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Diamond Casino Heist Guide + TIPS - Written by /u/DatCamaroGuy

Diamond Casino Guide:
So you decided that you wanna rob a casino, great! The Diamond Casino Heist is one of the best ways to earn money, but you're wondering, how do I get started? Well, you're in luck! This guide is going to teach you the ways to get the best out of the Diamond Casino Heist!
Step 1: Arcade
Alright to get started, you’re going to have to own an arcade. Now, it may seem better to go for the arcades on the top of the map to save yourself some cash, however, this will make all the preps much harder, as most of them take place in LS or Sandy Shores.
The best arcade locations are 8-bit ($2,530,000, located in Vinewood) and Videogeddon ($1,875,000, La Mesa). When buying your arcade, none of the upgrades are necessary, as most of them are cosmetic. You’ll have to complete a quick arcade setup mission to access the basement where the diamond casino heist planning board is located.
Step 1.5: Arcade Income
While this isn’t related to the diamond casino heist, I thought I would put this in there. The arcade generates income based on how many games you have, going up to 5k per in-game day (48 min). The game doesn't matter, so you can just buy the cheapest one (Monkey’s Paradise, $90,000) and fill up your arcade with it.
Step 2: Scope out casino
After you’ve finished watching Lester scribble a big mess over the whiteboard, you’ll be able to start the casino heist. Normally, you’ll have to pay a setup cost of 25k, but since it’s your first time doing it, it’ll be free. After you’ve confirmed that you want to start the casino heist, you’ll need to finish the scope out mission. For the scope out mission, you’ll need to take a variety of pictures for Lester in order to unlock entrances for the heist. A full guide is linked here but I’ll sum up the most important ones.
You’ll only need to do this mission once, and it will be completed for all future casino heists.
Step 3: Vault Contents
The vault contents mission is pretty easy. You’ll be given the rough location of a Duggan security guard, once you find him, you can either hack him, which can take some time but you won’t get the cops on you if you do it right, or you can kill him and grab the phone, which will save you some time but you’ll need to lose the cops before you can enter the casino.
After you’ve entered the casino, you’ll need to bring out the sightseer app on your phone to find a wifi signal. After you’ve located the wifi signal, you’ll need to figure out the vault contents. Beware that you only have a limited time to do this (2 min).
Since it’s probably your first time, I would recommend that you go through every camera to scope out each POI. The target will be cash since it’s your first time, which has a payout of 2.1 mil on normal. The first time will always be cash (payout of $2,115,000 on normal), but if it’s not your first time, the targets can be either cash, artwork (payout of $2,350,000 on normal) or gold (payout of $2,585,000 on normal).
There is a 4th target, which is diamonds (payout of $3,257,100 on normal) however this vault content is only available for special occasions and has been removed from the vault contents.
If you do the heist on hard by doing the same approach after you’ve done another one, the payout will be 10% larger. If you’ve completed all 3 approaches to the heist, you can cancel the heist which can be helpful if you’ve got a bad target. Link to this is here.
Step 4: Selecting your approach
Once you’ve finished the vault contents mission, you’ll be able to select your approach.
There are 3 approaches to the diamond casino heist. Silent and Sneaky, The Big Con and Aggressive.
For beginners, I would recommend alternating between Big Con and Aggressive, because those are the easiest ones. For Big Con, choose the Gruppe Sechs disguise for the easiest entry. Aggressive is good for newer players however it does end up in a lot of money loss. After you’ve got the gist of it, alternate to doing Silent and Sneaky in place of aggressive for a bigger payout.
Step 5: Selecting your support crew
After you’ve selected your approach, you’ll need to select your support crew before you can do any of the prep missions.
Selecting your support crew is very simple. You’ll need a gunman to source guns, a driver to source cars, and a hacker to delay the nerve agent inside the vault.
Selecting your support crew depends on the approach and target in the vault. For Big Con, SnS, any target EXCEPT for art, you’ll want the worst gunman (Karl Abolaji, take his Micro SMG on big con, heavy revolver on aggressive and on SnS the choice is up to you), the worst driver (Karim Denz, take his sentinel classic) and the best hacker available to you, for most people, this will be Paige Harris (unlocked when the Terrorbyte is purchased, gives 3:25 in the vault when undetected and 2:23 detected).
For aggressive, you’ll still want to have the worst driver and best hacker, however, the gunman is up to you since you’ll be using guns a lot. I normally go with Charlie Reed (unlocked when purchasing a hangar), he takes a 7% cut (2% more than Karl) and gives you an assault SMG, however, you can get by with Karl, as every gunman gives you an SMG to go along with another weapon, which is still a perfectly fine weapon.
For Big Con, SnS and the target is Art, if you and your heist partner can both hack very well, you can get by with Yohan Blair (takes a 5% cut and gives you 2:51 in the vault if you are undetected and 2:01 if you are).
Step 5.5: Secret heist crew members
There are 2 hidden heist crew members that can’t be unlocked by purchasing a business like most heist crew members. There 2 are Patrick McReary and Avi Schwartzman. Patrick McReary is a gunman who takes an 8% cut and gives the choice a Combat MG or an Assault Shotgun in aggressive. Avi Schwartzman is a hacker that takes a 10% cut and gives 3:30 undetected in the vault and gives 2:22 if you are detected. To unlock Patrick, he spawns as a random event around the map. He spawns in a police car that you will need to hijack. A guide is linked here. To unlock Avi, you’ll need to destroy 50 signal jammers that are located around the map. A guide is linked here.
Step 6: Prep Missions
Now that you’ve selected your support crew, you’ll be presented with a plethora of prep missions. Some mandatory and some optional. To complete these missions, I suggest that you use a Kuruma, Buzzard, or Oppressor Mk2 to make your life easier. In some prep missions, you will not be able to call Lester, so be prepared. All of the missions can be done solo but it makes it easier if you have a friend with you to help you out.
Now onto the optional prep missions. Optional prep missions, are, as the name suggests, optional. The optional prep you should do depends on the approach. If you own a penthouse and have completed all of the missions, you will gain access to the security intel mission. It’s very easy to complete and you will only need to do it once. A nice trick is that the gauntlet actually spawns when you start the mission, not when the cutscene is triggered, so you can just shoot the driver and take the gauntlet. A guide will be linked below.
Let’s start with Silent and Sneaky. For Silent and Sneaky, the optional prep missions depend on your skill level. If you’re an experienced player, you don’t need to do much, only level 2 security passes. Power drills you can do if you think you have enough time. However, if you are a very new player, I’d recommend that you do patrol routes, Duggan shipments (you only need to destroy 3 to get rid of their bulletproof helmets), level 2 security passes, emp device and infiltration suits and power drills if you think you have enough time. If you do all these, the heist should be a breeze.
Going onto the Big Con, if you’re doing Gruppe Sechs, you don't need to do much. You only need to go through one door if you exit out the staff door, so you can decide if you want to do level 2 security passes or not. Patrol routes do make things easier, however are not necessary. Again, only do power drills if you think you have enough time. Make sure you do exit disguises. Noose and firefighter are exactly the same, so do firefighters since it has an easier mission.
For aggressive, again, patrol routes make it easier but are never necessary. Make sure to do Duggan shipments. You can solo it, but it will be much easier with another person. If you don’t get them all you can just close the game and you’ll be able to do the mission again. Reinforced armor allows you to take more damage, so I would recommend it even if it makes you slower. Be sure to also do boring machine as it allows you to enter through the sewers. Make sure to also do level 2 security passes unless you really like hacking doors.
Step 7: Finding people to play with
Now that you’ve completed all your required prep missions, you need some people to play with. If you don’t have any friends to play with, I recommend checking out HeistTeams or the GTAO Discord LFG Channels to find people to play with. Make sure to have good communication between your teammates otherwise the heist will be in chaos.
Step 8: Completing the heist
Now that you’ve got a solid heist crew waiting to grab all of that sweet loot out of the casino’s vault, you’ll be able to start the heist. If you're doing aggressive, the plan is pretty simple, shoot your way in, grab the loot, then shoot your way out. The easiest entry for aggressive is sewers, and the easiest exit is the eastern roof terrace. If you exit through the staff lobby, you’ll get shot a ton when going over the racetrack, however, if you exit through the roof terrace, you can shoot the guys behind the stones on the racetrack then safely parachute down.
For The Big Con, I’m going to assume you’re doing the Gruppe Sechs approach. By doing the Gruppe Sechs approach, you can pretty much waltz into the vault and back out of it, just be careful that this has some limitations. When going back up the stairwell/elevator to the casino access floor, the guards will have checked the vault and know it’s been robbed, so you disguise ain't gonna work anymore. I strongly suggest getting exit disguises, as they will greatly help your escape. The easiest exit for this is the staff lobby.
For SnS, I’m not really going to go into too much detail here because there’s a full video linked below. What I will talk about is when to use the emp (If you did the prep mission). I recommend emp’ing when you’re at the vault access floor, allowing you to waltz into the mantrap, or when you're coming back up to the casino access floor and are in the mantrap. Be warned that if you decide to get the daily vault when you trigger the emp, the emp’s timer will run out before you can get to your exit, so plan ahead. The easiest entrance for this is the staff lobby and the easiest exit is also the staff lobby.
Tips and tricks to complete the heist
Useful media

Diamond Casino Heist FAQ
Welcome to the Diamond Casino Heist FAQ! This thread is going to go through all of the new changes and content added to the Casino Heist DLC. The information in this thread is up to date as of 28/7/2020.
Release Date
Announced on December 5th and released on December 12th, 2019, the Diamond Casino Heist is the latest DLC to come to GTA Online as of July 25th, 2020. This DLC adds a bunch of new content, including new vehicles, properties, vehicles, and a brand new heist!
New Content
Maxwell Asbo (SSASA): $306,000 - $408,000
Karin Everon (SSASA): $1,106,250 - $1,475,000
Lampadati Komoda (Legendary): $1,275,000 - $1,700,000
Vapid Retinue Mk II (SSASA): $1,215,000 - $1,615,000
Ubermacht Rebla GTS (Legendary): $1,175,000
Maxwell Vagrant (SSASA): $1,660,500 - $2,214,600
Grotti Furia (Legendary): $2,055,000 - $2,740,000
RUNE Zhaba (Warstock): $1,800,000 - $2,400,000
Karin Sultan Classic (SSASA): $1,288,500 - $1,718,000
Nagasaki Outlaw (SSASA): $951,000 - $1,268,000
Declasse Drift Yosemite (SSASA): $981,000 - $1,308,000
Dinka Sugoi (SSASA): $918,000 - $1,224,000
Dinka Blista Kanjo (SSASA): $435,000 - $580,000
Nagasaki Strider (Legendary): $502,000 - $670,000
Dewbauchee JB 700W (Warstock): $1,470,000
Overflod Imorgon (Legendary): $2,165,500
Albany V-STR (Legendary): $1,285,000
Progen PR4 (Legendary): $3,515,000
Ocelot R88 (Legendary): $3,115,000
Nagasaki Blazer Lifeguard (Warstock): $62,000
Brute Boxville (Warstock): $298,500 - $398,000
Declasse Bugstars Burrito (Warstock): $450,000 - $598,000
MTL Fire Truck (Warstock): $2,471,250 - $3,295,000
Declasse Lifeguard (Warstock): $865,000
Brute Stockade (Warstock): $1,680,000 - $2,240,000
Ceramic Pistol (Ammunation): $20,000
Navy Revolver (Unlocked after finishing the Los Santos Slasher treasure hunt): Free
The release of the Diamond Casino Heist DLC introduces a new property: arcades. Arcades are a passive business that allows you to host the diamond casino heist. The maximum daily income of the arcade is $5,000.
They are purchasable from Mmazebankforclosures at 6 different locations. The cheapest is at $1,235,000 (Pixel Pete’s, Paleto Bay) and the most expensive being at $2,530,000 (8-bit, Vinewood Hills).
Customization options on offer are 2 arcade styles, $290,000 - $470,000, 8 mural options, $50,500 - $107,500, 8 floor options, $78,000 - $165,000, 8 neon art styles, $107,500 - $320,000, personal quarters, $150,000, high score screens, $295,000 and a garage $215,000. 2 extra options are available to purchase from the arcade computer, which are the master control terminal, $1,740,000 and the drone station, $1,460,000. A variety of arcade games are also available to purchase, ranging from $90,000 to $420,000.
u/Pepperooney_ for adding a bunch of info on the tips and tricks section
u/what_it_dooo for suggesting the roof terrace and the hacking device trick
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Chiliad Mystery Megathread 2020

Chiliad Mystery Megathread 2020
Welcome to the Chiliad Mystery! It’s hard to really explain what the Chiliad Mystery is, so I will let you figure that out by reading my attempted abridged summary of it.
Full Unorganized Original Megathread
Version 2.
Version 3
This is now the 4th edition. I swear reddit archives posts quicker than they used to.
Please comment with your favorite theories, leads, videos, whatever
Diamond Casino (July, 2019)
Arena Wars (December, 2018)
After Hours (July, 2018)
  • Getting wasted at your nightclub might lead to you waking up at the Epsilon HQ with a new shirt.
  • Your online character will receive the Epsilon robes and medallion after tipping the nightclub bathroom attendant $577.
The Doomsday Heist (December, 2017)
Smugglers' Run (August, 2017)
Gunrunning (June, 2017)
Import/Export (December, 2016)
Bikers (October, 2016)
Further Adventures in Finance and Felony (June, 2016)
  • Special Cargo missions became available, including special items like ornate eggs and sasquatch skins.
Freemode Events (September, 2015)
How to complete the Sasquatch – Beast Hunt
PC Release (April, 2015)
  • New camo/skin option for the Sniper Rifle features a UFO over Chiliad.
  • In the Lowriders Update, Lamar showed us his love for eggs.
Next Gen Release (November, 2014)
Beach Bums (November, 2013)
  • In the first content update for GTA Online, Rockstar added the Paradise van; the underwater UFO, and Bigfoot were hidden in the background of two of the paintjobs.
GTAV Release (September, 2013)
There is much more in the original megathread,
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What's happening around town (Wed, Jul 31st - Tue, Aug 6th)

Tulsa's event list.

Wednesday, Jul 31st

Thursday, Aug 1st

  • Chicago (Paradise Cove @ Margaritaville - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm Experience rock 'n' roll history as legendary band Chicago performs live in concert at Paradise Cove at River…
  • Jamestown Revival (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm See folk-rock duo Jamestown Revival live as they take the Vanguard stage in Tulsa. Hear Jamestown Revival's Western and…
  • 😂 Kristin Key (Loony Bin - Tulsa) Thru Sat, Aug 3rd
  • 🎭 Michael Cavanaugh: The Music of Billy Joel & Elton John (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Sugarland in Concert (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa - Catoosa) Enjoy a night of country music from Sugarland at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa. This…
  • Ward Davis (The Shrine - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:15pm
  • World Wide Paint Horse Congress (Expo Square - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Aug 4th At the World Wide Paint Horse Congress, horses and riders compete in a wide variety of events at Tulsa Expo Square.…

Friday, Aug 2nd

  • High Noon Shootout (JM Davis Arms & Historical Museum - Claremore) At JM Davis Arms & Historical Museum, experience a High Noon Shootout straight out of an old Western film. The Tri-State…
  • 😂 Kristin Key (Loony Bin - Tulsa) 1 day left
  • LaFortune 1st Fri. Concert (The Gardens - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm Enjoy great local talent outdoors in the Gardens on the first Friday of each month. A variety of family friendly Classic Rock, Swing and Blues music. Bring a lawn chaiblanket. Sponsored by Tulsa County Parks and American Bank & Trust. Check out who's playing on Facebook ! Cherrie Lewallen (918) 496-6220 [email protected] g…
  • NHRA Lucas Oil Regional Race (Tulsa Raceway Park - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00am
  • Rico Act & Friends (IDL Ballroom - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm Headliner: Rico Act Main Support: Ponicz Opener: Moonboy Jkyl & Hyde
  • SPEED TOUR: Extreme Art (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • World Wide Paint Horse Congress (Expo Square - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Aug 4th At the World Wide Paint Horse Congress, horses and riders compete in a wide variety of events at Tulsa Expo Square.…
  • ZZZs in the Seas (Oklahoma Aquarium - Jenks) Start Time: 7:00pm

Saturday, Aug 3rd

  • 🎭 The Drunkard and the Olio (Tulsa Spotlight Theatre - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • Genius Annotations Provided: You Dropped a Bomb on Me (The Gilcrease Museum - Tulsa) Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Greenhouse V3 (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Kendall Whittier Mercado (Kendall-Whittier - Tulsa) Twice a month from May to October, scope out handmade goods and unique art on display at the Kendall Whittier Mercado in…
  • 😂 Kristin Key (Loony Bin - Tulsa) Last Day
  • Rose District Farmers Market (Rose District Plaza - Broken Arrow) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Start Time: 8:00am different music, events, and guests, each week
  • 🏃 Summer Sizzle Poker Run (Expo Square - Tulsa) RunnersWorld Tulsa presents: Summer Sizzle 5 mile Poker Run
    Saturday, August 3rd, 7:00 AM The Summer Sizzle Poker Run is a non-timed fun run/training run event in conjunction with the RunnersWorld Tulsa Marathon/Half training program but it is open to the general public and all runners/walkers are welcome. The run starts at 7AM. You can…
  • 🏃 Coweta Tiger 5K & Fun Run (Coweta) Please join Coweta Football Booster Club on August 3rd as we have an early Kick off to the 2019 football season with the 1st Annual Coweta Tiger Football 5K run.
    Time: Race starts @ 8:00 am
    Early Entry Fees for Pre-Registration (Until July 15th): $35 5K Run / $25 Fun Run / $20 for Student for either event.…
  • World Wide Paint Horse Congress (Expo Square - Tulsa) 1 day left At the World Wide Paint Horse Congress, horses and riders compete in a wide variety of events at Tulsa Expo Square.…

Sunday, Aug 4th

  • 38 Special in Concert (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa - Catoosa) Catch a live set by 38 Special as they pay a visit to The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.…
  • Drop-In Studio (The Gilcrease Museum - Tulsa) Start Time: 1:00pm
  • 😂 Sheryl Underwood (Loony Bin - Tulsa)
  • SPEED TOUR: Extreme Art (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Start Time: 2:00pm
  • World Wide Paint Horse Congress (Expo Square - Tulsa) Last Day At the World Wide Paint Horse Congress, horses and riders compete in a wide variety of events at Tulsa Expo Square.…

Monday, Aug 5th

I was unable to find any published events for Aug 5th.

Tuesday, Aug 6th

  • Teen Program: Garden Scavenger Hunt and Succulent Planting (Tulsa Garden Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:30pm

See Also

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Veteran's Day: Deals and Steals

If there is something you're aware of, that isn't on this list, mention it below. Make sure you call ahead to make sure the location in your area is participating in these offers.
It's not my fault if you go into a restaurant that isn't offering this deal, and you don't have enough money to pay your tab. Don't forget to tip your server.
The second half of this list is retail offers. There are even things to involve the families.
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Veteran's Day: Deals and Steals

If there is something you're aware of, that isn't on this list, mention it below. Make sure you call ahead to make sure the location in your area is participating in these offers.
It's not my fault if you go into a restaurant that isn't offering this deal, and you don't have enough money to pay your tab. Don't forget to tip your server.
The second half of this list is retail offers. There are even things to involve the families.
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Veteran's Day: Deals and Steals

If there is something you're aware of, that isn't on this list, mention it below. Make sure you call ahead to make sure the location in your area is participating in these offers.
It's not my fault if you go into a restaurant that isn't offering this deal, and you don't have enough money to pay your tab. Don't forget to tip your server.
The second half of this list is retail offers. There are even things to involve the families.
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July 4th Fun at the Atlantis Resort and Casino! - YouTube 4th of July Fireworks. Atlantis, Paradise Island - YouTube 4th of July Or Watching Fireworks In The Tulalip Casino ... LIVE Las Vegas Strip 4th of July 🇺🇸 & 100K Subs 💯!! - YouTube 4th of July PRE-GAME Show! Early Independence Day SLOT ... Las Vegas Fireworks 4th of July What to expect at Station Casinos' 4th of July fireworks ... July 4th Celebration  Paradise Raceway  Pro Limited ...

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[index] [26081] [1572] [30181] [23364] [12276] [3841] [27314] [22207] [15964] [2460]

July 4th Fun at the Atlantis Resort and Casino! - YouTube

The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas recognized America's Independence Day this July 4th, 2012. The festivities began with skydivers soaring in overhead, flags... well idk fireworks Station Casinos' is hosting its annual 4th of July celebration with Fireworks by Grucci. Fireworks scheduled to go off on Wednesday, July 4 around 9 p.m. at ... After qualifying third, we had it right in the feature. We grabbed an early lead and were able to maintain at the end to pick up the feature win. Atlantis: Paradise Island, Bahamas Celebrating American Independence With Fireworks Paradise Island, Bahamas tourist almost drowns. ... SLS Las Vegas Grand Opening Fireworks & Casino Tour 8-23-14 - Duration: 6:27. SEOMarketing 5,496 views. 6:27. OPTAVIA FUELING HACKS! - Duration ... 4th of July PRE-GAME Show! Early Independence Day SLOT JACKPOTS! 🇺🇸Download The Big Jackpot app for more content and our very own Slot Machine game! https:... Celebrating 4th of July and for reaching 100,000 subscribers. Thanks to all who made this milestone possible! Join me as I walk around Las Vegas Strip.Please...