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Dev Diary 11: Welcome to Texas and Oklahoma

Dev Diary 11: Welcome to Texas and Oklahoma
Howdy there partners, and welcome to the Wasteland’s finest rodeo! Down here in Texas and good old Oklahoma, things work differently from the rest of the Wasteland. Oh yes, you see here we’re a fine folk, a refined folk, the kind of people who greet you with smiles and a face-full of buckshot if you even think about whipping out your tire iron. Yes, life here is simple, rustic, and downright apocalyptic...
The region in all its glory!

That’s right Wastelanders, it’s time for another exciting dev diary! Today, we’re focusing on just some of the map changes and additions brought to you by the team. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll reveal more about the factions you see before you, more of our other map changes, and give you some tasty insight into the way things work past the Legion’s border.To begin with though, why don’t we delve deep into the twisted guts of the map itself, and pull back the veil on this beautiful view you’d love to call home.
Aren't provinces beautiful?
Every map expansion begins here, the province map. For this update, a big focus for me was returning to my roots when it came to province design. More small, organic provinces, built up into many states that a great number of nations can occupy. The new playable region brought forth in 3.0 feels as dense and lively as the West Coast, without having nearly as many provinces dotted along its shoreline.
There’s a vast variety of terrain in 3.0, from jungle, to marsh, to plains, urban, and deserts. 3.0 feels and plays like a small microcosm of the larger map, an area rich with lore from a game many people don’t even know about.Before we talk about that, though, let’s take a look at the states.
Dare you count all these states?
If you took the arduous time to count all of that before reading, let’s see if you were right! That’s 96 new states. Oh yes my friends, that’s right, your faithful friend here didn’t stutter now, did I? We’ve got 96 new states for you to control, conquer, and explore in 3.0: and they’re full of interesting characters.Why don’t we get on to that, actually?
In 3.0, we’re representing the lore of the often hated and forgotten Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, as well as it’s cancelled sequel; Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2. Many of you may have never heard about these games, let alone played the first, so it’s time for a little history lesson.
After the defeat of Unity, the super mutant army of the Master fractured into many pieces. Two leaders arose from the ashes, and they led large hordes of mutants out of California to greener pastures for plunder and glory. The important one is Attis, who led his new troops to Texas, in an attempt to uncover the secrets of FEV.
A brotherhood detachment had already left to face off against the first mutant general, and with Attis’ departure, another group inside the Western Brotherhood wanted to chase them down. The Council of Elders said no, fearing another disaster like that which had happened to the first group, but ultimately a splinter faction formed.
It was led by none other than High Elder Rhombus, and he led a group of scribes and paladins to chase down the largest super mutant army in the West, forming what would later be known as the “Texas Expedition.”Settling into the heartland of Texas, this new offshoot developed themselves, recruiting from the local population. They ran them through a training course utilising hologram technology, turning them into initiates. One of these initiates became the protagonist of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, and went on a large journey, tracking Attis all the way to his target destination: the Secret Vault.
The Secret Vault was the holy grail for Attis, a place where the secrets of FEV were laid bare, and the secret headquarters of Vault-Tec. Built under the nose of the US, it was the control centre of all Vault-Tec infrastructure, designed to facilitate what Vault-Tec promised thousands of Americans: a safe life underground. The Vault was equipped with state of the art facilities to conduct unethical experiments, and was staffed by unique robots unlike anything the player had ever seen before, or since.
Attis would eventually turn himself into a true abomination, an amalgamation of flesh and FEV, taking after the Master’s image in a final face-off against the protagonist.
Thus ended Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 1. We must now go more than a hundred years into the future, a mere decade before OWB starts. The Brotherhood have consolidated their power, but outside threats are pressuring their organisation. Attis Army has split into two halves, led by two mutants respectively. Shale, a die-hard mutant supremacist who wants to reform the Army, and Keats; a super mutant who wishes to create a place in which super mutants and humans live and work together in harmony, free from oppression.
But underneath the surface, a great plot is brewing. Reese, a former member of the Cyphers, a group who despise technology in all its forms, has acquired a broken GECK. This GECK has the ability to mutate anything it touches, twisting the world around it into a mockery of life itself. It is the Corrupted GECK, and Reese has big plans for it. He seeks to destroy the Texan Brotherhood, and plunge the region into chaos.
The protagonist of the cancelled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 went across Texas, on the hunt for many things, but eventually Reese himself. They entered Lone Star, where they found evidence of his tampering, and scouts of the Legion. They travelled throughout Brotherhood territory, watching as the group was set upon by numerous raider gangs, all coordinated and persuaded by Reese.
They visited Austin, where the tensions between the two super mutant factions was growing. Originally, Keats would always die. You could choose between Shale or Keats, but ultimately, he was always assassinated during a speech. But we decided that was boring. Scarlet (our protagonist of choice) saved Keat’s life, becoming bros for life in the process, and Shale was exiled from Austin alongside his goons.
They then travelled, finally, to The Corpse. Within the ruins of a sunken Corpus Christi, Reese’s lair waited in the harbour, and there a final battle ensued. Everything up until now, barring Keat’s survival, is canon. Now, let’s jump into the juicy OWB fanon.
Ultimately winning the fight, Scarlet took his GECK and hauled it across Texas, travelling a great distance to a remote location, far from large and established communities. She put the GECK down in what was to be its final resting place, and became its guardian and protector. Over the decade, its influence spread, creating a beautiful but deadly blood red canopy of mutant fauna, a place the natives of Texas refer to as Eden. Any and all who enter the twisted jungle without permission wind up dead, victim to the protagonist’s legendary assassination skills.
So, there’s your juicy jet high of lore. Now, how about we get onto the region as a whole in OWB’s 2275? Many nations in Texas and Oklahoma, such as Carbon, Los, Shale's Army, Unity of Austin, Lonestar, the Texan Brotherhood, and others are all based in Fallout lore. Since we’re here, let’s go over them all in some more detail.
Pecos: a collection of settler communities from Mexico, who primarily trade with the RRG and Las Granjas. Having struggled to maintain their independence over the last few decades, recent events have continued to destabilise their peaceful towns.
Los: The Church of the Lost has recovered since the fall of the Secret Vault and the death of their old leader Blake. These survivors from Necropolis hope to live out the remainder of their days seeking nirvana within the hallowed streets of Los.
Carthage: a civilised raider nation built over the ruins of Carthage, a town built atop a gigantic and largely untapped natural gas reserve. They use flame to do everything, from powering their cities to cooking their enemies alive.
Carbon: The town of Carbon has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. Recently the town is on an upswing - yet there are some that worry that the raiders that once destroyed their small town may come back again.
The Pursuant: a vicious hunting lodge of civilised raiders who hunt the greatest monsters the wasteland has to offer, from terrifying, legendary Deathclaws, Horrifying Mirelurk Queens, and the most exclusive game of all: man. Traders must constantly be aware, as they are always on the hunt.
Unity of Austin: led by Keats, the ever charismatic super mutant politician and every man, the Unity of Austin is a staunch ally of the Brotherhood, seeking to create a Wasteland in which mutants and humans live side by side through mutual cooperation.
Houston Rockets: the remnants of NASA and Houston’s entertainment industry made a deal. One side made money off of sports, and the other side used the profits to launch rockets into orbit.
The Patrolmen: a group of “protectors” who patrol the I-10 religiously, fighting off raiders and outside threats, while exploiting the communities who exist under their thumb.
Bayou Motors: a trader nation that specialises in, produces, and sells boats and shipping equipment to most of the Gulf.
Gatormaws: a group of violent tribal communities who’ve made the Bayou their home, and make use of their extensive expertise to raid traders who sail along the Red River.
Desperados: a ghoul cartel who split off the Sinaloa after a brutal coup, they’ve taken up shop in Shreveport, demanding “protection fees” from passing traders, lest they die to “local raiders.”
Assassin City Rollergirls: a raider gang steeped in roller derby culture, they skate around the urban sprawl in atomic skates, cleaving heads and splitting Brotherhood power armour like tin cans.
Tubeheads: a cult of raiders and engineers led by the charismatic Mr. Entertainment, the Wasteland’s only late-night variety show host. Cooking segments, raider gladiatorial combat, special guest interviews, all from the pleasure of your own home: courtesy of the Tubehead’s mandatory TV and satellite installation package.
The Last Lodge: a nation of peaceful settlers, draped in masonic imagery, with an outward focus and an emphasis on community.
Scrappers Compact: an alliance of territorial but loyal junkyard settlers, who make a living out of scavenging and selling valuable scrap to the outside world.
Shale’s Army: a warband of first generation super mutants exclusively, led by Shale, one of Attis’s fiercest commanders. Their hatred for all non super mutants is readily apparent, and they make a living out of claiming the lives of their neighbours, ultimately aiming to rebuild Unity from the ground up.
The Chained Choir: a nation of former inmates; ghouls who were subjected to testing by the US army, for research into the potential psionic implementations of FEV.
The Last Patrol: a regiment of national guard who were directly exposed to a nuclear blast, and now patrol the region around their compound, fiercely protecting the rights and liberties of the communities under their charge.
The Texan Arms Association: a coalition of arms barons and factories in the northern Rio Grande who never fully assimilated. Motivated by dreams of liberty and greed, they sell weapons to anyone, and have continued to destabilise the RRG’s politics since its inception. 3.0 will see the TAA exist on game start, and their association’s bid for independence may be welcomed by some of its neighbours who see it little more than prey.
Painted Rock: a group of noble tribal warriors, unwavering combatants who test their young among jagged rocks, and prove their worth against the Wasteland’s toughest foes.
Cypher Warband: a clan of luddites who hold a deep hatred for the old world, and in particular, the Brotherhood of Steel’s core doctrines. They’ve been fierce opponents for decades, but during the events of the cancelled Brotherhood of Steel 2, they disowned their most extreme member—Reese—who left in an attempt to destroy their archenemy once and for all.
Lubbock: a settler community of ghouls and humans, attempting to work together despite their differences. Supported by the Lubbock Expedition, a military effort by Lone Star to secure the highways across Lubbock’s territory, securing their border and reaping the economic benefits of the partnership.
The Ironmongers: a group of mutants who’ve taken over former TAA factories, regularly plundering their gunsmith neighbours. Unlike many other mutants, they construct massive vehicles of brutal machinery, backed up by giant guns and the strength of iron. They’re feared by many, and their iconic “Battlewagons” bring terror and destruction in their wake.
Eden: lead by Scarlet, a protagonist from the protagonist of the cancelled game "Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2", who dragged Reese’s GECK from The Corpse to a remote location, to contain the spread of its taint from the outside world, and all who would covet its ruinous strength.
Lone Star: the largest trade hub in Texas, all traders pass along its roads and through the gates of its capital city. Its emphasis on sustainable partnerships, justice, and profit have made it a veritable Wasteland boomtown.
Texan Brotherhood: a brotherhood outfit who’s roots stemmed from a desire to crush Attis once and for all, in 2275 the Brotherhood look entirely different to their counterparts out west. Civilised, peaceful, just: they seek moral victories over material, a direction some among their ranks find fault with.
The First People: the combined nations of the Choctaw, Cherokee, and Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition have banded together in an alliance, protecting one-another from outside threats and developing their communities in a Wasteland sorely lacking hope. Many of them emerged from vaults, and they rebuilt the casinos, infrastructure, and social venues that made their little corner of Oklahoma the darling it was. In 2275, beyond New Vegas, the Big Spend is the premiere destination for tourists, traders, and soldiers looking to experience the best service in the Wasteland. Live music, tasty food, refreshing drinks, and refurbished hotels continue to entice visitors year after year.
In the words of everyone’s favourite doctor, “Well, that’s all she wrote.” Our dev diary has wrapped up, and boy, what a diary it was! What did you think? Are you excited for what you’ve seen of 3.0? Got any thoughts, comments, or suggestions to share? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Discord!
Mapping is a labour of love, and I love doing it. Take care during this difficult time for all of us, and stay safe and healthy!
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The Whole Story (1999) Child 44 (2015) Child's Play (2019) Children Act, The (2018) Children of Heaven (1999) Children of Men (2006) Children of the Century, The (2000) Children of the Revolution (1998) Chill Factor (2000) Chill Out (2004) Chimpanzee (2013) China: The Panda Adventure (2001) Chinese Box (1998) Chloe (2010) Chocolat (2001) Chocolat (2016) Choice, The (2016) Choke (2008) Chokher Bali: A Passion Play (2004) Chopper (2001) Chori Chori (2003) Chorus, The (2005) Christmas Carol (3D), A (2009) Christmas Carol, A (2009) Christmas Cottage, The (2008) Christmas with the Kranks (2004) Christopher Robin (2018) Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The (2008) Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The (2005) Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (3D), The (2010) Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The (2010) Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004) Chronicle (2012) Chuck & Buck (2001) Chumscrubber, The (2006) Chup Chup Ke (2006) Churchill (2017) Chutney Popcorn (2002) Cider House Rules, The (2000) Cinderella Man (2005) Cinderella Story, A (2004) Cinderella (2015) Circle, The (2017) Circus (2000) Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away (3D) (2013) Citizen Ruth (1997) City by the Sea (2002) City of Angels (1998) City of Ember (2009) City of God (2003) City of Industry (1997) City of Lies (2019) City of Men (2008) City of Violence (2014) Civil Action, A (1999) Claim, The (2001) Claire Dolan (1999) Clash of the Titans (3D) (2010) Clash of the Titans (2010) Clay Pigeons (1999) Clearing, The (2004) Clerks II (2007) Click (2006) Climbers, The (2019) Clockstoppers (2002) Closed Circuit (2013) Closer You Get, The (2000) Closer (2005) Closet, The (2002) Closing the Ring (2008) Cloud Atlas (2012) Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (3D) (2009) Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (IMAX) (2009) Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (3D) (2014) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2014) Cloverfield (2008) Club Dread (2004) Coach Carter (2005) Cobbler, The (2015) Cock and Bull Story, A (2006) Cocktail (2012) Coco (3D) (2017) Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2010) Coco avant Chanel (2009) Coco (2017) Code Name: The Cleaner (2007) Code Unknown (2001) Cold Harbour (2014) Cold Light of Day, The (2012) Cold Mountain (2004) Cold Pursuit (2019) Colette (2018) Collateral Beauty (2017) Collateral Damage (2002) Collateral (2004) College Road Trip (2008) Collide (2017) Colombiana (2011) Colony, The (2014) Colossal (2018) Colour of Paradise, The (2000) Comebacks, The (2008) Comedian Harmonists (1999) Coming Home (2015) Commando 3 (2019) Committed (2000) Common Wealth (2001) Commuter (IMAX), The (2018) Commuter, The (2018) Company You Keep, The (2013) Company, The (2004) Con Air (1997) Conan the Barbarian (3D) (2011) Conan the Barbarian (2011) Concert, The (2011) Concussion (2015) Condemned, The (2008) Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2003) Confessions of a Gambler (2008) Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004) Confession, The (1999) Confetti (2006) Confidence (2003) Conjuring 2, The (2016) Conjuring, The (2013) Connie and Carla (2005) Conspiracy Theory (1997) Conspirator, The (2011) Constant Gardener, The (2005) Constantine (2005) Contact (1997) Contagion (2011) Contender, The (2001) Contraband (2012) Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon (2006) Conversations with God (2007) Conviction (2011) Cookie's Fortune (1999) Cookout, The (2005) Cool It (2011) Cooler, The (2004) Copland (1998) Copposites (2012) Coral Reef Adventure (2003) Coraline 3D (2009) Coraline (2009) Core, The (2003) Coriolanus (2012) Corky Romano (2002) Corporate Ladder (1997) Corporate (2006) Corpse Bride (2005) Cosi (1997) Cosmic Africa (2003) Counselor, The (2013) Count of Monte Cristo, The (2002) Countdown (2019) Counterfeiters, The (2008) Country Bears, The (2002) Country Strong (2011) Couples Retreat (2009) Couples' Night (2019) Courageous (2012) Cousin Bette (1998) Covenant, The (2006) Cove, The (2010) Cowboys & Aliens (2011) Coyote Ugly (2000) Crónicas (2005) Cradle 2 the Grave (2003) Cradle Will Rock (2000) Crank: High Voltage (2009) Crank (2007) Crash (2005) Crawl (2019) Crazies, The (2010) Crazy Heart (2010) Crazy Monkey — Straight Outta Benoni (2005) Crazy Rich Asians (2018) Crazy in Alabama (2000) Crazy, Stupid, Love. 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(2010) Die Another Day (2002) Die Ballade van Robbie de Wee (2013) Die Hard 4.0 (2007) Die Laaste Tango (2013) Die Ongelooflike Avonture van Hanna Hoekom (2010) Die Ontwaking (2016) Die Pro (2015) Die Rebellie van Lafras Verwey (2017) Die Seemeeu (2019) Die Sneeukoningin (3D) (2015) Die Sneeukoningin 2 (3D) (2016) Die Sneeukoningin 2 (2016) Die Sneeukoningin (2015) Die Spook van Uniondale (2014) Die Stropers (2018) Die Stropers (2019) Die Verhaal van Racheltjie de Beer (2019) Die Windpomp (2014) Die Wonderwerker (2012) Digimon (2001) Dil Bole Hadippa! (2009) Dil Chahte Hai (2001) Dil Dhadakne Do (2015) Dil Hai Tumhaara (2002) Dil Jo Bhi Kahey (2005) Dil Ka Rishta (2003) Dil Maange More (2005) Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha (2004) Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji (2011) Dilemma, The (2011) Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (2005) Dilwale (2015) Dino Time (3D) (2013) Dino Time (2013) Dinosaurs Alive (2009) Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia (2007) Dinosaur (2000) Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) Dirty Grandpa (2016) Dirty Picture, The (2011) Dirty Pretty Things (2003) Dirty Shame, A (2005) Dirty Work (1999) Dis Ek, Anna (2015) Dis Koue Kos, Skat (2016) Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them, The (2015) Disappointments Room, The (2017) Disaster Artist, The (2018) Disaster Movie (2008) Disconnect (2013) Discreet (2008) Disgrace (2009) Dishoom (2016) Dish, The (2001) District 13: Ultimatum (2010) District 9 (2009) Disturbia (2007) Disturbing Behavior (1999) Divergent Series: Allegiant (4DX), The (2016) Divergent Series: Allegiant (IMAX), The (2016) Divergent Series: Allegiant, The (2016) Divergent Series: Insurgent (3D)(IMAX), The (2015) Divergent Series: Insurgent (3D), The (2015) Divergent Series: Insurgent, The (2015) Divergent (2014) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002) Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The (2008) Divorcing Jack (1999) Django Unchained (2013) Do Knot Disturb (2009) Do You Believe? (2015) Dobaara: See Your Evil (2017) Dobermann (1998) Doctor Sleep (2019) Doctor Strange (3D)(IMAX) (2016) Doctor Strange (3D) (2016) Doctor Strange (4DX) (2016) Doctor Strange (2016) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) Dog's Journey, A (2019) Dog's Purpose, A (2017) Dog's Way Home, A (2019) Dogma (1999) Dogtown and Z-Boys (2002) Dogville (2004) Doing Time for Patsy Cline (1998) Dolittle (3D IMAX) (2020) Dolittle (3D) (2020) Dolittle (4DX) (2020) Dolittle (2020) Dolly ki Doli (2015) Dolphin Tale (3D) (2012) Dolphin Tale 2 (2014) Dolphin Tale (2012) Dolphins (2001) Domestic Disturbance (2002) Dominee Tienie (2019) Domino (2006) Don 2 (3D) (2011) Don 2 (2011) Don Jon (2014) Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011) Don't Breathe (2016) Don't Move (2005) Don't Say a Word (2002) Donnie Brasco (1997) Don (2006) Doomsday (2008) Doom (2005) Door in the Floor, The (2004) Dope (2015) Dora and the Lost City of Gold (4DX) (2019) Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) Dora's Peace (2016) Dorian Gray (2010) Dostana (2008) Dosti: Friends Forever (2005) Dot the I (2006) Double Dhamaal (2011) Double Jeopardy (2000) Double Take (2001) Double Team (1997) Doubt (2009) Doug's 1st Movie (1999) Down a Dark Hall (2018) Down in the Valley (2006) Down to Earth (2001) Down to You (2000) Down with Love (2003) Downfall, The (2005) Downsizing (2018) Downton Abbey (2019) Dr Agaki (1999) Dr Dolittle (1998) Dr T & the Women (2001) Dr. Cabbie (2014) Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001) Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! (2008) Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (3D) (2012) Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (2012) Dracula 2000 (2001) Dracula Untold (IMAX) (2014) Dracula Untold (2014) Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1997) Drag Me to Hell (2009) Dragonball: Evolution (2009) Dragonfly (2002) Dream Girl (2019) Dream House (2011) Dream Life of Angels, The (1999) Dreamcatcher (2003) Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2006) Dreamers, The (2004) Dreamgirls (2007) Dreaming of Joseph Lees (2000) Dredd 3D (2012) Dressmaker, The (2016) Dress, The (1997) Drillbit Taylor (2008) Drishyam (2015) Drive Angry 3D (2011) Drive Hard (2014) Drive Me Crazy (2000) Driven to Kill (2009) Driven (2001) Drive (1997) Drive (2011) Driving Lessons (2007) Drona (2008) Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) Drop, The (2014) Drowning Mona (2001) Drumline (2003) Drum (2005) Duchess, The (2009) Duck Duck Goose (2018) Dude, Where's My Car (2001) Dudley Do-Right (1999) Due Date (2010) Duets (2001) Dukes of Hazzard, The (2005) Duke, The (2000) Dulha Mil Gaya (2010) Dum Maaro Dum (2011) Dumb and Dumber To (2014) Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003) Dumbo (3D IMAX) (2019) Dumbo (3D) (2019) Dumbo (2019) Dumplin' (2019) Dungeons & Dragons (2001) Dunkirk (IMAX) (2017) Dunkirk (2017) Duplex (2004) Duplicity (2009) Dus Kahaniyaan (2007) Dus (2005) Dying of the Light (2015)
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Sydney This Weekend (30 & 31)

Outside shit
Market shit
Tasty shit
Art shit
Performance shit
Gig Shit
Education Shit
Christmas Shit
New Year Shit
Other shit
Last day shit
Shit you guys suggested
Trackwork This Weekend
Need more? Resource list!
dark_skeleton made an applet so you can be notified when I post one of these threads.
There’s a heap more new year’s eve shit listed here and check out the Fireworks Mega Thread as well.
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Sydney This Weekend(17th & 18th)

Outside shit
Market shit
Tasty shit
Art shit
Performance shit
Gig Shit
Education Shit
Chinese New Year Shit
Gay shit
Other shit
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Suggestions for Australia trip

Hi I'm looking for suggestions on the trip my friends and I are planning. We will be a group of 3-4, taking our two weeks' vacation on a trip to Australia during the last quarter of 2014. We are all guys in our mid 20's. We all have full time jobs, and because we probably won't be back here for a long time, we are willing to splurge a little. But we definitely are by no means rich, so we won't be staying at any five star hotels.
The trip is still in its infancy, so we have just a list of possible destinations and any attractions they might offer. Here's what we have:
Queesland - Great Barrier Reef, Australia Zoo Sydney - Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbor, Skydive the Beach Melbourne - Federation Square, Queen Victoria Market, Great Ocean Road (12 Apostles), Southbank, Crown Casino
The last trip we had was in Yellowstone. We had an amazing time there, and I'd love to check out parks/rainforests and whatever trails/sights they might offer. We'd of course like to see the surface touristy stuff, and we know the time restriction will prevent us from truly reaching the depths of what this place has to offer, but we'd like to attempt to see and go places where most tourists have not, probably places that only locals might know of.
We are also having a hard time deciding exactly when to go, so maybe we should schedule around major events? Any suggestions will be great!
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Sydney Free Events Guide 11/05 - 17/05

Hello hello everyone. The moon last night was beautiful was it not?
Friday 11/05:
Saturday 12/05:
*As always, fireworks at 8.30 - Darling harbour
Sunday 13/05:
Monday 14/05:
Wednesday 16/05:


14 - Sydney Writers Festival. Free Events
15 - Diablo 3 parties anybody?
19 - Barcraft Finals
20 - Pyrmont Festival
25 - Vivid Sydney - free stuff here
26 - Tedx Sydney
6 - Venus Transit still on. Thank you Laws of Physics.
9 - Jazz and Blues festival @ darling Harbour. Can't wait!
23- Reddit meetup day
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    3. NSW putting an end to greyhound racing (270 pts, 141 comments)
    4. Uber now legal in NSW (251 pts, 88 comments)
    5. Uber proves 40% cheaper than Sydney taxis and more reliable in Choice test (224 pts, 116 comments)
    6. If anyone is in Summer Hill and surrounding suburbs. There are 3 animals that have been left alone for 4 days now due to their pet sitter having a stroke. (192 pts, 25 comments)
    7. Man charged after allegedly filming woman on train - Police Transport Command (191 pts, 106 comments)
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    3. 2001 CityRail plan for railway network development over the next 50 years, including a network map of the projected 'ultimate' rail network. (168 pts, 105 comments)
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    8. What's open today? (Anzac Day 2016) (129 pts, 29 comments)
    9. An example of poor intersection design at General Holmes Drive and Mill Pond Road - traffic lights displaying a red signal get lost in a sea of bright red airport landing lights. I wrote to the RMS last year, who have done nothing. I'm worried that there will be a horrible accident soon. (119 pts, 63 comments)
    10. PSA: If you ride a motorbike into the CBD from the North Shore, you can get a special toll account from the RMS which gives you unlimited access to the Harbour Bridge or Tunnel for $90 a quarter. You don't even need to carry an E-tag - there is no video matching fee. (119 pts, 40 comments)
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    2. 'The dogs don't work': NSW Greens say $66m 'wasted' on drug sniffer dog unit (156 pts, 107 comments)
    3. TAFE NSW funding to be cut to half as more dollars pushed to private colleges (152 pts, 59 comments)
    4. Call to make City Circle trains free as George Street closure nears (138 pts, 47 comments)
    5. Sydney launches 'world's largest' braille and tactile network for vision-impaired pedestrians (99 pts, 24 comments)
    6. NSW considers compulsory helmets for skateboarders and scooters (96 pts, 99 comments)
    7. Greyhound racing: Calls for inquiry into horse racing following dog sport ban (91 pts, 38 comments)
    8. Inner Sydney mayor says landlords should pay for leaving shops vacant on dying high streets (89 pts, 66 comments)
    9. Salim Mehajer: Auburn deputy mayor refuses to resign after allegations of conflict of interest (84 pts, 36 comments)
    10. NSW Government announces public inquiry into Auburn, North Sydney councils (82 pts, 26 comments)
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    1. Office cleaner who was fired for drinking coffee on the job wins $9,000 in damages and gets his job back (182 pts, 97 comments)
    2. Salim Mehajer's wife Aysha applies for AVO against the former councillor (151 pts, 149 comments)
    3. [Update]Missing Chinese student taken to hospital after being found in inner city Sydney (123 pts, 27 comments)
    4. Sydney sandwich outlet Little Vienna allegedly underpaid workers $108,000 and fabricated records (117 pts, 116 comments)
    5. [Update] Students who abused 'disabled' man on train suspended from Sydney school (109 pts, 62 comments)
    6. University of Sydney terminates art school merger with University of NSW (107 pts, 15 comments)
    7. Adeel Khan found guilty of murder over Rozelle shop fire (83 pts, 12 comments)
    8. Chinese restaurant faces claims it underpaid workers more than $580,000 (78 pts, 71 comments)
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Star Casino Seafood Garden Buffet

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