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All (In-Person & Online) Classes Are Cancelled Today

CAMPUS CLOSURE UPDATE: Online classes and services will resume tomorrow, Aug. 20. The physical campus will remain closed Aug. 20-21. If you are unable to attend classes or work due to wildfires/power outages, information is forthcoming by email and at this link.
From an E-mail:
Today, August 19, San José State University is CLOSED and cancelling all in person and online classes for the remainder of the day. This decision is based on air quality levels that are expected to rise to unhealthy levels throughout the day and health concerns already heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic for our SJSU community, including for those who are facing evacuations due to fires near their homes. With wildfires raging directly east and west of San José, we are monitoring air quality on and around the San José State University campus.
As a result of the campus closure, all buildings will be closed with the exception of:
  • Residence halls and University Housing Services
  • Dining Commons
  • Student Health Center
Other than offices necessary for essential work, all operational- and service-related offices will also be closed today. Meetings, including those that are being held remotely, are canceled because no one should be working other than those officially identified as essential by their supervisors. We recognize that our campus community is dispersed throughout the Bay Area, and we want to ensure that we are not creating a disadvantage for those who are located in areas more impacted by the air quality, wildfires, or power outages.
Our thoughts are with those who are having to evacuate their homes and the fire crews who are tirelessly working to put out the fires.
By 6 p.m. today, we will re-evaluate air quality levels and update you on campus closure status through email and SJSU Twitter.
The expected weather conditions in the Bay Area for the rest of the week will likely cause the air quality to remain unhealthy. Precautions we can all consider include:
  • Limiting outdoor activities
  • Setting air conditioning units and car vent systems to re-circulate (to prevent outside air from moving inside)
  • Reducing exposure to smoky air by remaining indoors with windows and doors closed, if possible
A good resource to refer to is the Bay Area Air Quality Management District website. The site offers current information on “Spare the Air” alerts, environmental news, and other advisories. Another good resource is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Now Index.
We understand this is not an ideal start to an already unprecedented fall semester. The health and safety of the campus community is always the top priority, especially when it comes to discussions of campus closure. We will continue to post updates at
Vincent Del Casino, Jr.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
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Making sense of where a conspiracy in COVID could be hiding

Wall of text, doing as much for my own thinking as anything else
TL:DR- Did China send infected testing kits to Iran and Italy, and false negative kits since? Deliberate or just crooks? Has this caused unnecessary over reactions globally? why aren't cities or countries already going dark from COVID? The billionaires and non political leaders are strangely silent. The world has fired all its bullets. If this comes back there is no next time. Could something emerge from those ashes?

How did Wuhan get it, but Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou & Shenzhen etc did not. It is impossible. So the possible outcomes are either
  1. It is just not that contagious.
  2. Plenty of Chinese in those cities did get it and a few million might have died but overall it is not that bad
  3. Chinese got it and all were secretly inoculated
  4. They have yet to get it, and when they come outdoors it will eventually break out

The BIG question which makes little sense is this is how did Italy and Iran get it so bad, so fast, but nowhere else has had a similar explosion
It does not seem probably that Italy and Iran were that close in time to Wuhan, but the rest of Italy and the world were that far behind them, and it is yet to happen

Cruise ships have been a ground zero. In Australia we were in lock-down and in late March, after the lock-downs they let the Ruby Princess just unload passengers at Circular Quay,. It was known at least 7 people had the virus, and ships were a petri dish, and yet late one night someone opened the gangplank and over 2000 people just walked off into the night. At least a few hundred of them we now know have the virus. Anyone who knows Australia’s border security and quarantine, and immigration, knows this just doesn’t happen. How did they get at least 20 people to stand back and let those people disembark

Some international travelers who returned to Australia in early March, before the lock-downs, were found to be super spreaders- but the people they infect don’t seem to be super spreaders which makes little sense. In Australia we had multiple instances of people returning from USA, 1 went to a wedding in Hunter Valley upon arrival and infected 31 of the 51 people there. Another went to a 50th in Noosa and similar spreading, another landed from Aspen went to a party in Melbourne and similar infection rates. So how is this happening, and why are those hundred people similarly not infecting on a mass basis?
Now we aren’t testing much in Australia. Lack of kits and what’s the point- if you have normal cold symptoms just lock in at home and ride it out until you feel better. If a 70+ year old Prince Charles can recover in a few days why overwhelm health facilities over nothing and risk nothing more than spreading the infection on right. (So it is “just like a cold then, right?”)

It has now been long enough that those people should have similarly infected people on mass. Yet they haven’t. Unless you want to think a huge number of people in Australia already have it. But that can’t be- if so then this appears to be a con, and why are we bankrupting millions of people and risking our economies to prevent this? It doesn’t make sense.
So how did Italy spread like wildfire but pretty well just stop in the local area. Iran similar.
Now enough data is out that we can see most of those who died in Italy were the old, poor health, the air quality. male, smokers, multiple other conditions. We have perhaps 2% (confirm) who die with COVID where it can’t be attributed to multiple other underlying health conditions, and their cause of death is being put within the COVID death tally
So why is Rome not disintegrating and their death rate beyond control? Do we not think those people in the north did not travel to Rome and it spread there before anyone figured out what was going on up North and they started to distance/ quarantine? No way that didn’t happen
The data we are so far seeing is a blip. If UK lost 57,000 in its last bad flu season, let’s call that 4 months, that’s what, 3,000 people dying from it in a week during the season. 10,000, 50,000, 100,000…1million dead WITH this worldwide would not be unusual
And why have we not seen countries with huge density and poor sanitary conditions just explode? More people travel from Wuhan to Thailand than travel to Northern Italy
How did NYC act as an epicentre but LA, Disneyland, Chicago, San Fran- other high urban and ultra high-contact business districts. Why are they weeks behind NYC?
Why has a Nigeria not gone dark? They have 1 slum with 10 million people living in mud, occupying an area 10x10km. Or Sao Paolo? Or India. (They’re going to die from food riots before COVID) And Indonesia- 1 mosque has 150,000 people in it these places are ground zero for mass fast transmission. Or Manilla. Or Bangkok. Infection through ordinary passenger and people movement in these cities must have seen those cities infect up light years ahead of Northern Italy did.

When this first appeared in Italy and Iran as a new virus that hospitals needed to test for, testing kits WERE sent from China them and these kits WERE infected. It appears that this is what massively accelerated the spike in those 2 locations, and why Bangkok, Manilla, NYC, Rome etc have been a slot burn of person to person low level and accumulation infection.
We will probably find that the Shenzhen company that sent those kits also sent them to parts of France, UK and Spain explaining their high initial deaths
Whether this was deliberate remains to be seen. I am a hard core conspiracy lover from way back, but I can see that this could have simply been more dirty crooked Chinese businesses and this one just really fucked us all good.

There is so limited footage anywhere in the world showing hospitals and medical centres that appear to have any sense of emergency. Perhaps everyone is out the back and all other things aren’t happening. No kids are in the park falling off a skateboard, no one driving having an accident therefore COVID is the only stuff happening in hospitals and it is “out the back”. That’s entirely plausible
No testing happening- too much footage of empty testing facilities around the world. This is very odd. You'll see a lot of this soon
Only 1 footage of body bags in a NYC hospital – eerie but not proof of anything

But there is a MASSIVE VACUUM of factual information- how is it that we see footage of and hear of people walking and just dropping dead. What is COVID doing that causes that if that is really happening?
It is suggested that if you get coughed on, or a small exposure, it’s not much- that’s a cold you just caught and just got 10 units of “it”. If so this could explains why for most people it really is a non issue, a mild cold. That could explain how someone like Peter Dutton or Boris Johnson got it but his wife and kids who live shoulder to shoulder in a house and car etc did not catch it
Some suggest there are super spreaders, they are carrying say a “10,000 load”. According to some they may only be capable of passing on a 100 infection load say, And that person might give off a 10 load and so on
What the emerging data does show is that Nurses and Doctors may be the ones in real trouble. They are being repeatedly exposed to asymptomatics with say 10 units, and over and over and they are building up to a 500 or 5000 themselves. This appears to be a slow burn for them and one to really watch for. (When enough of them decide they aren’t going to work we’re in a world of trouble)

Well yes they can be that dumb. Often leaders are just narcissists who ran the system such that they end up in a position of power and we defer leadership to them not on their ability but they occupy a chair. Their decisions are usually based on what is hoped to be good advice from people who lack information and just see what counterparts elsewhere are doing. It’s often a giant circle jerk and they are relying on little, poor, weak and false information.
Watching WHO backflip since January should be enough for you to know that they are bought and owned and incompetent in this. Their information have been shown to be false repeatedly. You watch, they’ll tell us we need to wear masks now.

People on this sub know that it isn’t the dogs that bark that are the problem. It’s the dogs that don’t bark. Consider this, think of alllll the non-political leaders around the world. Those who are the captains of industry, the super leaders and super wealthy, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, each country has them. “Philanthropists” and futurists. Well apparently this is an existential crisis. Billions are afraid for their health and livelihoods, their ability to earn money and provide for their families. It has now gone on long enough that our lives and world will change massively. In the meantime, fear, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, alcoholism, child abuse will explode. Where are they? Where are the great futurists? Where is Elon Musk? Where is Jeff Bezos? Where is Bill Gates? Don't say they are running their empire and its in crisis- they have multiple CEOs do that for them
Ask yourself where are the billionaires and people standing up in your nation saying we need to come together and build community and local digital and physical support networks? I don’t know why but we are being deliberately isolated from each other, physically and psychologically. All of the global elite have gone to ground. Those dogs are too silent

My observation is that they either know something and are deliberately staying out of this, or they are truly corrupt and believe this will blow over and keeping their cash dry to buy investments for cents in the dollar
Whatever is happening they appear to know *something*. These people are such psychopaths, narcissists and ego trippers that they just can’t resist in moments like this
There’s a reason they have gone to ground. Maybe they are just ugly without stylists and botox. Maybe it is lack or that adrenochrome, maybe they’re all in NZ. I have no idea. But I smell a ~~rat~~ **bat**

There’s 500 of them and let’s say they stay on average 4 years in the job, that’s 10 a month ordinarily resigning. Keep moving
But it is undeniable that those US politicians on the inside of this saw something a few months ago and sold stocks and bought others. (In principle they should be on the end of a rope for this)

Would any of the following have affected the timing of this?
Happened Right after Hong Kong elections, Right after Taiwan Elections, Right after Chinese New Year, Right after Northern Hemisphere comes out of its flu season period, right after Davos?

You watch, in the next few weeks there will be an explosion of anti-china sentiment. Buy Australian, America First, British Businesses First. The problem is we have sucked so hard on the China nipple that we will starve if Mother Xi takes it out. You want to see half the universities in UK, Australia and Canada close down- just watch. All they have to do is say fine, we won’t buy your wool, or your coal, or iron ore. In Australia’s case it would FINISH us. Overnight. Never mind our dollar should fall to USD$0.40 after the printing we’ve announced it will fall to US$0.20.
Too many instances of Chines people around the world doing weird things to spread an infection- if they had it, licking things – admittedly probably just mentally ill people but it feeds into the anti china hate
People will turn on China and governments will need a scapegoat for the taxes that will come to pay for this. IF China did this deliberately to destabilise and kill or conquer the West or if they are just innocent victims of crooked businessmen and their pride prevented them from admitting that we’ll see I guess

It all Depends on whether it was a State Sponsored plan to destroy economies and destabilise them for whatever objective, or if it was just more crooked Chinese businesses who’s factories sent infected testing kits, and false negative testing kits, and falsely labelled fake-masks (Google fake baby formula, fake eggs, fake condoms, etc). This is entirely plausible as would be a cover up in China of that - the face thing Chinese need to grow up and get over.

I have no idea. Here is what I think I know
This is deliberate and we are all fucked.
Perhaps. But we have now seen that these NSA, FBI, CIA KGB, Mossad etc intelligence agencies were a myth all along. That anyone with half a functining brain left them and went into private business and the only people left there are zealots, dinosaurs and losers. We know this because they have information but showed no intelligence - none of them saw this or protected against it. No country secretly stockpiled PPEs and Ventilators. Instead it looks like they bought faulty shit from China that fucked them well and good, with economies on the edge of an abyss if a jolt to the system happened during this crisis

If there was a god, a magician, a healer, an ET, a UFO, a time traveler, a reptilian overlord, a simulation programmer from the 25th century well, now is their window to reveal themselves.
Don’t hold your breath, if they are holding back because they somehow know this goes pear shaped then if it is pear shaped no one will be on line to witness their majesty. Their window is closing daily

Our economies have been so wrecked that the politicians now need this to be bad to make it justifiable
Their best hope is many thousands dead and they can claim the line was not breached they flattened the wave and we can thank and re-elect them, it was all necessary. The cure was worth the price
As soon as they take the foot off the brake and we come out of our little ice igloos and someone gets an infection they have to shut the economy and travel and movement down again.
Governments and police forces NEVER hand back power given to them…EVER. And we have conditioned ourselves to them
The cure WILL be worse than the cold, so to say

>75% of us need to become infected and immune from this before we can resume any sort of global normal. Borders cannot open for mass travel until then.
Expect rolling infections. They will move medical personnel and supplies zone by zone and turn it from Red to Green. Then you can have your microchip that proves you are not infected. Or a bracelet if you prefer
I am not particularly a deep ended NWO ZOG 666 believer, but I cannot see how this will not be an eventuality. They simply will not allow global travel if they open the doors and this breaks out again. We will have already seen airlines and travel industry go out of business. It can’t happen again. No green check mark, no travel. (And this explains the silence and absence of Bill Gates by the way)

There cannot be a nation that does_not_go dark because of this. There HAS to be a country that smashes the line, Shit even if it were a TB or whooping cough outbreak, something, somewhere, very soon. If it doesn’t then we have been had. And if we have been had then there was a reason. And we are all inside. Isolated. Relying on the govt to eat, and when we are allowed to leave our homes to buy food. With dogs that aren’t barking. It was a set up. For some reason. In 2020 just like they said


Whoever offers the best solution in or from this- he’s probably the master villain in all this




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I'm 21 years old and I've been severely emotionally abused for 19 years straight.

So this took a whole day to type but if anyone can relate to this, if I could get validation that I'm doing the right thing I would appreciate that. I also want to mention I'm safe, I'm doing what's best for me, and I'm in a spot in my life where I can finally disconnect from my nparents.
There are a lot of CW's I should mention here prior, since I can only choose one flair. CW: Rpe mention, graphic descriptions of emotional and physical abuse, gn mention, graphic descriptions of abuse in the mental healthcare system, sui mention, self harm mention, please let me know if I need to add more and I will.
Thank you ahead of time for reading.
So, I was emotionally and physically abused for 19 long, dissociated years. I've had a shotgun waved in my face, I've had hot coffee -lobbed- at me twice, I've been around my nmother's blatant passive aggression for so long, to this day, I have a hard time discerning passive aggression with a normal, genuine response.
At age 6 I was diagnosed with ADD and put on a corresponding pill (don't remember which one) to help me easily refocus. I can sort of understand why, I was causing disruptions in class and it was hard for me to refocus once I wasn't focused, ya know? (Knowing myself now, I am definitely not suffering from ADD and I am, in fact, on the spectrum. I also have BPD. Their symptoms all closely resemble each other, but the distinction is important.)
The fact I was given medication at age six makes me livid. No one my mother knew was educated enough in ADD symptoms and symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
I don't know if I -should- be able to remember those years, or even be able to remember if I think about it long enough, but I don't. I vaguely remember growing up with anger issues and meltdowns and no one knew why. The medicine wasn't working, so my mom got me on another. And another and another and another. This was also around the time I was missing my biological dad, who my nmother broke up with because he was abusive at the time. Understandable. My nmother also got me seeing a therapist this year of my life. She was pretty hands-off with that when I was 6, so the idea of therapy wasn't ever explained to me. I was just expected to trust this person I didn't know, and talk to her about my feelings, something I knew would make me feel scared and very vulnerable if I did. I got nothing out of therapy except an opportunity to leave school and play with waiting room toys. Maybe read a bit of this Goosebumps book I picked up from the library.
When I turned 7 is when my nmother and nstepfather got married (I'll just call him my nfather, he's basically that I guess.) I was constantly changing meds every month or two because nothing was working the way my nparents wanted. Unsurprising to me, there's nothing that can mask the symptoms of autism better than my nparents shaming me into 'acting normal.' This was also the time my mother started attending therapy sessions to talk -for- me, a practice she would continue until I was 18. Therapy just became a chore, one where my therapists were chosen based on how well they reacted and encouraged my nparents abuse. I was getting violent in school, so when I turned 8 I was put in my room for 24 hours at a time anytime I retaliated to violence or got violent. I remember accidentally smacking another kid in the face at school (I was stimming by spinning around in circles and letting the blood in my hands flow to my fingertips) I wasn't listened to when I tried explaining why I was spinning, and this was often the case. More often than I bothered to keep track of. I was, without any second thought, put in my room for hours at a time. The social isolation was miserable. I had no one I could talk to for a full rock - rotation. By the time I was in 4th grade I was getting bullied relentlessly, both by my nparents and my peers.
I wanted to just die. I frequently asked why I wasn't dead yet at age 9. I used to ask if it's normal to feel like you wanna sink into the ground and just not exist. I wanted to die more than anything, but I couldn't tell my therapist because my nmother was always in the room with me.
I cannot stress this enough, nothing I did brought me joy anymore. When I think of the darkest part of my life, it's this age. I was able to use coping skills when I was younger, like 6 or 7. I learned to pick up my yarn and crochet when I got viscerally upset like this, but nothing prepared me for the soul crushing feeling of literally no one giving me the time of day.
Coping skills became a chore. I would repeatedly go through the motions, alone with my thoughts, for hours on end. After a long day of dissociating and getting bullied at school I would go to an after school daycare and get mistreated there. Then I'd go home and get abused some more. This persisted for about 10 months straight. Every day for almost a year I was dehumanized and treated like an annoyance. What's worse, the only person I considered a friend r*ped me during a sleepover. Something my nparents refused to talk to me about.
I'm not gonna lie, I hate talking about the years that came next. It's all the same from age 10 to age 14 to be quite honest. I was eventually put in my room for 24 hours minimum whenever I told a lie of any kind. My nparents were incredibly controlling, to the point where they monitored my every move. Yeah I got a phone when I was 9, but they checked my location with it at any possible time, constantly threatened to look through my messages to my friends and support system, and frequently took away my phone or manually enabled parental controls from their desktop. I was shamed and mocked so often for being upset about this, often enough to where I still feel shameful for this, but my phone was my only way to contact my therapist, not to mention my support system. So when I needed to talk to them, my nmother would tell me I can use her phone to talk with my therapist in the same room as her. I didn't feel safe.
In fact, up until a week ago, my nfather was tracking my location at least once a month. I even got text messages from my provider reminding me he could do that at his number.
My middle school years were hell. I had absolutely no friends in 6th grade, but I also stopped caring what people thought of me so it felt a bit better than being 9 in primary school. I was the annoying kid, that was who I always was and who I always will be seen as. I accepted this. When I was 12 and in 7th grade I went to a small charter school in my district, which consisted of 60 other kids. ~20 for each grade. Gossip spread like wildfire, and being my autistic self, I didn't last long there. I went to a different school and cut my hair short for 8th grade.
I think the worst part of cutting my hair short wasn't the teasing and degrading, it was the resistance my mother gave letting me cut my hair, right up until the style I wanted got popular. Then she was ~all~ about it.
I vaguely remember hitting my head really hard from standing up under a surface I forgot I was under. I likely got a severe concussion. I told my mother about how spacy I felt and what happened, she told me she'd call my doctor but she never spoke to anyone about it. She told no one. I fell asleep that night and realized about 5 years later I could have gotten to sleep and never woke up. I remember almost no part of being 13 because my nmom didn't care enough to get my head checked after I smashed it against a cafeteria table.
Realistically, my memory loss was either from my prescription of wellbutrin in doses that didn't work for me, the untreated concussion, or maybe a combination of the two. In any case, I was completely unaware I had even been through 8th grade.
High school is where things got -really- fucked. I was in crutches twice, living about 2 miles from my high school. My mother refused to drive me to school more times than she followed through, and she knew the bus was sensory overload hell. She visibly took amusement from watching me get up at 5:30am, struggle to get ready for the day, and then hobble the two miles to school with a sprained ankle so I could avoid being in a car with her.
It was at this part of my life where my undiagnosed BPD got intense. I've been taking Abilify since I was 9, it was the only thing keeping me alive then and it still is. (Yes, I went through two rounds of DBT and no, it did not help me.) So at this time I was taking Clonodine, Wellbutrin, and Abilify. Two of the three I learned I was given because my nmom liked the effects it had on my already-fucked psyche.
I started self-harming and attempting suicide, it got progressively worse and several times I needed stitches from what I did to myself. Whenever I told my nparents about it, amd my need for a hospital visit, they consciously maintained a completely emotionless reaction, even correcting each other when the other one yelled or screamed or called me dumbsht, or worthless, or even just stupid. I was called a 'fcking rtrd' by my stepdad more times than I cared to keep track of.
My teenage years were filled with failed suicide attempts that eventually involved cops, deep self - harm scars that are still on my wrist, at some point my nparents eventually got cameras to monitor me in the common areas of the house. They were scary and relentless and I was constantly berated and yelled at for anything. Then I was guilted and shamed when I retaliated.
My nparents started smoking and visiting the nearest casino every weekend. I was left alone for one of the only 2 days I could really have any interaction with them.
I came out as Brian with He/Him pronouns when I was 16. I first talked with my close school therapist (Rest in Peace, Mrs. Rose 🌹,) then I tried coming out to my nmother. She just told me to keep it a secret from my nfather, which I thought was bullshit. I was gonna be my unabashed self, especially if it made him uncomfortable. Naturally, he refused to call me Brian or the pronouns I at least wanted to try. It took him 3 years to stop telling me I was trying to 'control the conversation' (I corrected them every time they called me my deadname or any pronouns that weren't mine. Somehow that statement seemed like a huge projection.)
One of my high school peers and part of my bare-bones support system, actually went to my nparents behind my back and talked to them about all the abuse I was verbal about in school. Naturally, they denied everything, and because of my still-undiagnosed mood disorder, I was painted as an abuser to one of my friends. Who, of course, convinced the rest of my meager support system that I was somehow an abuser when I was actually A CHILD. Everyone in this small town of Sherwood believed them.
I graduated high school early with a 1.8 gpa. Which sounds nuts. I eventually began taking online high school classes where I could go at my own pace. I was quick, but also not the smartest, so I got to officially graduate a month early. I was 17. I was actually doing decently ok in my life for once.
Less than two weeks before I turned 18 I was kicked out of my nparents' house. I crashed on my aunt's futon in the living room of her 1bd1bth apartment for 2 weeks. For years I legitimately planned to kill myself on my 18th birthday one way or another. I was gonna drink some strong cleaners she had and die on that futon. For some reason I didn't.
My nparents were reluctant to let me back, but at this time they had already schlepped their stuff to a new house and I was able to live out of their basement/garage for a year. Which I did because I had no other options. I could not and still cannot work a job due to my physical disabilities, however no doctor I talk to about my chronic pain takes me seriously because it was ignored for so long, and I've had lifelong issues with self advocacy so I gave up on getting on disability. I was chased out after my nfather got angry at me for being useless in his eyes and threatened me with his shotgun.
There are a lot of incidents and different methods of abuse I didn't mention but I think I got most of it. Of course I didn't think about it at the time but I was creating distance from 19 years of solid, unrelenting abuse. I still haven't cut off all contact from them but I'm gonna compose a shorter message to my nmom tonight. Wish me luck.
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All Passed 1st try: Tips, tricks, and rants

Ok, so you’re reading this cause you are slacking off and doing anything to avoid studying. Some of this will probably not apply or some people will disagree(maybe strongly), but this is what I learned/experienced from my experience taking the CPA exam. This is long, so strap in and lets go for a ride.
I am an advisory associate at a Big 4 firm. I had Becker paid for since I signed my return offer after my internship. I have both a bachelors and masters degree in accounting. I started studying in Feb 2019 and just found out I passed my final part, with BEC the only one I had to take while working. I passed all parts on my first try. I love subjective qualitative questions (AUD) and despise quantitative calculation heavy questions (everything else). I had terrible study habits/motivation and typically I am a bad test taker. So anyways lets get started
1. Understand the concepts and underlying logic
a. You have heard this time and time again and just let it brush by you without a 2nd thought. You probably only want to just memorize and regurgitate material. If you want to get the most out of your studying, you should aim to truly understand why things are the way they are and from what point of view you need to look from. For example, why would an audit firm be cautious about taking on a new client (i.e. Enron)? What could make management want to “cheat” on their financials and how does the FASB curb those actions? Etc. I cannot emphasize this enough. Oh wait, hold on. AM I EMPHASIZING THIS ENOUGH??!!!!!!!! Do this and be able to teach the concepts to others. Being able to teach it helps reinforce it.
2. Be curious and listen/read about biz outside of studying
a. You should ask questions to yourself that go beyond the review course. “Why do I share memes on Facebook and avoid social interaction in real life?” “Do I really want to do public accounting?” “I wonder what it’ll be like not having to study for this stupid exam?” oh wait, not those questions. Lol, listen to podcasts like planet money, the Wall street journal, etc. Google questions you have that go beyond the scope of your review course. Try to make connections to your life (individual tax and how that might apply to you). Doing this will, hopefully, make you curious/interested and tie things to what you’re studying. Not making any connections to your personal life financial decisions or what is going around you or being curious can make the study process that much worse.
3. Practice and use excel
a. DO NOT USE A TI 84 when studying. Yes, I know you have an emotional connection to it since it was your ex girlfriend’s back in high school. Get in the habit of using excel. From what I understand, if you are really close, like a 74, the graders will take a special look at your exam and see if you really deserve a 75. Excel would help by allowing you to write notes for problems and show your thought process to the graders. It helps out in sims, when you are using the research tool and find a code that applies but you want to keep searching for a better citation. You can copy and paste that section and passages into excel for reference if you want to come back. You can format how you calculate stuff too, vs that crappy on screen calculator trying to figure out which step of the calculation you’re at. Plus getting in the habit of using the main program you’ll use at work also helps. Should also learn hot keys, show em what dem fingers do. Get your mind out of the gutter.
4. MCQs, MCQs, MCQs
a. Your eyes should be bleeding. After understanding and grasping the concepts, you should aim to get above 60% (75% if you’re competitive) correct on your first try on MCQs for each module. If you don’t, go back into the book and relearn. MCQs are great practice and honestly its probably the best way to prepare in a short amount of time. I aimed to get through the material about 45% of my time and the remaining being for reviewing mostly through doing MCQs. I aimed to do about 200-300 MCQs each day during my review period. Others have said that they did 1000 a day. Its not a contest. Heck, I’ve even seen some of the same MCQs (or very similar) between Becker and the actual exams. Doesn’t hurt to practice.
5. Still in undergrad? Take more finance classes
a. Something I found helpful was doing a dual accounting and finance bachelors degree. I got both perspectives from accounting and finance. Yes, I incurred more student loans, but at least I can talk the talk and understand obscure finance related topics (financial markets and institutions, risk management, forecasting, etc).
6. Need more education credits? Do a masters in accounting(MAcc), not an MBA or a masters in tax, etc
a. Ok, this is controversial and this probably only applies to juniors in college. Look, taking classes that interest you are great. But if you truly want those three letters after your name, you’ll have to put yourself in a position that truly sets you up for success. An MBA: you’ll have exposure to all sorts of classes and topics, but you probably won’t focus too much on auditing or tax and other accounting stuff as much. Plus, there’s a whole debate on if an MBA is even worth it anymore vs a specialized masters (MAcc, Master of supply chain,etc). Let me know if you want me to elaborate, but googling recent news articles/threads can show you. A masters in tax: yes, you’ll probably destroy REG. However, if you don’t like qualitative and subjective questions, AUD will kick you in the ass. FAR will probably be a little difficult since you mostly studied tax. A MAcc: you’ll get an overall selection of accounting courses (audit to cost accounting, etc). Overlapping your classes while studying for a CPA exam section is only gonna help (audit class while studying for AUD; killing 2 birds with one stone). Employers will be a little bit more at ease knowing you aren’t these “no brained MBA students that don’t know anything” -grad school prof. Look at schools that have flexibility and have high pass rates for the CPA exam. I’ve heard great things about BYU, Texas, and Michigan.
7. Never waste a testing window, if you can afford it. Take it at the end too.
a. Now, I’m not too sure how this is gonna play out with the new testing rules upcoming in July. However, I would always try to aim to get through all my material a week before the testing window ended and aimed to take the exam on the last day of the testing window. If I failed, I’d find out the following week and I’d have all that material still fresh in my mind to grind for early next testing window. From what I’ve heard and experienced, you can typically be pleasantly surprised with the result, as long as you know enough basic stuff. Don’t quote me on that, but if you got the cash, might as well do it. If you plan it right, the first year bonus should be able to cover all the exam fees you incurred taking exams multiple times. Jk, plan to pass it the first time, it’ll save you some $$.
8. For the love of God, pass them all before working
a. My heart goes out to all those who haven’t taken a single part when they begin work. I was studying for BEC while working and Jesus, I legit could not find time or have energy to study while working (get home at 9, bed at 11, up at 5am, leave for client at 6am). If I were to redo it again, I would ask during your internship to get access to Becker early and start studying before grad school. I spent about 10+ hours a day during the bright blue skied summer in the library depressed that I had to learn about pension and lease accounting. I’ve heard that some places/firms are great at giving you time to study, but probably don’t pay as much. I’ve heard GCAS ( is a great option. Probably hard to break into Big 4 afterwards, but at least you’ll kinda get that work life balance. Get it done ASAP. If you are working FT and haven’t taken any or are currently taking it, its not the end of the world. I know plenty of people who passed all of em in Big 4 within their first 4 years.
9. Impatient and want to know if you passed/failed a little bit early? Eyeball trick
a. I think this applies mostly NASBA states, but yea google it. Your credit/fail status will pop up like half a day before the actual release date (typically).
10. Getting through the material is the hardest part
a. So what if you fail an exam, at least you did the hardest part, getting through and understanding the material. If you fail, you aren’t starting back at square 1. You’ll pretty much be at >=70%, depending on how diligent you were at studying the first time, if you find out if you failed. If you haven’t started work yet, just get through all the material. Learning obscure topics in FAR &BEC while working 60+ hours a week will drive you crazy. As mentioned below, write outlines, so that it’ll be easier and quicker to refresh on the material if you need to come back.
11. Find a friend, a study routine, and test ritual
a. If you’re like me, you have borderline ADHD and cannot concentrate or keep yourself accountable. I had a group in grad school that we all struggled together in the library and kept each other accountable. Cancel your Netflix, take Youtube out of your bookmarks, just make it difficult to find distractions. Your job is to study, not find an excuse to have a study break *points at you*. Finally, find a ritual. Mine was booking a hotel the night before my exam at a hotel across the street from Prometric (Since I was scared to death that my love for sleep would get the best of me). I would go to Red Robin and eat dinner, go to a movie the night before and take Z quil and go to bed early. Before my exam, I would wake up 3-4 hours before my exam to get myself awake, eat a very light breakfast, and take a 5 hour energy right before I walked into the exam room. I would carry gum, a granola bar, redbull, Advil, ear plugs, and a water bottle to the exam. I fidget a lot so I would chew gum, and while Prometric typically gave us headmuffs, I would carry in my ear plugs and squish them (fidgeting habit) while I read prompts or if my test taking neighbor was noisy, put in the earplugs underneath the headmuffs. After my exam, I would treat myself. Go play 9 holes, watch another movie, and go out drinking. Treat yourself, even if you failed it, you deserve some positivity in your life. Depending on how you feel, wait 2 days(recovery) before studying the same section or moving onto the next section.
12. Do not redeem your Becker books until after you are done
a. Want a little extra cash? I wish I had thought of this earlier. But, one of my buddies only used the online textbook and online final review textbook. He never redeemed his becker books. After he finished, he put up a listing on ebay for his becker books. Since the books keep getting updated, he could say that these books were current. He also bundled all the books together on ebay and sold them for like $350, instead of selling one by one which would take longer. Plenty of people have their books go out of date fast and are in need of new fresh paper to massacre with their pencil and highlighter. If you don’t need the hardcopy, pass on it and get a little bit of extra cash after you pass the exams.
13. If Becker ever offers you a lifetime subscription, take it
a. Yes, while they do say that if you don’t pass a section they’ll let you keep using your account, you do have to demonstrate that you didn’t pass (salt in the wound). During grad school, a couple of my friends at another big 4 firm said they got an email about Becker giving them lifetime access until they passed. I reached out to Becker to see if I could opt in for that. It was free. That way it was one less thing on my mind knowing that my software would expire in 18 months unless I showed substantial progress in reviewing through Becker.
14. Becker really done screwed up by removing the desktop app
a. I might be in the minority here, but I highly doubt it. Starting Jan 2020, Becker will no longer support the desktop application for your laptop. I absolutely loved the native downloaded application. You didn’t need to be connected via internet and could pull up excel. I only needed the internet to update the contents. Having access to the internet was a slippery slope to a 7 hour youtube binge. By turning off my wifi and going to a spot in the library with no WIFI access, I ultimately only had the Becker app for entertainment. Sad yes, I know. Becker only now offers the online version and the app version for mobile devices. Sorry for all those who didn’t get to download the desktop app back in June 2019 for the last time.
15. Find a good prometric
a. I have been fortunate and not had problems. However, I have heard nightmare scenarios where a few of my friends had a prometric that couldn’t get their exam loaded and had to have them reschedule. If you’re working and take PTO that would be terrible. I had one friend who tried to take an exam at the end of a testing window before his other exam credit expired the next testing period and lost credit cause prometric had to keep rescheduling him. Put your mind at ease and don’t experience an emotional rollercoaster finding out you have to reschedule. Some Prometrics are control freaks and will lose their s*** if you do something minor like chewing gum or kick off your shoes while you are taking your exam. Just depends on who your proctor is. Ask your friends which locations are good. Heads up though, typically those are the ones that fill up the quickest.
16. You got 4 mins to write down everything
a. Don’t know if this is allowed by Prometric, can someone attest to this? Remember those 4 mins that are admin disclaimers before your actual exam begins? Good, use that free time to your advantage. Write down formulas fresh in your mind or concepts or acronyms that will help you or that you truly struggle with. I wish I had done this when I took it, but write down all the major amounts (i.e. 3k), concepts, rules, and formulas on that little crappy laminated sheet Prometric gives you during that 4 mins before your exam starts. Some people will say this is not necessary or bad for you, but if I were you, I’d live in comfort having that sheet of material.
17. Becker keeps repeating certain things over and over
a. If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, you should.*Don’t be like me when a girl laughs at your 2/10 dad joke and tell her she is a great friend* Topics that mysteriously keep popping up again and again, are typically the ones that will most likely show up on your exam. *cough*Basis*cough*gov &NFP*cough*Internal control*cough*IT*
18. The exam is “fair”, MCQs only adaptive
a. Yes, only the MCQ testlets are adaptive. If you find that a sim is easy, don’t worry your little mind about it. SIM difficulty is random, even though you’ll stare at your screen for 30 min wondering where it all went wrong. Look, the examiners only want you to know enough to keep the public safe (so basically AUD matters). Those really difficult sections you have in your review course typically won’t be big areas in the exam, unless you’ve got bad luck. If that’s the case, then I’m sorry dude. When I took FAR, I kept reviewing the sections that I could not grasp that well, in reality it consisted of most of the questions I was really strong in already. However, I hadn’t kept up in those areas and I thought I failed. It’s a fair exam, not too hard but not easy, the studying/review part is in my opinion the worst part of the whole process.
19. Watch out for absolutes
a. Use standard test taking strategies. If you see the words: only, all, none, never, always, etc. in answers, your eyes should pop and you should start reevaluating your life choices. That’s how I got through AUD, just looking for absolutes. If you see one, that’s typically one less answer choice you have to worry about. There is always the exception to the rule. That being said, you should also get in the habit of watching out for the question prompt saying except, none, only, etc. I can’t tell you how many questions I missed cause I was not careful reading the prompt correctly. Get in the habit of knowing what the question is truly asking.
20. For BEC WC, repeat the prompt
a. How does the AICPA keep up with grading the BEC exam with all those essays you gotta write? They (probably) don’t. It’s most likely a computer that uses a similar grammaspelling function to that of MSFT word and/or Grammarly with a few extra conditions like searching for key words. As long as you can write with decent grammar, you are set my friend. Just make sure you almost repeat exactly what the prompt says, so that the system sees you are on track. Even if you have no clue what the hell the answer is, repeat the prompt. You’ll get points for writing something and being on track. Just a little sneaky tip for ya.
21. Is the Elijah Watt Scholarship worth it?
a. Short answer: no, in my opinion. “Yes, we will definitely pay you $20,000 if you get 95.5 avg across all the exams and passing on your first try!”-accounting firm. From what I have heard, pretty much all the firms will try their best to back out of this promise and say, “ooof, ummm, how about no and we instead give you $5,500. Cool right?! Hey did you by chance get around to that one project we assigned you yesterday?” I think PWC has been the only one to honor the higher bonus, but even then, I haven’t heard too great of things from them lately from my friends who did get the Elijah Watt award. Your goal is to pass. A CPA is still a CPA no matter if you scored 99 on all the sections or if you got 75 on all sections. A really smart friend of mine once told me, “You’re a complete idiot if you get anything above a 75, a 75 says that you studied just the right amount, Idk why xyz has spent 5 months studying for BEC doing 10+ hours a day.” Probably study enough to aim for an 85, rather pass than have to retake.
22. This platform (another71, reddit,etc) will help keep your sanity
a. Yes, while some people here can be very brash and tell you to work harder and not really give you comfort. There are plenty of people here to give encouragement and support. Lots of people here are in the same boat as you and are trying to pass. After every exam I would rant about how little I studied and how I knew I had for sure failed and how others felt about their exams. Remember, for every rant you put, give two comments of support/advice to someone who is struggling. Also, while youtube reactions to CPA exams is nice, don’t dive too deep and waste precious study time. Breeze through them and see what is recommended and how to prepare, nothing more. Shoutout to those who actually make youtube videos on their journeys, yall helped me out.
23. Take FAR first, BEC=What the hell was that?
a. FAR is a B****. It’s a mile wide but an inch deep. When I studied for AUD, I honestly had fun studying for it. REG was not as fun, but was able to connect it to my life. FAR…. FAR is a beast. It is so freakin long that I was honest to God exhausted after it. If I had to redo things, I would take it first. It’s just the amount of material, the exam I found was quite fair. You’ll also realize that FAR is systemic and touches every other section. Taxes for Reg (M1&M3 schedules), ratios for Audit, and hedges for BEC. Trust me, it’ll be easier to transition vs hearing Olinto and Gearty say “remember in FAR..” when you actually hadn’t event studied for it yet. Ok, now lil ol’ BEC. At first glance its this little cute section that’s like “I’m just glad to be here” In reality, its this random hodgepodge of misc material that couldn’t make up separate exams. While the other sections build on each other, the BEC material is so different it is hard to transition your mindset. I woulda also tried to take this towards the beginning. Be comfortable with calculation and quantitative heavy problems. Its amazing how financy and quantitative it really is. I like qualitative subjective logic based questions, so AUD basically.
24. Use Becker Final Review and take mock exams. Make an outline as you go through
a. Final Review in my opinion is underrated. I’m one to be looking for pure efficiency and find out where my weakest areas are. At least you can still download the desktop version of final review and don’t need internet to access it. Another issue I had was I never did the progress tests. I would get through all the material and take a mock. Find out I got like a 30-50 on it and be depressed since I hadn’t kept up in the earlier parts of the material. Make sure to always constantly refresh on older parts of the material, it’ll save you so much time and effort. One thing I started in REG was making an outline. Did I ever come back and read my work? No, but the process of actually writing down concepts and material subconsciously internalizes in your brain. I did this in case I had to retake a section so I could breeze through and find the areas I was weak in. Thankfully, that never happened. Make sure to write examples that you can understand and to put jokes/big4accountant memes in it to prevent your eyes glazing over.
25. Why on earth are you still reading this slacker? Get to work
a. In all honesty, the CPA exam in my opinion isn’t that bad. It’s just getting through the material. Only you have the power to stop wildfires, wait, I mean pass the CPA exam. Life will throw crazy things at you. You might be in a relationship and need to sit your significant other down and have them understand the time commitment this really is. You just need to put yourself in a situation that will set you up for success. Stay late at work/library, put in earplugs/headmuffs (the ones you use for mowing lawns), sit in isolation away from any windows (the casino effect), drink coffee, take Adderall, exercise, move across the country, quit public accounting, start a multi tiered marketing business, marry a model, live your best life. IDK im not your mother, just do it.
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[Guide] Idle Heroes Acronyms and Slang Guide

Hey everyone, it's lemmingllama. I just wanted to make a small guide on all the different acronyms in Idle Heroes for new players. Whenever you are joining the game, it can be intimidating to go onto the Discord channels or Reddit threads and seeing all this nonsense that means nothing to you. So sit back, relax, and use your browser’s search function or scroll through this alphabetical list of acronyms. I'm also typing in the words abbreviations and glossary here so Reddit's search engine can locate this more easily.
If you happen to know of any acronyms that aren’t on here that deserve to exist, just comment below or message me on Reddit at lemmingllama or on Discord at lemmingllama#9071. I’ll happily include your acronyms as long as it makes sense and is actually usable.


Acronym Meaning
AB Armor Break, the stat that allows you to reduce the effects of enemy armor
Active Active skill, the special attack that each hero can use when their energy bar is full. Sometimes called ult
Amu Amuvor, the Dark assassin hero
Antlers Antlers Cane, the artifact that increases Precision, Attack, and Skill Damage
Asmo Asmodel, the Light warrior hero
Aspen The Aspen Dungeon, a building where you can fight against increasingly strong enemies for rewards. Also Aspen, the Dark warrior hero
Baade A being of true terror and unlimited memes, who is more "powerful" than any other existence in Idle Heroes
Basics Basic summoning scrolls, a resource that can be used to unlock 1-5 star heroes
BB Bloodblade, the Shadow assassin hero
Bel Belrain, the Light priest hero
Bell Demon Bell, the artifact that increases Attack, HP, and starting energy
Blacksmith Event Grey Dwarf’s Blessing, an event where you can spend gems to upgrade your equipment
BoD Barrier of Destiny, the Fortress faction exclusive artifact that increases Damage Reduction and HP
Branches Prophet’s Blessing, a resource that can be spent to replace heroes in the Prophet Tree
BS Broken Spaces, a monthly event where you can attack bosses for resources. Also what everyone will say when the newest hero is released
BT Brave Trials, a building where you can fight against other player’s arena teams for Dragon Scales and other resources
Candy Cane Lucky Candy Bar, the artifact that increases Attack, HP, and Stun Immunity
Casino The Wishing Fountain, a building where you can spend Wishing Coins and Super Wishing Coins to receive rewards.
CC Crowd control, a form of stopping a hero from working effectively such as Stun, Freeze, Petrify, Silence, and Horrify
CCL Crystal Crown League, an arena event where you fight against players using one lineup. Typically just referred to as arena
CD Corpsedemon, the Shadow warrior hero
Cheese A team composition that focuses around abusing a mechanic to have it perform much stronger than it should. This typically centers on heroes like Mihm and Aidan who benefit from their allies deaths.
Chips Wishing Coins, a resource that can be exchanged at the Wishing Fountain for rewards
CI Celestial Island, a building where you can defeat islands for resources and build structures to give you resources
Crit Critical Chance, the percentage chance of your hero landing a critical hit and dealing bonus critical damage
CNY Chinese New Year, one of the large events and a time when the developers take a break
DA Dark Arthinodal, the Dark mage hero
Dant Dantalion, the Abyss warrior hero
Deer A monster that boosts Armor and Block
DH Demon Hunter, the Forest ranger hero. Also Droid Hang, the game company that makes Idle Heroes
Dildo Staff: Punisher of Immortal, the artifact that increases Attack, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage
DM Das Moge, the Dark ranger hero
Dodge An old hero bonus that has been replaced by Block
Dom Dominator, the Shadow warrior hero
DoT Damage over time, an effect that will deal damage each round for a set number of rounds
DPS Damage per second, typically referring to a hero who has the primary purpose of dealing as much damage as possible
DR Damage Reduction, a stat that reduces the amount of damage your hero will take
Dragon A monster that boosts Critical Chance and Critical Damage
DS Dragon Slayer, the Forest warrior hero
Dust Magic Dust, the resource used to improve hero stones
E3 Enable 3, where a 10 star hero has been enabled three times and can use all the enabling changes
Elite Shards A resource that can be used to receive a copy of a hero from a drop pool of stronger heroes (you are less likely to get a fodder hero)
Energy How close your hero is to using their active skill. When their energy bar is full, their next attack will use their active skill
F2P Free to play, a player who has not spent any money on the game
FA Fearless Armor, the artifact that increases Damage Reduction and HP
FB Faith Blade, the Light assassin hero
Feathers Glorious Relics, a resource that can be exchanged for specific heroes, skins, or artifacts
FM Fat Mu, the Abyss ranger hero
Fodder Heroes who are not considered strong, and thus should be used to improve other heroes
Fox A monster that boosts Skill Damage and Precision
FS Flamestrike, the Fortress mage hero
FTA Free Team-up Arena, an arena event where you work with two other players to defeat players
Fusion An event where you fuse stronger heroes to receive rewards
GC Guild coins, the resource that allows you to upgrade your Guild Tech and purchase from the Guild Store (don’t purchase from the guild store please, it’s a bad idea)
GE The Grey-Eyed, the 4 star Forest assassin hero
Gem Box The Mysterious Chest event, where you can purchase resources and heroes for gems
Ghern Ghern, one of the Idle Heroes youtubers
GL Guild leader, the owner of your guild
Golem A monster that boosts Armor and Precision
Goo Typically referring to Spirit (green goo) or Hero Promotion Stones (purple goo), they are used to upgrade your heroes
Griffin A monster that boosts Precision and Holy Damage. Sometimes also called Owl
GvE Good Versus Evil, the aura received by having three Light and three Dark heroes in your team
GW Guild wars, the building where you can fight against other guilds and receive Guild Coins based on your placement at the end of the week
KB King Barton, the Abyss warrior hero
KoD The King of Demons, the Abyss faction exclusive artifact that increases Damage Reduction and HP
HD Holy Damage, a damage type that ignores armor
HG Honor Guard, the Fortress warrior hero
HM Heroic Miracle, the event where you unlock new heroes to receive rewards
HP Hit points or health points, the amount of damage your hero can take before dying
HW Heart Watcher, the Forest assassin hero
HS Heroic Scrolls, a resource that can be spent at the Summoning Circle to unlock 3-5 star heroes
IB Iceblink, the Fortress ranger hero
Ice A monster that boosts Precision and Holy Damage. Sometimes also called Crab
IH Idle Heroes, the game that we are all playing
KoG The Kiss of Ghost, the artifact that increases Attack, Armor Break, and HP. Sometimes also called gun
LB Lord Balrog, the Abyss warrior hero
L/D Light and Dark, the rare faction of heroes
Leak lady kaoricompass, a player who posts leaks of the next events each week and likes to drive
Marg Margaret, the Abyss mage hero
Market The Marketplace, a building where you can purchase other resources for gold and gems
Mats Monster Souls and Chaos Stones, the materials needed to improve your monsters
Merge A server merge, when several servers are combined together to form one large server
Meta How widely used a particular hero, artifact, build, or lineup is used. Typically people will use this as an indication of what is good
Mich Michelle, the Light ranger hero
Militant An event where you gain rewards for participating in the Arena
Mini-Monthly The Privilege Card, a card that gives diamonds each day for 30 days
MKx MKxJump, an Idle Heroes youtuber
Monthly Card The Senior Privilege Card, a card that gives many diamonds each day for 30 days
MS Magic Source, the artifact that increases starting energy and skill damage
MSS Magic Stone Sword, the artifact that increases Attack, Damage Reduction, and Control Immunity
NM Nightmare, one of the levels of Aspen Dungeon
OD OD-01, the Fortress mage hero
Obe Oberon, the Forest mage hero
P2W Pay to win, a player who has spent a lot of money on the game. Can also refer to things that require money in order to unlock
Pets Monsters, the creatures that power up your heroes and activate when enough rounds have passed or Active Skills have been used in a fight.
PFF Pray for Fire, a location in your guild where you can receive guild coins and fight guild bosses. Pray for Fire only opens after your guild has defeated the 60th guild raid
Phoenix A monster that boosts Critical Damage and Holy Damage
PIH Playidleheroes, a website with a lot of guides and content
PO Prophet Orb, a resource you can exchange at the Prophet Tree to get hero shards and Prophet’s Blessings
Pokeball Augustus Magic Ball, the artifact that increases Attack, Speed, and Block. Also called 8ball or augustus
Purple orbs Hero Promotion Stones, a resource required to increase the tiers of your heroes
PVE Player versus environment, any content that is not directly opposing other players. This typically refers to things like marauders, Guild raids, Pray for Fire, the campaign, etc where the combat uses different mechanics than the typical PvP combat
PVP Player versus player, any content that is directly opposing other players. This typically refers to things like the Arena, friend battles, Brave Trials, and things that mimic PvP combat like the Tower of Oblivion and Sealed Land
Rainbow The Color-Mixing aura given by having one hero from each faction in your team
Ramen Amen-ra, the Dark priest hero
Redemption The Redemption aura given by having two Forest, two Fortress, and two Light heroes on your team
Regression Regression is when you disassemble a hero using Soul Stones to get back fodder and 5 star hero copies
Replace Replacing is when you use Soul Stones and some 5 star hero copies to turn a 10 star or stronger hero into a new hero
RNG Random number generation, the reason why your luck has been so bad
Runes Rune’s Power, the Forest faction exclusive artifact that increases Damage Reduction and HP
SC The Super Wishing Fountain, a building where you can spend Super Wishing Coins to receive rewards. SC is short for Super Casino
Shards A resource that can be used to receive a copy of a hero. Some are for specific heroes, and others are for a specific faction or power level
Shelter An event where you can exchange heroes for specific heroes and equipment
Sig Sigmund, the Fortress warrior hero
SL Starlight, the Forest mage hero
Sleepy Sleepless, the Dark warrior hero
Slot The position that a hero is in a lineup. These range from slots 1-6, going from the front to the back
Smash The ability to make multiple attacks with a single button press to save time and effort
Snake A monster that boosts Skill Damage and Block
Snot Spirit, a resource required to level up your heroes
SoJ Sword of Justice, the Light faction exclusive artifact that increases Attack, Holy Damage, and Critical Chance
Soul Stones Soul Symbols, the resource that allows you to swap or regress a 10 star or above hero
Tank A hero with a lot of HP who will typically sit in slot 1
Thug Cthugha, the Abyss ranger hero
Tickets Arena Tickets, the resource that allows you to attack other players in the Arena
Tits Sierra, the 4 star Fortress mage hero
ToC Trial of the Champion, an arena event where you fight using three teams against other players
ToO Tower of Oblivion, a building where you can fight for Hero Promotion Stones and other resources
Torch Wildfire Torch, the artifact that increases Precision, HP, and reduces Damage over Time
Val Valentino, the Fortress mage hero. Sometimes also called gayboi or stunning
Valk Valkyrie, the Forest ranger hero
VIP Very important person, a system that rewards players based on how much money they have spent on the game
WA Withered Armor, the Shadow faction exclusive artifact that increases Damage Reduction and HP
WGM Wind God’s Messenger, an artifact that increases speed and HP
Whale A person who has spent a lot of money on the game
Wolf A monster that boosts Armor Break and Precision
Wrath Wrathofgod, one of the Idle Heroes youtubers
Zeals Zealsambitions, one of the Idle Heroes youtubers

Change Log

Patch Number and Change Number Comments
1.17.11 Initial Release
1.18.32 Updated with new heroes, Phoenix, and Wildfire Torch

Other Guides

Feel free to go check out my Synergy Guide as well for some other useful content.
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Coaster Draft II: Official Draft Thread

Welcome everyone to Coaster Drat II! Starting NOW, fedoraman59 is officially on the clock and has 24 hours to make their pick. Please only comment on this thread with your draft picks. I will be creating a separate thread for discussion purposes where people can post questions, discuss picks, trash talk(politely), etc. PLEASE remember to tag the next person in your draft pick comment to notify them that it's their turn, to help make sure they don't miss their pick. I will do my best to keep this OP updated with everyone's picks, but It is up to you to double check recent picks to make sure you don't accidentally try to draft a coaster that has already been taken.
Draft Rules 1. You may draft any coaster that is currently listed as operating on at the start of the draft. Coasters that open after the draft starts are off limits. 2. When you draft a coaster, make sure you very clearly state what coaster you are choosing and what park it is located in in your post. All draft choices should be made as their own comment in the draft thread (that will be a separate thread from this one), and not as response comment to somebody else's comment. This way when the thread comments are sorted by "new" it will be very easy to see what the most recently drafted coasters were. Also in your comment, you should tag the next drafter to notify them that they are on the clock. 3. You have 24 hours to make your pick! After 24 hours is up the next drafter is free to make their selection and the draft will continue. You may make your missed pick at any time after that, but the rest of the draft is free to continue drafting after your 24 hours is up. If at any point you miss 2 picks in a row, you will be removed from the draft and be replaced with an alternate (if we ever get any alternate signups). If for some reason you know ahead of time that you may have to miss a pick for whatever reason, message the mods with a list ranking your top choices and one of us will make the pick for you. If you have multiple picks in a row, your pick time does not stack, you still only get 24 hours. 4. The draft will operate in a snake order, which means that after we finish a round, the order for the next round will be reversed(For example: 1-2-3-3-2-1-1-2-3, etc.). There will be 12 rounds, after 12 rounds is up, everyone should have a coaster lineup that consists of 12 coasters, and from that point we will move onto the voting season. 5. You may draft racing/dueling coasters as one coaster. General rule of thumb is if it has one listing on RCDB than you can draft it as one coaster. 6. Travelling coasters such as Olympia Looping are not eligible to be drafted.
An example of what your draft pick comment should look like(I've higlighted the important pieces in bold): "For the 5th pick in the draft, I will take Batman: the Ride from Six Flags Great Adventure. _scott_m_ is next."
Have fun everyone, and thanks for participating!
Round 1 Picks 1. fedoraman59 - Wildfire - Kolmarden 2. patrick-k - Fury 325 - Carowinds 3. wjw42 - California Screamin' - Disney's California Adventure 4. dirkdiggler1992 - Lightning Rod - Dollywood 5. PeterPiperPizzaMan - El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure 6. mrbearblue - T Express - Everland 7. Version_1 - Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park 8. nevastop - Maverick - Cedar Point 9. Lil_Pumpinq - Twisted Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain 10. _scott_m_ - Skyrush - Hersheypark 11. lillibonni - Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion 12. sonimatic14 - Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood 13. hmrapp - Thunderbolt - Kennywood 14. mikeokay - Superman the Ride - Six Flags New England 15. MrBrightside711 - DC Rivals HyperCoaster - Warner Bros. Movie World 16. dah_esak - Nemesis - Alton Towers 17. MemePostDetective - Helix - Liseberg 18. rolly_coaster - Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom 19. ghostofswitchmaspast - Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England 20. Fredbear_ - Schwur Des Kärnan - Hansa Park 21. Ultracoaster - Shambhala - Port Aventura 22. GFBIGFAN - Millenium Force - Cedar Point 23. iangs9 - Voyage - Holiday World 24. Grilled_Fromunda - Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce 25. Thrill_Monster - Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland 26. BariumBeryllium9 - The Flying Dinosaur - Universal Studios Japan 27. maxxdesiletseoe - Taron - Phantasialand
Round 2 Picks 28. maxxdesiletseoe - Goliath - Walibi Holland 29. BariumBeryllium9 - Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa 30. Thrill_Monster - iSpeed - Mirabilandia 31. Grilled_Fromunda - Flash - Lewa Adventure 32. iangs9 - Medusa Steel Coaster - Six Flags Mexico 33. GFBIGFAN - Wood Coaster - Knight Valley 34. Ultracoaster - Blue Fire Megacoaster - Europa Park 35. Fredbear_ - Coaster - Playland 36. ghostofswitchmaspast - Phoenix - Knoebels 37. rolly_coaster - Swamp Fox - Family Kingdom 38. MemePostDetective - Katun - Mirabilandia 39. dah_esak - Iron Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas 40. MrBrightside711 - Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City 41. mikeokay - Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer 42. hmrapp - Mine Blower - Fun Spot America 43. sonimatic14 - Black Mamba - Phantasialand 44. lillibonni - Mystic Timbers - Kings Island 45. _scott_m_ - Balder - Liseberg 46. Lil_Pumpinq - Gold Striker - California's Great America 47. nevastop - New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas 48. Version_1 - Troy - Toverland 49. mrbearblue - Kingda Ka- Six Flags Great Adventure 50. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Tatsu - Sic Flags Magic Mountain 51. dirkdiggler1992 - Goliath - Six Flags Great America 52. wjw42 - Do-Dodonpa - Fuji-Q Highland 53. patrick-k - Cyclone - Luna Park 54. fedoraman59 - Formula Rossa - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Round 3 Picks 55. fedoraman59 - Piraten - Djurs Sommerland 56. patrick-k - Coaster Through the Clouds - Nanchang Wanda Park 57. wjw42 - Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point 58. dirkdiggler1992 - Prowler - Worlds of Fun 59. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa 60. mrbearblue - Thunderbird - Holiday World 61. Version_1 - Galactica - Alton Towers 62. nevastop - Mako - Sea World Orlando 63. Lil_Pumpinq - Cheetah Hunt - Busch Gardens Tampa 64. _scott_m_ - Steel Dragon 2000 - Nagashima Spa Land 65. lillibonni - Hades 360 - Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park 66. sonimatic14 - Goliath - Six Flags Over Georgia 67. hmrapp - Goliath - La Ronde 68. mikeokay - Soaring with Dragon - Wanda Heife 69. MrBrightside711 - Xcelerator - Knott's Berry Farm 70. dah_esak - Beast - Kings Island 71. MemePostDetective - Wodan Timbur Coaster - Europa Park 72. rolly_coaster - Pyrenees - Parque España 73. ghostofswitchmaspast - Starry Sky Ripper - Joyland 74. Fredbear_ - Lech Coaster - Legendia 75. Ultracoaster - Flying Aces - Ferrari World 76. GFBIGFAN - Dragon Khan - PortAventura Park 77. iangs9 - Anaconda - Gold Reef City 78. Grilled_Fromunda - Python in Bamboo Forest - Nanchang Wanda Park 79. Thrill_Monster - Thunderhead - Dollywood 80. BariumBeryllium9 - Lightning Run - Kentucky Kingdom 81. maxxdesiletseoe - Joker - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Round 4 Picks 82. maxxdesiletseoe - Cannibal - Lagoon 83. BariumBeryllium9 - Monster - Adventureland 84. Thrill_Monster - Kawasemi - Tobu Park Zoo 85. Grilled_Fromunda - Ozlris - Parc Asterix 86. iangs9 - Eejanaika - Fuji-Q Highland 87. GFBIGFAN - Nefeskesen - Vialand 88. Ultracoaster - Alpina Blitz - Nigloland 89. Fredbear_ - Quimera - La Feria Chapultepec Magico 90. ghostofswitchmaspast - Tornado - Särkänniemi Amusement Park 91. rolly_coaster - Jungle Dragon - Happy Valley Chongqing 92. MemePostDetective - Fly Over Mediterranean - Happy Valley 93. dah_esak - Junker - PowerLand 94. MrBrightside711 - TRON Lightcycle Power Run - Shanghai Disneyland 95. mikeokay - Afterburn - Carowinds 96. hmrapp - Red Fire - ViaSea 97. sonimatic14 - Legend - Holiday World 98. lillibonni - Superman: Escape from Krypton - Six Flags Magic Mountain 99. _scott_m_ - Red Force - Ferrari Land 100. Lil_Pumpinq - Diamondback - Kings Island 101. nevastop - Renegade - Valleyfair 102. Version_1 - Monster - Walygator Parc 103. mrbearblue - Banshee - King's Island 104. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg 105. dirkdiggler1992 - Silver Star - Europa Park 106. wjw42 - Ultimate - Lightwater Valley 107. patrick-k - Karacho - Erlebnispark Tripsdrill 108. fedoraman59 - Cú Chulainn - Tayto Park
Round 5 Picks 109. fedoraman59 - Smiler - Alton Towers 110. patrick-k - Phaethon - Gyeongju World 110. wjw42 - X2 - Six Flags Magic Mountain 112. dirkdiggler1992 - Great Bear - Hersheypark 113. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Giant Dipper - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 114. mrbearblue - Valravn - Cedar Point 115. Version_1 - Fluch von Novgorod - Hansa Park 116. nevastop - Raptor - Gardaland 117. Lil_Pumpinq - Acrobat - Nagashima Spa Land 118. _scott_m_ - Volcano, The Blast Coaster - Kings Dominion 119. lillibonni - Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg 120. sonimatic14 - Manta - Sea World Orlando 121. hmrapp - Mega-Lite - Happy Valley Shanghai 122. mikeokay - Ghostrider - Knott's Berry Farm 123. MrBrightside711 - Joris en de Draak - Efteling 124. dah_esak - Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure 125. MemePostDetective - Behemoth - Canada's Wonderland 126. rolly_coaster - Light Speed - Visionland 127. ghostofswitchmaspast - Full Throttle - Six Flags Magic Mountain 128. Fredbear_ - Wild Train - Fantasiana 129. Ultracoaster - Silver Bullet - Knott's Berry Farm 130. GFBIGFAN - Superman el Último Escape - Six Flags Mexico 131. iangs9 - Jungle Storm - Chakazoolu Indoor Theme Park 132. Grilled_Fromunda - Time Travel - Hot Go Park - Happy Jungle World 133. Thrill_Monster - El Toro - Freizeitpark Plohn 134. Thrill_Monster (From BariumBeryllium9) - Speed Monster - TusenFryd 135. maxxdesiletseoe - Raptor - Cedar Point
Round 6 Picks 136. maxxdesiletseoe - Rampage - Alabama Splash Adventure 137. BariumBeryllium9 - Gatekeeper - Cedar Point 138. Thrill_Monster - Dauling Dragon - Happy Valley Wuhan 139. Grilled_Fromunda - Storm Runner - Hersheypark 140. iangs9 - Takabisha - Fuji-Q Highland 141. GFBIGFAN - Hair Raiser - Ocean Park 142. Ultracoaster - Dinoconda at China Dinosaurs Park 143. Fredbear_ - Tornado - Bakken 144. ghostofswitchmaspast - Superman Krypton Coaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas 145. rolly_coaster - Riddler's Revenge - Six Flags Magic Mountain 146. MemePostDetective - Wild Eagle - Dollywood 147. dah_esak - Stealth - Thorpe Park 148. MrBrightside711 - Talon - Dorney Park 149. mikeokay - Mind Bender - Six Flags Over Georgia 150. hmrapp - Star Trek: Operation Enterprise - Movie Park Germany 151. sonimatic14 - X-Flight - Six Flags Great America 152. lillibonni - Verbolten - Busch Gardens Williamsburg 153. _scott_m_ - Baron 1898 - Efteling 154. Lil_Pumpinq - Bizarro - Six Flags Great Adventure 155. nevastop - Shivering Timbers - Michigan's Adventure 156. Version_1 - Superman / la Atracción de Acero - Parque Warner Madrid 157. mrbearblue - Gravity Max - Lihpao Land 158. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Revenge of the Mummy - Universal Studios Florida 159. dirkdiggler1992 - Dominator - Kings Dominion 160. wjw42 - Crystal Wing - Happy Valley 161. patrick-k - Switchback - ZDT's Amusement Park 162. fedoraman59 - Grand National - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Round 7 Picks 163. fedoraman59 - Incredible Hulk - Islands of Adventure 164. patrick-k - Loch Ness Monster - Busch Gardens Williamsburg 165. wjw42 - Expedition Everest - Disney's Animal Kingdom 166. dirkdiggler1992 - Manta - Sea World San Diego 167. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Parrot Coaster - Chimelong Ocean Kingdom 168. mrbearblue - Intimidator - Carowinds 169. Version_1 - Flug der Dämonen - Heide Park 170. nevastop - SheiKra - Busch Gardens Tampa 171. Lil_Pumpinq - Tranan - Skara Sommarland 172. _scott_m_ - Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood 173. lillibonni - Kraken - Sea World Orlando 174. sonimatic14 - Screamin' Eagle - Six Flags St. Louis 175. GFBIGFAN (From hmrapp) - Vild-Svinet - BonBon-Land 176. mikeokay - Wooden Warrior - Quassy Amusement Park 177. MrBrightside711 - Oblivion: The Black Hole - Gardaland 178. dah_esak - Shock Wave - Six Flags Over Texas 179. MemePostDetective - Mindbender - Galaxyland Amusement Park 180. rolly_coaster - Superman Escape - Warner Bros Movie World 181. ghostofswitchmaspast - Vortex - Canada's Wonderland 182. Fredbear_ - Tower of Terror - Gold Reef City 183. Ultracoaster - Lightning Racer - Hersheypark 184. GFBIGFAN - Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars - Hong Kong Disneyland 185. iangs9 - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Disneyland 186. Grilled_Fromunda - Lisebergbanan - Liseberg 187. Thrill_Monster - Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 188. BariumBeryllium9 - Impulse - Knoebels 189. maxxdesiletseoe - Scream! - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Round 8 Picks 190. maxxdesiletseoe - Raven - Holiday World 191. BariumBeryllium9 - Bullet Coaster - Happy Valley Shenzhen 192. Thrill_Monster - Lost Gravity - Walibi Holland 193. Grilled_Fromunda - Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point 194. iangs9 - Boardwalk Bullet - Kemah Boardwalk 195. GFBIGFAN - Pulsar - Walibi Belgium 196. Ultracoaster - Shock - Rainbow MagicLand 197. Fredbear_ - Drage Kongen at Djurs Sommerland 198. ghostofswitchmaspast - Big Thunder Mountain - Disneyland Paris 199. rolly_coaster - Furious Baco - PortAventura 200. MemePostDetective - Battle of Jungle King - Heifei Wanda 201. dah_esak - White Lightning - Fun Spot America 203. MrBrightside711 - Battlestar Galactica - Universal Studios Singapore 204. mikeokay - OCT Thrust SSC1000 - Happy Valley Hongshan 205. hmrapp - Flying Wing Coaster - Happy Valley Yubei 206. hmrapp (from sonimatic14) - Orkanen - Fårup Sommerland 207. lillibonni - Tornado - Parque de Atracciones de Madrid 208. _scott_m_ - Hydra the Revenge - Dorney Park 209. Lil_Pumpinq - Atlantis Adventure - Lotte World 210. nevastop - Firechaser Express - Dollywood 211. Version_1 - Oblivion - Alton Towers 212. mrbearblue - Skull Mountain - Six Flags Great Adventure 213. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Ninja - Six Flags Magic Mountain 214. dirkdiggler1992 - Poseidon - Europa Park 215. wjw42 - Titan - Six Flags Over Texas 216. patrick-k - Bat - Kings Island 217. fedoraman59 - Jet Line - Grona Lund
Round 9 Picks 218. fedoraman59 - Euro Mir - Europa Park 219. patrick-k - Winjas - Phantasialand 220. wjw42 - Space Mountain - Disneyland 221. dirkdiggler1992 - Apple Zapple - Kings Dominion 222. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Invadr - Busch Gardens Williamsburg 223. mrbearblue - GaleForce - Playland's Castaway Cove 224. Version_1 - Vliegende Hollander - Efteling 225. nevastop - Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park 226. Lil_Pumpinq - Hydrus - Casino Pier 227. _scott_m_ - Flying Turns - Knoebels 228. lillibonni - Jungle Trailblazer - Oriental Heritage Wuhu 229. sonimatic14 - New Revolution - Six Flags Magic Mountain 230. sonimatic14 (from hmrapp) - Thunderbird - Powerland 231. mikeokay - Twister - Grona Lund 232. MrBrightside711 - Gold Rush - Attractiepark Slagharen 233. dah_esak - Krake - Heide Park 234. hmrapp (from MemePostDetective) - Anubis: The Ride - Plopsaland De Panne 235. rolly_coaster - Colossus the Fire Dragon - Lagoon 236. ghostofswitchmaspast - Space Fantasy The Ride - Universal Studios Japan 237. Fredbear_ - Cobra - Conny-land 238. Ultracoaster - Formula - Energylandia 239. MrBrightside711 (from GFBIGFAN) - Thunder Dolphin - Tokyo Dome City 240. iangs9 - Dwervelwind - Toverland 241. Grilled_Fromunda - Velociraptor - IMG Worlds of Adventure 242. Bariumberyllium9 (from Thrill_Monster) - Freischütz - Bayern Park 243. BariumBeryllium9 - Poltergeist - Six Flags Fiesta Texas 244. maxxdesiletseoe - Flight of Fear - Kings Island
Round 10 Picks 245. maxxdesiletseoe - Pandemonium - Six Flags New England 246. BariumBeryllium9 - Hollywood Dream:The Ride - Universal Studios Japan 247. Thrill_Monster - Cobra's Curse - Busch Gardens Tampa 248. Grilled_Fromunda - Dragon Coaster - Playland Park 249. iangs9 - Steel Force - Dorney Park 250. hmrapp (from GFBIGFAN) - Abyss - Adventure World 251. Ultracoaster - Juvelen at Djurs Sommerland 252. Fredbear_ - Wooden Coaster - Fireball - Happy Valley Shanghai 253. ghostofswitchmaspast - Motorbike Roller Coaster - Happy World 254. rolly_coaster - Mamba - Worlds of Fun 255. MemePostDetective - Cornball Express - Indiana Beach 256. dah_esak - Georgia Scorcher - Six Flags Over Georgia 257. MrBrightside711 - Spiderman Doc Ock - IMG World's of Adventure 258. mikeokay - Road Runner Express - Six Flags Fiesta Texas 259. hmrapp - Storm - Etnaland 260. sonimatic14 - Iron Dragon - Cedar Point 261. lillibonni - Fahrenheit - Hersheypark 262. _scott_m_ - Swarm - Thorpe Park 263. Lil_Pumpinq - Vampire - Chessington World of Adventures 264. nevastop - Tremors - Silverwood Theme Park 265. Version_1 - Dragon's Fury - Chessington World of Adventures 266. mrbearblue - Bandit Bomber - Yas Waterworld 267. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Rock n Roller Coaster - Disney's Hollywood Studios 268. dirkdiggler1992 - Teddy Bear - Stricker's Grove 269. wjw42 - Giant Dipper at Belmont Park 270. patrick-k - Space Mountain - Magic Kingdom 271. fedoraman59 - Patriot - Worlds of Fun
Round 11 Picks 272. fedoraman59 - Great Desert-Rally - Happy Valley Sichaun 273. patrick-k - Bombora - Lagoon 274. wjw42 - Revenge of the Mummy - Universal Studios Hollywood 275. GFBIGFAN (from dirkdiggler1992) - El Loco - Adventuredome 276. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Polar Explorer at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom 277. mrbearblue - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Magic Kingdom 278. Version_1 - Psyke Underground - Walibi Holland 279. nevastop - Gemini - Cedar Point 280. Lil_Pumpinq - Missed Pick 281. _scott_m_ - Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster - Sea World San Antonio 282. lillibonni - Desert Race - Heide Park 283. sonimatic14 - Quicksilver Express - Gilroy Gardens 284. hmrapp - Kentucky Rumbler - Beech Bend 285. mikeokay - Steel Eel - Sea World San Antonio 286. MrBrightside711 - Dragon's Run - Dragon Park 287. dah_esak - Big Apple Coaster - New York, New York Hotel & Casino 288. hmrapp (from MemePostDetective) - Maceraperest - Vialand 289. rolly_coaster - Diving Machine G5 - Janfusun Fancyworld 290. ghostofswitchmaspast - Wild Thing - Valleyfair 291. Fredbear_ - Lynet - Fårup Sommerland 292. Ultracoaster - Altair - Cinecittà World 293. GFBIGFAN - Arthur - Europa Park 294. iangs9 - Divertical - Mirabilandia 295. Grilled_Fromunda - Wildfire - Silver Dollar City 296. Thrill_Monster - Mammut - Erlebnispark Tripsdrill 297. BariumBeryllium9 - Crazy Car - Happy Valley Wuhan 298. maxxdesiletseoe - Tempesto - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Round 12 Picks 299. maxxdesiletseoe - Wonder Mountian's Gaurdian at Canada's Wonderland 300. BariumBeryllium9 - Wicked Twister - Cedar Point 301. Thrill_Monster - Fjord Flying Dragon - Happy Valley Tianjin 302. Grilled_Fromunda - Madagascar Mad Pursuit at Motiongate Dubai 303. iangs9 - Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain - Indiana Beach 304. GFBIGFAN - Scorpion - Busch Gardens Tampa 305. Ultracoaster - Supersonic Odyssey - Berjaya Times Square Theme Park 306. Fredbear_ - Timber Terror - Silverwood Theme Park 307. ghostofswitchmaspast - Saw: The Ride - Thorpe Park 308. rolly_coaster - Animal Coaster - Jawa Timur Park 2 309. MemePostDetective - The Great Pumpkin Coaster - Kings Dominion 310. dah_esak - Rollin Thunder - Park at OWA 311. MrBrightside711 - Powder Keg: A Blast In The Wilderness - Silver Dollar City 312. mikeokay - Capitol Bullet Train - Motiongate 313. hmrapp - Vicky The Ride - Plopsa Coo 314. sonimatic14 - Fantasia Special - Tongdo Fantasia 315. lillibonni - Big One - Blackpool Pleasure Beach 316. _scott_m_ - American Eagle - Six Flags Great America 317. Lil_Pumpinq - Missed Pick 318. nevastop - Skycar - Mysterious Island 319. Version_1 - Colorado Adventure - Phantasialand 320. mrbearblue - Pipeline Express - Wild Water & Wheels 321. PeterPiperPizzaMan - Jet Rescue - Sea World 322. dirkdiggler1992 - Python - Efteling 323. wjw42 - Sierra Sidewinder - Knott's Berry Farm 324. patrick-k - Woodstock Express - Kings Island 325. fedoraman59 - Thunderation - Silver Dollar City
Google Docs Document organized in a way that makes it easier to see each individual drafters lineup. Courtesy of iangs9.
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[Let's Build] businesses and trades in a frontier outpost or settlement

NOTE: We are out of room. Post continues here:
Some people are attracted to the frontier of civilization for the adventure. Others might be drawn there for a host of reasons; looking to make coin in a new market, keeping ahead of the law, spreading their faith, bringing order and strengthening the borders of their homeland, or perhaps a noble house has too many scions and hopes that one late-born member might make good with his share of the family coffers.
Let’s build a list of NPCs with businesses and trades in a frontier outpost or settlement.
I’m about to introduce simplified kingdom building mechanics to my Pathfinder Campaign. Basically, it allows your adventurers to govern and grow the settlement they are based in. So I’m looking to make a list of businesses and trades that might be compelled to put stakes down in a frontier outpost with colorful NPCs that might provide plothooks and role-play opportunities.
In my campaign the adventurers are getting a charter from the local military to rebuild a settlement in an abandoned town they have just cleared out of undead and bandits (nominally). It will begin as a outpost to the guard, but can be reoccupied by the former residents, serve as homes for new wonderers, refugees and eager enterprisers. It’s a location that can attract low-fantasy motifs of traditional trades but also allows for interlopers from the feywilds and other planes. So businesses could range from the mundane, such as tanneries or grain mills to the exotic and arcane like a drug den but where the intoxicants are dreamscapes from the feywilds.
Interested in storyhooks and interesting npcs. If you are familiar with any kingdom building mechanics feel free to drop in any additional info that might help GMs—building stats, building costs, settlement effects. Just descs are fine too.
Edit: Feel free to suggest similar businesses already on the list if you have a different spin on it. A little competition is healthy.
d100 Name Desciption
1 Bottlejaw’s Barbershop (and Dentistry) The spinning helix of the barber pole atop the shingle of criss-crossing razors and shears placemarks Bottlejaws Barbershop. Edmund Bottlejaw, an always-smiling halfling whose pleasant demeanor might be a professional front has a ramshackle building with very expensive touches. Perhaps the centerpiece is a shiny leather-upholstered hydraulic chair that adjusts not just for the variety of heights of his customers, but also comes with restraints when his work involves the occasional tooth extraction. Busts of humanoids showcase different styling and services, including a dwarf sporting beard-wigs intricately plaited and an orc with a hairpiece dramatically adorned and dyed. He is assisted by a silent and brooding young aasimar, Rajar, who mainly sweeps and appears to be able to provide the muscle.
2 Erastil’s Blessings: Seed bank and lending Library An elderly human and a baby-nursing half-elf woman came into town on an elk-drawn tarp-covered carriage. Most of their belongings were stacks and stacks of practical books, almanacs, manuals, plants guides and many copies of Parables of Erastil, the holy text of the elder god for a traditional way of life. Molthuse and Nirmal are a fount of practical knowledge. They set up quiet places to read and reference their library in a simple wooden structure, allowing visitors to copy information on paper available for purchase. Nirmal is also in charge of a thriving garden, often pressing cuttings and seedling to visitors. Near the entrance of the library, stands pots of seedballs for sale, seeds of useful plantlife and nutrient packed in mud.
3 The Central Prospect A small shed with a stable door, operated by Able, an elderly dwarven fellow with a bald head and long grey scraggley beard. The "store" provides basic tools for prospecting, crow bars, shovels, pick axes, gold pans, etc. Able also has well documented maps of the area showing points of interest.
4 Riverbottom Candleshop Wendy Riverbottom was one of the first inhabitants of area, in fact only the oldest explorers can even remember her moving in. One question always comes up when they see her shop, “Why a Chandler in the middle of nowhere?” to which she gleefully replies that everyone enjoys the light aroma of a candle or a well-crafted bar of soap. She’s open to share her history about the world but strictly adamant against anyone going downstairs to the workshop and seeing the crafting process.
5 The Loose Stool A tavern run by a dwarf named Kirgan. The interior looks nearly as rundown as the exterior of the building. Creaky floors, tables with uneven legs, and to top it off, the bar top is only 3 feet high to cater to Kirgan's shortness. He is old, even for a dwarf, sporting long gray unkempt hair. He is rather grumpy, always having something to complain about. Don't you dare ask him about the scar on the side of his face or you'll regret it. All that aside he sells great ale by the barrel to travelers interested in taking the party to go
6 Aegert’s Breads The small cart parked in the center of the settlement has become a familiar sight to the residents. The cart serves as the shop for Joarr Aegert, the resident half-orc baker, to sell his breads. While his rolls and loaves are nothing fancy, they are tasty and filling. Joarr is saving up to buy a small home so that his wife and children can come join him. He misses them dearly, and they him.
7 Illia's Rug Shack The hunch-backed, plump-faced woman who runs this decrepit store out of what was once a large tool shed doesn't have a set price on a single one out of the dozens of crude rugs she sells out of the dusty shack, but despite her condescending demeanor she is usually willing to let potential customers haggle for them. Illia is almost never seen outside of her store and nobody is quite sure how she gets her rugs. Secretly, Illia is a hag who uses the store as a front for her child peddling business. If you go to the back door at night and knock in a specific pattern, then mention her secret passcode: "worm food," she will sell you any of the children she keeps locked in the back bound and gagged, for the right price. Illia has an orc bodyguard who can usually be seen standing outside the front of the store smoking a pipe.
8 Pete’s Pelts Pete mostly mumbles, but he is an excellent hunter. Pete sells pelts and dried animal meat. He also sells assorted hunting supplies. He has a small shack he lives in. His furs and other wears are hanging in a barn just outside guarded by his old dog, Grungy . Pete is also a master fletcher and will build specialty arrows for you for the right price.
9 Mat’s Maps A man named Mathew who sells maps next to his twin brother.
10 Map’s Mats A man named Mapthew who sells mats and rugs next to his twin brother.
11 Coinz4Shineez A small stall operated by a group of Goblins. They exchange gems, gold, anything of value for coins. They offer a favourable rate, but will not haggle. Loot is placed on a set of scales, and the appropriate coins appear in a small chest. The loot then goes in the chest and disappears. They are underwritten by a noble wizard in the capital.
12 B'Rody's General Store This recently widowed Dragonborn has packed up her wagon caravan in the South and set up shop in the North where her remaining family can be found. She's made her fortune dealing in exotic goods and just wants a bit of peace and quiet. Caution: She is known to breath fire at shoplifters. (pro. Bah' Rudy)
13 M'uhctek's Market Ash M'uhctek, a half-elf moon druid and initiate wizard that leans heavily towards the teachings of Solonor Thelandira, owns the largest produce stall in town. Carries a bit of everything in his wagon and loves to trade. He struck a deal with the local council for a farm and the large swath of forest behind it to remain untouched. In return he uses Plant Growth to bolster harvests in the province. Oddly enough he does this in every town he visits and has set up quite a few franchises and private wildlife preserves.
14 Black Books: Bernard Black is the owner of this small, dusty and very disorganized book shop. He is a disheveled misanthrope, cynical alcoholic, and a proud chain smoker. He has a strong disdain for people and avoids interaction with his few customers as much as possible. On occasions where he is forced into interaction with customers his response is snarky and mocking. The shop has an incredible collection of books, but almost all of them are in terrible condition — Bernard has read them all.
15 Laif and Kheem's Frontier Furnishing Laif is a viking as he is pictured in books and on the embossments of viking shields. His majestic beard is always waxed and his posture is proud and loyal to the gods of order and justice. Kheem is a mounted archer as is portrayed by legends and frightened battle reports of the tribes of the tundra. His beard is like that of a mighty dragon and his shoulders are guarded by the heads of beasts whom he hath' slain.The two are united only by honor and their great adventure, of which they are the only survivors. Having done their share, they traded in the one or other limb for experience and settled to construct the settlements of your oncoming NPCs. (They are actually still pretty badass, but Laif can't speak common!)
16 Ar-Og's very good tools Ar-Og is a troll or possibly orc, or a half-breed of some sort. We don't know. His temper is as slow as dripping tar, and nothing seems to get him into anything related to the bloodrush of those whom he possibly is related to. Except if you question the quality of his tools. Which, as he proclaims, are very good.If you need a hammer, or perhaps a bizarre axe to chop trees which grow in nooks of some stone canyon, just barely out of reach from a regular axe, he is your man! Or possibly troll.
17 Questionable Ehrnard's Questionable Products! Look, there's nobody for miles - the last shepherd you saw was literally just an unsupervised dog. Really, that there's any store at all is a small miracle. Thinking anything about the economics of running this store would have clued you in on the questionable nature of its owner and products. But what you see is what you get and some of the products don't seem terrible. Plus, it's not like you can be picky, just watch your pack while you're inside.
18 Infernal Delights Diner This seemingly quaint diner has a charming and flirty red teifling cook by the name of Pot and a demure and empathetic server ‎aasimar‎ by the name of Cake. These two are always playfully arguing with one another and always seem to know just a bit more than they should about their customers. They are in fact an angel and a devil who have abandoned their posts and now reward or punish customers in mysteriously karmic ways. Locals don't know exactly what goes on in the dinner but they know its a good way to test whether visitors are trouble makers or future friends so often will send any new visitors to the dinner.
19 Gregarious Gnome Gebby's Quality Used Golems! Gebby is a fast talking, slick haired, and sharply dressed salesman with a bevy of used golems of all types. He provides them to rent or own but if you to fail return the golem in time he will charge a generous interest rate and if it comes back too damaged? Well you break it you buy it! The golems are useful for protecting the town and building houses and Gebby makes a good deal of coin providing their services but he might be willing to give a discount if you can help repair some of his damaged golems or help retrieve a late payment or two.
20 Keara's Bar & Barbershop Keara Blackblade is a retired dwarf soldier who has opened up her dream business. She serves fine drink and will trim your hair and beard into fine styles. She loves her job and she assures you she cuts hair best when drunk. Her husband Nug Blackblade a cigar chomping grump runs the bar while she cuts hair and is less pleased about the work than his wife if only because his supply of drink is constantly running low.
21 The Spit A tavern housed in a small two storey building. The tables are placed around the walls, and a staircase rises to the next floor at the back of the room. In the centre of the room is a fire pit, with meat of unknown varieties cooking on spits over the flames. The proprieter is a friendly Orc-ish fellow (he's part Orc, so he's Orc-ish) by the name of Grub. The upper floor is a mezzanine that circles the inside of the building. There is a hole in the centre of the roof that the smoke billows from. In bad weather, Grub will hoist a canvas sheet over the outside of the hole, filling the building with smoke.
22 Watery Fowls A tavern on the main trade road with a short-tempered and incompetent Elven owner Basil, his wife Sybil, a Dwarven chef called Munnuel, and an Aasimar receptionist called Polly. Basil is spectacularly racist, and tries to micromanage everything, to hilarious consequence.
23 Poe and Shaun's Potion Shop There they were, two Halflings with a dream. They wanted a store where they could test their experimental potions and make a little money on the side. Their potion shop is covered in bottles, hanging down so people must brush them aside to even make their way to the counter. A constant bubbling and hissing from mixtures can be heard throughout. Poe handles the social interactions while Shaun can be found in the back, wearing thick goggles and testing out their experiments. Sure they have some of the boring regular potions one might find at any store, but where's the fun in that when you could have a gander at Potion Experiment #626?
24 Prickly's Fortunes Within a large cactus resides an equally prickly dryad. This sarcastic and snarky dryad is willing to trade fortunes and, for major deeds, resurrections in exchange for environmental activities. She is tuned to the frontier and can sense any potential threat to the wilderness of these lands and request a task capable of her visitors, so a farmer will get their fortunes told by planting some bushes but an adventurer? Well, she will likely expect more.
25 Hunters and Slayers Triplet Catfolk Rangers running a beast and monster slaying company. Prrrr favors monstrosities, Grrrr favors beasts, and Hsss favors staying at the office selling the hides, meat, teeth, and other goods his siblings harvest from their hunts. They are always willing to share the profits for an especially dangerous hunt.
26 Grilled Bears A wilderness survival store with a focus on the essentials like rope, knives, tinderboxes, etc. They sell a proprietary magical canteen that refills to full whenever it is emptied. Sadly, the contents only refills with water, and it always tastes like urine. The owner, known as BG, has a habit of overstating his knowledge and lies constantly about his past in the elite guard.
27 Meer Ray A kind Tabaxi fellow offering lessons in surviving the wilderness. Starting with the basics of building a fire and making camp, patrons can progress to more advanced skills like tracking, hunting and herbalism. Ray also has a selection of survival tools available, but they tend to be more advanced than his competitor GB's wares.
28 Rocky Rambler's Rolling Canyons! "Hi, I'm Rocky Rambler! Have you recently moved onto a new property in a sparse frontier and need to remodel your landscape? Then boy, do I have the product for you! Get new Landscape Rolls TM! Ever bought rolls of sod? The cheap dead grass rolled up in bundles? Well now you can buy rolls of just about anything! Want a green meadow filled with blooming wildflowers? Slap it down, roll it out! Want bumpy landscape with rocks and cactus? Unroll it like a rug! Or even a babbling brook for relaxing white noise? They may leak, but they're loaded with fish! You want a heavenly cloudscape? Well, it'll likely float off once you lay it down, but we've got 7 left over from a refunded order! For the next week and a half, buy any two landscapes and get a roll of Clouds absolutely FREE (with purchase of any two outdoor landscapes, offer invalid with wooden floor rolls and interiors, limit one cloud roll per person per day, offer not valid on Thursdays, taxes and fees may apply, offer not valid to Cloud Giants, Cloud Dragons, or Air Elementals. No Refunds, all sales are final). So Come on down to Rocky Rambler's Rolling Canyons! Located adjacent to Rocky Rambler's Animal in a Bottle Warehouse and Enchanted Boot Emporium!"
29 Cold River Shipping Company Running up in the northern frontier near the Frozen Pines, the Company consists of a fleet of canoes, rafts, and barges along the rivers. Mainly shipping smaller goods or individuals across the rivers and streams, it is a loose outfit put together by four half-orc brothers with native help. They plan to gather enough funds to buy a ship good for breaking ice flows and make their business legitimate.
30 The Silver Sledge This mining corporation was formed earlier on during the beginning of the frontier by a prominent dwarf miner, Fuaser Robishau. Earning his fortune early on through a large silver payload, which he and his family defended savagely, he has now sponsored several other mines under his new corporation. He mainly favors fellow dwarves who come to work for him, setting them up as work crew bosses and foremen. He does not mind the cheating of common workers, but any who undercut him, even fellow dwarves, are often found outside of town with a pickaxe lodged in their skull.
31 Hedge Mage Headquarters The frontier proved a great opportunity for up and coming wizards wishing to establish a name for themselves after completing their apprenticeships. Founded by the gnome Fullbery "School Marm" Washup, the headquarters functions as a secondary academy, lodging, and work area, but also as contact for services requiring magic. While the work is not nearly as precise or as epic as from master wizards, it provides affordable and regular services.
32 The Stoor "Come on up, don't be shy. Sure it's not much but—oh pardon me, let me pull that carpet back down o'er the box, er, shop here. But we got just what you need this far out. What things? Oh you know, lots of things. Many things. I keep them tucked behind this box for safety is all. It's one of them bags o' holdin'... but a box. Oh these? These rocks? Oh these are, uh, rocks... the finest rocks in the land. No better rocks out there, I got 'em all righ' here. And I spent a fair bit o' time searching for them, no need to thank me. Now are you buyin' a rock or not?"
33 Graves Lost & Found An unusual partnership with an greedy female Ratfolk Ranger named Rugel and a noble female Centaur Cleric name Clover. The two seek out the frontier for unmarked graves of fallen travelers. Clover performs rights upon the corpse, speak with dead to find out who they are, burns the body, and recovers the ashes. Rugel tracks the bodies down, steals anything of value off the body, investigates for any clues regarding the identity of the person, and gets info when Clover speaks with dead about any other treasures the dead may know of. They are hired to find the graves of lost travelers and return the ashes or they will try to return the ashes if they get the name of the family of the perished traveler. They also have a shed of unidentified ashes they hold on to. The information they get from the dead can also be purchased from this odd pair.
34 Belix's Obelisks and Menhir Workshop and Delivery Belix appears to be human in most respects, if one of prodigious dimensions. What might give an observer pause is his incredible strength, evident as he works his trade, literally carving out a natural wall-face to produce oblong menhirs that tower over most people and easily hefting the pure rock sculptures as if it were no heavier than a sack of feathers. It is rumored that the menhirs might be the source of his strength, but none of his customers appear any more vital. However no one can deny the charm of his simple but impressive handiwork, the Founders Stone a simple giant obelisk that towers in the town square, being an excellent example. He is always working on a few extra obelisks and menhirs just in case despite the limited market, but in his many hours of downtime he hunts boars, with one or two always on a spit roast at his quarry. He’ll accept coin, but some have discovered he will barter nearly any task or item for a potion, any potion. He appears to be looking a particular potion, but he’s willing to try any in his maniacal quest.
35 The Outlook A small tavern with a few spare rooms for any travelers making their way through. It's a nice place to stop at if you need to rest up and take stock before heading out. The main draw though are the scouts that like to hang around and guide any newcomers. There's a bit of competition among the scouts as business isn't exactly thriving this far out. The unspoken agreement among them is they each have a specialized area of what they know and they stick with it. Know ahead of time where you're going if you want a guide from here or else there's sure to be a bar fight among the guides. As troublesome as it sounds, these guides are certainly experts of their area.
36 Eastwood's Stables This gruff cowboy is a literal cow-boy. A Minotaur that gave up the life of a bounty hunter to raise and sell horses to those in need. A loner who prefers the company of horses he known to be fair if rude. One would be wise not to cross Eastwood, he is as dangerous as he looks.
37 Ranch and Menagerie Grove This Druid Grove is home to a Druid Collective that both protects and sells the creatures kept within the grove. They provide some of the animals within the grove for hunting or labor, for a price, as long as excessive damage is not done to the frontier. They have also been know to go out to hunt down poachers that threaten the wildlife of the frontier. They are willing to provide services if one brings them rare beasts of the frontier to be protected within the grove.
38 Big Dog's Casino Run by Big Dog, an awakened bulldog, this high-end casino is where those who have earned their riches in the frontier can socialize and gamble in safety and fun. Big Dog is a mysterious dog seeming to have lived through several major events in history and is far more clever than he appears at first glance. He has somehow convinced a cyclops, Snake Eye, to man the door and a pair of bugbear brothers, Blackjack and Roulette, acting as muscle within the casino itself. His employees are remarkably loyal and protective of Big Dog, which is good because he has far more enemies than any dog should.
39 The Holy Church An aged Cleric Elf runs a church of the town known only as Father and rumored to have come from the Fey realm. A child that was possessed by a demon was visited by the Father and it is said that when he walked into the room the Demon-possessed child went silent, then screamed, and the demon banished itself. The grounds of the church is truly hollowed ground as one can feel the divine energy radiating from it to the point that it glows ever so slightly at night.
40 The Public Library Run by a Kitsune Bard Loremaster, named Shu, and her adopted daughter, a Changeling, named Frell. These two shapshifters gather knowledge from the frontier and record them into the books of the library, making magical copies to send to other libraries around the world. They are willing to pay for any unique knowledge you may offer and the library is free to use for anybody though there is a donation box. Usually only one will be in the library as the other would be searching the frontier for unique plants, creatures, or lore to add to their books.
41 Normal Carpentry This place is completely normal. It does carpentry. There is no sinister basement. There is no evil cult. Its just a normal carpentry shop. We are not aberrations.
42 Under Well Shop A well has appeared though its waters seem toxic and its seems a shop is attached to it underground. It's keeper, a cloaked in Drow, possess goods only found within the underdark. The shop owner will tell you a creature is within the waters of the well polluting it and it needs to be slain to purify the water.
43 Lake Town A nearby lake has had a settlement of aquatic races move in. A gillman named Ted runs the trading post between the town and the lake. He holds a bevy of goods created and harvested by the citizens of the lake.
44 Tim Tim Tom's Cobbler Store Tim Tim Tom is a true master cobbler. A halfling who makes the highest quality shoes in the frontier, perhaps the world. His shoes are incredibly comfortable and near indestructible as his skill is so polished it seems divinely touched. Nearly everybody in town has a custom pair make for them despite the incredible prices he charges as he is willing to take payments over the course of years for permanent residents. But if adventures want a pair of his shoes you will need to gather some of his rare material.
45 Jackdaw's Discount Weapons Jackdaw is a weaponsmith who gets about half of his stock from adventurers passing through with weapons they looted off of fallen foes. As a result, much of his loot is eclectic and unique in its style and material.
46 Fangjaw's Proteccy Clothez A lizardfolk armorer who doesn't speak great common, but makes damn good armor, whether it be metal or hide. He moved out here because in the bigger cities, his accent proved more of a deterrent than out here.
47 Athena's Aegis A female former gladiator who specializes in making magical protective shields. Especially those that can be thrown into the enemies' faces. (Captain America style)
48 Lone Star Courier A courier service that gives zero regard for the safety of their deliverymen and as a result, will rarely refuse a contract. However, they are also always looking for new couriers.
49 Goldie's Bank and Storage Services: This bank (one of many) is run by gold tinted Kobolds serving a particularly organized and neurotic Gold Dragon, Goldie, who uses the holdings as their hoard. The bank holds onto goods and money allowing it to accrue interest as long as the holder checks in once a year. If the holder does not show during a year the treasure is held but no interest is gained. Treasure can be retrieved if proof of ownership or holder returns and a holding fee is paid. If the holder is found dead and the initial insurance is not paid the treasure becomes the property of the bank. The bank will often set up bounties to determine if the holders are alive or dead and request proof of either. Killing a holder during a bounty mission has serious consequences and those who kill holders or those who have not paid off their loans have especially high bounties put up by the bank.
50 Gible Gom's Circus A strange circus that seems to pop in and out of existence within the town. Run primarily by Goblins and Hobgoblins they put on exciting acrobatic and athletic feats, enchanting performances, and spectacular magical tricks. The people are a bit wary but those who go seem to truly enjoy the show and miraculously the only money lost is that willingly spent. Some very angry looking elves from the Fey have been seen staring at the circus but they vanish before anybody gets close. Gible, the circus master Hobgoblin, seems nervous and is seeking help regarding the elves.
51 Helding’s Hardware Helding's Hardware is a small tool shop run by the owner and sole employee Javis Helding. The store is a small but well-kept building situated between two larger buildings on either side, making the clay brick shop appear even smaller. Multiple racks line the walls and form aisles in an orderly fashion, each one holding his collection of a certain tool. Hammers, shovels, saws. Javis almost always has something that fits the bill, and if he doesn’t, he’ll make sure the blacksmith starts working on something that does. Javis himself is a burly halfling, an uncommon combination of words that nonetheless describes the 4-foot high bundle of good humor and masculinity. Nothing matters more to him than his tiny shop and the people he meets there. Those that know him know that when they walk through his door, they will get the best help he can provide.
52 Fettlepox's Studio Mauxi Fettlepox is a lanky figure who while known to be temperamental exercises the best manners. His business is not so much a storefront as a narrow alcove where he stacks the canvases he paints. On the sidewalk he places a few easels displaying of his most recent work—typically a maelstrom of frenzied brushstrokes that coalesce to an enthralling simulacrum of his subject. When the easels change, it is a minor event, with even critics pausing to update their opinions. It has become a habit to drop a coin in a tin bowl beneath the work, the clinking announcing each viewer. There’s often an unsettling quality to the work even as they are undeniably captivating, much like the man himself. His ethnicity, heck, even his race, is difficult to place—human might be the best guess going by his ears and dun pigmentation. But there’s something other about him. There’s some talk that he might seal a part of his subject’s soul in his paintings—that’s surely hogwash… But why can’t he never be found in his room at the tavern he rents out? And how does outdrink the stoutest dwarf with none the worse for wear?
53 Cold Justice Law House Judge Jaws, a lizardfolk Inquisitor, judges the criminal of the frontier with his lawmen. Deputy Chill a Water Suli and Sheriff Scorch a Fire Suli. Chill is a Ranger and Scorch is a Monk. Chill finds and Scorch runs down and beats them senseless. Recently they found a bandit camp and need some help taking them down.
54 Frenti Chartered Architect & Assoc. In a display of her skills, the entrance to Aleski Frenti’s offices are accessible via a mechanical contraption she calls “the elevator.” A balcony encircles her office allowing visitors to circumambulate and observe the vista of the growing outpost. The office itself is busy with workspaces covered with blueprints and designs. Tableaus with maps and plans can be wheeled around the space; a number of draftstables have active building designs underway; and a giant table allows for papers to be spread widely with many half-drunk cups of a some brown syrupy liquid scatter upon it, sometimes apparently serving as paperweights. A narrow winding staircase apparently leads to Aleski’s quarters. She is often found bent over a blueprint, scribbling notes with her sleeves folded to her elbows. Her assistant, a young gnome, Jerfery often follows behind her collecting the scraps of paper in her wake. While she is retained by the Council, she can be hired by private individuals either to design or consult.
55 Cool Winds' ButcheAnita's Fight Club An androgynous undine named Jacky (isn’t too hung up on pronouns) and a half-orc who goes by Anita run the cold store and butchery. Jacky is undoubtedly the face of the establishment, and apparently responsible for the cool temperature generally and the arctic chill in the meat room. Jacky does the more traditional butchery, trapping game, quartering and dressing carcasses, and preparing and preserving meats. They have become a regular supplier to a few homes and businesses but they will handle meats on request. Anita is reticent and gruff. However, she hosts a “secret” fight club after hours once a week in the meat room with Jacky’s reluctant consent. Victors, and scrappy losers, even, can expect eye contact, discounts and even a smile from Anita. The fraternity of brawlers is becoming a real thing in the outpost.
56 Sir Calleb Dallas's Home for Orphans and Wayward Children Sir Calleb Dallas, a human, was from a high ranking noble family who tried to become more selfless and charitable by opening an Orphanage in the frontier. Unfortunately his noble upbringing has left him ill-suited to frontier life and dealing with rambunctious children. To make matters worse his family has cut off funding to his orphanage! This desperate situation has caused the eldest and most dedicated orphan, Red an 60 year old Elf (technically still a child), to run off into the frontier for some treasure to save the orphanage. If you can go find and rescue Red, Calleb is willing to give up a treasured family heirloom as a reward.
57 Expose Inc. Expose Inc. is a trio of mystery-solving reporters. The blond male trap master Aasimar named Ascot is the leader of the group. The clumsy attractive redhead half-elf sorceress in purple robes is named Dnger Pronee is the interviewer, and the female bespectacled gnome loremaster, Jinkies, is the head researcher and writer. A monster is scaring off the new owners of the Belfast Manor, will you help them capture the creature and get the story?
58 Fey Pharmaceutical Delights A skinny cowardly Drow Fey Druid in a green shirt wearing a brown mushroom hat, named Norville, runs a shop with drugs of various effects from both the Fey realm and the Underdark. His best friend is an awoken equally cowardly talking dog, named Dooby. Both act as if effected by their product but they are in truth just silly and simple. Will trade product for delicious food. They will give the very best of their product if you get the legendary God Dog Biscuits for them to snack on.
59 Markus the Canoe-Maker Markus… he doesn’t make canoes. It’s a just a moniker that stuck for the meticulous way he hollows out the corpses of the departed that no one claims, making careful anatomist sketches and inks. Otherwise, he provides sombre, brief, professional funeral services, minus the homilies, demonstrating a savant-level knowledge of faiths and cultures. Those services go a long way to balance out the gaunt, sallow wizard’s macabre pursuits—that and his restraint in raising the dead. In fact, he’s probably the best person around for an exorcism or discreet consultation about the ol’ family ghost. Perhaps unsurprisingly he’s quite the expert in pathology, either coming to unerring conclusions or withholding his judgment. When in doubt, he will simply cast speak to the dead, a task that the local law have been known to require.
60 Quality Custom Magic Jewelry This ant colony is a hive mind that burst out of the ground and created a house sized ant hill. No one is sure how they came to be or where they come from but they seem friendly enough. To create the jewelry a person must sacrifice an item of great sentimental importance to the customer, high quality gems, precious metals or rare bones, a cup of the customer's tears, a pint of customer's blood, and 25 pounds of sugar and/or sweets. The ants will take the items and work for 2 weeks to create unique magical jewelry usable only by the customer or their heirs with abilities that match the customer's personality. They can only make one such item for each person though they can still make high quality normal jewelry if the raw material and 10 pounds of sugar and/or sweets is provided. If the ants see you as receptive they may ask for help in stopping their former master from finding and enslaving it. Their former master is a wizard that has changed himself permanently into an ant monster that can control ants psychically.
61 Lydia’s Arbor The dryad Lydia welcomes all visitors to her small arbor, maintaining a staff of workers to harvest the fruit trees she nurtures. Parents have learned that they can safely keep their children in her care. Adventurers short on coin might spend a night under the canopy of her orchards. In exchange of a favor, she might even woodshape an enchanted object. She is well-versed in the medicinal properties of her plants. That a dryad would choose to make a home in a frontier town would rightly surprise a visitor. Much like others of her kind, Lydia began her life with an aversion to civilization. It was only when her grove was met with destruction, not by the woodmen that were pushing back the forest, but by an enormous wildfire that her destiny was altered. Lydia melded herself to her oak tree, resigned to her fate when a druid compelled her to withdraw. The human druid took her back to a hamlet and kept her alive. Though weak, she wandered the hamlet drawn to its oldest tree, amazed at the care the inhabitants took to that tree in particular. She swallowed her bitterness at how this tree could survive amidst humanity who destroyed so much of nature and communed with the elder tree. That experience changed her. The druid led her back to the tree that she had bonded with. There a sapling had sprung where the giant oak once stood. She carefully uprooted the sapling and set out to find another frontier town where she could set her roots, and possibly proselytize a green way forward.
62 Fritz's Magic School Wagon This small yellow wagon is larger on the inside and can house an entire class of students. It can also transform, shrink, grow, and travel between the planes. The teacher is a powerful human fey sorceress. With her iguana familiar and class in tow they take the wagon on magical educational trips. She is looking for some chaperones to help her on her next grand trip to hell!
63 The Doll Maker This quaint little shop is surprisingly dark. Inside are countless dolls and stuffed animals of very high quality though some look off-putting and creepy. The shop owner is a vampire named Dex who who drinks from a heart of never ending blood. He really loves his dolls. Dex has a private collection of old, possibly haunted, dolls. If you promise to care for them, Dex will give you one of his special custom-made dolls or stuffed animals. They are very special dolls.
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Country Cash Slots Wildfire Casino

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