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I brought weed on a cruise ship. Maybe this little story will help someone going on a cruise soon.

So I just got back from a 1 week cruise to Alaska and Canada and had a amazing time. Before my trip I tried searching this thread and others for info on others who went on a cruise and brought weed and what the outcome was. All I could find was people asking beforehand and not updating after. Well I figured I’d tell ya how it went.
So I took the Norwegian Cruise Line Pearl ship and security was pretty relaxed. You have to put your bag through X-ray and go through a metal detector but that’s it. No pat downs. I packed some edible gummies and pre-filled vape cartridges with THC oil and 5 pre roll joints. I packed the gummies and vape cartridges with my toiletries and such in my carry on bag. The joints I kept in a smell proof container and put that in my shorts under my pants. And kept it towards my private area. Got on the ship no problem.
Smoking on the boat was fairly easy. I only ate edibles and vaped during the day and waited till around 12am everynight to smoke flower. I was able to smoke on the 7th deck smoking area. The Norwegian ships have plenty of areas to smoke. I was able to vape in the casino onboard as well as smoke cigarettes. I never smoked flower in the casino though.
When we docked in a few different towns in Alaska we were able to depart the ship for the day and check out the towns. Went to some recreational shops and bought more pre rolled joints(which was crazy expensive). Was able to get back on the ship no problem. No pat down. Just X-ray bags and metal detector. Went to Canada yesterday and checked out a shop called the farmacy in Victoria and bought some vape carts and pre rolls. I thought security would be tighter in Canada due to customs and such but same thing. No pat down. X-ray and metal detector only.
Overall it was way easier and less stressful than I thought it would be. It seems like weed is the cruises last concern and they are after weapons and the like. Hopefully this helps anyone leaving on a cruise ship soon!
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Review Of Hawaii And NCL's Pride Of America

I just got back and a friend who is taking the exact same cruise and is also cost conscious asked me to give him all my lessons learned. I figured you all might benefit even if some of this information isn't strictly about cruising. I'm going to ask my travel companions to review it (first time in Hawaii and first time cruising) to see if they have anything to add.

Getting There And Getting Around

Air Fare
With Southwest now offering tickets to Hawaii, I expect the competitive market to drop prices across the board but unless you are fortunate enough to live on the west coast in a city with flights that fly direct, air fare can be pricey. I had to get 4 people there round-trip (2 from rural Maine, 1 from Louisville Kentucky and 1 from the Baltimore/D.C. area). I ended up signing up for the Chase Sapphire credit card (annual fee waived for the first year) and the Alaska Airlines credit card that gave me a buy one/take one sign up offer. My total air fare cost was $2400. Besides the credit card, there was no secret other than monitoring the prices as far in advance as possible to see what typical prices are and then striking when there was a decent sale. I would also mention following Scott's Cheap Flights on the off chance a deal becomes available for when you were already planning on traveling.
Ground Transportation
We flew into Waikiki on Tuesday (cruise started on Saturday) so I got a rental car through Autoslash. The total cost for a mid-size for 4 days was $176 and ended up being from Alamo. While I feel this was a good deal as I had four people, if you're not 100% sure you will need it - you can probably get by with an Uber, taxi or even a hop on/off bus (see excursions later). Many excursions had an option for hotel pickup/drop-off.
Probably the best deal I found was Star Taxi which only charged $25 for up to 4 people one-way to/from the cruise terminal and not much more for other locations. Call 1 hour before you need the service.
Parking is EXPENSIVE so be sure to do a lot of research if you plan on renting a vehicle.


General In your mind, you have this idea of what Hawaii is going to be like. Oahu (specifically Honolulu/Waikiki) is not it. It is very over developed and crowded. Many places are run-down because investors have purchased the property but have chosen to wait until conditions are more favorable to develop. There is a very large homeless population in Hawaii overall but I was shocked by the number of shanty towns and abandoned vehicles doubling as homes I saw on Oahu.

Pride Of America

I have to be honest, this was hands down the most expensive cruise I have taken and it was the worst cruise ship. I had a great time but there was a lot left to be desired.
Update: One thing that really stood out as being a good thing is that the room had 3 US standard outlets!!!
Why Does It Cost So Much
Hint: You should get the NCL Mobile App. It includes dinner reservations, account charges, dinner reservations, deck plans, passenger to passenger chat for an additional fee ($10 vs Carnival's $5) and other nifty features.
I was astounded by the number of first time cruisers I saw (based on their ship card color). Because so many of the employees were American, I was also surprised by how many told me that they were on their first contract and wouldn't be back. The people (both employees and passengers) were incredibly friendly and most everyone seemed to be having a good time. I didn't see long lines at guest services. I mentioned earlier how this was the worst ship I had been on - and, while true, shouldn't give you the impression that I didn't have a great time. For my traveling companions, they had nothing to compare it to and other than the entertainment - they had no complaints at all and loved it.

Day 1 & 2 Maui (overnight)

If you have ever been on a Caribbean cruise and you didn't feel like paying for an expensive excursion you could always just walk off the ship and go to a beach or a shopping district or a friendly bar - something. This is not the case in Maui. Where the Pride Of America docks there is absolutely nothing (it took 10 minutes to walk out of the port with chained link fence on both sides only to end up about another 10 minutes away from a strip mall). I do want to point out that the strip mall did have a few artisans selling things out on the sidewalk but this was far from what you will be used to at other locations.
So what to do instead?

Day 3 Hilo Hawaii

This is the first of two days on the island of Hawaii and it is on the eastern (very wet) side of the island. Normally doing two excursions in one day is a not recommended. I would make an exception here because the Botanical Gardens are not to be missed. It is a short excursion (2.5 hours), is relatively inexpensive (you can even do it on your own) and is offered at multiple times allowing you to get another excursion in.

Day 4 Kona Hawaii

The other side of the island is a stark contrast to Hilo as it is dry/desert climate. It is the only tender port on the cruise. Unfortunately, we didn't fare very well here on excursions but shopping and beer was good.
It has been on my bucket list to be in a real submarine and go over 100 feet to below the surface to the ocean floor. That's what 3 of us did here in Kona and while I am glad that I can now say I have done it (105'), the experience itself was underwhelming. To not interfere with the wildlife, the sub doesn't use any artificial lights nor does anything to attract the fish to your windows. This means almost everything is a monochrome blue (the color red doesn't exist at this depth for instance). It's also nearly impossible to get nice photos out the windows even though they are clear enough - just not the right conditions. Now, I met a guest back on the ship that said he had a phenomenal time on a sub that wasn't sponsored through NCL but I'm not sure what it was.
The other guest in my party decided to go on the Gold Coast & Cloud Forest excursion and was also not impressed. The gold supposedly comes from the Hawaii state fish (yellow trigger fish also known as humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa) but apparently they haven't been plentiful enough to turn the coast gold for years. She also said if she was a coffee drinker, she probably would have enjoyed it more (they are famous for their coffee).

Day 5 & 6 Kauai (Overnight)

Remember how I said you have this ideal image in your head of what Hawaii is and Oahu doesn't meet it. Kauai exceeds it - I fell in love and if I ever go back, I will just fly directly here and stay on this island - it is that good.
I am not going to suggest you do anything other than exactly what I did because I couldn't possibly imagine having a better time.
Now, there's more to the story than just these two excursions. First, since you're overnight you can stay out as late as you want. I asked our tour guide where an affordable place to get good beer close to the ship was. She recommended The Nawiliwili Tavern (or just the Tavern). It happens to be a 2 minute walk from one of the free shuttle stops and they have great pizza, beer and pool. Secret I learned this is also where a lot of the crew from the ship hang out after they get off at 9PM so if you want to have a real conversation and ask real questions - this is the place to do it. Once the bartender realized I was into craft beer and trying all they had, she told me about a brew pub not too far up the road that I really wanted to try but ran out of time.

Napali Coast (still day 6)

The cruise ship leaves port early (circa 2PM) and instead of heading to Honolulu backtracks around Kauai. There is a portion of the island that's only reachable by air (helicopter) or by sea (cruise ship) and I was fortunate enough to do both. Actually, our pilot said that a few of the beaches can be reached by a hiking 11+ miles but it isn't an easy hike. In any event, this is where the opening scenes of Jurassic Park were filmed if I remember correctly - utterly gorgeous. My pilot also let me in on a little secret - that the captain times the cruise ship to sunset when the coast is all lit up in spectacular colors so be out on deck with camera ready.

Day 7 - Honolulu (Pearl Harbor & City Tour)

I made a big mistake here. I booked a late flight so I could go to Pearl Harbor and then get dropped off at the airport. We had already done the Circle Island Tour and none of the other offerings were of interest. This was a mistake for two reasons.
Reason 1: Exhaustion
After having spent 5ish days in Waikiki and then taking a 7 day cruise, we were wiped out and really didn't have the stamina to really take it all in.
Reason 2: Airport
If you have a late flight home, I'm sorry. All of your checked bags have to be screened by agriculture (certain plants are not allowed to leave the state) which is airline specific and unless that airline is running flights all day (looking at you Alaska), then you will have to wait for them to open before you can even check in. While you wait, there is essentially no place to eat (Starbucks and a bar that serves hot dogs for $12.50 - yes, $12.50). I recommend you keep some food with you for this reason. They do offer a baggage hold service but the prices were ridiculous (4 checked bags for 24 hours was $100). Sorry if it seems like I am whining - it was the end of a long trip and I was returning to reality.

Update: Viator

In this post, I have provided a number of links to NCL's excursions, directly to the vendor and also to Viator. Viator is part of Tripadvisor and generally speaking, you can trust the reviews. On most of the bookings, you can cancel for a full refund up to 24 hours in advance. They are competitively priced and you can usually get a discount. For instance, new customers will get offered a 10% discount off their first purchase. Companies like Ebates and TopCashBack will offer an additional 3 to 6% cash back as well. Use a credit card that gives back 2-4% on travel and it can really reduce the price. I haven't had too much trouble figuring out what vendor was being used through Viator so you could just book with them direct too and just use them as a way to find fun things to do and use the reviews to distinguish between what's good and what's not.
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High School Dropouts Are More Successful

The list below are high school dropouts:
Thomas Haffa – self-made double-digit billionaire German media businessman
J.R. Simplot – self-made billionaire American agricultural businessman
Robert Maxwell – self-made billionaire British publisher
Jim Clark – self-made billionaire American businessman; founder of Netscape – first Internet billionaire (17, U.S. Navy)
Jimmy Dean – singer-songwriter-actor; self-made multimillionaire American businessman; founder of the Jimmy
Andrew Jackson – 7th U.S. President; face is pictured on the U.S. twenty dollar bill (13, U.S. Continental Army; orphaned at 14; little formal education; home schooling/life experience; studied law in his late teens and became a lawyer
Leon Uris – best-selling American author (Exodus, etc.) (17, U.S. Marines)
Walter L. Smith – former president of Florida A& M University (equivalency diploma, at age 23.
Clement Stone – self-made multimillionaire (some sources indicate billionaire) American businessman-author; founder of Success” magazine (elementary school dropout; later attended high-school night courses and then some college
Jack London – best-selling American author (dropped out at 14 to work; later gained admission to the University of California; left after one semester
Arthur Ernest Morgan – American flood-control engineer; college, president-author; appointed by President Roosevelt to be director of the Tennessee Valley Authority public works project (left high school after three years; later attended the University of Colorado for six weeks
Maurice Chevalier – Oscar-winning actor-singer; French Legion of Honor inductee/Medal recipient (note: rank bestowed in
Pierce Brosnan – actor
Daniel Gilbert – Harvard University psychology professor (equivalency diploma
Patrick Henry – American Revolutionary War era politician; Virginia’ first governor; famous quote: Give me liberty, or give me death! (little formal education; home schooling/life experience; later studied on his own and earned a law degree
Peter Jennings – Canadian-born American television journalist; evening news anchorman
Ansel Adams – American wilderness photographer;Â photography book author; Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
Brooke Astor – wealthy American socialite-philanthropist-author; Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
Pearl Bailey – singer-actress, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
Bill Bartman – self-made billionaire American businessman
Lew Grade – British film/TV producer (TV: The Avengers, The Saint, Secret Agent, The Prisoner, The Muppet Show, etc.); knighted (United Kingdom: Sir Lew Grade)
Philip Emeagwali – supercomputer scientist; one of the pioneers of the Internet (high-IQ high-school dropout; left school in native Nigeria due to war conditions and lack of tuition money; continued to study on his own and earned an equivalency diploma; later won a scholarship to Oregon College of Education in the United States; transferred after one year to Oregon State University)
Hiram Stevens – American-born engineering inventor, knighted (United Kingdom: Sir Hiram Stevens)
Kemmons Wilson – self-made multimillionaire American businessman; founder of the Holiday Inn” hotel chain
Kjell Inge Rokke – self-made billionaire Norwegian businessman
Walter Nash – New Zealand Prime Minister 1957-1960, knighted (United Kingdom: Sir Walter Nash)
Rosa Parks – U.S. civil rights activist-pioneer; Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient; Congressional Gold Medal recipient
Mary Pickford – Oscar-winning actress; early Hollywood pioneer; co-founder of United Artists Corporation” (little formal education [six months]; home schooling/life experience)
Frederick Freddy” Laker – self-made multimillionaire British businessman; airline entrepreneur; knighted (United Kingdom: Sir Frederick [or Freddy] Laker)
Tommy Lasorda – baseball team manager; National Baseball Hall of Fame inductee
Anton van Leeuwenhoek- Dutch microscope maker; world’s first microbiologist; discoverer of bacteria, blood cells, and sperm cells)
Richard Branson – self-made billionaire British businessman; founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways,” Virgin Records,” etc.; knighted (United Kingdom: Sir Richard Branson)
Isaac Merrit Singer – American sewing machine inventor; self-made multimillionaire founder of Singer Industries,” I.M. Singer and Company,” etc. (elementary school dropout)
Alfred E. Smith – New York Governor; 1928 Democratic U.S. Presidential candidate (elementary school dropout)
Sean Connery – Oscar-winning actor; knighted (United Kingdom: Sir Sean Connery)
Jack Kent Cooke – self-made billionaire Canadian-born American media businessman
Charles E. Culpeper – self-made multimillionaire American businessman; early 1900s’ owner and head of The Coca Cola Bottling Company
Robert De Niro – Oscar-winning actor-producer; knighted (France: Chevalier [Knight] of the Legion of Honor; Chevalier [or Chev.] Robert De Niro)
Gerard Depardieu – Oscar-nominated actor; knighted (France: Chevalier [or Chev.] Gerard Depardieu) (elementary school dropout)
Richard Desmond – self-made billionaire British publisher
Joe Lewis – self-made billionaire British businessman
Carl Lindn er – self-made billionaire American businessman
John Llewellyn – U.S. Labor leader pioneer; for 40 years until his retirement, president of the United Mine Workers Union
Marcus Loew – self-made multimillionaire American businessman; early Hollywood pioneer; founder of the Loews” movie-theater chain; co-fondner of MGM studios (elementary school dropout)
Mary Lyon – American women’s education pioneer; early American teacher; founder of Mount Holyoke College (America’s first women’s college)
Sonny Bono – singer-songwriter-actor, U.S. Congressman (California U.S. Representative)
Horace Greeley – American newspaper publisher-editor; U.S. Congressman; U.S. Presidential candidate; co-founder of the Republican party in the United States
Here is another list of people that dropped out of high school or college. They have gone on to make more money then the rest of their graduating class all together:
Alan Gerry is another billionaire high school dropout. Gerry 71 also filled his bank account by exploiting a new technology. In 1956, ten years after he dropped out of high school, Gerry built the first cable television network in upstate New York. He made his fortune in this new market, and then sold his company, Cablevision, to Time Warner for $2.6 billion four years ago. Now Gerry is chairman of a venture capital firm called Granite Associates. Granite funds entrepreneurs trying to make their money in burgeoning technology industries, just as Gerry made his fortune by getting into cable when it was still in its infancy.
When you have a brilliant idea, nobody is going to ask to see your diploma, Gerry says. You don’t need a four-year college degree if you have burning ambition or a great plan.
Take Spud King John R. Simplot. Simplot, was born on an Idaho farm and left home when he was 14 because he was sick of milking cows.” Simplot followed that with a half century of hard work and shrewd investments, he made a killing in Micron (nyse: MU – news – people ). How important was education to his success? Hell, he says, I didn’t even get out of the eighth grade.
Tom Monaghan owner of Dominioes and former owner of the Detroit Tigers:
I floundered during the rest of high school and graduated last in my class. They weren’t even going to graduate me, but I pleaded with a nun. She said, Well, you got good marks in the seminary, so I’ll let you graduate. But don’t ever ask me to recommend you for college.
One day in 1960, my brother told me about a pizza shop in Ypsilanti, Mich., called Dominoes, that a friend of his was selling. My brother was interested but afraid to do it on his own, so he asked if I’d do it with him. I was having problems paying my way through school, so I said yes. It was $500 down, and we borrowed $900. I got a 15-minute lesson in making pizza from Dominick, and I was off. We opened up without an attorney. I didn’t even collect sales tax “didn’t know I had to. The plan was for me to work half the night and my brother to work the other half. But it didn’t work because he didn’t want to leave his full-time job as a mailman. Within about eight months he wanted out, and I bought him out by giving him the Volkswagen we used for deliveries.
Most of you probably know that Dave Thomas the founder of Wendys was a high school dropout.
Peter Jennings-High School Dropout
Here is a couple of notable geniuses that were not billionaires. They were rich with knowledge but not cash. They were high school dropouts.
Albert Einstein Thomas Edison
Hong Kong self-made billionaire Li Ka-Shing, worth $18.8 billion or so, is Asia’s richest man. He is also the richest Chinese in the world, and according to Forbes, the 10th richest man in the world.
When he was just 12 years old, Li and his family fled to Hong Kong when Japan invaded China. When he was 15, Liâ’s father died and he was forced to drop out of high school to support his family.
Li got his start as a salesman selling watches at his uncle’s store, and soon proved to be a diligent worker: he worked 16 hour days, visited customers during the day and worked at the factory at night. Determined to better himself, Li even found a tutor to teach him English every night!
When he was 21, Li opened a plastic manufacturing company and grew his business by selling high quality plastic flowers at bargain prices. When Li was 30, he accidentally got into real estate because he couldn’t renew the lease for his factory and was forced to purchase and develop a site himself.
From there, Li diversified into electronics, telecommunications, retails, ports, and even power and electricity. Li is also noted for his philantrophy: he gave millions to various universities and disaster-relief.
All in all, not bad for a high school drop-out.
Amancio Ortega.
Amancio Ortega was a son of a railway worker turned fashion-mogul and Spain’s richest man. He is worth $14.8 billion.
Ortega started out at the age of 14 as a gofer in a shirt store. At the age of 27, he started his own company to make bathrobes. Twelve years later, he opened his first store called Zara, which would become an enormously popular chain.
Ortega kept a very low profile (so much so that when he did make a public appearance in 2000, it made headlines in Spanish press!) but we’re guessing it’s not because this billionaire dropped out of high school.
François Pinault.
François who? You may not recognize the name, but you’ll definitely know his products: through his retail and luxury goods holding company PPR, Franasois Pinault owns (or has owned) Gucci, YSL, Converse sneakers, Samsonite luggage, the Vail ski resort in Colorado, and the auction house Christie’s.
But donâ’t tell the luxury goods buyers that Pinault is a high school dropout – just tell them he’s worth $7 billion.
David Murdock had a tough childhood – he dropped out of high school in ninth-grade and pumped gas until he was drafted into the Army.
Since then, however, life had worked out for him: Murdock did a leveraged buyout of Castle & Cooke, which then bought Dole Food Company and assumed its name.
So, next time you eat a Dole pinapple, remember that the guy that owns it was a high school drop out (and by buying the product, you’re making him that much richer than the $4 billion he’s currently worth)
Kirk Kerkorian.
Self-made billionaire Kirk Kerkorian was an amateur boxer (Rifle Right Kerkorina) and a pilot. At the age of 30, he got his start by buying a small air-charter service flying gamblers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 1947.
Seeing opportunities in Las Vegas, Kerkorian bought land and got into the lucrative real estate / casino development. Since the 1960s, Kerkorian had bought (and sold) hot properties like the Caesars Palace, the Las Vegas Hilton, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, and others.
Kerkorian’s current fortune is estimated to be around $8.7 billion – not bad for someone who was a highschool dropout.
YC Wang.
Can you technically label someone a dropout if he never started high school to begin with? Dunno, but this is too remarkable not to mention.
Wait, there’s a billionaire here that never even set foot in high school?
Yes. That’s YC Wang, a self-made Taiwanese billionaire who made his fortune in plastics and chemicals. The octagenarian is now the head of Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics, one of the largest plastic manufacturers in the world.
Wang was born to a tea farmer and was forced to enter the work force with only an elementary school education.
He did well for himself, though – Wang is now worth $5.4 billion.
Virgin’s Richard Branson is worth $2.8 billion and that’s not too shabby for a guy who didn’t even finish high school.
Branson suffered from dyslexia and dropped out of high school at 16 years of age. What he lacked in schooling, however, he made up in curiosity and entrepreneur zeal – when he was 15, he had started two business ventures: growing Christmas trees and raising parrots!
When he was 17, Branson opened his first charity and started his first record business. Along with Nik Powell, Branson opened a small record store in London called Virgin. It specialized in krautrock imports.
Virgin became a veritable giant (branching out into things like airways, telecommunication and so forth) and Branson was knighted in 1999 for services to entrepreneurship.
More education doesn’t mean you’ll be more successful. It’s all about your drive. Your passion in life and sticking to it. Not necessarily playing it safe. I’ve meet many people that have played it safe, with a good job and such and then retire broke. Don’t play it safe. Go for it like these people have.
So, next time you want to call him a high school dropout, remember that it’s Sir high school dropout to you.
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Cruise Casino Questions

I'll be on the Norwegian Pearl in July.
  1. Are the drinks comped? If I have the free drink package already are there cocktail waitresses who will bring me my drinks if I'm tipping?
  2. How are the odds on the games? 3:2 blackjack, 99%+ video poker? Texas Hold'em running regularly?
  3. Is the casino open 24/7?
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Adult Only Couples Cruise Balcony Room for Sale - Oct 3-7

Hello Sexy People! My husband and I booked passage on an adult only lifestyle cruise that sails out of Los Angeles California next month and we are now unable to take it due to unfortunate life circumstances. :( We are looking to switch passage to another swinger couple. We took this comparable cruise three years ago on the Independence of the Seas and it was an amazing time. If you have never been on a lifestyle cruise this is the chance for you to go on one at a nice discount! Details are as follows:
If you booked passage today this room it would be $2558. We are selling for a discounted value of $1600.
Please send me a message, or leave a comment below, and I'll reach out to exchange phone numbers. We can even swap Kasidie or SLS names so you can be more comfortable with the transaction. We are really just looking to recoup some of our money for the trip. If you are local to Las Vegas we can meet up to exchange information and cash payment. Otherwise we will discuss other arrangements (Venmo, Paypal ,etc. ) Don't miss this opportunity to have a sexy vacation with your lover at a great price!
If you know any Swingers who are not a Redditors please feel free to pass this info along to them! Thank you fellow sexies!
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Adult Only Couples Cruise Balcony Room for Sale - Oct 3-7

Hello Sexy People! My husband and I booked passage on an adult only lifestyle cruise that sails out of Los Angeles California next month and we are now unable to take it due to unfortunate life circumstances. :( We are looking to switch passage to another couple. This is the perfect vacation getaway for those in open relationship, swingers, kinky couples, or any open-minded sex positive couples! We took this comparable cruise three years ago on the Independence of the Seas and it was an amazing time. If you have never been on a lifestyle cruise this is the chance for you to go on one at a nice discount! Details are as follows:
If you booked passage today this room it would be $2558. We are selling for a discounted value of $1600.
Please send me a message, or leave a comment below, and I'll reach out to exchange phone numbers. We can even swap Kasidie or SLS names so you can be more comfortable with the transaction. We are really just looking to recoup some of our money for the trip. If you are local to Las Vegas, Nevada we can meet up to exchange information and cash payment. Otherwise we will discuss other arrangements (Venmo, Paypal ,etc. ) Don't miss this opportunity to have a sexy vacation with your lover at a great price!
If you know any Swinger who is not a Redditor please feel free to pass this info along to them! Thank you fellow sexies!
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The 10 largest ICO fund raises: successes, controversies and lessons learned
From an oil backed coin designed to circumvent global economic sanctions, to another that is bankrolling a Macau casino, to one that forced Ethereum to hardfork, the top 10 biggest ICOs to date are nothing if not controversial
The top ten ICOs have been very successful in gaining early positive attention around their projects; however, many on this list have had lackluster performances in the time since their ICOs. Here’s what you need to know about these projects.

1. Petro (PTR) - 5bn

While the Petro project has reportedly raised the most money of any ICO on this list, it is also quite possibly the most controversial. The Petro was essentially created by the Venezuelan government in February 2018 as a way to circumvent economic sanctions. The Venezuelan government has had a dismal track record in recent years. Problems include human rights violations, rampant corruption, and hyperinflation of its own fiat currency.
With all of these issues, who actually invested in this project? It’s reported that Russian officials helped Venezuela launch the Petro. This makes this crypto controversial from a political perspective. In fact, the US government has banned its citizens from trading it. Even two of Venezuela’s own lawmaking bodies have declared the Petro to be an illegal cryptocurrency.

2. EOS - 2.5bn

EOS is a project born out of a vision to create a better blockchain platform for decentralized applications (dapps). The aim is to offer the security of BTC and the computing power of ETH. It also promises to be able to process 1 million transactions per second on machines with 100 GPU cores. The combination of scalability and ease of use are what has attracted a lot of investment thus far.
One of the biggest controversies regarding EOS is its ICO structure, which utilizes a continuous distribution model over a one-year period (ending on June 1, 2018). During the ICO, EOS is simultaneously available to purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges, an uncommon practice for almost every other similar project. This strategy has been criticized by some people as EOS trying to drive speculation and pit investors against one another. The project also featured on an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in March 2018.

3. Telegram (GRAM) - 1.7bn

Telegram has quickly gained a lot of momentum. In an era where social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter seemed invincible, Telegram defied the odds to become the number one social networking app in over 100 nations according to AppAnnie rankings. What’s so interesting about Telegram’s ICO is that all of its funds so far have been raised in two private sales, which are only open to accredited investors in the US.
How much money is needed to invest in GRAM coin? The total is thought to be $20 million for “outsiders” and $500,000 for “friends”. This is potentially concerning for some investors due to the fact that the token supply of GRAM will be heavily centralized, meaning that a few wealthy investors have control over funds. This is the opposite of the decentralized movement that most projects usually intend to promote.

4. Dragon (DRG) - 320m

Dragon is different than almost every cryptocurrency on this list. That’s because it will be backed by a real-life, physical asset: a floating casino in Macau. Holders of DRG will be able to use tokens in the new casino once it is built.
This project looks to change Macau’s booming gambling economy, which is estimated to be 20 times the size of the Las Vegas gambling sector. Essentially, DRG tokens will be used to circumvent the capital flow restrictions in and out of mainland China, making gambling more convenient for Chinese mainlanders.
20% of the ICO fundraising will go toward construction of the $300 million Dragon Pearl Hotel Casino. Interestingly enough, the other 80% of funds needed to build the facility are being paid by the Norwegian government. More controversially, Dragon has been linked to the recent scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica.

5. Huobi (HT) - 300m

Huobi is consistently ranked as a top five exchange in the 24 hour trade volume rankings. Previously, Huobi was different than most cryptocurrency exchanges because it lacked its own native token.
Due to the popularity of other exchanges with native tokens, the company launched its own Huobi Token (HT). Instead of conducting a large-scale and high-publicized ICO, Huobi simply allowed its existing active user base to purchase HT packages using other cryptocurrencies. The main benefit of HT is its use as a utility token on Huobi’s trading platform. Investors who trade using HT as part of a trading pair receive a reduction in transaction fees.

6. Hdac (DAC) - 258m

Hdac (DAC) aims to be the world's first IoT contract and payment platform using blockchain technology. Most notably, Hdac is supported by the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai. This ICO received a lot of funding and publicity in South Korea, but hasn’t received the same amount of attention elsewhere. Some publications have been critical of Hdac, citing that the project’s white paper failed to draw any comparisonbetween itself and IOTA, its main competitor.
One of the most interesting things about Hdac’s token sale is the small amount of tokens being sold. Unlike most projects which aim to sell at least 30 or 40% of the total supply during an ICO, only around 7% of the total supply was sold during the Hdac ICO in NovembeDecember 2017. Some would argue that this gives the existing DAC tokens a lot of value; however, others would say that Hdac runs the risk of rampant inflation as it releases more tokens in the coming years.

7. Filecoin (FIL) - 257m

The concept behind Filecoin is simple. The world is filled with millions of devices with extra storage and also millions of people who need more storage. Filecoin (FIL) aims to create a decentralized file storage solutionthat will allow people to pay other people for extra storage using FIL tokens.
When Filecoin launched its ICO back in September 2017, it was actually the largest in history. However, similar to the Telegram ICO, Filecoin’s fundraising was only open to accredited investors (people who make $200,000 a year or with assets worth $1 million). While this did help Filecoin raise the capital it needs to build out this innovative technology, it is yet to be seen whether FIL (or any other crypto) can gain value after only offering a closed, private token sale.

8. Tezos (XTZ) -238m

Tezos garnered a lot of attention during its ICO, especially due to its promise to create a new type of built-in consensus algorithm. Most notably Tezos (XTZ) is backed by well known Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper. Much like EOS, Tezos was able to raise a lot of funds due to its ambitious project goal to create the world’s go-to blockchain protocol.
Soon after the ICO ended, Tezos co-founders Kathleen and Arthur Breitman discovered that Johann Gevers, Tezos’ fund manager, decided to give himself a $1.5 million bonus without notifying other members of the team. This has since led to a class action lawsuit, which has cast a large shadow over the project.

9. The DAO (DAO) - 168m

The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the earliest ICO featured in this list. When The DAO launched its ICO in May 2016, there was a lot of excitement around its aim to create a decentralized venture capital fund. The intention of the project was to create a voting system that would allow the community to determine how cryptocurrency project fund managers could spend funds, reducing or possibly ending possible scenarios like the one that occurred with Tezos.
From the perspective of investors, The DAO seemed like a project destined to bring 100% decentralized business-decision making to blockchain projects. However, a major hack soon after the ICO led to the loss of 3.6 million ETH, one-third of all project funding. The DAO wasn’t able to recover and the Ethereum community voted to reverse the loss through hard fork, thereby splitting the network apart into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (ETC).
The fact that U.S. Security and Exchanges Commission ruled in July 2017 that DAO tokens were possible violations of national securities law has also made many newer crypto projects weary of possible legal battles in the US. While this ruling was intended to keep smaller investors safe from potentially fraudulent projects, this move has likely instigated a trend towards a greater number accredited investor ICOs like Telegram and Filecoin, which feature highly-centralized token supplies.

10. Sirin Labs (SRN) - 158m

Sirin Labs is working to together with Foxconn to create a blockchain mobile phone called “Finney”, which is expected to retail for around $1000. The project is incentivizing its cryptocurrency by allowing token holders to pre-order Finney using SRN tokens. Sirin Labs’ ICO was successful because the project has a clear goal of creating a more decentralized consumer electronic experience. Instead of using Google Play or the Apple App Store, users will be able to download and use decentralized applications directly from their mobile phones. Sirin Labs will also create software that allows its users to easily convert a number of ERC20 tokens via Finney.
IOTA’s Tangle technology is also expected to be implemented in Sirin Labs’ products. Sirin Labs’ unique focus on blockchain-enabled hardware is a sign that the company wants to tackle some of the biggest obstacles to user adoption. This is something that very few projects are working on at the moment.

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NCL Jewel Alaska for a first cruise? Could use some past experiences for reference.

I've booked an Alaskan cruise for 7 people in May on the Norwegian Pearl. NCL wasn't my first choice as I've done the same itinerary with X on the Millennium about 3 years ago. Due to humming and hawing of the group I missed the booking deadline for X's Millennium; it was a ridiculously reduced rate for Alaska in May. I'm still salty about losing that deal. For reference, the price of an ocean view after fees would have covered an inside cabin, plane fare, and hotel before and after sailing. With the NCL cruise most of us opted for the Ultimate Beverage Package deal, as this was a major selling point for this cruise over: RCL, Holland, Carnival, etc...
If I had my way we'd all be on X's solstice from Seattle in a free upgraded balcony with two of the Go Big options or just Go Best. Unfortunately for me and the rest of the group 2 people wouldn't see past the bottom line and refused to pony up for perks that would have made their cruise.
For 5 members of my group this will be their first cruise ever. This group is made up of family and friends, and we are millennials the youngest being 23. I may be making a mountain out of a molehill, but my first cruise was amazing. I feel I have a responsibility to ensure that their first cruise is at least pleasant.
On CruiseCritic NCL as a line seems hit or miss, but if one looks at Alaska specifically most reviews are good to extraordinary with a light dusting of horribles. Those 1/5 reviews seem like they come from sincerely miserable, entitled, or both miserable and entitled people.
  1. We are a foodie group. We grew up with great cooking. We dine at good places. Does the Chef's Table on NCL live up to the hype surrounding the expectations of eating at a chef's table?
  2. Does anyone have a list of what premium wines and spirits are not covered by the package? Anyone have any trouble with rumrunners with NCL?
  3. This will be my first experience with freestyle cruising. How early before a sailing do the prime dining times start to fill?
  4. Is ventilation bad in the casino to where smoking will be an issue or is Critic full of sensitive Susies?
group the next 3 together
  1. Service seems to be a reoccurring thread among negative reviewers. Has anyone ever had an incident on NCL where they didn't try to at least amend the situation?
  2. Bar service. Critic has a love hate with drink service on NCL. Has anyone had an issue where the wait for a drink affected the quality of a drink? (I'm a snob when it comes to alcohol; I do not drink to get drunk)
  3. Any problems with an attendant forgetting a brought up issue? (you told your room attendant that you preferred X in a certain way and you had to tell them again or they just plain forgot and you didn't bother after the fact)
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Norwegian Pearl Tour ~ Norwegian Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship ... Norwegian Cruise Line – Casinos At Sea - YouTube Norwegian Pearl Tour NCL Pearl Atrium NCL Pearl Casino Walk Through - YouTube

Pearl Club Casino. 2.8 (10 Reviews) Welcome. Try your hand at Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Let It Ride against a backdrop of traveling... Free Price Alert Find a cruise on Norwegian Pearl. Select destination. Select date. See Cruises * is not a booking agent or travel agency, and does not charge any service fees to users of our site. Our partners (travel agencies and cruise ... Pearl Club Casino; Shopping Galleria; Before you book. Why Sail on Norwegian Pearl: While it does sail some Caribbean itineraries, Pearl is ideal for couples and older travelers looking to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations like the Mediterranean, the Baltic, and New England. The ship also has a slightly lower passenger capacity compared ... Find details and photos of Norwegian Pearl cruise ship on Tripadvisor. Learn more about Norwegian Pearl deck plans and cabins, ship activities including dining and entertainment, and sailing itineraries to help you plan your next cruise vacation. Norwegian Pearl Casino Photos: Browse over 4,290 pictures of Activities And Events on board the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship. Norwegian Pearl Pearl Club Casino Description. Pearl Club Casino. The ship's Pearl Club Casino with Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Let it Ride and Slot machines and a backdrop of travelling circuses from the turn of the century is open to over 18’s only. Served by its own bar it also hosts a number of tournaments for guests to participate in and can accommodate 327 passengers. Norwegian Pearl ... Whatever you choose to do, we invite you to experience the wonders of getting there aboard the Norwegian Pearl. Her chic 16 delicious dining options, 15 bars and lounges, dazzling casino, tranquil spa, and spacious Garden Villas are just a few things that make this Jewel Class cruise ship a destination of her own. Ship Ganz gleich, für welche Optionen Sie sich entscheiden: Wir laden Sie herzlich auf eine unvergessliche Reise an Bord der Norwegian Pearl ein. Dieses Kreuzfahrtschiff der Jewel-Klasse zeichnet sich unter anderem durch 16 hervorragende Dining-Optionen, 15 Bars und Lounges, ein schillerndes Casino, ein ruhiges Spa und großzügige Garden Villen aus. Norwegian Cruise Lines - Pearl main section: This casino is found in Seattle, Washington. Norwegian Cruise Lines - Pearl has a total of 0 gaming machines for your entertainment. WCD also lists and books casino hotels in Seattle. You will also find pics of Norwegian Cruise Lines - Pearl or find news about Norwegian Cruise Lines - Pearl on this page. Norwegian Pearl Pearl Club Casino: Welcome. Try your hand at Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Let It Ride® against a backdrop of travelling circuses from the turn of the century. CASINO REVIEW! Norwegian Pearl Cruise Review by badgambler. 0 people found this helpful. Trip Details. Sail Date: Dec 2008Destination: the Western Caribbean; Cabin Type: Penthouse with Large ...

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Norwegian Pearl Tour ~ Norwegian Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship ...

LEARN MORE: Cruise Line knows what casino players want. Exciting games, nonstop action, instan... Norwegian PEARL Cruise Vlog [ep13] - Duration: 23:57. Sea Cruisers 20,610 views. 23:57. 11 Costly Cruise Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them!) - Duration: 12:33. Tips For Travellers 153,477 views. 12 ... Watch our Norwegian Pearl Tour from Norwegian Cruise Line – popular for charter cruises like Star Trek: The Cruise – and all of the cruise ship's venues and ... NCL Pearl March 2018 Norwegian Pearl Tour ~ Norwegian Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour ... WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CRUISE SHIP CASINOS GAMBLING AT SEA - Duration: 17:24. Sharon at Sea Recommended for you. 17:24 ...