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I do a drive by - of the new casino construction sight

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New casino construction?

Wasn't a new casino to be built as a part of the proposition which brought casinos to Ohio? I hear about profits being up and then down from the Higbee based casino but never is the construction of the new building mentioned. The construction jobs which would be created would certainly be an asset to Cleveland's economy.
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Guys, something is happening at The Diamond Casino. There's construction site at the top of the Casino, Tom sends us a message about the construction noise, and you can hear the noise from the penthouse. New update hints?

Guys, something is happening at The Diamond Casino. There's construction site at the top of the Casino, Tom sends us a message about the construction noise, and you can hear the noise from the penthouse. New update hints? submitted by bozidarilic to gtaonline [link] [comments]

The security guy had enough players to come and punch him all the time. Is not his fault that the new building construction is happening in the Casino, again...

The security guy had enough players to come and punch him all the time. Is not his fault that the new building construction is happening in the Casino, again... submitted by GTAWizard to gtaonline [link] [comments]

Drone shot of the (under construction) New Majestic Star Casino - Gary, Indiana (29th & Burr)

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Jul/9/2020 news: () Tsarukyan's casino loses license () Gold mine in trouble () Solar incoming () Anti-bribery () TEAM licensed () BHK & Traditions () Foreign affairs () Diplomatic passports () Artsakh () Rebel arrested () Emergency powers () Yandex helps Yerevan () Finances () Construction QA ()

In case you missed yesterday's important news:

BHK leader Tsarukyan's casino loses license

In May/6/2020, before the "big bust" that got BHK leader Tsarukyan in trouble, the regulators had audited his Shangri La casino and found violations. The Casino was given time to fix the problems.
Later, after Tsarukyan's alleged voter bribery and financial crimes were revealed, his casino was implicated in a criminal case.
Today the Finance Ministry revoked the casino's license for failing to pay fees for 2020Q3.

Regulators audited BHK leader Tsarukyan's gold mine...

... located in Mkhart, and issued a $200 fine for operating without an environmental audit. The mine and its factory are told to get an audit.

Regulators audited the Electric Networks of Armenia...

... and issued a $21,000 fine. The company routinely overcharged consumers by writing higher usage numbers in the books, likely due to an error. Other problems were found.

BHK plans to "defend Armenia's traditions"

BHK leader Tsarukyan has instructed BHK's youth wing to organize a campaign against the upcoming Education Ministry reform that will merge Armenian Church subject with Armenian History in schools.
Tsarukyan called it an attack on Armenian values. The Ministry says having it as a separate subject makes no sense, but schools will have flexibility.
BHK will also protest against the upcoming education reforms that will help children better protect themselves against pedophiles.
BHK and other hardline traditionalists believe it'll teach sexual materials to children. The govt denies it, saying the education is more like "don't take candy from a stranger's van".

Diplomatic passports

After the 2018 evolution, it was revealed that the former administrations generously distributed diplomatic passports to their friends. Kocharyan's and Serj's entire family line, singer Sirusho, grandchildren, etc. received the privilege.
After the evolution, 395 such passports were revoked, while 762 new were issued.
The full list of owners is still considered a secret because "it contains classified information". Journalists want to get their hands on the list to make sure MFA isn't doing the same shenanigans.
MFA responded saying "the passports were issued according to law."


...doesn't like the fact that Turkey's Erdogan wants to convert the Hagia Sophia museum-church into a mosque.
Greek politicians proposed converting Ataturk's house-museum in Thessaloniki into a museum dedicated to the Greek Genocide.
The Hagio Sophia's topic was brought up in the Armenian Parliament today, with an MP expressing his dissatisfaction.

stirring the pot in 3... 2... 1...

System of a Down drummer Dolmayan caused some noise after criticizing the "Black Lives Matter" movement on his Instagram page. He isn't happy with the "media coverage, sensationalism, and the riots."
Possible context: The recent defacement of an Armenian Genocide Memorial in Colorado has rubbed some Armenians the wrong way. It was addressed by the White House.

CNN documentary: What it's like to visit a country [Artsakh] that doesn't officially exist

COVID stats

+1,995 tested. +526 infected. +573 healed. +14 deaths.
129,166 tested. 11,641 active. 18,000 healed. 535 deaths.
There are no patients in serious condition left out of hospitals, but the beds are still overloaded. Spitak's clinic joined the fight and all 120 beds are already occupied. ,

"Armenia is turning into a dictatorship"

Breaking news. The govt has approved a bill that will grant the Healthcare Ministry a full authority over all private and public medical centers across Armenia during Emergency situations.
"It's needed to make the fight against pandemic more efficient," said the govt. The bill needs Parliamentary approval.

Rebel leader is captured during a tense standoff

A young woman had a confrontation with a policeman about COVID rules. It appears she didn't have an ID on her, attempted to leave the scene, and when told about ID's requirement, she said, "I don't care about the law and the Emergency Taskforce's order."
The police dragged her to a police station while she screamed. ,

Yerevan municipality will distribute...

$206,000 to doctors fighting COVID. It'll come from city's "salary bonus" fund.

COVID vs Tax Collection

Taxes collected in 2020H1 vs 2019H1...
Tax revenues: $1,4bln vs $1.47bln
Border tariffs: $254mln vs $330mln
Refunded: $134mln vs $104mln

Armenia's foreign and public debt

The debt as of January 1st of 2020 vs 2019...
Foreign: $5.7bln vs $5.5bln
Internal: $1.7bln vs $1.4bln
The debt to GDP ratio is expected to rise due to COVID. It was earlier predicted at 57%.

New rules to reduce corruption in social aid departments

Right now the same public office accepts petitions for aid submitted by seniors, before deciding whether grant it. This opens the door for corruption. Some workers would ask for a bribe to approve the aid.
The govt decided to separate the decision-makers.

Elevator Made in Armenia

Norq hospital has a new elevator manufactured locally by ArtLifs.

The new TEAM ISP gets a license

The utility commission authorized TEAM to broadcast TV and radio over cable.
TEAM was formed after UCOM's founder left UCOM and founded TEAM.

Monitoring the construction quality

Gegharquniq had 103 subsidized infrastructure upgrades last year. 23 were unfinished because the govt refused to accept them due to poor quality.
5 of them were road repair upgrades, 4 of which have since fixed the problems.

Tax waiver for a winemaker

Armenia Wine will import technology for winemaking in Aragatsotn. $3.3mln investment, 40 new jobs with avg $520/mo salary.

Tax waiver for a solar farm investment

SunEnergy will import solar tech for a farm in Armavir. $2.2mln investment, 5 permanent and 50 temporary jobs, $225/mo salary.

Electric grid to prepare a network for solar energy

Today the govt authorized the "High Voltage Electric Networks" to sign an $8.9mln deal with Lichq electric substation.
The company will repair Lichq substation which has been operating since 1961.
The repair will allow Lichq to handle electricity coming from a big solar farm "Masrik-1" recently approved by the govt.
It'll also boost Artsakh's electric security.
"We must make sure Lichq is ready before Masrik solar farm is ready. Armenia is required to purchase electricity produced by Masrik as part of the deal. Lichq will handle that flow. We can finish Lichq's renovation in 8 months," said Pashinyan. ,

Russian tech giant and UN to help Yerevan w/traffic

Yandex tech giant's experts have been examining traffic in Yerevan center, near the Circular Park, to see how traffic patterns change based on location, time, holidays.
Several roads were examined. Some had 45km/h speed one way, but much slower in the opposite direction. Isahakyan Street was the slowest with speeds dropping to 4km/h.
Yandex's data is sent to two Russia-based companies for a further examination before it's sent to Yerevan municipality.

400km roads will be built in Artsakh... 5 years, said president Arayik.

More inclusive education system

USAID gave the Education Ministry $825,000 for a project. Fewer disabled kids will be left out of schools and be forced to attend special centers away from peers or families.
Disability ramps will be built in some schools. 56 schools will be renovated with accommodations.

Pashinyan's son returns from the army

It's been 2 years since the 2018 evolution and PM's subsequent decision to send his son Ashot to Artsakh frontlines.
Saying goodbye to fellows:
Little Arpi waits for his brother:

update: Where to find Nalbandyan books

Recently the American University of Armenia digitalizes the legendary writer Mikael Nalbandyan's entire collection.
The collection is available atՆԱԼԲԱՆԴԵԱՆ%20ՄԻՔԱՅԷԼ/library/2300
Tag: T0ManyTakenUsernames

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is officially back

Last time he scored a goal but the team lost. This time, while playing against Parma, he scored a goal and gave a pass that led to the second and victorious goal. Roma 2:1 Parma.
Sofa Score declared Heno the best player of the entire match with an 8.8 score.
You've read 1315 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party.
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
submitted by ar_david_hh to armenia [link] [comments]

May/6/2020: (1) Pashinyan "hijacks" NSS (2) ֏1k fees to army (3) Donation transparency (4) Everyone to file taxes? (5) Mass construction (6) Gago's casino (7) Science news (8) Alcoholic Pashinyan (9) Modern architecture (10) Yerevan floods (11) What happened in 2019? (12) Artsakh negotiations (13)..


1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise. NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party.
3) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.

BHK chief Dodi Gago's casino in legal trouble

BHK boss Dodi Gago runs Armenia's biggest Casino Shangri La, one of four that exist. It was built for $150mln in 2014.
Dodi Gago's Multi Group owns the firm that runs the Casino and Pharaoh luxury restaurant. It's unknown how much taxes the casino pays, but both combined paid 5.2bln last year.
The Finance Ministry discussed the suspension of casinos' license. Talks began on April 15th. The committee tasked with giving gambling licenses held a meeting on April 30th.
The committee decided not to suspend the license because the casino agreed to fix the [undisclosed] problems.«Շանգրի-լա»-ն-կարող-է-փակվել-հարցը-ֆինանսների-նախարարությունում-է/231789

update: 10km pomenade near Lake Sevan

Earlier we learned that govt is working on a project to build a 10km tourist attraction walking avenue along Lake Sevan shores.
"Arkhiton" company is tasked with the design.

Design in Armenia: New Architecture Building on History

See the modern architecture in Armenia:

not yet

FIP fact-checker says media outlets got it wrong about Minnesota Senate recognizing the Artsakh Republic. "The resolution is there but hasn't been approved yet."

Mayor is charged with embezzlement and land fraud

Prosecutors' report says:
Tsater, Lori mayor organized land lease auctions in 2004/09. They were won by his close associates. The 14ha land was leased for only 168k, for 25 years. His associates took the lands and sub-leased them to someone else (telecom carrier) for a much higher price, in violation of the law. [a similar scheme was busted earlier]
A felony case is launched. The mayor is charged.

National Academy of Sciences obtains a powerful microscope

They bought a JEOL-JCM-7000 NeoScope that will allow studies of nanotechnology, food safety examination, drug safety verification, textile fabric's chemical components, etc.
It zooms 100,000x and detects the existence of 40 elements and their sizes. They'll share it with university labs.

Investigators bust a Defense Ministry land deal

The report says: The Ministry owned land in Yerevan. The Ministry official sold it for 33.6mln less than market value. Prosecutors couldn't find enough evidence of a felony. The official and the buyer agreed to recover the 33.6mln damages. The felony case is dropped.

A spike in the number of calls to Human Rights Ombudsman

2016: 2.1k calls
2017: 1.9k
2018: 2.8k
2019: 6.2k

update: traffic lights were better than a roundabout

On April 10th Yerevan decided to experiment traffic change by turning off red lights and installing a roundabout on a big intersection. The police monitored the traffic and decided the red lights were better.

will deputy PM Avinyan resign?

No, according to him. "Who is keep spreading these rumors? It's probably a few Facebook accounts, parroted by media outlets.

COVID stats / Parliament staff is infected

+163 (largest increase). Active 1.6k. Total 2.8k.
QP MP Nazeli spent days unknowingly socializing with a COVID-positive Parliament employee. She is quarantined. "I had 37.7 fever at the time of testing. The results arrive tomorrow."
MPs are given masks and gloves before entering the hall.

Reddit doctor talks about COVID


the sorry state of Armenian soccer

Soccer Federation HFF wants to change tournament rules midway. Here is why:
The tournament began with 10 teams. 6 compete to win, while the bottom 4 compete to stay in the higher league, with the last one being kicked out.
One of those bottom-4 teams voluntarily left the tournament. The other 3 teams are basically թրև են գալիս մարզադաշտում.
2 teams are against the changes proposed by HFF. Unclear how it'll proceed post-COVID.

saving the bears

An animal protection group helped save 30 bears kept by various individuals and businesses. Short clip:

Flooding in Yerevan

The rain flooded the improperly drained area and the parked cars that are used to transport govt officials.
Another take:
The streets were also flooded:

Uncle Samvel goes cyber

IRS has a new electronic system to collect sales receipts from mobile and internet transactions. "We're waiting for businesses to join. More work is done to boost digital services in the age of COVID."

doctors will be required to inform police...

... if they believe the patient suffered wounds from illegal actions. The bill also "strengthens patient's privacy rights, defines when a medical examination is necessary" etc.
Parliament voted 117-x to approve the govt bill.

donations to cities will become transparent

Parliament voted 117-0 to approve a BHK/QP bipartisan bill. It'll require provincial cities to disclose donations worth >100k. Yerevan will disclose >1mln donations on within a week of receiving it.
LHK MP criticized the part that allows the donor to hide their name. "It could allow corruption. Someone could secretly donate then get favors from the city."
QP MP dismissed the claims: "the donor can choose to hide their name only from the website, but the police still receive their personal details. You can file paperwork to pull that data from the police."

some insurance compensation won't be taxed

Parliament voted 116-x to approve LHK bill to end taxation of insurance compensations from bank and loan agencies.

Pashinyan reports 2019 economy

Pashinyan went to Parliament to report and answer some questions. He said:
In 2019, we had the highest 7.6% GDP growth since 2008. Highest in EU and EAEU. In Jan/Feb of 2020 the economy grew 8.7%.
[In 2019] Processing industry +12%. For the first time since 2008, it took the biggest share of the economy.
High-tech industry turnover +30%. (includes programming, electronics)
Tourism +14.7%. Exports 10.3% (especially cognac and wine).
The inflow of foreign investments was $2.2bln, or +$465mln YoY, or +$635mln vs 2017.
Tax collection +43.6%.

Pashinyan about taxation:

In 2018/19 we collected 505bln more in taxes. 199bln of it went towards refunding businesses from which IRS over-collected taxes in the past. This was a decades-long issue. The other 306bln was spent on other programs.
Top-1000 taxpayers paid +13% YoY, or +31% vs 2017.

Pashinyan about jobs and salaries:

87,000 new or un-shadowed jobs created. Unemployment -2.1%. Poverty -2.2% (total 23.5%). Extreme poverty -0.4% (total 1%). We plan to end extreme poverty by 2023.
Wages +5.8%. Dozens of thousands of teachers, doctors, professors got 10-30% raise. Junior emergency workers 52% raise. Penitentiary salaries +30%. Judicial system raise is planned.
Since 2018, over 1.1 million people saw salary, aid, or pension hike.

87,000 new jobs, so why aren't there that many new 1,000 Dram transfers to Army?

Almost every worker pays 1,000AMD/mo to the army Foundation. Pashinyan and IRS said there were 87,000 newly visible jobs, so why aren't there 87,000 number of newly transferred 1,000-drams to the army?
Last year Pashinyan had this to say:
The 1k goes to IRS first before being sent to Foundation. It is collected then sent through cycles. That's where the discrepancy between the visibly available money and the collected money comes from. We could create a group and further understand the delay and discrepancy. It's impossible for us lie about the number of new jobs because of the way they're reported.
The army gave a detailed explanation today:
IRS is not allowed to transfer the 1k fees to Army until the employer meets all payment requirements.
Let's say the employer has 10 workers, but he only made 9 payments worth 1k each to IRS. The IRS knows that there are 10 workers. The IRS doesn't know which one of the 10 workers "didn't pay". The IRS won't send the 9 payments to the army until the 10th is collected. The IRS waits until next month.
Next month, the employer pays 15k. The IRS already had 9k in its bank. Now IRS has 24k.
IRS will send only 20k to the army. Why? Because 10 workers = 20k for 2 months.
The remainder 4k sits in IRS bank and waits for 3rd month.
BHK MP believes some of the "missing" funds were used by the army to make "top secret purchases". He asked the Defense Minister if it can be disclosed.
Tag: #1k #1000dram

Pashinyan about COVID aid, hospitals, financial system:

The 16 aid packages have helped >1mln citizens. 21k businesses got favorable loans.
The hospital beds capable of handling COVID went from 300 to 1500, plus more in isolated hotels. Those without symptoms don't need care, so we try to isolate them until they recover. 6,000 suspects had been isolated.
COVID crisis will last until May-2021.
The slight destabilization of the financial system in late-March, is ove. Moreover, the Central Bank purchased $90mln worth currency. The consumer market didn't collapse. Some items got more expensive or cheaper.

Pashinyan about requiring everyone to file taxes:

The COVID proved once again about the need to have a universal tax declaration system. It should be required for everyone. There was a big scandal last year when I proposed it.
Today we can't find some low-income citizens to send them the COVID aid [they have to manually apply, while some work at gray economy]. If we had a universal taxation system, we could see who is really low income and send the aid quickly.

Pashinyan about nature protection:

4 mines were suspended. 3 were gold, 1 copper.
0.5mln trees planted in 2019. Our 10mln plan for 2020 was ruined by COVID.
Lowest water drain from Lake Sevan in 10 years. The drain was far below the legal limit.

Pashinyan about sacking Nature Minister Eric Grigoryan:

He managed to accomplish a lot since 2018, but it was time to "make decisions". Eric solved the problem with illegal water usage by small hydro-plants, and hydo's problems with fish.
Lots of freshwaters were saved in Ararat Valley through underground well conservation.

Pashinyan about making soldiers' lives easier:

225 modern surveillance systems were installed on frontlines. 64 positions were connected to an industrial-grade electric grid. 134 positions received flowing water.
35 positions received modular baths. 90% of constricts will be enrolled in a high-quality food program this month. Overall, 54% of soldiers get new food.
Soldier wages up to +30%.

Pashinyan about his biggest failure, the story of Sodom and Gomer:

Our biggest fail is the recovery of the stolen funds. Nonetheless, in 2019, SIS recovered 7x more money than it had throughout its entire existence. Other law enforcements increased it ten-fold.
Still, it's not enough. Our legal and judicial system has a small percentage of independent dedicated great professionals. But there are also traitors and illiterates.
Why haven't we acted in the past 2 years, then? Remember Sodom and Gomer story. If the city has 50 honest residents, would you still destroy it? The answer was "no". How about if there were 10 honest? Still "no".
Today the justice system has 50 honest workers. That's why we didn't destroy it. I'd like to thank those 50 workers.

Pashinyan about launching mass-construction to keep workers busy:

17,000 more arrived than left Armenia. Now they can't leave [to Russia] for work due to COVID. How will we help them?
This year we'll launch a construction/renovation of >100 education and healthcare facilities. This could keep them busy for years. The biggest problem is, do we have the necessary construction companies that can win the contracts?
Last year we maxed out the construction capacity. We got every company busy. There is one road we want to repair but we can't find a company.

Chinese workers left

Infrastructure Minister Papikyan said: the Gyumi-Yerevan highway construction stopped because the Chinese workers left earlier. The road condition is deteriorating. We're negotiating with SinoHidro firm to bring the workers back. Time is of the essence. If we can't agree, we might have to find alternative solutions. (COUGH COUGH look up Papik COUCH)

Pashinyan about Artsakh conflict:

No other Armenian leader has been this open and transparent about the topic. Any practical decision must be acceptable for Armenia, Artsakh, and Azerbaijan. My opinion hasn't changed since May-8-2018.

How did Artsakh negotiations shift over time? / Phased resolution

Recently the Russian MFA Lavrov claimed the Phased resolution is "on the table". Armenian MFA rejected it, saying Artsakh's independence must happen simultaneously with any possible concessions.
Until 1996, Armenian approach was that Artsakh was independent of Armenia, so you should talk to Artsakh separately if you want concessions. This gave Armenia flexibility by easing the pressure. It also gave Artsakh more weight during the negotiations.
However, in 2001, president Robert Kocharyan had this to say: Over time, the approach to treat Artsakh as a separate negotiating party started to backfire because foreign powers began pressuring Armenia so it would pressure Artsakh. That's how the unacceptable Phased approach was born. In 1996, we [Artsakh president Kocharyan and Armenian president Ter-Petrosyan] decided to increase Armenia's role in the negotiations [and decrease Artsakh's].
Two decades later, Pashinyan decided that it's best to return to the old format and increase Artsakh's role in the negotiations.
Nowadays people point fingers about "whose fault it was" that Artsakh was left out of negotiating table, "why is Pashinyan dealing with a Phased approach", etc. Rob gives you the answers in an MP4 format:


HHK activist published a photo of vodka distillation equipment: "That's Pashinyan's favorite govt-owned property. This morning they brought it to his residence to serve him alcohol so he'll claim to be drunk and unable to remember how he gave away Artsakh to Azerbaijan."

UCOM-Beeline merger is suspended

Prosecutors want to arrest UCOM's shareholder-owner Gurgen Khachatryan for allegedly helping his ex-IRS boss father to launder bribed cash.
Since he is on the run, Beeline ISP decided it won't sell itself to UCOM ISP.

Court decides to arrest Serj's son-in-law Minasyan

Media and mining magnate Mikael Minasyan was charged with money-crimes. A month ago the prosecutors submitted a petition to arrest him. Today the court approved his arrest.
Fugitive Minasyan released a message: there is no justice in Armenia. Pashinyan has already convicted me. I will return to Armenia because it's hard for me to be away when my friends and family are persecuted.
Where is Mikael Minasyan?
QP MP Alen: I think he's somewhere in Moscow suburbs, but it can't last for long. Things are going slow because it needs to be done legally. I think you should expect a hot summer.

Why are so many former regime's suspects able to run?

QP MP Gayane: someone in law enforcement should be held accountable for people escaping. Gurgen Khachatryan's escape is no accident. There is sabotage in the system. , ,

Pashinyan about the justice system. and his plans to fill NSS with "outsiders":

Armenia's law enforcement system is in shock because they witness something that they thought would never happen.
Some of them can't believe that their long-time target [me] is standing here as a Prime Minister. My goal was to help them overcome the shock, but the shock is still there.
We should reform the law enforcement instead of chasing the cops with a stick. The upcoming new police agency will consist of educated current cops and outsiders.
For a while, my stance was not to appoint outsiders to NSS. That period is over. The rapid appointment of [28yo] Artsashes Qaramyan as Investigative Committee member then as deputy NSS chief was part of this.
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Las Vegas Residents Worried That Proposed Construction Of New Casino In Town Will Bring In Riff-Raff

Las Vegas Residents Worried That Proposed Construction Of New Casino In Town Will Bring In Riff-Raff
— 24fun (@24funme) December 13, 2019
from Twitter via IFTTT
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'Multiple injuries' as New Orleans' Hard Rock Casino hotel collapses during construction

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[World] - 'Multiple injuries' as New Orleans' Hard Rock Casino hotel collapses during construction | The Independent

[World] - 'Multiple injuries' as New Orleans' Hard Rock Casino hotel collapses during construction | The Independent submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

[World] - 'Multiple injuries' as New Orleans' Hard Rock Casino hotel collapses during construction

[World] - 'Multiple injuries' as New Orleans' Hard Rock Casino hotel collapses during construction submitted by AutoNewsAdmin to INDEPENDENTauto [link] [comments]

Hard Rock Casino Hotel Under Construction Partially Collapses in New Orleans, Killing at Least One

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TIL of The Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey which opened in 2012 & cost $2.4 billion to construct. It declared bankruptcy & closed in 2014.

TIL of The Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey which opened in 2012 & cost $2.4 billion to construct. It declared bankruptcy & closed in 2014. submitted by MarineKingPrime_ to todayilearned [link] [comments]

Weekly bonus from Dec 31th-Jan 7th

Weekly bonus from Dec 31th-Jan 7th
New Content
  • Podium Vehicle: Omnis
  • Festive Content & Snow are gone!
  • Collect Treasure Chests from the island

Log In Unlocks
  • "Sessanta Nove Monogram" livery for Revolter, for the Speedo Custom and Menacer
  • Bigness Tie-dye Sweater
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  • Casino Penthouse Garage
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  • Dynasty 8 Garages
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  • MOC Personal Vehicle Storage
  • High-End Apartments
  • Ramp Buggy ($1,915,200 - $1,440,000)
  • Armored Kuruma ($418,950 - $315,000)
  • Phantom Wedge ($1,532,160 - $1,152,000)
  • Taipan ($1,188,000)

Double Money/RP
  • In & Out Adversary Mode

Time Trial
  • Coast to Coast, Par Time of 02:29.00

RC Time Trial
  • Construction Site I, Par Time of 01:50.000

Premium Race
  • Senora Freeway

Twitch Prime
100% Off
  • Kosatka Sonar Station
80% Off
  • Itali GTB ($237,800)
  • Itali GTB Custom ($99,000)
  • Nightshark ($249,000)

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UPDATE: Four Winds South Bend casino under construction; new details released

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Saratoga Casino Hotel starts construction on new outdoor gaming terrace - The Saratogian

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Yes, it's my truck and No, I won't help you move and No, you can't buy it for 50 bucks!

This is long, so grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever keeps you happy and reading.
I live in a senior housing community for people aged 55 and older. We all have identical 1-bedroom cottages that’s set up in groups of four or quads so that all of our front doors face inward toward each other. So, if I open my front door, I have a very clear view of the front doors of my 3 neighbors and because I am in the back of this quad, I also have a view of the parking area. I think the purpose of grouping the houses this way was to create a friendly and safe atmosphere; however, it’s just creepy in a “you have no privacy” kind of way.
I am F57, disabled, and have a 16-year-old pickup truck that gets me where I need to go most of the time. If you’ve ever owned a pickup truck, you’ll understand my frustration. If you haven’t owned one, talk to anyone who has and they will tell you that according to friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, and even complete strangers, you have it so that you can help them move, haul furniture or a tree they cut down, and anything else they can’t fit in the trunk of their car. AND because it is a pickup truck, it can be mistreated, abused, dented, scratched, beaten up, and treated like a piece of heavy construction equipment and you shouldn’t care because well. . . it’s a truck.
I have a neighbor (F - about 65 years old) that has kind of made a pest of herself since the day I moved in. I’ve done my best to be neighborly, nice, and accommodating, but each time I interact with her, I’m left feeling used. The neighbor, let's call her Karen, has come over pretending to want to visit with me, which she does for about 2 minutes, and then asks me for something. In the 3 years that I’ve been here, she’s asked me to set up 2 TVs (at different times), take a new alarm clock out of its packaging and then teach her how to operate it. I’ve been asked to fill out her food stamp paperwork, fill out information for her lease renewal, read a piece of mail to her and explain it because she didn’t understand it, to take her places and to “loan” her money for the bus. That’s just a few.
Now that you get the idea of what I’ve dealt with before, it’s time for the story.
One Monday morning, Karen comes beating on my door (she does what I call a “cop knock” – loud, hard, and repeated) around 8 a.m., waking me up. (I am a night owl, by the way.) I go to the door and she is standing there holding her natural gas bill telling me how she needed a ride to the gas company's office to talk to them about paying the bill and hands me the bill. I look at it, hoping to find a phone number for her to call, but there isn't one, but I do see that her bill is for about $17. So, I take her across town with her providing the directions since I had never been to this building (the gas company did not have an office in town, so I guess this was maybe a payment center). I drop her at the front, park, and wait for her. Karen comes out saying that they can't help her there and asks me if she should just call them to make arrangements to make payments since she didn't have the money. I tell her that's what I would do and bring her back home. We basically made this trip for nothing.
Two days later, there is another loud, repeated banging on my door waking me up just before 9 a.m. Karen is back and seems to be a little frantic. She needs a ride again. This time she's very vague about why she wants to go, but left me with the impression that something was going to get turned off, repossessed, or turned over to collections if she didn't go. She's also vague as to where she wants to go. She keeps tell me that it's down by the casino, across the street from the gas station. I told her I'd take her but she would have to point me in the right direction since I've never been to the casino. She gives me turn by turn directions until she has me turn left onto the entrance road for the casino. I'm looking around for any other businesses or even the gas station and I'm not seeing anything other than the casino in front of us and open land on either side. So, I ask her where am I supposed to be dropping her. Karen points to an upcoming sign and says, "See the sign that says 'Valet'? Just follow that sign." Yep, you guessed it, Karen had me drop her at the front entrance to the casino. She'd lied to me by omission. She didn't ask me to take her to the casino (which I would probably have done since it's none of my business how she spends her money), she asked me to take her to a business near the casino. Yeah, well, I wasn't happy. On Monday she couldn't afford to pay her $17 gas bill and on Wednesday she's going to the casino by tricking me into taking her.
A week goes by and I am in the office paying my rent when Karen comes in.
Karen: Why didn’t you tell me you were coming here today. Girl, I just walked all the way here.
Me: Didn’t know you needed a ride. I can give you a ride back to the house if you would like.
I wait while Karen pays her rent and we walk out together. Now, I’m expecting to get in my truck and drive the 4 blocks back to my house. Karen had another idea.
Karen: Take me to Everything’s Cheap store.
Me: Where?
Karen: To Everything’s Cheap. Just turn here at the stop sign and I’ll show you. It’s not far.
Me: Karen, I’m going to take you there, but I’m not shopping and I’m not going to sit in the parking lot and wait for you. You’ll have to get another ride home or walk.
Karen: It’s fine. I won’t be long.
I drop her at the front door and I go home. A couple of hours later, she bangs on my door.
Karen: Where did my ride go?
Me: Home. I told you that I wasn’t going to wait for you.
Karen: I had all my stuff that I had to carry home. Now my back hurts.
Me: I’m sorry, but I warned you.
Karen walks away muttering things that I didn’t understand and slammed her door.
Skip ahead several months and I run into Karen again as I am paying my rent. She wants me to give her a ride to the Social Security office. I tell her that I can't as my truck is not running right and I can't get too far from home in it until I get it check out and fixed. My truck started having issues and it's been difficult trying to get it fixed with lock-down, a back issue that left me bedridden for several weeks, and 2 major hurricanes this year (there’s nothing major wrong with the truck - just needs a new starter and gaskets to fix an oil leak that's caused the starter to go bad).
Karen: But it's just a few blocks away and it's hot out here.
Me: I can't trust my truck not to leave me stranded with no way to get it home.
Karen: It will be fine.
Me: Maybe, but I'm not willing to risk it.
Karen slaps the side of my truck and continues on her walk and I go home in my truck.
Another 3 days go by and more banging on my door and again I am awakened (it's 7:15 a.m.). This time I'm angry and I snatched the door open.
Me: What?
Karen (standing there with her purse and house keys in her hand as if she knows I'll say yes): I need to go to the mattress store. I need to pick up my new queen size mattress.
Me: No. My truck still isn't running right.
Karen: But I need your truck to haul the mattress home.
Me: No.
Karen: It's not a heavy mattress.
Me: Oh, so who’s going to help you get it in and out of my truck and carry it into your house?
Karen: The two of us can do it.
Me: Karen, I have degenerative disk disease. The disks in my spine are disintegrating. I can't lift nor carry a mattress even with someone helping.
Karen: But I already bought it. How am I going to get it home?
Me: Call friends or family to help you.
Karen: They don't have a truck and you do!
Me: Yes, I have a truck, but there is no sign anywhere on it that says Free Moving Company.
I close the door on her and go back to bed. An hour later, more knocking. This time, it's an older man.
Man 1: Excuse me, but is that your truck? (He points at my truck in the parking lot.)
Me: Yes.
Man 1: I have an upright piano I need to move and was wondering if I could use your truck.
Me: No. (I glance over at the neighbor's house and I see her peeking through a crack in her door - I have a sneaking suspicion she has put this guy up to this to see if I would help him.)
Man 1: You can drive the truck. I just need to have the piano hauled to my storage unit.
Me: How are you going to get an upright piano into the bed of my truck?
Man 1: I'll just roll it up a ramp and into the back.
Me: Do you know how much an upright piano weighs? One person can't push it up a ramp. If you use a ramp on my tailgate, you will break the tailgate and probably lose the piano in the process. My truck is large, but the rear end is not made for hauling a piano and will cause the front end to lift off the ground preventing my front wheel drive truck from gaining traction and straining my 16-year-old engine.
Man 1: Well, could you call 4 or 5 of your male friends to help lift it into the back of the truck?
Me: No!
I close the door on this man, too. He didn’t come right out and say it, but I felt like he wanted to borrow my truck so he could go pick up the mattress for Karen. Yeah, I’m a little suspicious.
The following morning . . . *sigh* . . . I ignore the knocking that occurs every half hour or so over a 3-hour period until she finally gives up. Later that afternoon, I open my door to get the mail out of my box when a second man approaches me out of nowhere. It’s like he was hiding around the corner waiting for me to come out of my house.
Man 2 (points at my truck - it irritates me every time someone does this): Is that your truck?
Me (feeling very annoyed and snarky): What gave it away? Is it because it's parked in a space clearly labeled with my house number? Or is it because someone told you who the truck belonged to? (I point at Karen's house.)
Man 2: Does it run?
Me: Listen, I don't know what you're wanting me pick up, deliver, move, haul, transport, or tow, but I am not a moving company, taxi, uber, delivery service, or a tow truck. I won't be doing any of those things and before you ask, I won't be allowing you or anyone else to drive my truck either. Now, do you have any other questions?
Man 2: Uh, do you want to sell it?
Me: What?! Why would I want to sell it?
Man 2: Well, since it needs fixing, I thought maybe you would want to sell it to someone who could afford to fix it.
Me: How do you know it needs fixing?
Man 2 (turns bright red and can't take his eyes off ground): I just thought if you sold it, you could buy something else and I could fix the truck.
Me: Tell Karen that I'm not selling you my truck so that you can fix it to give to her.
Man 2: I wasn't going to give it to her.
Me (pointing at his huge truck parked in Karen's designated space): You want me to believe that you would rather have my 16-year-old truck that needs repair than your brand-new truck? How stupid do you think I am?
As the older man silently stares at the ground, Karen flings her door open and marches up to me.
Karen: Just sell him your truck so he can fix it. You clearly aren't going to do it any time soon. At least I will put it to good use. I need it and I need it more than you apparently do. Now, he’s willing to get it fixed for me, so just sell him the damn truck already!
Me: My truck is not for sale! When or if I get my truck fixed is absolutely none of your business.
Karen: I’m going to call the office and tell them that you have a broken-down truck sitting in the parking lot that needs to be hauled to the junk yard. They’ll make you get rid of it or fix it.
Man 2: Karen, they can’t do anything to her . . .
Karen cuts him off. She’s so angry, she’s crying, shaking, and spitting as she screams
Man 2: Karen, the police aren’t . . .
She cuts him off again.
She storms off to call the police. In the meantime, I brought a chair outside along with a can of soda and a bowl of microwave popcorn. I figured this was going to be a good show. Karen and Man 2 have gone inside her house to wait. The neighbor to my left has come out to see what’s going on. Let’s call her Mary. Mary can’t stand Karen, so she drags a chair out and sits next to me and we share my popcorn.
Enter Cop 1 and Cop 2
The cops arrive in about 5-6 minutes and walk up to Karen’s door and knock while glancing around at Mary and me and grinning. She answers and tells them that I have created an eyesore in the neighborhood by having an old beat up, broken-down truck sitting in the parking lot and she wants it removed immediately.
Cop 1 (pointing at my truck - yep, he does it, too and I can't help but roll my eyes): That truck?
Karen: Yes.
Cop 1: That truck is clean, shiny, no dents, no scratches, new tires . . . are you sure that’s the eyesore?
Karen: Yes. It’s 10 years old and broken and she doesn’t want to fix it. It’s just sitting there doing nothing for months.
Me: It’s 16 years old.
Cop 2 (spins around, surprised): Seriously? That truck is that old? Wow! It’s in great shape. You’ve taken good care of her.
Me: Thank you.
Karen: I want that truck gone!
Cop 2 walks over to me to discuss my truck’s mechanical history. So, I explain to him that in the 16 years that I have owned her, I have changed her oil every 3-4 months, given her a bath once a month, got her a new set of tires 6 years ago, and when I first began having problems with her starting, I bought a new battery (the old one was the original battery from when I bought the truck off the showroom floor), and when the battery wasn’t the problem, I had a mechanic come and look at it. He determined that it was the starter and the gasket was leaking. All I was waiting on was my friend to come and help me start her (someone needs to get under the truck and tap the starter while someone else turns over the ignition) so that I can get it to the mechanic’s house for him to work on it.
Karen: She’s lying. That truck hasn’t moved in 3 months.
Me (offering popcorn to Cop 2 who took a handful): Wrong. It hasn’t moved in 4 days. It’s had problems for 3 or 4 months.
Cop 1: Ms. Karen, there really isn’t anything the police department can do for you. Her truck definitely isn’t an eyesore nor is it sitting there in pieces creating a safety hazard.
Karen: She’s driving down property values.
Cop 1 (starts chuckling): Ms. Karen, you are renting a house in government subsidized senior housing.
Cop 2: Why don’t you tell us the real reason why you want her truck removed.
Mary (who has been silent until now - stands up and turns on her best diva soul-sister voice and attitude and gives the cops the greatest Deep-South Beautiful Black Woman sermon I’ve ever heard – I’ll try to write as best I can): Ohh, Lawd Jesus, help us all! Dis here woman of the night, want everything she can’t have, Lawd! I think it’s cuz she pulls her hair back so tight, Lawd, she can only see what’s in the back o’ her mind! Uh huh! She wants her Old Saggy Boy Toy of the Day here to buy my friend’s pick’em up truck, so she can go and pick’em up, Lawd, mm-hmm, if ya gittin' what I’m sayin’. He buy it and trade it to her for a little roll on her nasty sheets! Lawd Jesus, help us! And she think she all hot and sexy so you believe her and take away my friend’s truck. She a fool, uh huh. She think she can fool you, too, uh huh! How da hell do ya think she got those 2 big ass TVs in there? Mmm-hmm!
Cop 1 is bent over laughing hysterically while Cop 2 is standing with his mouth open and his eyes wide.
Cop 2 (turns to Man 2): Is any of that true?
Man 2 (embarrassed, humiliated, and just looking tired): She wanted the truck and 50 bucks.
Karen and Man 2 are arrested. Not sure what the exact charges were but I heard words being thrown around like pandering, solicitation, scamming, and false complaint among others. A couple of days later, Mary told me that Karen returned home. I guess she found a way to get bailed out. I haven’t seen her and I am hoping that I don’t. As for my “pick’em up truck”, I’m still waiting to get her to the mechanic. My friend will be here on his next day off (he doesn't get them often) to help me. It’s a good thing I’m a patient person with a super diva as a friend and neighbor. It's also good to know that my truck is at least worth one 20-minute roll on the sheets and 50 bucks.
EDIT: Thanks for the awards everyone! And just a little side note for those of you rolling your eyes at the fact that I offered a cop popcorn and he took it - I live in the Deep South in a small-ish college town. The cops here are helpful, friendly (until provoked), and generally good guys. When construction workers stole from me after Hurricane Laura, two cops came to investigate and afterwards I offered them both a bottle of water and they accepted.
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Connecticut bill as proposed does not authorize the construction of a new casino

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Upcoming DLC Hints and Clues Megathread.

As we all know, R* has started to drop hints of the next DLC, namely a dead body, or bodies on the beach in Vespucci.
***New Info Released, including a trailer for the Cayo Perico Heist being released on December 15th! Here is a link to the trailer. ***\*

.his is in addition to the construction at the Casino we got last week.
Use this thread to share your theories and other clues you've uncover around the map that may relate to the next DLC, and what vehicles and other content you think we'll be getting.
If any information from Rockstar is released regarding the next DLC or the results of the Heist Challenge, it will be added here as well.
Edit: Rockstar's newest Newswire post was put up, and we did indeed beat the $100 billion challenge, in fact, we made over a $1 trillion dollars. Well done everyone!
Rockstar also released a short trailer via their Twitter account.
Here is a link to the Newswire from last week that has details of the Heist Challenge, the million dollar bonus, and when the free car will be available.

Post regarding the upcoming DLC in the main sub will be removed and directed here.

Other important links:
Weekly Simple Question Thread
Weekly Update Thread
A Happy Thanksgriefing - Crew Event Xbox One
Wiki Guide Writers Needed!
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(GMA) Trillanes suspects: Boracay was shut down so construction materials for new casino can come in | Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Thursday said he will question the closure of Boracay Island, saying that there could be a deeper motive behind its shutdown.

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Heist Challenge and Casino Construction Megathread!!

Please use this thread to discuss the new Heist challenge Rockstar has given the community, and the new construction that has been spotted at the Diamond Casino and Resort.

Link to the Newswire post for those who somehow haven't seen it yet.

Here are some links to places to find other players for Heists:

Other links:
Simple Question Thread
Weekly Update Thread
PC Crew Event with HeistTeams - Link
Xbox Crew Event with HeistTeams - Link
PS4 Crew Event with HeistTeams - Link

No discussions of ANY Heist glitches will be tolerated and will result in a ban from the sub, so let's keep the discussions clean.

Posts in the main sub will be removed and directed here.
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Construction update from Parq Vancouver (new casino/hotels) with pics and renderings

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GTA online Casino construction. New Heist speculation ... NEW CASINO DLC COMFIRMED! GTA ONLINE (PROOF)CONSTRUCTION ... Grand Theft Auto Online new Casino construction work week ... Las Vegas Construction Updates June 2019 - Part 1 - YouTube Will The New Circa Casino Finish on Time for Opening ... NEW DETAILS: Circa Resort and Casino - YouTube Time lapse video of the Adelaide Casino redevelopment ... Las Vegas Construction Tour - 1st New Strip Casino in 10 ...

Construction could produces a lot of waste and interrupt the casino operation, so it’d be sensible to place the construction materials and entrance at the waste disposal for convenience and minimal disturbance. As a result, I think the construction props at the waste disposal can’t tell reliably what is being constructed, as of now. New Construction Casino. Murphy, NC – BLE engaged in geotechnical engineering, environmental consultation, archeological screening, construction quality assurance, and special inspections for a new casino. Located in Murphy, North Carolina, construction was on a 96-acre tract of land. BLE provided engineering consultation and comprehensive construction materials testing including special ... The hospitality industry in two states got a boost last week, thanks to voters who approved measures that will pave the way for new casino construction in coming months. The new casino looks to hire 2,500 employees through an initiative called the Casino Minority Outreach and Hiring Plan. The plan focuses on hiring a local, yet diverse workforce. “I think that what sets this project apart is the actual operator. The Tribe themselves is a minority group who has been left out of opportunities in the past. So as they look at this as an opportunity to improve ... Construction continues at Genting Group’s USD 4.3 billion Resorts World Las Vegas on the former site of the Stardust Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip on April 27, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed much of the world down and changed the course of long-awaited plans. Yet construction in Las Vegas, Nevada, is soldiering on.. Sin City is marching forward, with not one but three new properties opening within the next year.. Casino resorts may change hands and get a refresh and rebranding, but it’s much rarer to get places that are brand-new and from scratch ... This page shows the latest updates of the construction of the Circa Resort & Casino being built on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Skip to content. Trending News. Exclusive. 2 days ago Caesars Rewards – New Year, New Empire Sale! Get up to 20% off hotel stays 4 days ago Resorts World Las Vegas Construction Update & New Photos 1/3/2021 6 days ago Resorts & Casinos that remain closed in ... PARK CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Crosswinds Casino near Park City is breaking ground. After more than 30 years of having the 10 acres of land, the Wyandotte Nation has had a goal to build a casino and ... The Catawba Indian Nation intends to open the first part of its planned $273 million Two Kings Casino Resort in Kings Mountain by next fall, Tribal Administrator Elizabeth Harris said. “After ... The new casino is expected to be completed and open in 2020. “We are very excited to finally be starting construction of the new Cascades Casino Delta,” said Tony Santo, Gateway’s CEO. “We look forward to bringing this state-of-the-art entertainment destination to such a vibrant and rapidly growing community.” The project calls for a total floor area of approximately 161,000-sq-ft ...

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GTA online Casino construction. New Heist speculation ...

Work taking place inside the casino done by same building company that are working on mile high club. #GTAOnline, #FestiveSurprise, #ChristmasDLC https://sto... The New Circa Casino Resort is slated to be finished in 2020 just in time for the Raiders Football organization to being their NFL season. Can the Circa Casi... Las Vegas may be struggling a bit, but there are tons of new exciting #Vegas #construction projects going on that you should definitely see! I recently hoppe... Proof has been found on the side of the casino that construction is in progress confirming the new dlc that is coming soon to the game. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=... Come with me as I show how to find the location for the construction as well as what I think it means. Circa owner, Derek Stevens, talks with Vegas Revealed about the new resort and casino opening in downtown Las Vegas in December of 2020. Construction is on s... Hey guys, it's time for progress update in Las Vegas. As of June 2019. You'll see plenty of changes to Las Vegas spanning from the North end to the South end... Inside the Adelaide Casino's multi-million dollar riverbank development. The latest in 7NEWS at 4pm and 6pm. Subscribe to 7NEWS »