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Oct 19, 2014 - 31 tracks of the very best northern soul classics Enjoy :) .A Big Thanks to Dan and Aud Keep the Faith! 01 - What more do you want - Gene Toones 02 - What sh... Wigan Casino first opened it's doors on September 23rd, One subject that cannot be ignored is that of the music policy at the Casino. I'm sure that many of you will be aware of the infamous arguments about which venue played better music, Blackpool Mecca or the Casino. Neither was better. They played different styles of music, and that is all. The Mecca has been credited with playing I think scenes like this set the precedent for what we have today (not just Wigan but everywhere), which is the nightclub, binge booze culture full of awful music. There were far, far better times than this overrated part of Wigan's night scene, but you never hear people talking about it. But I can understand why people get so nostalgic about the Casino days, as it no doubt was better than When the Torch closed the music really was top-draw in Tunstall and that had a really positive effect on the opening of the Casino, no doubt about it, with tracks like Here I Go Again and Love on a Mountain Top. The list goes on. “The Casino had its own identity, its own uniform, and it was generally in the right place at the right time. It At Last (apologies to Etta), the Wigan Casino plaque is to be unveiled by Paul Mason on the site of The Casino on 6th September at 11:00 a.m. Thanks to all those who contributed. All Northern Soul fans are welcome. The Casino could have latched on to Reggae music; but it was chart stuff, and deemed uncool. Anything obscure was embraced: and the more obscure, the better. There was nothing hip about these people, they were just searching for an ideal to pin on to their sports bags. Personally, I found these folk to be odd balls and not very friendly. I haven't changed my opinion on that even with the Great Northern Soul refers to obscure American soul music of the late 1960s that enjoyed a renaissance beginning in the north of England that lasted into the '80s. Here are the top 20 most popular Northern Soul songs, as compiled by Wigan Casino DJ Kev Roberts from fan surveys. 01. of 20 'Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)' by Frank Wilson . This is the only single Wilson recorded, and just 250 From that point your world was only centered on one thing - Wigan Casino. You had to get there. My parents were pretty strict and were not going to let their 14 year old travel to the other side of the country to a club, up all night dancing. In the end I lied that I was staying overnight at a mates. Bread and jam in the bag with the clothes and I was away. I had twenty quid saved up from a Aug 6, 2013 - Home of Northern Soul 👍. See more ideas about northern soul, wigan, northern. Exterior of The Wigan Casino Club pictured in the early 1970s, an iconic venue for so many star acts and the world famous Northern Soul music all-nighters.

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