $1
*ELF Lip Laquer in Natural- BNIB $3
*Elf Mini DS Lips- all BN $1 each
Pink *(how original)
*Funky Fuchsia
Gerard Cosmetics
*Berry Smoothie Lipstick x3- BN $6 each
*All Dolled Up Lipstick x3-BN $7 each
*Kimchi Doll Lipstick -BN $7
*Color Your Smile Lip Gloss in: Pink Tiara- BN $8
*Color Your Smile Lip Gloss in: Coral Craze- BN $8
*Color Your Smile Lip Gloss in: Butter Cream- BN $8
Hot Makeup
*Kiss Me More Lip Cream in: Bubbly- BN $4
*Kiss Me More Lip Cream in: Casino Night- BN $4
*Kiss Me More Lip Cream in: Sunset- BN $4
*Kiss Me More Lip Cream in: Runway- BN $4
*Kiss Me More Lip Cream in: Like a Queen- BN $4
*Kiss Me More Lip Cream in: Sunkissed- BN $4
*Kiss Me More Lip Cream in: Blown Away- BN $4
*Lipstick: Crystal’s Kiss- BN $4
*Lipstick: Take it Off- BN $4
*Lipstick : Voyage- BN $4
*Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft- swatched 1x $8
*Studded Kiss Lipstick in Hellbent- BNIB $11
KIKO Cosmetics
*More Colour Lip Liner in: Billowing Peach x4- BN $2 each
*Studio Shine Lip in Jasmine- BN $4
*Studio Shine Lip in Dutchess- BN $4
*LaSplash Liquid Velvet Matte Lip in Red Velvet- BNIB box damaged- $5
*Lipland Matte Crayon Lip in: Saintly- BN $4
*Lipland Matte Crayon Lip in: Bitter Berry- BN $4
*Lipland Matte Crayon Lip in: Madly Mandarin- BN $4
*Lipland Matte Lip in: Samantha x3- BN $4 each
*Lipland Liquid Lipstick in: So Seductive x3- BN $4 each
*Lipland Liquid Lipstick in: Get Lucky- BN $4
*Lipland Liquid Lipstick in: Olympus- BN $4
*Burts Bee’s Mint Cocoa Chapstick BN $2
*Buxom FS Liquid Lip in: Moonlighter- BN $5
*Carmex Moisture Plus (tint)- swatched 1x $1
*Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Lip in: Catoure - BN $2
*Covergirl Katy Kat Matte in: Crimson Cat- BN $2
*DS Grande Lips Lip Plumper - x2 BN $5 each
*LipSmackers Tsum Tsum Stackable Lip Balm Jack Skellington- Pumpkin Spice Latte- BNIB- $5 x4
*LipSmackers Tsum Tsum Stackable Lip Balm Sally Peppermint Candy Corn- BNIB- $5 x2 *LipSmackers Tsum Tsum Stackable Lip Balm Ursula Wicked Grape- BNIB- $5 x2
*LipSmackers Tsum Tsum Stackable Lip Balm Cruella De Vill Cruel Red Velvet- BNIB- $5 x1
*LipSmackers Tsum Tsum Stackable Lip Balm Maleficent Blackberry Magic- BNIB- $5 X1
*LipSmackers Tsum Tsum Stackable Lip Balm Halloween Minnie Sour Trick or Treat Candy- BNIB- $5
*LipSmackers Tsum Tsum Stackable Lip Balm Vampire Mickey Spooky Ooky Smores- BNIB- $5 x3
Maybeline Baby Lips in: Purple Container and Pink Container- both swatched 1-2 times *FWP** (can’t find names on them)
*Nivea Shimmer Lip Care- opened but BN $1
*Palladio Herbal Lipstick in: Smokey Rose x4- one opened but all BN $2 each
*Rimmel London x Kate Moss in 113- used lightly x2 $1
*The Lip Bar in: Cosmo- BN $5
*Ulta DS Color Rush Lip Gloss in: Olivia - BN $2
*Ulta Matte Lip Crayon in: Soiree - BN $2
Walgreens x DC comics Collab in “Combat” and “Bravery” - *FWP** (see notes for other info pertaining to these
Nonie Colour Prevails
Liquid Lip with Clear Matte Topper- all BN $3 each *COLORS
*Retro Pink
*Darkest Taupe
NYX Lip Products BOGO 50%
*NYX Round Lipstick in Jupiter BN x2- $3 each
*NYX Round Lipstick in Summer Love BN x3- $3 each
*Suede Matte Lip Liners- all BN $2 each
*Prune x2
*Stockholm x5
*Cannes x7
*Club Hopper
*Foiled Again x7
*Life’s a Beach
*London x3
*Los Angeles x3
*Whipped Caviar x4
*Copenhagen x4
*Milan x2
*Respect the Pink x3
*Pink Lust x2
*Sao Paulo x5
*Kitten Heels x3
*Vintage Red x4
*Aria x4
*Alabama x2
*Nyx Lip Liner in: Dolly Pink- BN $2
Nyx Matte Lipstick- all BN $3 each (a couple are opened but still BN)
*Daydream x3
*Shy x2
*Bloody Mary x2
*Pure Red
*Indie Flick x4
*Pale Pink x2
*Couture x4
Nyx Macaron Matte Lip - all BN $3 each
*Blue Velvet
Nyx Butter Lipstick - all BN $3 each
*Big Cherry
*Sugar Wafer
*Nyx Lingerie in: Satin Ribbon x 5 - all BN $3 each
*Nyx Mega Shine Lipgloss in: Perfect Red x2- all BN $3 each
*Butter Gloss- all BN $3 each
*Cherry Cheesecake
*Sugar Cookie
*Tiramisu x3
*Peaches and Cream x2
*Strawberry Parfait x2
*Red Velvet
*Creme Brulee x4
*Peach Cobbler x2
Nyx Intense Butter Gloss- all BN $3 each
*Spice Cake x2
*Sorbet x2
*Funnel Delight x3
*Orangesicle x2
OCC Cosmetics
*Liquid Lipstick Lip Tarin: Digitalis- BN $6
*Liquid Lipstick Lip Tar in: Anime- BN $6
*Liquid Lipstick Lip Tar in: Narcissus- BN $6
*RTW Liquid Lipstick Lip Tar in: Femme x2- BN $6
*RTW Liquid Lipstick Lip Tar in: Queen- BN $6
*RTW Liquid Lipstick Lip Tar in: Narcissus- BN $6
Tattoo Junkie
*Happy Hour with Sparkle Lip Effect BN- $6
Matte Lip Paint with Effect Toppers- all swatched 1x $3 each
*Minx with Velvety Lip Effect LEFT OFF!!
*Walgreens x DC comics Collab in: Riot with Sparkle Effect Lip topper
*Outcast with Chroma Effect Lip Topper
Too Faced
*Le Matte Lipstick in: Pitch Perfect- BN $9
*Le Matte Lipstick in: Maneater- BN $9
*Le Matte Lipstick in: Bachelorette BN $9
*Melted Lip in: Melted Melon-BN $7
*Melted Lip in: Melted Marshmallow- BN $7
*Melted Lip in: Melted Fuchsia-BN $7
*Melted Lip in: Melted Frozen Hot Chocolate- BN $7
Wet n Wild
Fall 2017 LE Catsuit Matte Lip - all BN $6 each *COLORS
*Sleepy Hollow x4
*Boo Blu x4
*Purple Panic
*Terrifying Tangerine
*LE Midnight Mermaid Metallic Matte Catsuit - BN $6
*Sea Seduction
*Mega Last Matte Catsuit in : Rebel Rose- swatched x2 $3
*Mega Last Matte Catsuit in: Give Me Mocha- BN $5
*Mega Last Matte Catsuit in: Coral Corruption used 1x- $2
*Wet n Wild Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in: Turn’t Orange- used 1x- $2
*Wet n Wild Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in” Shelly Shocked- used 1x-$2
*Wet n Wild Gel Lip Liner in: Never Petal Down- used 1x- $1 (or FWP)
*Cushion Matte Lip in: Melon Like it is - BN $4
*Lipstick in: Think Pink- BN FWP
*Gel Lip Liner in: Red The Scene- BN $3
*World Famous Neutrals Palette (open) (closed) - might have swatched each color 1x if that (does not come with eyeshadow look cards)- $14
Coastal Scents
*Hot Pots at Various uses - $1 each
*Fancy Pansy
*Venetian Red
*Volcanic Blast
*Pale Daffodil
*Light Yellow
*Blue Moon
*Gypsy Blue
*Elven Silver
*Snow Pea
*Mellow Yellow
*Sea Lily
Super Shock Shadows - BNIB
*Reversible x2- $5 * Supermodel x3- Discontinued-$6
*The One- Discontinued- $6 right side up
*One by One- DISCONTINUED- $6 (pictured twice, or I may have two- see below)
*Shop- BNIB- $5
*Pressed in:Snake Eyes- swatched 1x $3
*Pressed in: Let’s Do It- used wet x2 for eyeliner- $3
I buy too many doubles...grr, here is what I have with those:
*Pressed in Running Late BNIB $4
*Pressed in Blowfish BNIB $4
*ELF Prism Eyeshadow Palette in Naked- BNIB $5
Kat Von D
*Lighting Liner in: Poe- BN $4 note:(had some color on tip when purchased)
KIKO Cosmetics
*Double Dare Eyeshadow and Liner in: 05 Gold and Teal- BN $3
*Double Dare Eyeshadow and Liner in: 04 Sky Blue and Indigo- BN $3
*Double Dare Eyeshadow and Liner in: 03 Lilac and Plum- BN $3
Looxi Beauty
*Looxi Single Pan Eyeshadow in Sorbet- has been repress, but now you have to really work at it to get color- FWP if interested
*Looxi Single Pan Eyeshadow in Firefly- swatched 3x $4
*Makeup Forever DS Shadow in 6RO1 (?) closed - BN $4
[Naked Cosmetics* Loose Pigment]( in: Mother Nature- Swatched 1x- $5
*Revlon Color Exactify Wheel Liquid Liner in black- tried one time on one eye- $4
*Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Palette (open) (closed) - RIS BNIB- did not use so BNIB- $25
*Vintage Single Shadow - swatched 1x $6
*Tarte DSTarteist Mascara BNIB $10
Too Faced
*Violet Femme Single Shadow - BN $8
Wet n Wild * Unicorn Pigment Collection - BN $7 as a 3 set x2 or $3 each for singles
*Midnight Mermaid Collection Liquid Shadows all BN $6 each
*Moonlight Majesty (purple)
*Mysterious Nights (dark, kinda greyish? Best to look up swatches)
*Lara’s Necklace (green)
Winky Lux
*Winky Lux Kitten Palette - Used only a few colors once, purchased swatched only on MUE open - $13
*Bat Those Lashes by Ardell in: Demi Black x2 BN- $2 each
*Bat Those Lashes by Ardell in: 616 Black x3 BN- $2 each
*Spooky Lashes by Ardell in: Goddess (top and bottom) x2- BN $2 each
*Kiss Lashes Flutterful & Fierce x5 BN $2 each
Want to try Colourpop’s Crystal Spray Primers, but don’t want to buy the bottle? DECANTS AVAILABLE! Great for foiling Eyeshadows!
5ml eye dropper- $1.00 10ml eye dropper- $2.00 10ml Spray Bottle- $3.00 (spray bottles are slightly pricey)
Available in the following:
*[Rose Quartz)[
Face Continued
*Coty Air Spun Powder in Naturally Neutral- BN only opened for pictures- $5
*Makeup Revolution strobing/highlighting duo chrome palette (I used as creme eyeshadows)- each shade at least swatched some lightly used- $10
*LA Girl Face Setting Powder- Used 1-2x $4
*L'oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation in W2 OPEN used lightly, no cushion puff included- $4
*ELF Highlighting Holographic Duo in Siren’s Call- Swatched yellow side 2x- $6
*ELF Shining Facial Whip - BNIB $3
*Wet n Wild Paint Palette Limited Edition in Metallics- x2 BN $4 each
*DS Benefit Watts Up - BN $7
*GlamGlow Glow Starter in Nude Glow - $5
*It cosmetics CC+ DS in Medium- BN $5
Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition SOLD OUT Brush Sets
*4 piece Pop Art Set x2- BNIB $10.50 each
*Smashbox Brush #9 - used, make an offer not sure what to price at
*Kate Spade Makeup Bag flaw opened - Used, Loved, Zipper is cracking other than that still in great shape- I’m thinking $20 but open to offers
*Crown Chisel Brush BN - $5
*Soho The Little Mermaid Makeup Bag opened Used 1-2x Tops Brand New Looking- $6
*Acrylic Makeup Organizer Tray By Home Basics -BN never used (heavier to ship but we can work something out) - $8
*Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer Tray -BN never used (heavier to ship but we can work something out) - $10
Not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but I have an old vintage perfume bottle for sale, opened closed
*Dr. Brandt Pore Dermabrasion DS- $4
*Scary Pretty Face Mask BN $1 each *Pumpkin Spice x2 *Sugar Cookie
*Stratia Soft Touch AHA Decants| 5ml-$2
Demeter’s Fragrance Library Watermelon Lollipop 15ml only sampled a bit $4
Kat Von D
*Twirl Sample - usages shown: Fuller-$1.50 not so full- $1
*Betsey Johnson Too Too - usage shown $0.50
*JLO Love Glow - usage shown, no cap $4
*Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut and Shea Butter Travel Size- BN $4
*Briogeo Repair Don’t Despair Deep Conditioning Mask DS- BN $4
*Forever 21 Heart Shaped Curlers - BN never used- $2
*Forever 21 Circle Shaped Curlers - BN never Used- $2
*Hair how-to Barette Roll - Probably tried 1x like new comes with instructions $4 *Hair how-to Barette Perfect Bob - Probably tried 1x like new comes with instructions $3
*E-Pony how to Barrette - Never used only opened- $4 backside
*French Twister Hair how to - probably tried 1x like new $4
*Hair Braider how to NO instructions - BN $2
*Herbal Essences Bio- essence Dry Shampoo - usage line estimated in picture- $3
*TGI Bed Head After Party -70-80% left $5
*DS OUAI Treatment Mask BN $5
*Broadway Nails Press on Glow in the Dark Manicure- BN $3
*ORLY Color Blast in Fly like Flit (orange)- used 1x $1
*ORLY Color Blast in Follow Your Path (blue) - BN never used $2
*Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Reflection Pool - used one time $3
*LE Wet n Wild Holiday 2016 Mega Last in R-U-FREE-2-DANCE - used 1x $3
ISO If the price is right I may buy ONLY the things listed, open to swaps for these items as well
*Demeter Fragrance Library Perfume: Sex on the Beach
*Limited Edition Japanese skincare bottles (empty prefered) with Disney Characters
*Anything Disney try me, excluding the MAC Disney Items
*Decant of Ben Nye Banana Powder
*Anyone in Times Square? REALLLY searching for some Frudia products that only the CVS in Times Square has!!!
So that about wraps it up! I appreciate it if you made it all the way to the end, it’s a lot of stuff! Feel free to ask any questions you may have, or if you want more usage detail on anything, or even more pictures!
Have a great day everyone! More to come Stay Tuned :)
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Bright prospects for Sands China (1928.HK)

Gaming operator Sands China indicated today that it recorded some US$1.06 billion in profits in the first half of this year, reporting a 9% year-on-year increase.
Sands China (1928.HK), the owner and operator of integrated resorts, retail malls and casinos, is planning to renovate and rebrand the 1,200-room Holiday Inn at Sands Cotai Central in Macau as The Londoner, a higher-end 600-suite hotel, in line with brands like The Venetian and The Parisian. This will be central to a larger expansion plan costing over USD 2 billion. The new development features a replica of the Big Ben.
Analysts view this positively. The upgrade is important as some Sands properties are aging. Sands have also been more successful with city-branded properties. The upgrade will also draw in a more premium segment of the market, attracting higher-end gamblers and thus enhancing gaming revenues. Sands China has profit margins above industry averages and is in good shape to fund the project.
[Special Delivery]: Could This Conglomerate Offer You A Good Opportunity
Sands believe the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and the expected increase in traffic will contribute positively to the business.
Casinos are becoming a more competitive business in the region, with countries including Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Cambodia all seeking to gain market share.
Nevertheless, Sands recognise such threats, which is why they have been serious in the non-gaming businesses. The same cannot be said about some of its competitors. To provide some context, over a quarter of Sands’ global revenue is from non-gaming sources, including retail property, hotels, conferences and exhibitions. With Sands, investors can expect to be dealt a good hand.
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[Read More]
Higher visitor numbers push up casino shares
NagaCorp Ltd (HK:3918) is Set to Keep Growing
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[Trip Report] One week, three Brits.

We just spent a week in Vegas split between two hits and three hotels.
This is my 6th time in Vegas, my fiancé’s 3rd time, and my friend’s 2nd time. We love the city. It is the only place like it on Earth. I love it, but this massive adult theme-park needs to be treated with respect and best approached with experience. So, I hope this report will help others.
We were here last year, and although we had an amazing time, we did make some mistakes. This year’s trip was refined to near perfection.
Flights (UK to Vegas).
We’re from the UK. We flew direct with Virgin Atlantic. As far as I know VA are the only airline that flies direct from UK to Vegas. We used 80,000 airmiles to upgrade to Premium seats. When you’re sat on your arse for 11 and a half hours, the extra comfort, space, and legroom are well worth it. It also means the actual cost for the flight was super low compared to booking Premium seats without miles (£400 compared to around £1500).
As it's a 747, I would recommend getting seats on the upper deck. As it is the top bulge of the plane, it only holds around 70 passengers. It feels exclusive, with faster service from the staff, shorter lines for the bathroom, and far less chance a child or baby will be sat near you.
Something I didn’t take into account last time was the effect of jet lag. We paid for it. With the West Coast being 8 hours behind the UK, we tried a different tactic this time around. As soon as asses touched seats on the plane, we adjusted clocks to Vegas time. We respected the need to sleep by front-loading the flight with lots of booze and soon got our heads down. With those few hours of sleep, we were much better adjusted when we landed.
Immigration into the US can be a pain, but here’s a tip; if you’ve travelled to the US before with the same ESTA, you can use the automated passport scanners and skip the massive line.
We’re foodies. We’ve traveled the world and eaten at many Michelin Star restaurants. It’s our thing. It’s our passion. We had high hopes for Vegas food last year, but we came to the quick realisation Vegas can’t do quality. It's not surprising. The sheer volume of people that pound the strip means restaurants don’t really need to try to turn a profit. As I said above, Vegas is a theme-park. It supplies the fake and gaudy like no other, but on the flip side it can’t really do genuine or authentic. Last year we had to pay truly spectacular amounts of money before we got a properly impressive meal at é by José Andrés in the Cosmo. I can’t afford to do that again. So, this year we did things differently. We embraced the brash, the massive, and the crappy and ate like the locals.
Vacations are my opportunity to live large. I look forward to them all year, and save for them with the intention to experience things way beyond my normal life. I want luxury. I want finery. I want to be treated like a rockstar, because these things just don’t exist in my day to day life. I spent a lot on this holiday, but that’s because I saved for it and budgeted hard for it. If you’re doing Vegas, then you have to do it right!
Hotel 1: The Vdara.
After the flight and immigration we got a cab to our first hotel; the Vdara. What a brilliant hotel. It doesn’t have a casino attached, so is less Vegas and less insane than many strip hotels, but I’ve been there and done that - so this was a beautiful, calm hotel for the start of our trip.
We went for a Lake View Suite. Sounds fancy, and it was, but so much cheaper than an equivalent at one of the other big hotels. The room was massive, and modern. It also had a microwave and food preparation area with fridge separate to the mini bar.
The Vdara also has a nifty room service robot that can deliver snacks and drinks to you autonomously. It is a novelty now, but it worked well and I can see it being rolled out to other hotels soon.
As for location, the Vdara is right behind the Aria and the Bellagio. There’s a sneaky walkway to the Bellagio, or a short walk across the valet to the Aria. From either of these hotels you are straight onto the strip.
Day 1.
First port of call was a walk down the strip to In-n-Out burger next to the High Roller. We don’t have In-n-Out in the UK so its a real treat.
We walked the strip until well after dark, visiting Caesars, the Bellagio for coffee, and finally back to the Vice Versa bar at the Vdara. It is a quiet lobby bar with a calm outside section. We had a few drinks there and then off to bed.
Day 2.
Breakfast at Eggslut at the Cosmo. Expensive, but very tasty. Get the cookie. I has just the right amount of gooey inside and salt crust to make the perfect pud.
Back to the Vdara for a workout at their OK gym and then relaxing at the pool. They do a bag check, but we just had water and coke so let us in. I think they were looking for booze.
After our fill of the sun (still 30o C + in October) we made our way back to the Cosmo for a late lunch at Block 16. This is their new “street food” area with an excellent selection. We went for the sushi rolls at Tekka. Really good, and bigger than expected. They also have Asahi on draft. Again, a little expensive for the type of food but nice.
Hopped in a taxi for a walk around the canals at the Venetian, then over the the Wynn for drinks at Parasol Down. We like drinking outside, and it was really relaxing sipping cocktails by the waterfall. I had a crab cheesy dip thing with breads that was surprisingly tasty.
We headed back to the Vdara to get ready for our evening at the Luxor. It started with drinks at an Irish bar I forget the name of. It actually had genuine Irish staff and live music, so the fakery was better than most. A few pints later we went to see the Blue Man Group. Hilarious and a lot of fun. Well recommended.
After BMG we wandered to the Mandalay looking for food, but their restaurants were all taken over by a massive convention. We hopped into a cab and made our way back to the Cosmo to Beauty and Essex for food. The restaurant was very cool. You enter through a secret door in a cheesy gift shop. You’re then lead to a dimly lit, intimate table by a pretty server lady. Food was only OK, but definitely not up to scratch for the price. However, the atmosphere was amazing.
Day 3.
Breakfast was a 15 inch pizza slice from Pin Up Pizza at Planet Hollywood. Horrible, greasy pizza, but the novelty was fun. We checked out and picked up our car from our Turo host, a Tesla Model X for the next leg of our trip; a week in San Diego. Amazing city. Go.
Vegas Day 4.
Hotel 2: The SLS.
It was fight night. Hotels were stupidly expensive because of McGregor vs Khabib, so we stayed for one cheap night at the SLS. When we booked it it was still the W, but the SLS since took it over. The room was a Fabulous King, but I’m not sure that name is relevant anymore. Anyway, the hotel is still in a state of flux. The W side was dead. The bar was closed and the few remaining staff seemed to just be milling around. It was odd.
The room was spacious, and had an interesting theme, but seemed a little empty given its square footage. It did have a mirror above the bed, though. Very Vegas. After the long drive from SD, we freshened up and got dinner at Bazaar Meats by José Andrés. This was my favorite meal in Vegas. José Andrés can actually be counted on for a great theme and good food. It wasn’t quite good enough for the price, but it was closer than any other restaurant we visited on this trip.
The atmosphere and decor were incredible. A massive industrial fire pit grilling many meats greets you as you enter. The entire room is bordered by the various kitchens and preparation areas, and produce is proudly on show. There were some freakishly huge vegetables and a vast array of meat slabs all around. Of all the Vegas restaurants I’ve visited, the theming here was on point.
After dinner, we stayed at the SLS for drinks around the casino watching the fight in the sports bar.
Vegas Day 5.
Hotel 3: The Cosmopolitan.
We checked out of the SLS quickly, glad to be away from its strangeness. As if to confirm our ikky intuition, we passed a crime scene investigation outside, little orange cones all over indicating spent bullet casings. Welcome to America, motherfucker!
We headed to our next and final hotel - the Cosmo. What an incredible place. By far and away my fave hotel on the Stip. In addition to the hotels this trip, I’ve stayed at the Stratosphere, Luxor, Aria, and Bellagio. This was better than them all.
Even though it was around midday when we hit the check in desk, the concierge sorted us out with a room upgrade to an immediately available room. With three of us sleeping in one room, he wanted to ensure we were comfortable, so booked us into an unlisted suite with two bathrooms, a japanese soaking tub, and a massive balcony on the 55th floor overlooking the Bellagio fountains and the strip.
That view was breathtaking, and the room was stunning. Only one minor issue - we found a diaper behind the sofa that housekeeping had missed from the last guest. We complained to the front desk and they sorted it with a $75 credit and resort fees refunded. Score!
Lunch was at Secret Pizza. A good slice. Be aware they have more slices available than is on display.
We went to Walmart to pick up booze and snacks. And a kettle. I’m English. I need my tea. Vegas hotels don’t have tea and coffee making facilities in the room, so a $15 kettle and some tea was a must. For the cost of three drinks at Starbucks, this is a good move for us Brits. The Cosmo room also had a little bar with additional fridge to the mini bar, so we packed that bitch with booze, mixers and fruit.
After Walmart we picked our friend up at the airport and got her showered and dressed ready for dinner. A few drinks at the Chandelier bar in the Cosmo, then over to Jaleo by José Andrés. I’m sure you’re seeing a theme with our booked restaurant choices, but José is consistently good. Jaleo was no exception. The paella was a touch disappointing this time, but the other dishes were amazing.
We drank a bit too much sangria, so kept the party going with drinks in Beauty and Essex. It may be a restaurant, but the little bar area also has seating for drinkers to watch the patrons come and go (and the pretty front of house ladies). It proved a great spot to people watch and enjoy their amazing cocktails.
After too many drinks, we retired to the room and enjoyed the view with more drinks and snacks on the balcony. That experience was priceless. The twinkling view of the Vegas madness far below our own intimate little party felt very special. We got pretty messy loving that very special moment, and eventually found the bed. After all, our friend had been up for nearly 35 hours. Hardcore!
Day 6.
To work off the punishment to our livers the night before, we hit the Cosmo gym. It is OK, and actually has a good number of heavy dumbbells. Many hotel gyms I’ve been to stop at around 60lbs but the Cosmo went way up to 100lbs weights. There were only two benches though, so I can see it being a problem when busy.
We got brunch at Lardo in the Cosmo Block 16 street food thingy. Great food, but three sandwiches, a coke, and one fries cost nearly $75! Fucking ridiculous. Street food prices these are not.
After nursing my abused credit card, we headed to The Range 702. We’d booked the Triple Threat package where you get to pick three guns of your choice with 25 rounds each. I shot a Colt, a P90 and an M4. The girls both opted for two handguns and an AK47. The automatic rifles were quite an experience. Loud and violent.
I have shot at The Strip Gun Club before and they were very attentive and let us take our time. Our shooting at 702 felt a little rushed in comparison. They have you shoot all your guns back to back, so for the girls especially they were a little beaten up after their sessions. It would be better to alternate shooters with each gun to give the wrists a rest, but hey, it was a noisy, blasty, shooty good time anyway.
After the blasting we went back to the Cosmo to get ready for our evening. This is where we again paid for wanting to wing it and not book too many things. All dressed up, we headed to the Bellagio because we wanted some drinks at Hyde to watch the fountains as the sun went down. It was booked out by a conference party. So we went to try at Spago. Same story. Booked out by conference weenies. We tried back at the Cosmo at the Chinese Mexican called China Poblano, but again the same fucking story! Booked out by conference weenies.
We said fuck it, went to the room, threw on our shorts and sneakers, and hit the strip for a dirty night. We walked the craziness with slushy margaritas and ended up at In-n-Out again. We had a burger and then went on a drunk hunt for pudding.
Ok. Let me make one thing clear. If you cover a cupcake or doughnut or cookie in enough frosting to choke a donkey, then it will just taste like frosting. And it seems like that’s all you can get at the quick and easy places on the Strip. Our failed pud-hunt brought us to Caesars. I remembered the Gordon Ramsey restaurant did a sticky toffee pudding. Somehow we got seating for three, even though we looked like we’d just been kicked out of a pool party.
I say somehow, but when we entered we could see why.
Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill is the perfect metaphor for Vegas. I’ve eaten at two of Gordon's Michelin starred restaurants in London and one that didn’t have a star. They are all exquisite. Decor, food, service and the general experience all live up to his reputation for perfection. London is possibly the best place on earth for fine food. Gordon has to be on top of his game to make it there. And he does. Vegas he does not. Vegas is about churning out vaguely thematically relevant crap to the clueless for huge profit. Gordon’s Pub and Grill is hilarious. The theme is old English pub in the middle of a Roman themed casino. With TVs. Lots of TVs. It’s as if someone described a pub down the phone to the designer it’s that bad.
We had the corned beef poutine (not an English pub dish) and and the sticky toffee pudding (better). The poutine was terrible. Just fries with pastrami meat (not corned beef) and bad cheese. There was hardly any gravy. The pud was good though, but maybe that was because of a few sunk pints. It hit the spot and the size of it caused comment from the table beside us (who were eating burgers - sigh).
Anyway, after done there, back to the room for more balcony drinks and that view.
Day 7.
A quiet one today. Using the room credit we got a daybed at the Cosmo pool. The cabana bed thing is a $200 minimum spend. The $200 lasted us all day. We managed to eat well, with breakfast, other nibbles, and a few drinks reaching $200.
The pool is gorgeous and the attendants were very attentive (hence the name, I suppose).
By the time we’d spent our credit, it was nearly dinner o’clock.
Dressed up pretty, we headed to New York New York and got Shake Shack burgers. Tasty. Not quite In-n-Out good, but still better than anything in the UK. We played some giant jenga with some random people at one of the outside bars, then went to the Zumanity show.
Zumanity was great fun. Very naughty, funny, and the acrobatics were impressive. Well recommended. The boobies on show and the sexy theme got us ready for our next stop - the Palomino Strip Club.
My fiance and I had been to the Palomino the year before and we loved it. It is the only club in Vegas that does full nude and booze so it is a no-brainer to be number 1. Our friend had never been to strip club before, so that night was a special treat. We got a bottle service table at the runway with champagne and a stack of ones. It was spectacular pervy fun drinking, watching the girls, and chatting with them as they visited our table. We all got a few sofa dances and had a brilliant night. The girls were super attentive, really looked after my friend as it was her first time, and made us feel very special.
We got a drunk burger at In-n-Out (our last - I promise) and somehow made it back to the room alive
Day 8.
Our last full day. After the craziness of the night before, we slept in.
Brunch was at Mon Ami Gabi. Much like Gordon’s Pub, this place was a hilarious parody of a Parisian café. It was nice to sit outside and watch the Strip go by as I munched my lunch, but the food was pretty bad for the price.
After brunch we walked up the Strip past the Mirage and then over to the Venetian. The girls did some hard-core shopping while I made stupid comments, made their lives difficult, and generally didn’t help. I don’t like shopping, OK. Because I’m a child, they soon gave up. Back to the room for our last bookings of the trip. Yay.
After getting pretty, we hit the Skybar at the Waldorf Astoria (previously the Mandarin Oriental). Gorgeous views and really tasty cocktails.
We hit up Lemongrass for dinner without a booking because the Aria was next to the Waldorf. We ordered way too much food, so got most of it boxed up. We dumped it at the room, and then grabbed a cab to the Wynn for our last big destination.
We were on the guest list to see Afrojack at Intrigue. Great club. The line wasn’t too bad. About 30 minutes as they checked on everyone. My friend had a bit of an issue with her ID as it is an English driver's license, but she found a picture of her passport on her phone to confirm it was her. The girls both got two free drink vouchers and I got one (am I not pretty enough?).
The club was just my thing. It was not massive, but still big. The large outside area around the fire fountains and the waterfall was perfect to escape the heat and craziness of the dance-floor. We stayed for far too long given we had a 9 hour flight to catch the next day, but it was worth it. An amazing last night in an amazing city. Of course when we got back in we ate the rest of the Chinese food on the balcony.
Day 9.
One last (expensive-ass) Eggslut, and we were on our way home.
Thank you Vegas.
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Mafia Commission

Thomas Gambino Sr. runs a Medical charity racket in NY and resides in Florida as one of the top members of the modern Commission. Thomas Sr.'s wife is Frances Lucchese. They oversee the Luccheses and factions of the Gambinos. The Lucchesi-Palli family are a nobility of Sicily, Tuscany, and Austria and they own the Lucchese crime family. The Russian Mafia in Brighton Beach, New York pay tributes to the Lucchese crime family. The Russian Mafia has held meetings in Austria where the Lucchesi-Palli are nobles. Frank Stronach is an Austrian businessman that owns horse race tracks in the US including the Rosecroft Raceway in Maryland where the Corsican Mafia are covertly headquartered. The Corsican Mafia partnered with the Lucchese crime family through their "French Connection" heroin operation. The mafia use horse race tracks as headquarters for money laundering.
Carlo Gambino "Lucchese" is the grandson of the founder of the Gambinos through his father and grandson of the founder of the Luccheses through his mother. The Luccheses have an alliance with the Russian Mafia. The Russian Mafia have operations in Florida and California and the Gambinos live in New York, Florida, and California.
Thomas Gambino "Lucchese" Jr. owns an international warehouse and distribution company called Dynamic Worldwide with operations in China and other parts of Asia as well as in Texas next to the Mexican border. Thomas Jr. is headquartered out of Florida.
Frank Cali is the top boss in California and Los Angeles and has high authority within the Gambino crime family. Frank Cali covertly works with the Israeli-American businessmen Lyor Cohen who works with criminal rappers like Jay Z, Kanye West, DMX, and Method Man. Lyor Cohen is married to the deputy chairman of Christie's Asia Xin Li. The Massimo family of Rome own the Gambinos and Prince Tancredi Massimo works at Christies.
Rosario Gambino is Frank Calis uncle and adviser with close connections to Rome. The Gambinos are owned by the Massimo family with Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio who is like the godfather of organized crime. The Massimos received tributes from most mafias and cartels around the world.
Massimo Carminati who was imprisoned in 2017 was the head of the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari (NAR) a Neo-Fascist paramilitary group that still covertly exists and works with the Magliana Mafia of Rome. The NAR is involved in weapons trafficking, assassinations, and contract killings and they are owned by the Massimo family. Massimo Carminati was nicknamed the "Last King of Rome"
Leonardo Rizzuto is the head of the Montreal crime family which includes the Rizzutos and Cuntrera Caruana mafia. They have a business alliance with Venezuelan drug cartels and the Sinaloa Cartel. The Rizzutos have residences in Venezuela and meet with the Sinaloa Cartel on the Island of Margarita and properties owned by the Rizzuto crime family's owners the Ruspoli noble family of Rome.
Jack Giacalone runs the Detroit Mafia and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the US through James Hoffa the son of Jimmy Hoffa who was disappeared by the Giacalones. The Detroit Mafia runs rackets on the US automotive industry. Giacalone also works with the Jewish billionaire and crook Daniel Gilbert who owns casinos in Detroit, Cleveland, and also owns the Cleveland Cavaliers. Dan Gilbert renamed his casino company Jack Entertainment to honor Jack Giacalone. The Detroit Mafia is owned by the Odescalchi family of Rome.
Russell Papalardo is a top boss of the Cleveland crime family which works closely with the Detroit Mafia. The Licavole family have been top members of the Cleveland crime family. Their relative named Jimmy Laccavole is one of the most insane and relentless gang stalkers and paid slanderers in my region. He is a small little zealous psychopath that specializes in poisoning people and brainwashing them with insane lies. The Orsini family are owners of the Cleveland crime family and they are merged with the German Rosenberg family which own some Jewish mafias with the Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg as a member of the Jewish Mafia.
Meyer Lansky III runs territories in Vegas today and is a top member of the Jewish-Polish Mafia and associate of the Chicago Outfit. His grandfather Meyer Lansky was a Polish-Jew. Lansky III works with Tamares Group which is a casino company in Vegas owned by the Zabludowicz family which are Polish-Israeli Jews with Poju Zabludowicz. The Colonna family are owners of the Chicago Outfit and use the Roselli del Turco and Capponi noble families of Florence to mange them. Al Capone and John Rosseli were Chicago mobsters and related to these noble families. The Colonna family of Rome also have a Polish branch called the Colonna-Walewski family. Meyer Lanski was a Polish Jew.
Simone Rizzo DeCavalcate Jr. oversees the New Jersey crime family from Florida and he works with Wu-Tang rapper RZA or Robert Fitzgerald Diggs who lives in NJ and runs AVLN gangs, 5 Percenter Islamic Gang Stalkers, and other street gangs involved in drug trafficking of marijuana, PCP, crack-cocaine, and heroin. Wu-Tang also works with the Gambinos, Westies, and the Triads.
John Bokun is a high level and extremely dangerous Irish gangster that runs the Irish Westies in Hells Kitchen. John Bokun has a monopoly on marijuana both in the streets and in the medical industry. He extorts the medical marijuana industry and street sale of marijuana in the US. John Bokun was arrested several years ago for transporting a half of million in marijuana on his 40 million dollar jet from California to the East Coast. The Westies are allied with the Gambinos and Gottis. John Bokun is an extremely evil murderous psychopath that needs to be executed immediately.
Jay O'Connor is an Irish Mafia boss from Dublin. The Irish Mafia are extremely violent and involved in drug trafficking, gun trafficking, murder, extortion, thefts, robberies, and business rackets. The Irish Mafia often operate out of boxing clubs, bars, and racetracks. The Rooney family in the US are Irish white collar mobsters involved in politics and business. They recently sold their Yonkers Raceway in 2019 to MGM. They owned the Yonkers Raceway since 1972. In 1995 there were arrests at the Rooney's Yonkers Raceway for a multimillion dollar gambling ring.
Gerry Hutch is an Irish Mafia boss that runs rackets in the boxing industry and has been involved in robberies. Hutch has worked with the boxer Mike Tyson and has run boxing rings in Ireland. Conor McGregor is an associate of the Irish Mafia in Dublin and is a boxer and MMA fighter. The mafia rig fights for their bets. Bookies will collect bets and then the mafia decides who wins based on which is most profitable for them. Conor McGregor is an Irish mobster.
Terry Adams is an English gangster in Clerkenwell, London. The Adams crime family are involved in extortion, drug trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking of minors, blackmail, contract killings, and gold heists. The Clerkenwell Mafia is extorting the royal vault for gold. The Clerkenwell Mafia or Adams crime family are owned by the Massimo of Roccasecca family which live in London. Prince Stefano Massimo's mother was Dawn Addams.
Richard Valentini is the street boss of the Springfield Crew and he is one of the most violent and murderous members of Cosa Nostra. The Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga family own the Rochester crime family of New York which was headed up by Valenti mobsters with crime bosses Frank Valenti and Constenze Valenti. Their cousins own a large car dealership company in New England. Richard Valentini works under the Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga family of Venice. Its believed the Springfield Crew is part of the Genovese crime family. The Savoys own the Genovese mafia. The Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga family is currently married with the royal House of Savoy-Aosta. Prince Giberto Arrivabenne-Valenti-Gonzaga's wife is the daughter of Prince Amadeo of Savoy-Aosta.
Philip Andrew Genovese is a major pedophile living in Massachusetts and he is the grandson of Vito Genovese the founder of the Genovese crime family which works with the Springfield Crew in Massachusetts. Philip Andrew Genovese oversees Philip Gigante and Andrew Gigante of the Genovese crime family.
Andrew Gigante is a top boss of the Genovese crime family which have infiltrated Wall Street and run high end prostitution rings. Gigante means giant. The Gigantes work with the Mara family which own the NY Giants. The mafia rig sports for their bets. The Mara family are Irish white collar mobsters connected with the Jesuits and they work with the Rooney family through marriage which are white collar Irish mobsters, businessmen, and politicians that ran the Yonkers Raceway for decades. Racetracks are often mafia headquarters used for money laundering. The mafia works with owners of racetracks which allow them to claim their criminal profits like from drug trafficking were gambling wins.
Philip Gigante is a mobster and mayor in Airmonte, NY. The Savoy-Aosta family are owners of the Gigantes which have operations in New Jersey while the Savoys which live in Switzerland and are the princes of Naples and Venice are the owners of the Genovese family with the Gigantes being second in command. The Savoy-Aostas are also the Dukes of Apulia. The Apulian Mafia or Sacra Corona Unita mafia have deeply infiltrated New Jersey and work with the DeCavalcante crime family of New Jersey.
Liborio Bellomo is a high level mafia boss in the Genovese crime family. Liborio Bellomo spreads insane lies into society like a virus. Bellomo is from a Sicilian noble family and there is still a Bellomo castle in Syracuse, Sicily today. Bellomo operates out of the Bronx and oversees many African American gangs and mafias including a large gang ran by the criminal rapper Papoose out of Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. This Bed-Stuy black mafia are major gun traffickers in New York.
Vincent Badalemeti is a ruthless and murderous boss of the Bonanno crime family. The Bonannos have an alliance with the Ceritto crime family which have moved from California to Texas. The owners of the Bonannos are the Boncompagni-Ludovisi family of Rome. Bon-compagni translates to good fellow or Goodfella which is a term for made men.
Joseph Merlino is one of the top bosses in Atlantic City and oversees Ft Lauderdale from Boca Rotan. The Merlinos were involved in building many of the casinos in Atlantic City including Trumps casinos. Donald Trump works with the Philly crime family and his Counselor Kellyanne Conway's grandfather was an associate of the Philly crime family. Merlino works with the Israeli white collar mobster and billionaire owner of the Miami Heat Micky Arison. Merlino also works with black street gangs run by the gangster rapper Cassidy who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for what was originally a murder charge. The Gaetani family are owners of the Philly Mob and the Merlinos. Trump is friends with Prince Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli and his ex wife dated him for years. Lovatelli just as Philly is called the City of Brotherly Love.
Joseph Ligambi is a high level consiglieri for the Philly Mob and he works with the Jewish billionaire and owner of the Philadelphia Eagles Jeffrey Lurie who rigs games for the mafias bets. Joseph Ligambi also works with the Jewish billionaire Joshua Harris who is an owner of the Philadelphia 76's and co founder of Apollo Global Management with the Jesuit educated Knight of Malta Tony Ressler. Ligambi has similar ancestry as the Gambinos and has Philly mobsters loyal to him including George Borgesi, Joseph Massimino, and Mikey Lancelotti and all of their names refer to the Roman noble families; the Borgheses, Massimos, and Massimo-Lancellottis which are owners of the Gambinos.
John Gotti Jr. is a high level member of the modern Commission. He works with 50 Cent who runs both Bloods and Crips on the East Coast. Gotti Jr. and 50 Cent can be seen hanging out together. Gotti Jr. operates out of Long Island and manages Jewish billionaires and businessmen in New York through blackmail and extortion. The mafia uses violence to control wealth. This creates a layer of protection for the owners of the mafia which are the Black Nobility of Rome. The mafia provides children and underage sex workers to pedophiles in business and politics while taping them in the act and then use this to blackmail them. They use violence, blackmail, and extortion to control wealth. John Gotti is an extremely dangerous coward that controls other men through faggotry. Faggotry really means men raping other men to control them. Faggot derives from the word Fasces where the word Fascism also derived. Many Jewish billionaires are working with mafia including the child murdering pedophile Michael Bloomberg.
Louis Vallario is a Gambino street boss from Brooklyn working under the Gottis and he manages the Brooklyn born record producer Jimmy Iovine. Jimmy Iovine is an associate of the Gottis and Gambinos and he manages Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are top bosses of the West Coast Crips and they are extremely evil. Jimmy Iovine who is worth over 900 million is close friends with Dre who is worth about 700 million. Dr. Dre and the Crips are involved in human trafficking and pedophilia cults. They use faggotry to control other men. Dr. Dre is a major faggot and pedophile. This makes him extremely insecure and dangerous.
John Gotti III is a MMA fighter working with the UFC and has infiltrated mixed martial arts industry which is used for rigging fights for bets and recruiting mafia enforcers. Gotti III is ruthless and murderous.
Dennis Pappas is a high level criminal associate of the Colombo crime family and works as a financier and law adviser for Cosa Nostra. Dennis Pappas was convicted of racketeering and tax evasion and later worked for the wealthy Venetian Cipriani family who were also investigated and fined for tax evasion assisted by Pappas. Dennis Pappas worked as a high level executive of Cipriani USA which owns restaurants and nightclubs. The Ciprianis own clubs all over the world and are originally from Venice. They are likely worth billions. They moved their company headquarters to Luxembourg where there are banking secrecy laws. During Pappas original arrest in the 90's for racketeering he claimed he worked as a spy for the FBI involving 1993 World Trade Center bombing to blackmail them into getting a plea deal.
Salvatore DeLaurentis is the boss of the Chicago Outfit which has a covert alliance with the Los Zetas drug cartel. The Chicago Outfit also covertly runs many Vegas casinos today and use them for money laundering. The Chicago Outfit specializes in controlling democratic politicians including Clinton and Obama. Obama has business connections with Tony Rezko who was convicted of wire fraud, extortion, and corrupt solicitation. Obama is also friends with Alexi Giannoulias whose bank made loans worth millions to convicted mobsters Michael Giorango and Demitri Stavropoulos. The Chicago Outfit has agents that have infiltrated the Chicago police department and the Chicago Mafia also works with various black street gangs which move drugs for them.
James Inendino is a Chicago mobster operating out of Cicero right next to Chicago. They have a headquarters at the Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero owned by the Carey family. Hawthorne was involved in the 70's in gambling rings and an arson to cover it up.
Peter DiFronzo is a Chicago mobster and brother of the recently deceased mafia boss John DiFronzo. John DiFronzo owned car dealerships which the mafia use for moving stolen vehicles which they use to transport drugs and for human trafficking. They use dealer plates to move around these stolen vehicles. The Chicago Outfit is covertly involved in pedophilia rings and child trafficking and they blackmail politicians and businessmen that are propped up with videos of them molesting children.
The Fertitta family with Frank Fertitta III, Lorenzo Fertitta, Tilman Fertitta are billionaires and members of the Galveston crime family and run the UFC. The Fertittas married with the Maceo crime family of Galveston, Texas. The Ferttitas operate in Nevada and Texas. The Fertittas also own Station Casinos which operates in Vegas. They use casinos for money laundering. Casinos are rigged. Dan Caldwell is an Irish mobster and owner of Tapout. Caldwell works with the Fertittas and Irish Mafia and he is extremely evil. Dan Caldwell is a psycho. Tillman Fertitta is the owner of the Houston Rockets and manages James Harden who is a ruthless satanic psychopath and mafia associate that defends the Fertittas. James Harden is a horrible person.
Vincent Civella is a high level made man in the Kansas City crime family which have operations in Missouri, Texas, and Nevada. The Sansone family are members of the Kansas City crime family with Michael Sansone and Anthony Sansone as made men and they have white collar mafia relatives running a large real estate company in Missouri. The mafia infiltrates everything including real estate. They have rackets in nearly every industry.
Vincenzo Isoldi is a Camorra mobster in Pittsburgh and associate of the Pittsburgh crime family. The Pittsburgh crime family runs the Jewish billionaire Mark Cuban who owns the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban was originally from Pittsburgh and he is involved in rigging games for the mafias bets. The Borghese, Torlonia, and Rocco di Torrepadula families are owners of the mafia in Pittsburgh sometimes called the LaRocca crime family and the Torlonias also own the Kansas City crime family which have criminal operations in Dallas. The Torlonias are a continuation of the ancient Conti di Segni family and Gregorio Conti founded the Pittsburgh crime family. The Torlonias are the Princes of Civitella Cesi. The Civella family were founding members of the Kansas City crime family. Civitella and Civella both mean owl. The Hunt family own the Kansas City Chiefs and are also connected with Dallas. The Chiefs CEO and President Clark Hunt was born in Dallas.
Victoria Gotti is a female member of Cosa Nostra. Female members of the mafia are directly involved with pedophilia, child trafficking, and murdering children. Victoria Gotti is really evil and ruthless.
Carmine Agnello is a Gambino-Gotti associate and made man in the Cleveland crime family. Agnello and the Cleveland mafia infiltrate blue collar industries. Carmine Agnello is extremely evil. The Gaetanis are part owners of the Gottis. The Gaetanis are married with the billionaire Agnelli-Elkann family with Ginevra Elkann the granddaughter of Gianni Agnelli married to Prince Giovanni Gaetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona.
Frank Agnello-Gotti is a high level made men in the Gambino crime family and they also manage the Albanian Mafia with his brothers Carmine and John.
Carmine Agnello-Gotti is a high level mobster. The Gottis are considered royalty among the Italian Mafia.
John Agnello-Gotti is likely the head of the Gotti-Agnellos. John Agnello-Gotti is a murderous thug.
John Alite is a high level Albanian mobster and Gambino made man and hitman. Alite works with the Gottis and Gambinos and oversees factions of the Albanian Mafia. The Jewish-Albanian rapper named Action Bronson is a covert Albanian mafia boss and oversees a US faction of the Hellbanianz which are headquartered in London. The Hellbanianz oversee the Albanian Boys which are a national crime organization.
Chris Colombo runs prostitution rings, pedophilia rings, and specializes in blackmail. The Colombos also have a monopoly on cocaine trafficking. A man named Vincent Martello works with the Colombos in the Greenwich and Long Island area. He runs an intelligence network for Cosa Nostra. He also makes threats on behalf of the mafia and is involved in trafficking children in the trunks of vehicles that he sells. The Colombos are an extremely evil and active crime family in New York City and they work closely with Jewish white collar mobsters which specialize in embezzlement, criminal financing, and infiltration.
Raymond Patriarca Jr. is a hidden boss of the New England crime family which have operations in Boston, Providence, and New Haven. They are involved in human trafficking, extortion, and blackmail. They are an extremely violent and oppressive mafia and they are allied with Jewish white collar mobsters, Irish Mafias in Boston including the Winter Hill Gang and the Puerto Rican Mafia in Boston headed up by the criminal Puerto Rican rapper Termanology or Daniel Carrillo who lives outside of Boston. The New England crime family work closely with the Romney family and with Bain Capital and Bain & Company through Stephen Pagliuca a co-founder of Bain Capital and owner of the Boston Celtics. Romney's Bain Capital was originally financed by offshore accounts from Latin American businessmen including associates of the Puerto Rican Mafia. Raymond Patriarca Jr. is Italian-Irish and has a Jewish wife.
Carmen Dinunzio is a top boss of the New England crime family and its Boston faction. Carmen Dinunzio works with the Jewish-Zionist billionaire Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots. Tom Brady is a criminal agent of Kraft and he is involved in cheating and fixing games for the mafia's bets. Tom Brady also works with motorcycle gangs including the Iron Horseman and Hells Angels which traffic meth and also adrenochrome which Tom Brady consumes. The Patriots are known for fixing games with spying and deflating footballs during a game because they practiced with deflated balls giving them an advantage. Robert Kraft has donated large amounts of money to the Jesuit colleges Boston College and College of the Holy Cross. The primary owners of the New England crime family are the Bourbon-Two Sicilies family and their ancestors officially established the Jesuits.
Frank Colacurcio Jr. runs the sex trafficking industry including trafficking of children in the North West part of the US including in northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. The Coacurcios own a lot of strip clubs in Seattle used as fronts for brothels. The Seattle crime family works with Aryan Brotherhood gangs, Nazis, and Yakuza. There is a large scale human trafficking network from Asia to the West Coast with members of the mercenary company United Resources Group involved. Yakuza and Triads have also infiltrated the ports on the West Coast. The Palin family in Alaska are heavily involved in human trafficking. The Seattle crime family also works with Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos who finance and participate in human trafficking. They use their collective hundreds of billions to bribe police and government agents.
Vincent Loscalzo is a top member of the Trafficante crime family of Florida. The Trafficantes work with the Cuban Mafia and are involved with cocaine trafficking with the Cuban Jesuit Fanjul family of sugar manufacturers. They conceal cocaine as sugar. The Trafficantes work with the CIA and have operations and casinos in Cuba. Cuba is a hide out for mobsters. The CIA also fakes deaths of high profile criminals which hide out in Cuba like the ruthless mobster and rapper Lesane Parish Crooks. The Trafficantes also work with the New Orleans crime family which are major human traffickers and specialize in murder and disposing of bodies. The New Orleans crime family has an alliance with the Gulf Cartel.
Chris Paciello is a former mafia hitman and currently a night club owner in Miami, Florida. Paciello is still a member of Cosa Nostra and works covertly with the Trafficantes. He also manages the criminal rapper Rick Ross who took his name from the drug trafficker Freeway Ricky Ross. Trina is a female member of the African American mafia in Miami and is involved in child trafficking and child murder. The rapper Rick Ross can be seen hanging out with Chris Paciello on numerous occasions at Paciello's Miami clubs.
Joseph Caridi is a high level member of the Lucchese crime family which have a monopoly on the heroin market. The Luccheses own a funeral home called Joseph A Lucchese Funeral Home with a crematorium in the Bronx which they use for disposing of bodies. Joseph Lucchese is a member of the Lucchese crime family and he disposes of bodies in his crematorium and also murders people by burning them alive. The Luccheses are probably the most murderous mafia on the planet. They work with the Corsican Mafia which are headquartered in Baltimore. They import opium and heroin mostly through the ports on the East Coast and Thomas Gambino-Lucchese Jr. also traffics in heroin through Mexico.
Joseph Lubrano is a high level Lucchese mobster headquartered in Yonkers and he oversees rappers from Wu-Tang, Yonkers based D-Block, and the Harlem based Diplomats which are running the modern day Drug Council which is the head of the African American Mafia in the United States. D-Block which are from Yonkers are the head of the modern day Council. Confirmed members of the Drug Council include Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Ghostface Killah, and Jim Jones with his associate Hell Rell. The Yonkers based gangster rap group D-Block are the head of the modern Council and they work with Jay Z. They recently signed to Jay Z's record label.
Semion Mogilevich is a Jewish-Russian mafia boss headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Mogilvech's mafia runs some Israeli Mafias and has a portion of authority over the IDF through former IDF Chief Benny Gantz whose family was from Hungary. Mogilvech has owned a military arms manufacturing plant and this mafia also specializes in making snuff films. The Austrian House of Esterhazy and Lucchesi-Palli family are owners of the Mogilevich Mafia.
Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov is a Russian Mafia boss with operations in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Tokhtakhunov is an associate of the Corleonisi mafia clan of Sicily which also have operations in Monte Carlo where they launder their criminal profits through casinos. The royal family of Monaco the Grimaldis previously ruled in Genoa which ruled in the Black Sea region and they had relationships with the Romanovs and Khazarian nobles. Putin is a close friend with Prince Albert II of Monaco. Tokhtakhunov has admitted to meeting Putin.
Kwok Wing-hung is a Chinese Triad boss. The Triads have operations on the West Coast in the US and have infiltrated the ports. They are involved with human trafficking of Asian women and children. They are also involved in thefts, protection rackets, and manufacturing and selling knock offs of high end goods. Prince Francesco Luca Costa Sanseverino di Bisignano is from a Sicilian noble family and he was born in and resides in Hong Kong overseeing the Triads. Most mafias are managed by Cosa Nostra and pay them tributes. Cosa Nostra means "Our Thing" which refers to the Italian criminal's monopolization of organized crime.
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